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April 01, 2007



Ha, Ha. O' Blathering One made a April Fool Funny. Hey, Michael, leave the Humor to those wacky April Zepada standups on Tee-wee.

Oh, by the way, take a peek at radio-info, a poser, er, uh, poster there says Ron & Don have three times the ratings of Dave Ross. Can that be true?


I agree that this post is April 1.
It would be nice to have Mark Fuhrman on local radio though.


"It would be nice to have Mark Fuhrman on local radio though."

You have GOT to be kidding - that w/be like having
OJ doing the amber alert announcements!


No Grace,
OJ is a killer. Mark Fuhrman in real life is a good guy. Don't let the antics of a group of sleazy lawyers in a court room paid big bucks to win an acquittal for a rich murderer be reason to dislike a good man. The likes of Fuhrman are the very ones who stand between you and evil every day. He was slimed pure and simple.


ydeah butn have you seen his Fox News pandering to Hannity et al? he's a sleaze bag professionally- both in media and in law enforcement- the latter of which he could never get another job.
Lots of people are nice people- the most we can judge here is who they are on the radio.
but on a different subject, Bla'm's not kidding about Utilikilts on Republicans- they were atalking about it on Republcan Radio a couple of weeks ago.


With all due respect chucks I believe OJ w/have been convicted had it not been for Furhman. At best I believe him to be an opportunist. His testimony on the stand portrayed what his is like 'in real life'. If he was such an asset to society, he wouldn't be still looking for a job!


Tink: Oh, by the way, take a peek at radio-info, a poser, er, uh, poster there says Ron & Don have three times the ratings of Dave Ross. Can that be true?

Oh yes, given the IQ level of most Americans, it can surely be true. Just check out the posts of putsie, Steve, chucks, misty, recife et al. Better entertained than informed.


Bryan suits is a funny and smart man - worth listening too. (too bad he's a little brainwashed by his involvement in Iraq)

If 570 got rid of Mark Levin (reminds me of Michael Savage - but does a better job suppressing his homosexualilty) - and put in Bryan Suits instead - I'd be very happy.

When 7pm hits (my listening hours) - Bill O'Reilly is actually the best thing on the radio - and that's sad.

Anything but Vinnie.


Spam, you've obviously never tried Randi and Mike. If you had, you'd be hooked on KPTK.


And Bla'M is, yet again, mentioned on Webb-blog...specious information, but the adoration is there...

blathering michael

"Oh yes, given the IQ level of most Americans, it can surely be true."

MOST AMERICANS have a low IQ??? that's snobbish stereotyping, Joanie. it's the kind of broad brushed generalizations that make people buy the right-wingers'meme that we liberals are elites that hate America. Maybe we're the stupid ones for not stating our case better, and letting them control the dialog.

An American

"MOST AMERICANS have a low IQ??? that's snobbish stereotyping, Joanie."

Amen to the above.


joanie posted:

"Oh yes, given the IQ level of most Americans, it can surely be true. Just check out the posts of putsie, Steve, chucks, misty, recife et al. Better entertained than informed."

Surely this must be an impersonator; can't be the 'joanie' we
know and love?


Some times you make it difficult to treat you civilly and with respect. For some reason you seem to have the need to treat another person who does not agree with you as an idiot.
Sorry that I have never felt the need to get an IQ test, so I can not dispute your claim with a credible source. However, I am reasonably certain that I have one (an IQ).
Also, I do not know the other folks that you chose to disparage,
so I can not comment as to their IQ's. But am pretty sure they have IQ's as well.
Nearest I can tell, they, like me believe in power to and faith in the people and you believe in power to and faith in big government.
But we all believe in talk radio. The real reason we come to B'lams site. See, we just need to find common ground and we can build from there.


check This Out

I digress a bit, but my friends here razz me about Mrs Pelosi
''having the nerve' to go to Syria against the administration's
wishes? I (of course) argue that had we been willing to have dialog with nations from the get-go, maybe we wouldn't be involved in this horrendous fiasco in Iraq. This is an article supporting my stance on
Just because our esteemed President is unable to carry on a
coherent conversation is no reason we can't communicate with Nations.


> Spam, you've obviously never tried Randi and Mike. If you had, you'd be hooked on KPTK.

oh - I've certainly tried Randi. My opinion of her is only slightly higher than of Mark Levin.

Incoherent alarmist idiots rank roughly the same with me right or left.

I have no strong feelings about Mike Malloy one way or the other (yawn).


A low IQ compared to whom?


Gee, Michael, I'm just repeating Chalmers Johnson.

