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April 22, 2007



How about, "George Bush resigns"


I hear day care is no problem in Baghdad with all the stay at home Moms.


Weather's fine: sunny and warm! :)

Ragnar Danneskold

How about there are definite signs of improvement with less than 2/3's of the surge troops in place? The good news is that the President and General Petraeus finally have got a handle on this difficult war. To back out now is unpatriotic, maybe even treasonous. The Democrats will pay for decades if they insist on doing what they are doing. Think strategically idiots! and butt out of the president's constitutional duties.


Oh excuse me Ragnar, but isn't our President expected to follow the will of the country...and by the way what IS the will of the country...to continue...DON'T THINK SO!


I thought the will of the country was for a change in strategy re the GWOT and the Iraq component. Bush has put in a new General and Secretary of Defense. That was the big hoopla before the last election.
Now that he has changed the strategy, is it ok if we give it a chance to work.
Or is the fear of success too much for the Democrats to handle? Or is it still surrender at any cost?
Remember that old silent majority?
It may be ok for Seattle, San Francisco, LA, and New York to turn tail and quit, but not the bread basket of America.
Many of us in this country support our troops AND their mission.


The only thing that could stop the blood shed is the end of Bush's presidency.

The good news is 638 days to go!


The only thing treasonous in a debate is somebody who would call an opposition opinion such. Did this Rag even pass civics 101? The executive is to have oversight in the legislative branch you mouth breathing buffoon. You know that if the President had a D behind his name you would be screaming bloody murder for oversight you bald faced hypocrite.

According to your learned insight, over 60% of Americans are traitors since they want us out of Iraq. Nice try with the neo-con talking points but I think you'd have more success when you remove your head from your John Brown hindparts. Do you have a real argument or will you like me continue handing your ass to you?


Undermanning this war means not only lower overhead for the taxpayers, but fewer deaths and injuries! What fun!

Tree Frog Farmer

Ragnar should consult the April 1,2007 Strategic Visions poll of likely Republican Caucus participants before he persists in his psychotic charges of treason.
The majority favor an immediate withdrawal.


Oh yeah, and remember--you can't have a Peace Dividend if you haven't had a war! Something to look forward to! Thanks George!


Gee Rag and chucks, couldn't think of any happy talk?

C'mon . . . signs of improvement? . . . name them.


Thanks Scott for reminding me of another Happy Talking Point for this war: profits for Haliburton and Cheney. Wheeeeee . . .


Happy talk...well, let me see...Oh Yeah...Our First Lady Laura Bush is one of the most attractive, eloquent and classy persons to have occupied the WH.
Laura, I feel your pain!


What's that got to do with Iraq?


Happy Talk
renovation of 962 schools improving learning environment for half a million k through 8th grade kids.
Nationwide polio and measles vaccinations improving millions of children's health.
Built or repaired water treatment facilities for 2.7 million Iraqi's
Sewers for 4.9 million Iraqi's.
Over 2700 MV of electricity generation added, rehabilitated, or maintained.
37 Iraqi Army battalions trained and given responsibility for their areas.


Finally, Bush is paying attention to internation affairs and listening to the ideas of others! The NYT just ran a story about how Bush's Soulmate Vlad Putin has taken up this same cause, with a mandate that 50% of news coverage on the radio must be positive ( http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/22/world/europe/22russia.html?em&ex=1177387200&en=70463da211cb3c24&ei=5087%0A ) Bush may be American, but political desperation knows no borders!


Happy talk- clean air!
Special bullet filtration plants are being installed to take the lead particles out of the air. Bullet pollution has been killing 1000's of Iraqis.



All of that information is dubious. Why don't you learn to question you're being spoon fed? Let's take it one by one shall we?

Renovation of schools: Great, however with no security kids being blown up in the streets doesn't do a whole lot does it?

