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March 20, 2007



Just to be clear here Duff...you're disagreeing with scientific consensus and not offering anything in return, not even an Exxon Mobile sponsored study. That's a bit of an issue if you want to compete in the arena of ideas. Still waiting for you to acknowledge that your Drudge anti-Gore link was bunk and you read the reasons why.


We'll see who's right, won't we...in ten years or so. I take hike's all the time...do you (might clear your mind a bit).

So I take it that after my all my sources and citations, this is all you have? And to think we doubted for a moment that your college educated!

[Warning! digging too deep for data on these subjects may lead to ENLIGHTENMENT!]

TOO TRUE Duffy! Too bad the citation daisy cutter gave you oblivion whilst bringing you enlightenment

Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels really good.

Goodbye, Troll


I've made my point(s)...tough to handle, huh....ha; go dig, read and weep. Next topic..


I've made my point(s)...tough to handle, huh....ha; go dig, read and weep. Next topic..

Oh good. Duffchump finally admitting that he never had any evidence, just Exxon talking "point(s)"

All this translated out of Duffspeak:

"I lied, bluffed, got called on my bluff, got hit with a citation nuke, and now I'm crying like a baby & tossing the game table"
(ie, "Next topic")


I'm afraid nothing is tough to handle in ascii on a message board, Duff, don't flatter yourself.

I will say that it is kind of surprising that you won't directly answer what I'm asking you vis a vis the Gore fiasco that you started before. Did you actually read the evidence I posted for you that showed how your opinion (and Drudge's) was completely based on falsehoods? Do you even care about the truth or do you just hate the guy so much that it doesn't matter?

It's ironic that this suspension of reality seems to be a hallmark of the right these days...please show that you're above it.


Note to Duffy. You said this:
My final words on this are: folks here are quite able to dig for the data themselves (if even interested) and conclude accordingly. [It is NOT a settled scientific argument - period!].

I did exactly what you said. I digged. I found. I presented the data. It is settled - period.

Even Doctor Peter Venkman agrees:
"We came, we saw, we kicked it's ass"


cp3: In answer; I did read the data you submitted and I thank you, it added to the overall data that I've read on this subject. I continue to read what I can and I don't 'hate the guy' (as I hate no one). I could take the time to cut and paste opposite data on this but I'm not going to. It matters not to me if you think I'm wrong and you're right...thinking you're right is important. We would go back and forth forever (as novices) since top scientists can't even agree. [i.e. for instance: have you read any of Sami Solanki of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Germany?].
We've beaten this to death - you're going to have your beliefs and so am I. And you can believe me or not - mine are NOT politically motivated despite what you think. I consider myself an 'independent' leaning (& voting) left most of the time; but really it depends on the nominee. At this time I like Mrs Clinton. Actually if A.G. got into the race I would actually be torn.
Again, believe me or not; it matters not - but I can assure you (as I do not hate and try not to use bad words), I also don't lie.


I could take the time to cut and paste opposite data on this but I'm not going to.

A.) You don't have it
B.) Not having it negates you cutting and pasting it.
C.) You won't

We would go back and forth forever (as novices) since top scientists can't even agree.

Scroll up. As I provided in the copious and variant sources and citations, the overwhelming consensus of every peer-reviewed scientific study supports this conclusion

And you can believe me or not - mine are NOT politically motivated despite what you think. I consider myself an 'independent'

So does Frank Shudder Shiers, and we TOTALLY believe him.

Actually if A.G. got into the race I would actually be torn.

Hold up (and scroll up). I thought you disagreed with AG's conclusions. Remember? You know, using drudgereport as your source - just like any college grad and loyal progressive would.


And then he flew at the troll, and poked his eyes out with his horns, and crushed him to bits, body and bones, and tossed him out into the cascade, and after that he went up to the hillside. There the billy goats got so fat they were scarcely able to walk home again. And if the fat hasn't fallen off them, why, they're still fat; and so,

Snip, snap, snout.
This tale's told out.

~Three Billy Goats Gruff


By the way Duffman, Thanks for the of-sorts SOurces (ie, saying "have you read Solanki/Max Planck" and then pretending you've provided a source)

But so long as you mentioned Solanki and Max Plank, I give you yet another citation nuke:

"However, it is also clear that since about 1980, while the total solarradiation, its ultraviolet component, and the cosmic ray intensity all exhibit the 11-year solar periodicity,there has otherwise been no significant increase in their values. In contrast, the Earth has warmed upconsiderably within this time period. This means that the Sun is not the cause of the present globalwarming"

Sami Solanki August 3, 2004

It often helps if you can actually READ your own sources, duffy. DOH!


merci: was I speaking to you? Thought you said 'goodbye'? You know I think you've said goodbye about 5 or 6 x now?...how 'bout you reconsider your sign off with something like...'Later', or 'Bye for now...until you push my buttons again...' - wouldn't something like that be more appropriate. Thanks for your vast world of knowledge tho - I do learn from you.


So I just provided copious amounts of data, citations, and sources - including YOUR OWN source (Solanki) refuting your argument, and this is all you have to bring to the table?


Duffman, you're steve aren't you? Only he can keep up the drivel like that?

I can see you laughing with all your double talk. As steve, nobody answers you anymore except putsie. But, as Duff, you're getting quite a lot of notice . . .

Aren't you just so funny . . .


joanie: I have a tough enough time being myself; I do not need or want to be 'Steve'. Yes, I've gotten a lot of notice - but I think it's principally been from Merci (& his alias's)...so what's new. In my opinion he has a problem with not being right? Has to flaunt 'sources' as if they were the cure-all. (Remember 'sources' were many for Pres Bush and convinced him to go after the elusive WMD's)...so we weigh all of the sources, read what we can and then come up with our 'gut feel' about issues. I don't think I'm wrong...and Merci feels the same (passionately) and there's nothing wrong with that.
We just have to disagree to agree!


I haven't seen Brian around in a while. The one that always went off on the "over-baked styblehead"


Just an aside: UCLA did it...onward!!!


...or Eric


Bush had sources? Like yellow cake uranium from Niger? That nobody else in the world believed?


Let's all go to the gun show with big Kirby Wilbur!


At the fairgrounds in Puyallup! Turkey dinner now! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition now!


If one of my kids even thought about enlisting, I'd bind them hand and foot, drag them to the Canadian border, and throw them across. I refuse to allow any of my children get killed for nothing.


D&D, how about a couple sources/citations without disclaimers in them.

"The scientific consensus might, of course, be wrong."

"The history of science shows consensus doesn't guarantee success."


Mean temperature for Seattle from 1857-2000 has risen approx. 2.75 degrees (F). 1.8 degrees (F) since 1950. With numbers like this, I just might have to change my stance on the subject. Anyone have the routing number to Gore's bank account.

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