If being informed is elitist, then I plead guilty to the charge.


Hmm, wondering, Michael, if you're not a little bothered by something else . . .

unless, of course, you really do think these people who get all their news from Faux News really are informed.

And if we truly are "53 in the world" in terms of a free press, I think we have something to worry about. Don't you?


And chucks, I don't mind that you have a hard time being civil to me. I have an equally hard time being civil to you and often am unsuccessful. You see, I take umbrage that you people are destroying this country . . . I guess Michael thinks we have more time to save it than I do.

Actually, Michael, you're a party guy. You don't care as long as your team wins. I care not which team wins but how our democracy sustains itself and treats the rest of the world and its poorest citizens.

It is a different battle for me.


"Gee, Michael, I'm just repeating Chalmers Johnson.

If being informed is elitist, then I plead guilty to the charge."

More likely non compos mentis...:)
(just a joke)

Seriously, why is it so hard to believe that people of good faith and intelligence can have a disagreement.
An open mind and a little humor will take you a lot further in the long run. Stop being so dogmatic. You really remind me of those fundies that have the word of God and can act in such absolutes.
It's probably why people enjoy setting you off by pointing out your contradictions.
Your not going to persuade people by painting in such broadstrokes. That may work on the playground but it won't with adults.

C'mon Joanie, lighten up.


Seems like joanie is dismayed at being 'challenged' by 'the party's talking points' when she felt she was towing the line so well and defending the 'progressive' position herein.
If in fact she has bigger fish to fry (so to speak) and is more concerned about 'universal' democracy...more power to her.
But, joanie does it have to be at the expense of your fellow-citizens?


'hell hath no fury like a minion scorned'


Hey Duff
Glad to see that you have risen from the dead. It's a little early for Easter...
Seriously, I was worried when I first read that post but was hoping it was someone causing a little mischief.

I imagine Joanie making a good commissar back in the day in Red Square. Part of the intelligentia and all. Enforcing doctrine. Sending people off to re-education camps (I'm sure you, me, KS, ) would be the first rounded up and put on the wagons to the camp. Poor Steve, I think she would just have him shot for thought crimes.


Now see what you've started Michael?

putsie, you forgot your pet name for me . . . why, sweetheart, don't you like me anymore?

Duff, just because I'm an elitist who likes to be informed, please tell me what the hell you're talking about: 'challenged' by 'the party's talking points' .


"just because I'm an elitist who likes to be informed"

What make you an elitist? Wealth? Power? Position?

And how are you sure what you think is information is the truth?


You're behind the curve. I didn't call myself an elitist . . .I was responding to someone else who suggested I'm an elitist. Do you think I'm an elitist?

Truth? What is truth? For me, various sources and much searching, comparing, and identifying credible sources.

How do you find truth?


It doesn't matter if most americans are stupid or don't vote, we put the fix in 06 and will remind them of the GOP hate in 08. Keep stepping in the bucket of paint, idiot Bush.


IQ is only a measurement of intelligence POTENTIAL...and its exclusive use to determine intelligence has waned with time. That said, a country that elects George Bush two times could possibly make some think that critical thinking in the United States is rather weak.


I do confess to using the term IQ somewhat carelessly. I didn't know I was going to be taken to the woodshed over it. :)

Yes, critical thinking might have been a bit less inflammatory. Probably because few here would know what it means.

Although, if you've read Charles Murray on IQ, I'm not so sure . . .

On the other hand, Reggie, IQ is measured by tests that ask what you know . . . gee, I'm finding this an interesting topic. What does that say about the level of my IQ? Might I be considered erudite, intelligent, clever, quick-witted, perhaps elitist? Are they the same . . . or different?

Ah, I must find some solitude and ponder these things . . .

nightie night


Dave Ross has Senator Rosa Franklin on now, and is letting her talk about her state income tax bill. I say "letting her talk" as opposed to Dori Monson, who crowded her into a tiny spot in his show and approached her in his usual biased, condescending manner he adopts whenever he has a democrat on. His attitude and comments made toward her after he dumped her upon completion of her mini-interview, made her seem like she was a senile crackpot. As Dave let her talk, she revealed herself to be cogent, researched and smart- smarter than Monson. She explained that under the current regressive state taxing system, mainly sales tax, people making 20,000 dollars a year pay 16% of their money in state taxes, whereas those making 150,000 a year,(that would be Dori), pay only 4 percent in state taxes. Of course Dori would be opposed to Franklin's plan- it would be an end to his personal, selfish gravytrain.

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