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April 26, 2007



Does Dave Ross' failed Valentine's Day Viaduct boycott count as on-air campaign organizing?


Speaking of Ross, I seem to recall a minor uproar about him continuing with his show while he was running for office. I wonder what would have happened had he won the nomination and faced off against a Republican in the general election? I think we all know how apoplectic Kirby and John would have been.

This does make things very difficult: Will we see the out and out politicization of radio in the future relegating talk radio into a 24x7 infomercial during elections? Is this good?

will down south

Uhhh...Ross did win the primary and run in the general election and lost.
You must have been sick from school that day.
Facts...what a nuisance.


will down south: they just ramble on..and on...and on...and on...and on...and on...and on...and on..and never really say anything. They just have so much time on their hands to be blathering idiots that they don't care. They need each other's praise and affirmation to exist I believe? Sickening.


Wow, Grave describes himself to the tee.


Yeah I think 'Grave' did. Get a life; buy a house! Oh yeah, excuse me, I guess you did without KIRO's help...what a bunch of crap!


"It was unfair, and unbalanced."

Maybe, but the newspapers around here all do the same thing. Their "editorial boards" pound a single side of an issue. They they give a (very) little bit of space to the opposing side, using that to show how "balanced" they are.

Recent cases in point would be the viaduct issue in Seattle, and the NASCAR track in Kitsap. In both cases, the papers took a side and stuffed it down our throats.


My fault, Dave did indeed win the primary...however how about you senseless tools actually argue the key issue: Weren't those of YOUR political ilk up and arms against him for remaining on the air? I thought so. See what I did there? Admitted an error (although it in no way invalidated my position on the issue). It would be nice if you could argue issues.

Grace, you consistently come here and repeat yourself lecturing everyone to 'get a life.' We can only assume that this is because you have no viable points to argue, which is the only thing that really matters on an internet board. Sadly, you must be one of those who assume that anyone who you perceive as liberal must be a penniless pauper. It almost makes me chuckle at your idiocy. I can see people who post here clearly drive you up the wall since you have nothing to debate other than a strawman you've erected in that pea-sized little lizard brain of yours.


I like you cowpot! :)


THUS SPAKE THE SUPREMES! So, Bla'M, admit the error of your ways. Give it up...you are wrong! The Deciders have spoken and the Word is final!

Isn't Grace married to Duffman?


You no insult my heritage!




I think the more liberal members of the Supreme Court in WA are somewhat intimidated and are bending over backwards to be fair to the right. Sometimes losing objectivity to be sure.

Remember the kind of campaigning the right did against Alexander? I really think these are a bunch of scared people. They should be willing to lose their jobs rather than lose their integrity.

Sorry, I don't think using the media - a commercial and expensive enterprise - to campaign directly is a fair use of the public air waves. One side had use of an important tool and free gift for which the other side would have had to pay mightily.

Common sense is the key to this one.


hmmm. Grace is married to Duffman, but ChowMing (who sounds like a main dish down at the Tai Tung) is insulted at the idea of that. Makes you wonder who's who? Can't imagine Duffman is married, however, he is Hung Far Tu Lo.


Hung Far Lo is a restaurant in Portland




Isn't Grace married to Duffman?

Actually Fremont, as mentioned here, I suspect the Grace/Duffy connection is closer.

Every time Grace shows up, Duffman is mysteriously absent. Sound familiar?

It's like Superman/Clark Kent except with a bad drag-act & "craven ignorance" as a superpower.


I wish grace WAS duffman, maybe she/he could liven this board up a bit like he used to do.


I wish grace WAS duffman, maybe she/he could liven this board up a bit like he used to do.

It depends on your definition of "liven up".

If you think "liven up" means the following, then perhaps:

A.) Using Drudge & a Serbian holocaust denier as sources to smear John Edwards & Al Gore

B.) Claiming to be a "left-leaning independent", but - along with using drudge as a source - buying into the wing-nut black-helicopter conspiracy theory of a "UN Tax" AND using a WingNutDaily book as a source.
(Note: check this book's "rave reviews")

C.) Incessently bantering - in all seriousness, mind you - about Hillary being our "standard bearer" & encouraging us to "jump on her bandwagon", yet claiming not to be a National Socialist Freeper troll


I know merci but he got things going and created activity and you must admit he was kind of funny at times.


I agree some of the most entertaining stuff on this board was the back and forth between duffman and mercy and duffman and joanie. Could have been a hilarious talk show.


Word all over the blogosphere is that Duffman is that guy they busted in Hong Kong for molesting his daughter and posting it on the Net.


Yes that's me in another life you fuck-ups! Very LAME!!!


This reminds me of the Ed Wood movie " Glen, not Glenda."


I think fuzznuts is Duff. Besides, what did Duff ever say that stood the test of consistency. Man, he bounded that fence more than anybody I've ever seen on this blog.

'Cept for Hillary. He does have a thing for Hillary! :)


Duffy really cracked me up over the milk that was waisted in the army. Major Ricketts was not amused.


OK, then Fussnuts is Duff who is Grace who is the molester. If it was Duffman in Hong Kong, at least he'd be doing something interesting for a change.


and getting laid.


Grace is gentle Duff's alter ego - perhaps his macho side. (I'd say feminine side, but that's obviously incorrect!) :)


What are we doin playing who/where is the world is duffman?


Sorry, can't take credit for being duffman. I think joanie is the duffer and sparky is grace.


lol..right. I may be many things, but an anonymous troll is not one of them.

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