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April 13, 2007


Someone Somewhere

Seattle is "ethnically diverse"? Haha that is hilarious. Maybe compared to SLC. But Seattle has to be the whitest big city in America.


Yes, this concerns me and I hope an equitable transition can be made from SLC to Seattle mind set.


Didn't KIRO do well under Bonneville the first time around? Hopefully Mr Arquette learned his lesson at SLC and won't be messin' with folks around here like that or you know what they say: 'I COULD get upset, and things COULD get out of hand'.

But, when asked 'How do you measure yourself with other PD's' it was reported that Mr Arquette answered 'By Height'...so, I guess we're good to go, ya know.


"But Seattle has to be the whitest big city in America."

I think Portland has Seattle beat.



ss: please master, define 'whitest'


Who of us doesn't have some baggage hanging over us somewhere?
Some things in life where you look back and ask yourself "what was I thinking?" Good grief, my first presidential election, I voted for Geo McGovern. The next time I pulled the lever for James Earl Carter (only once though, I did not stay stupid).
I just hope that this guy can turn KIRO back to its former glory. Maybe bring in some talent that can add balance to the programming. Make it a great place for my company to advertise.
We shall see.


Say WA: 81% White; 3.2% Black
Seattle: 70% White; 8.4% Black

Say OR: 90.8% White; 1.8% Black
Portland: 77.9% White; 6.6% Black


Say UT: 93.8% White; 1% Black
Salt Lick: 79.2% White; 1.9% Black


There goes the neighborhood. Look out Goldy! Goodby Ron Reagan. Care to retire, Dave? you're getting old...and liberal!


It's not just white & black, it's the spectrum of browns in between. and "Ethnic" is way more than race- Seattles biggest ethnic diversities are in the Asian, and latino cultures. Give me some figgers comparing Anglos to all the other skin shades and cultures.


If he tries anything like that here, he most likely would not have to worry about firing Dave or Ron Reagan..I believe they would quit.


My opinion: Dave Ross is the best thing Seattle area radio has going...period! If new management wants to chance letting him get away, they'd best be prepared for a dramatic loss of 'listnership' (??is that a word, Spark?) or some severe competition should he desire to remain on the air in this area. I don't care what side of the fence you're on, this guy is for real and is a dynamic radio personality...no bout a dout it!


BTW: Bla'M I'm sure Rabbi Shmuley is a great guy -- but you know the Rush Limbaugh-like cigar approach pic doesn't do a lot for me!


So, because I'm a white guy, I get lumped in with every other white guy? Right. We're all just one big homogenous lot, and when you've met one, you have met us all. We suck.


I'm sorry, but that Salt Lake Katrina business is too ugly for my blood. I know everyone loved to trash Entercom, but I think having a church run an important public business like radio broadcasting is trouble.

And this mess in Utah with the Katrina vicitms and Rod Arquette is a percect example.

I think we're in store for non-stop news wheels with lilly white anchors and weekends of Sean Hannity and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


Wow! Nothing like fair-and-balanced PRE-judging! Why don't you give the guy/station/owners a chance to prove themselves one way or the other. Sounds like you have some severe prejudice.


Touche' Dustin
I am a middle aged white (lily white, I live in western WA) man. For years I have heard how evil I am for being in that club. We get lumped together as one, George Bush, Wm Clinton, Abe Lincoln, Fred the farmer, Larry the lumberjack, Carl the car salesman, Ira the insurance salesman, Marty the mid level management suck up, etc. Most of us have little in common except we sun burn easily (when out of WA).
We need to unite. Start a group. How about the National Association of Middle Aged White Guys. Of coarse we will have little in common besides crackerness. We are Catholic, Protestant, Atheist, Lutheran etc.
We are Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Don't give a shiters.
We might even have a racist or two amongst us. Oh certainly we, unlike the NAACP and La Raza etc. will be considered a racist organization. But when those saint like gentlemen Sharpton and Jackson come gunning for us, we can circle the wagons.
By the way, how did Jesse Jackson get rich? Does anybody know if he has ever had a job?


Not pre-judging. I'm post-judging based on the reports of what Arquette and Bonneville did in Utah.

