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April 19, 2007



Interesting headline Bla'am (that should generate a lot of hits).
Indeed what we DON'T need is another oil refinery out of capacity with gas prices where they are today. Seems like a precarious situation?

Ted Smith

I drove around the Port of Tacoma until I finally found KKKOL's new site. It seems to be in the middle of a used car lot. Very unimpressive.

I am reminded that there is no right way to do the wrong thing. KKKOL is a prime example.


Just as an aside, I was kind of surprised at the price Mr Edwards apparently pays for a haircut. I would attribute decadence such as this more likely to a Republican!


There's got to be another technology than having thise big throbbing towers endangering everything around them. the webwill bury these antiques and good riddance.


When are they going to fix this???

Jim Malso

Come on- this threatens blue collar Tacoma. This is a Seattle station with out of state owners. they won't be busting their ass if it means costing them any dough any sooner.

sue d

Glad we don't live down there. I wonder if the Bush administration anti-goverment bureaucrats have anything to do with this not going anywhere? You can bet Salem was a big benefactoe of the Bush campaign.

Mr Redmond

Tacoma (still) stinks.


maybe those christians will blow it up real good


Right sue d, you can bet that (if not moved sooner) it will certainly be out of there once Mrs Clinton takes over!

sue d

The Port of Tacoma needs to get on this. saftey is supposed to be the first priority nowadys, not politics.


Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia Tec . . . all morning, every program.

Oh well.

I think we need a whole bunch of smaller local stations and fewer megawatt stations . . . maybe. Then again, maybe not.


Keep the government out of this. Look where we are leaving it up to them. gotten nowhere. Let the oil company and the radio station sort it out. Maybe we can keep some oil worker jobs and a radio station on the air.


I have a great idea. Somehow we get the word to AG Gonzales that KKOL is not 'towing the Bush' line. And, Presto - he will make it disappear...and then he wont even remember doing it.


Re: VA Tech, Joanie - Amen to that.

Drudge, Cable-shmooze, all of them - An unholy scourge on all your houses for your casualty blood-lusts.


I have a great idea

oh c'mon, No need for crazy-talk


Oh, and thank you Orbusmax for moving-on to more important issues:



Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia Tec . . . all morning, every program.
Now joanie..why so cynical; didn't you catch the significant news of the day? What, you ask?
Well, Sanjaya was booted off AI, of course! May be his notariety will propel him into a local talk show personality.


Duff, the significant news of the day is what Dave's topic was going to be . . . that the retired Port of Seattle CEO Dinsmore (who's is now working for an investment firm) would get an extra year's salary of over $300,000 for nothing! On top of his retirement of $88k a year!

Who do these people think they are? It is all about greed. Name that movie and the two actors in it: greed is good


oh i just saw that quoted the other day but I forgot who they mentioned...and that is only part of the quote,,,...give us a hint?


It was Wall Street and the line was spoken by Michael Douglass as Gordon Gecko. It also starred Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen as his dad.

And I agree that the news sounds like a bunch of monkeys diddling with a Rubix Cube over and over again on the topic of the shootings while other pressing issues that still actually hang in the balance nationally and locally are on the back burner.

It's good to be back but sadly it seems like nothing has changed in my absence!


Cowpot is the winner of the all-expenses paid trip to view the shut-down of the KKOL transmitter! Aren't you excited Cowpot?

It seems Wall Street wasn't so much satirical or even reflective as prophetic.

Nice to have you back, by the way. :)


Another quiz:

I was not part of the process. I was not part of the process. I was not part of the process.

Hint: Testimony currently on CSpan.


welcome back cowpotpi3!


I am not an electrical engineer, but wouldn't this be a grounding issue? Years ago I was on a really big Boeing job (Sheet Metal Assy Fac.) and our drill motors kept blowing up. Seems the Ironheads did not properly ground their welders, and the excess current pathed thru our stuff. They bought quite a few Makitas that week!


Is Assy Fac related to Assy McGee?

Ted Smith

"I am not an electrical engineer, but wouldn't this be a grounding issue?"

Yes and no. KKKOL, like any other AM radio station, has a series of ground wires leading to the base of each tower, usually 120 wires spaced around the compass that are at least as long as the tower is tall. The purpose of these wires is not safety (like your example) but rather to induce an RF wave along the surface of the Earth. Unfortunately, this ground wave also induces currents in surrounding metal objects - the closer to the antenna, the larger the current. Even if the metal objects are well-grounded in the conventional sense (as this refinery equipment undoubtedly is), these objects can still carry high-frequency currents. Any connection between two such metal objects can result in a voltage difference leading to a spark, even if they both show a solid DC ground.

Here (and I'm speculating), the metal refinery equipment has one set of currents and the metal ship has another set of currents. A connection between them may result in a spark.

Bottom line: When you go higher than 60 Hertz, grounding often becomes a challenge.


How about KIRO's transmitter? Does it effect anybody? It is 50,000 Watts, 710Khz, but located on Vashon Island. Anything sensitive to it there?


thanks Ted


Gee that explains all the strange behavior on capitol and queen ann hill. Okay you don't get the point, look out your window. See those orange and white towers? Now why would they build those? And no I wouldn't live within five miles of them

Ted Smith

There are several 50kw AM stations on Vashon Island - KIRO, KTTH, KPTK, KOMO, KGNW, and KJR. You can bet that people get one or more of these on their telephones, but there are fewer problems in a rural area.

The Queen Anne and Capitol Hill towers are TV towers, some with side-mounted FM antennas. They do not have the same type of ground systems as AM stations but tend to cause their own set of problems. At TV-FM frequencies, elevation is the key and the tower is just a support structure. With AM, the entire tower (plus the buried radial ground system) is the antenna and the tower height is inversely proportional to the frequency.


Very interesting and educational Ted.

ted and docdog

if no one is listening to this radio station then how do they stay on the air.
i mean it must take money. it must be assumed they have now sponsors because AND THIS IS TO QUOTE THE ABOVE.
"Some of their "upgraded" syndicated talkers are Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher, and Michael "The Lesser" Reagan. So far, they have no local talkers of note, and nobody seems to be listening to the station."

blathering michael

Ted: take a breath. KKOL has so few listeners- they don't even show up in the 12+ local market ratings. (Look it up on Radio&Records.com) That means their ad rates are cheap and is why you hear the Bible store ads and the hemmorroid commercials. They're a big company, they can afford to lose money, and have been for years. They're trying to build up the station's ratings. My bests to Doc.

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