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April 06, 2007



man, why're you so down on Stephanie Miller?

You really don't seem to like her~

Tahoma Activist

Shoot, maybe we should be fighting to get rid of Elberg instead of struggling to get Maron back and save Seder.


Agree Tahoma . . . if all this is true, Elberg is sabotaging Air America. The simple fact that he tried to fire Randi should attest to that.

When will the money guys wake up and realize it? Do they want liberal political talk or not?

And anybody that voted twice for Bush shouldn't be anywhere near liberal talk radio.


Elberg needs to go...now. Why keep someone who doesn't believe in the product??
KPOJ is still doing well in the Portland market, in spite of all of this crap. Someone from KPTK needs to go down there and learn some lessons about production value, or at least how to work with a computerized ad format. Never once on KPOJ have I heard commercials interrupt a traffic report, only to be interrupted by a different commercial, nor have I heard long empty air space filled with ooga-chucka music until the next segment starts.


The only two I've listened to (so far) have been Randi Rhoades and Stephanie Miller, and I find both to be astute, quick, witty and quite entertaining. I would say if they mess with either they would be making a mistake and would probably be making the move across the aisle?


what is good radio today??? With out dought , the Lionel Show . greet show rep, Funny and wacky !


No! It's Good Friday; I refuse to go there.


Lionel? Absolutely! Isn't he interesting, quirky and definitely passionate! Wonder why they don't give him more air time?


Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act, Logan Act.


Sorry Steve, if you're referring to Ms Pelosi...when you have a sitting President who is obviously inept at communication, I believe the Speaker of the House has a duty to speak with whomever she/he pleases...she wasn't 'negotiating'.


Dear Mark Green and Scott Elberg: You blew it. It was never about Sam OR Maron, we wanted both. We felt both were the best representation of what Air America could be. Now we get neither. So go Cheney yourselves.


Jill...don't tell 'em that; they'll shoot each other...ha ;)

American Pundit Fighting

Sam Seder has a good mix of entertainment with important news. Sam after all is a comedian and is very light hearted. Less substance? More sex? OH----------KAY.


Why did Air America start up with such a huge line-up of comedians? Lizz Winstead was the first to go, then Maron, then Janeane, then Al and now Sam. Al and Sam at least talked about issues..the others all used it as an extension of their "gig" and it failed miserably. All of them left for entirely different reasons, but I think Air America is much stronger now because of the hosts that took their places. The other hosts have humor on their show but the message isnt about THEM, it is about the issues of the day, poking fun at it. Huge difference. Substance can be funny. But keep your comedian friends off my news show, please.


Hey American Pundit Fighting!

Guess you missed the following sentence from the post, huh?

"New owner, Mark Green reportedly told people he wanted "less substance" in the 9-ta-noon timeslot."

And obviously, you didn't really listen to AAR much.


Oops! Sorry American Pundit Fighting!!!
The message was meant for "sparky". Sorry about that!


I saw it...and I dont agree with his opinion. NPR is a ratings monster with their early format so obviously people DO want substance at that time of the morning.


the liberal talk format is DOA. it is melting away. you guys can sit around and argue about the fine points and the persecution of your snotty liberal NY friends who keep getting fired, but the fact is, nobody is listening but you.


...and Happy Easter to you too, misty.


I think Misty is really Brian Baloney, the Radio Fertilizer. But what would he write about if AA went away???


This post is just bullshit conservative propaganda. The right never stops criticizing Air America and predicting its demise. Sam Seder is going nowhere.


You guys have to give Green a chance to perform. AAR was not working. If this guy does as well on radio as he has done with his other investments, it will be fine. As everybody knows, liberal talk radio is a losing proposition in the first place. Most liberals do not have the attention span to listen beyond a few prime sound bites ( of coarse that does not include the posters to this site).
Check out the stock symbol SLG and see what the guy has done over the last five years. Pretty impressive in my book.
To those of you who care, have a great and blessed Easter. For those of you who don't, practice tolerance.