Immunizations: Recall there were sanctions that kept that from going on previously, so I would encourage you to look at what the true rates of immunization are compared with the rest of the world. By the way do you have a source or shall we assume you got it from bushtalkingpoint.com?

Sewers: Are you sure about that? Where did you get this information? Even if it is 1/2 true please tell me how hygiene helps people from getting killed in a civil war? I didn't think so.

Trained Iraqis???: Are you freaking kidding me? You must be really dumb if you believe any of that crap after all of the reports of the Iraqis being 1) incompetant or 2) totally infiltrated by militias and terrorists.

Good lord, will you people ever join reality?


I hope to never join your reality, thank you very much.
I know that because they do not serve kool-aid, this source may not meet your requirements.
Yes, I know it is frightening to go to the US Army Corps of Engineers
to learn as it has not been properly veted by randi rhodes or michael moore.


well chucks that was probably an eye-opener for cow-shit-pie III.


You know, chucks, taking the word of the US Army Corp right now is like trusting the cat and dog food companies when they say there's lots of nutrients in those cans that are good for your pets. The animals died anyway. What has your list of so-called accomplishments done to help the Iraqi people?

The Kurdish area? How many bombs and how much destruction did we make there?

Renovation of the schools is complete and children are attending? Please be thorough, chucks. I'm curious. This is your claim.

Who is providing the vaccinations? The Red Cross or the gov? Where? Were these populations the ones upon which we've wreaked our destruction?

Water treatment facilities where? Are they being used? Are they major or small?

Battalions of Iraqi soldiers? Where? Are they armed? Are we still sending American soldiers to the same areas where we have "independent" Iraqi soldiers doing the job? If so, why?

chucks, you may be an easy sell. Not sure until you answer . . . but I might have a bridge to sell you. We'll see.

The National Review picked these up as well and provides a little more information. Boy, I'd like to see someone with a more objective view tell us what's going on over there. Actually, I do watch BBC and Canadian news a lot. They haven't been raving about these small successes. Hmm. Do small successes balance larger failures?

I really don't know.

Grace, you wouldn't know an "eye-opener" if it smacked you in the eye.


oh joanie
Your hatred of Bush and anything American is getting old.
More Iraq happy news.
Eighteen Iraqi women just successfully graduated from the first prepatory Iraqi Nursing Coarse. I know this sounds like nothing to you, but usually there are four nurses for every doctor but in Iraq the number is one nurse for every 100 doctors.
Good on them


I saw that about the nurses- unfortunately they graduated from a school in South Carolina, and for of them defected.


What I said has nothing to do with Bush . . .and your unquestioning support for him is getting old as well. So is your evil tendency to call everybody that uses some critical thinking before forming opinions anti-American. I'm just plain sick of that.

sue m

Mr. Chucks- how can you have so much hatred for humanity but love America?


Thanks, sardo. See what I mean, chucks. get the rest of the story . . .


How about a prayer for Peace on Earth Day

( I got this off of Daily Kos sister site "Street Prophets")

Lead me from death to life,from falsehood to truth.
Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace.
Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.


sue m
I really do love humanity.
I contribute generously to children's charities. I have mentored at risk kids for twenty years. Two of my kids graduated from college (the first in the history of their families). Every year I put on my Santa suit and visit retirement homes as well as being a part of a big annual Christmas party for children and their families in the Hilltop area of Tacoma.
I just believe in a smaller role for government and a bigger role for individuals.
Bush and Co did screw up in Iraq in the first place. Does that generate the need to abandon those families and watch thousands if not millions of them die at the hands of Al Queda, Iran and whatever despots want a share? I personally think not. We stay until the IDF can stand up and protect them. They are rapidly coming on line.

not Roger Rabbit

Baghdad opens its first McDonald's.

Restaurant to offer Hallel Big Macs/

not  Roger Rabbit

Baghdad Museum to Offer Free Tuesdays.

not  Roger Rabbit

Global warming has not affected Iraq.