And, yes, I am prejudiced against any church running commercial radio stations.


Well, I'll give you credit, least you're up-front and direct about it.
I'll wait for a while and give them an opportunity to have a track record. And do you think it might be 'fair' to give Mr Arquette a chance to explain his side of this story?


What will happen when somebody digs up something on Goldy's blog--like a curseword--and asks this guy if gGoldy's name should be associated with this good family Mormon station?


That is what is different about today verses any time in history. What we put on this internet is now recorded for ever. What we say today is stored and if it is offensive, somebody with an agenda will find it. Be it on youtube or an innocent posting of a thought you had at one moment in your life, it is available to anybody in the entire world.
One day Goldy is going to pay. I believe that Goldy is honest (but wrong) with his views, but he presents his ideas in an offensive style. It will bite him in the butt one day.
We all change our thoughts and conclusions as we grow. Used to be able to hide from our past and start new somewhere else. How fast did B'lam find "the goods" on Arquette. No more fresh starts for any of us.


Goldy's participatory journalism, and confrontational style is prevailing- it's the future. It's that he might be edged out of the old media for such a thing that's the issue. He's truthful, that's all that matters, saying fuck means nothing. He's already being boycotted by some in the old media- it hasn't really mattered, his influence in the political scene grows.


You don't have to defend Goldy to me. I have grown to appreciate what you call participatory journalism (nice term by the way).
It is the future as you say. And in his eyes and the eyes of his followers he is truthful. He presents his arguments well and allows debate. Good on him.
If "fuck" means nothing, why put it out there?


Reverend Michael Hood, hmmm, has a good ring to it.

Daniel Pennant

Once one of friend on EbonyFriends.com told New KIRO. I hope he will go well all the time.


I believe Michael went to seminary.

Daniel Pennant

Rod Arquette,new KIRO/KTTH Program Director,has ability to master Seattle market, he was a successful man. I mentioned him on EbonyFriends.com and many friends envied him very much.


As long as he boots the Styblehead he ok by me ! hooty hoo !


okay, per Merc's request, here are some very interesting stats .... although Merc, the total 'anglo' population is in the first table as "white".

Listed by City % / State %

Native American - Alaskan Indian
Seattle 1.0% / 1.6%
Portland 1.1% / 1.3%
SLC 1.3% / 1.0%

Asian Persons
Seattle 13.1% / 5.5%
Portland 6.3% / 3.0%
SLC 1.9% / 4.3%

Hispanic or Latino
Seattle 5.3% / 7.5%
Portland 6.8% / 8.0%
SLC 10.9% / 14.4


I belive it was the blacks and jews that Mr. Arquette and Bonneville find problematic.

Are you suggesting that they also don't like Asians, Indians, Latinos??


Where did everybody go?
Gotta be somebody out there to argue with bout something.



As an aside: anyone interested in a more balanced approach to Mr Al Gore's dog-and-pony show on Gorebal warming may want to take the time to view this.
Go to google, type in video.google.com then enter in the search window 'The Great Warming Swindle' (click on the first window) and sit back and watch. See if you think this is a 'settled science' after watching this.


With a proven background of conservative talk and the firing of a rabbi who tries to show charity to Katrina refugees, I don't have much faith that liberal talk will survive on KIRO.


Interesting Duffman. Frank Shiers won't stop blabbing about the GW youtube video either. Coincidence? I think not.

Congrats on finally finding some source, although I wouldnt turn "youtube" in on a thesis paper.

Still no word on the letter? I thought not


Well, Duff, include this site in your research please. It critiques your movie and provides some analysis.

It is a bit hard to understand and is a little wonkish . . . that means you have to be willing to watch it all and follow the complexity of global warming and the statistics. The movie is simple . . . the analysis of the critique a little more demanding of grey matter. You up to it?


Here's the promo to the site I linked above :

"Excellent debunking of the scam "documentary": "An excellent debunking of the scam "documentary": "The Great Global Warming Swindle". This analysis shows how the film's editor and the speakers in the film use every trick in the book to attempt to deceive the viewers of "Swindle" film. For example, the presentation shows how the film used the fact that the Earth's climate has always been changing (correct) to "prove" that humans could not now be causing global warming."