Liberals "do not have the attention span to listen beyond a few prime sound bites?"
Is it the conservatives that are listening to NPR, then?


fuck tolerance. :)


chucks: You just HAD to have expected that...eh? :-)


Just another New York intellectual hitting the road after being rejected by the culture at large. When will they ever learn that they live in a different world than the one in Manhattan? Liberalism hasn't been in the maintstream since the 70's, get used to it.


"Liberalism hasn't been in the maintstream since the 70's, get used to it."

Ruth, you haven't been reading the news lately- liberalism is the new black. Black is the new red.


Of coarse, I just wonder if it is just for Christians or does it include blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, Muslims, the rich, middle, poor, homeless,etc.
Perhaps libs only "claim" to care about others. I don't know. There are libs of all persuasions as well as conservatives.
I am not familiar with this cinco clown at all, so who knows where his/her/its heart is.


chucks: we may not be on the same side politically, but I think in deference and reverence to God - we be alike! I wish you a Blessed Easter also.


Everyone knows that us blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, Muslims, the rich, middle, poor, homeless hate everybody especially Christians.


Me thinks this thread needs to get back to AAR. There is really nothing intelligent to say to cinco's bigotry. It is just nonsense.


Was just listening to Paul White (White's Rules) on the Dave Ross Show, while jogging in this beautiful sunshine. Interesting philosophy to teaching; are you familar with his stuff joanie, sparky? What do you think...too idealistic?


I dont listen to KIRO ( it doesnt come in here) so I have no idea what he said.


Yeah, probably too off-topic and in depth to discuss here but if you're interested he was touting his book titled 'White's Rules' and his name is Paul White.


Yeah, let's stay on topic- this is too damned important to wander off into the ususal lala land.
Where will Sammy go? I hope it's to Nova M, and we can hear him in the seattle area. If Jones can montetize lib talk- why doesn't he go to Jones? Even if he would have to join the dark side with Ed Shultz?

Why can't 1090AM f=get some local programming? they could be as big as KPOJ in Portland is they would.


local programming = more viaduct/monorail /why we hate-love Ron Sims talk...


Besides, until they get their production values up so they dont sound like Podunk Flats radio, local wont help them either. Right now, it seems that all is missing is the Farm report and the Noon Time Want-Ads.

Sunshine Jim

eya gang,

some of you know me, i've been at AAR since day one. i read most of the show blogs and all of Sam's blog. all 5000+ of them.

some ignorant statements above that have no connection to what really happened.

generalization and plain BS on a few of them.

sparky don't know his ass from a hole in the ground for example.

"the liberal talk format is DOA. it is melting away. you guys can sit around and argue about the fine points and the persecution of your snotty liberal NY friends who keep getting fired, but the fact is, nobody is listening but you."

gimme a break.

what has'nt been mentioned are that the blog communities are still around and doing fine.

Al's gang doin just fine. Morning sedition still getting together too. so there are real communities that formed and have stayed intact despite efforts to prevent that happening. just heard from Lizz lately too.

the network is corporate mismanagement at it's worst, but the bloggie communities that came out of the shows are impressive.

and that's where the rubber meets the road on this issue.


you know what, Sparky? KPTK could have plenty of national shows, but if it had a local show or two, the lefty equilvalent of Kirby or Dori, it would give the station an anchor to the community. it hasn't got one now. It's faceless and inspires no community- could be more profitable too. Right now, they're taking a low profit, low risk approach, and it can be only so successful. One day, someone will come along and buy it and say, "let's get more money out of this and turn it into a sports or oldies.


Hey Sunshine....I didnt make that quote...that was "Misty"...so much for YOUR ass and said hole, huh?

Sarge, I dont disagree with you about having an anchor...but call me skeptical. Look at what we have now for "local." What makes you think that it would sound any different than 20 other choices on the dial?