The Iraq bureau of meteorology, headed by famed meteorologist, Jose Gonzales, announced that there is no evidence that the mean temperature in Iraq has increased since the fall of Sadaam.


Chucks, great post and link to the Army Corps of Engineers. But to no avail I see. Joanie and Captain Cow would rather get their Iraq news from Randi, Steph and the rest of AA.

And I see the Cow is still trying his bully techique, cursing and bullying his way through a discussion with threats and the likes. He sounds like one of Joanies students who steals other little kids lunch money. How pathetic can a person get. And Cow, last month it was 70 percent. Whats happening?

Joanie, she links an article of great things going on over there and yet is too blind by hate for this administration to recognize what good is happening there. She beleives that if we leave, the terrorist will just say by-by, lay down their guns and go home. Why does she believe this, cause Randi tells her so. Everyday Randi tells her this and she believes. Why, because Randi is on the radio and she has all these no-faced guest who say the same thing. So it must be true. How can anyone not believe Randi.


Steve, you ever considered stand-up comedy? Give it some thought. :)


Oh, and chucks, you do all of those things becuase they make you feel good. I prefer to let the government do it so that everybody has a safety net and not just the people who get to help you feel good about yourself.

Get it?

Steve J.

37 Iraqi Army battalions trained and given responsibility for their areas.
Posted by: chucks | April 22, 2007 at 03:38 PM

In nearly every area where Iraqi forces were given control, the security situation rapidly deteriorated. The exceptions were areas dominated largely by one sect and policed by members of that sect.

Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy
By Nancy A. Youssef
McClatchy Newspapers
Posted on Thu, Apr. 19, 2007

Steve J.

Over 2700 MV of electricity generation added, rehabilitated, or maintained.
Posted by: chucks | April 22, 2007 at 03:38 PM

According to the lastest Iraq quarterly report from DoD

There's about as much electricity available NOW as there was in March 2003.


KVI is obviously being run by a moron. The only decent shows there are Larry Elder and The Commentators. Captain Smartass, Brian Suits, is completely worthless. Thankyou for your service, Brian, and would you now please join your wife and friends on the police force, which is obviously your thing and place in life, not talkradio. Now , recently they are replacing one of the only two hours of Elder they play with some asinine local pubic service show. Elder should be on live at 3 p.m. and Suits should address his little military clique at three a.m., not the other way around.


Chucks, you really need to pull your head out of Steve's ass. First of all, I never listen to Rhodes, in fact you can count the number of minutes I've ever listened to that station on one hand.

I tend to read real news sources and listen to folks who have been on the ground and are NOT a part of the Bush version (ie the Corps of Engineers) of the truth. You can keep going on smearing the over 60% of Americans who believe, as I do, that this is a mess.

You really think this is unbiased and an accurate view of what is going on there? You seem to be grasping to whatever you can in hopes of ignoring the security situation.

Have you even seen the reports of how ill equipped and unprepared (indeed untrustable) those Iraqi battalions are?

Where are you getting the news YOU parrot, since I know for a fact I look at reputable sources. Have anything other than a bunch of meaningless numbers from an Army report (since we know the Army would never publish information their political masters in the White House would tamper with).


And little Steve, are you in here whining because somebody got in your face? I thought a macho wannabe like yourself would appreciate it instead of sniveling. If you want to refute my arguments go for it, but don't whine like a 10 year old with a skinned knee and expect any sympathy.

And if you could actually read you might notice that 60% want us out of Iraq in the short term (under a year) while the poll I linked to before was a different one that simply asked if we should leave with no timeframe given. Nice try to concentrate on the minutia but you should try actually being correct when you do it. Again, fools like you can continue to pretend this is some fringe group wanting us out but your hate for America and Americans shows when you denigrate a majority position.