Duffman: have you seen Al Gore's "Dog & Pony Show?" or read the book or the documentation? If you have, you're one of the few of the Deniers to have done so. If you have and you still deny it, aren't at least an agnostic on global warming, you are even more of a fool than you seem at first glance. What would be Al Gore's motive for going to all this trouble over 30 years? Do you really think he as ulterior financial gains to be had? (he's always been rich) Do you think he wants to get back into politics? (he's been to the mountain top).


Everybody must be out partying but there's a repeat of a global warming debate between Kerry and Gingrich on CSpan. Very interesting. . . Kerry got Gingrich to agree that global warming is scientifically valid and is urgent. Now they are debating how it should be addressed. I love it because Gingrich is a real glib politician but he's not doing so well without the facts that Kerry is providing.

The moderator just said "wouldn't it be great if we could hold presidential debates like this" because Kerry and Gingrich are really addressing each and each other's points in clarifying and interesting ways. The audience applauded.


Thank you joanie for additional source, interesting. Andrew it's not that I don't believe in GW, it's simply that I don't believe it to be a 'settled science' and I'm not fond of AG. Simple as that. merci: made that phone call yet?


What has being fond or not fond of Al Gore got to do with GW? What's the science behind GW got to do with your affection for someone?

Just curious, Duff.


Very true joanie; absolutely nothing...I was just bringing Andrew up to speed on my position. Again your referenced piece does a 'fair' job of debunking the one I referenced but bottom line is that it is still 'unsettled' wouldn't you say. BTW it doesn't seem to be GW that is touted any longer, it seems to be CC (climate change).
I will continue to do my part (and then some) to conserve and proportionalize my green foot-print, as I hope all will do.


btw joanie: if indeed you are a teacher in the Seattle School District - any initial opinion on the new supt? She seems like a tiger.


All joanie, all the time...on every freakin' topic. joanie, joanie, joanie, joanie, joanie, joanie, joanie, joanie, joanie....

Teachers are always whinin' about how they don't have TIME to prepare for teachin'.

....hmmm, you seem to have TIME to post on EVERY FREAKIN' THING!!!

...and if it ain't joanie...it's sparky...same time-compromised teacher....


Duffman: any initial opinion on the new supt? She seems like a tiger.

She seems like a race-obsessed jerk.

John Stanford, she ain't.


My goodness, Thom. I wonder who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?


Duffman, it was your claim that citizenship was not being enforced for voter reg. Thus, your call - not ours. Your thesis, your research, your call.

Are your really this stupid? Oh that's right.

Simple Duff - Produce the letter or kindly STFU


Joanie, just turn-off the Duff-knob.

He posted here that he had "a letter from King Co." proving that non-citizens were allowed to reg. to vote.

I called him on it, and asked to see the letter. As per usual, formerly big-strong Duffman went limp and said "he would have to check with his lawyer first"...

...And now it turns out his lawyer has "advised him not to".
(Translated out of Duffspeak: The dog ate his letter)


Note: All this fairly ironic because Duffy's post here was in response to Fremont calling him on his sources

"Duf, once again, your specious citations are being challenged as hearsay non-evidence"

In other words, Duffy responded to having specious citations with more specious citations.

A greater wingnut information black hole, I have never seen.


Ack. Rod Arquette also runs James Dobson's radio features in Salt Lake City. Are we going to be subjected to those with Jane and Greg every morning now?

If you want to read something scary, pick up "The Jesus Machine: How James Dobson, Focus on the Family and Evangelical America Are Winning the Culture War." It's by Dan Gilgoff.

If you want to know where and how Michael Medved and Shane Hannity and all the others wingers get their daily talking points and why George Bush is in the White House, you've got to read this.

Get ready KIRO.


My claim that 'proof of citizenship' in order to vote is not being enforced stands! Any one who doubts can pick up the phone and make a simple call.
Nice try. Sorry I wont furnish you with the letter but I can assure you I have it in reserve for future consideration. Should you desire to think that 'the dog ate my home work' feel free. Please continue your attack on the messenger and your insults thru acronyms...how childish...but expected.

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