Right now, KPTK and KUOW/KPLU are the only stations that offer something different than everyplace else on the dial. I wish there was a way to make it more appealing to the "community", as you point out, without becoming like another kraft american cheese station.

If they want to ditch ED and put someone on from 12-3 in his place ( Ron Reagan would be ok) then that would be ok with me. But I like Stephanie and I like Thom and I like Rachel and I would hate to see any of them go.

Nigel Tufnel - Lead Guitar

Sparky, you have to get Sirius Radio and listen to Howard 100 and Howard 101, ya know?

Sunshine Jim


i didnt want to think you were an asshole.


Sunshine Jim

helps if you use quotation marks when yer quoting...

Posted by: sparky | April 06, 2007 at 09:44 AM

the liberal talk format is DOA. it is melting away. you guys can sit around and argue about the fine points and the persecution of your snotty liberal NY friends who keep getting fired, but the fact is, nobody is listening but you.

Derek Smalls

Yes, Howard is the King!


The problem with liberal talkers is that they are too rational and reasobble to be any fun. We need a hardcore pinko to say things as extreme and absurd as conservative talkers.


Sparky, I think Reagan would be a very good choice for KPTK. His topics are often more general or national than just local but he has the ability to be local as well.

I agree with the anchor notion . . . "Seattle" is greater than it's boundaries. It is a whole metropolitan area and KPTK needs to honor that somehow. We are a huge market.

A lot of what Dave and Ron do goes beyond local.

Still don't understand letting Seder go . . . not if he's picking up stations. Simply cannot understand having a Bush-sycophant CEO at AA.


Hey, Andrew, I tried to apply for that job but was told "we libs need to state our case better." (or something like that.)

Just finished an online conversation in which I was called a "pinko bitch." Now, really! :)


Sunshine...perhaps its because you "read 5000+ blogs" that you are confused, still. On this blog, the poster's name is UNDER the dotted line at the END of the post. Those were "Misty's" words, not mine.

Nigel, I looked at the menu for both XM and Sirius and I didnt think either was worth the money....., but I do agree with you and Derek that Howard is the King.

Sunshine Jim

yup, i see
double whack!
exactly why i took
you to task, used to a
different sig location,and
did'nt notice and accused you
of terminal snarkiness and trollicity in my pathetic
confusion and distress
over the content of
misty's comment.

double sorry!

beers on me...


I pay to listen to AA. I subscribe because if it's dark I can't pick up anything and I like to listen at my leisure. So every day I podcast The Young Turks and Rachel. Before Al left I got him also. In addition to them I also subscribe to Stephanie Miller which cost me on top of that because she's not part of AA. So don't tell me there is no audience for Liberal talk. I can't be the only one.

Funny how conservatives never mention how much money FOX tanked the first few years. I know, I know, IOIYAR.

You know what all these shows have in commen? The Turks, Stephanie and Rachel either have no call in's or very little. I want information and entertainment but I don't want to listen to regular people. They screw up the flow and very seldom have anything to say that's worth listening to.

Al had the best of this becuae he had so many informative people on. Lots and lots of information and I can't be the only one who wants to be informed.

I wanted to like Sam but just couldn't get into his show. Maren was good but to manic. I can't stand Bubba....don't know what they are thinking with him on 12-3.

I swear when AA came on and I started listening to Franken my blood pressure dropped 10 points. :)

If anyone knows of more talkers in this format, little or no calls I'd love to hear about them.



Why don't you like Randi, Robin? She takes callers but not a lot all the time. I like callers because I don't like to hear straight ranting.

It took me quite a while to learn to like her because I think she used to just rant, but she's taking more callers and she is so, so knowledgeable. I think she is just great.

I sure did love Al and his format. Loved every one of those guests - even his conservative friend who believed everything Rush ever said. And Joe Conason, Norm Ornstein, et al . . . what a show that was!

I actually think liberals do like to be informed more than constantly reacting . . .

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