And it has been a mess. I agree. So the fuck what!! It is a fucking war. War sucks. I sure wish Al queda in Iraq would lay down their arms and quit killing innocent Iraqi's. Sure wish they would cancel their declared war on anything western.
Does not look like that is going to happen. Guess we are just going to have to complete our mission in that country, against your wishes.
Next year, our Constitution has a provision to allow you to pick a new Commander and Chief for our military. Until that time I will just support our elected President and enjoy the fact that he is a man of courage.
Believe or not, whomever the next POTUS is will have to carry on this GWOT. It will not be over untill the muslim extremist quit.


Cow-shit pie III: you're an asshole from the word go.


Ever notice that T008 is the only one who stays on 'radio' topic.


Well it look's like Frank Shairs From 710 AM, will be back on the air waves tonight , so please feel free to post some idea's for his show, So he will have something new too talk about , tonight it appears he need help on some show prep.


I'm an asshole? Too bad then don't read the posts, otherwise let's have a debate unless somebody with an opposing viewpoint is too much for you people to handle. Get a helmet.

Chucks, I believe in personal responsibility, don't you? Who got things fucked up over there in the first place? You know as well as I do that if there would have been a Democrat in the WH you would be calling for his blood now (as conservatives did in Somalia and Bosnia). The vast great difference between myself and those on the right is that I can and do call a spade a spade. You can continue being a hypocrite if you like, but spare me the war is hell BS.

And 'Grace,' are you going to engage in debate or whine about somebody who doesn't play tea party? I hear a lot of waaaah when a 'liberal' gets in a con's face but apparently you have no issue with it going the other way.


Give me a break you, joanie, sparky, duffman, and all other regulars do you even fricken work?
Where do you get the time to be on here so much, cheating your employer?


Goldy said on his show last night that one of the problems the left has is we try to reason, explain, debate and talk factually while the right throws emotional and unsubstiated rhetoric around finally ending in ad hominems.

You've given your best, cowpot. There is no such thing as reasonable, factual debate with these people. The proof is in the posts. Just reread them and cry.

So many of us have tried to refrain from emotional responses and ad hominems; but we get worn down just like you. I went to ad hominems just to refuel. Now, it is my favorite sports with these guys.

If chucks wants to believe fairy tales, corporate advertising, and feel good talk points, he will continue to believe no matter what. He will say one thing and you will dispute it with evidence. He will respond with another thing. It is his circle of faith. Always chasing his tail. This war is a gift to people like him because it gives him someone to hate.

The fact that Al Aqueda is a Sunni organization and Iraq and Hussein of the Shiites will never faze him. He will repeat over and over and over whatever makes him feel good about his hate and his war. The Iraqis - who are not American and don't matter to him - will continue to suffer under such uninformed hatred. Every little thing we do - whether we caused the destruction in the first place, whether it is even up and running - he finds wonderful. He questions nothing. This is a man for whom this adminstration has a blank checkbook. Question nothing; blindly accept all. That is his American way.

And Steves. And Graces. And Mistys. And Rags.

These people are sleepwalking. Corporate media has done its job.

So be it.


Grace, we are smart people. We know how to manage our time. Perhaps you could learn from us . . . nah. :)


Nice assumption there. You assume too much. Speaking for myself, I am my employer so I will take responsibility for the minutes I waste here daily, perhaps typing is not your strong suit but I doubt it takes any regular more an a pittance to put their thoughts to the blog.

I suppose you think all the liberals here are somehow welfare recipients leeching the system...must be nice living in your little black and white world!

Sincerely, the asshole.


Joanie...that's what I've been saying to the Chucks' of the world for some time now. Unfortunately, a nuanced and real view of the issues are less important to them than their party candidates winning elections: they don't really care for improvement in policy they just want power. They are Machiavellian in the extreme.

To wit, we see Chucks list a very few positives and then totally brush off all of the problems with a derisive driveling line like "war is hell."

Get this straight people: We don't "hate Bush," we hate his POLICIES and his ACTIONS.

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