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March 24, 2007


James T. Kirk

Hey Holodeck, see ya at the next Star Trek convention. If you can't find a date again, bring your mother like you've always done. I enjoy talking to her while you get your picture taken with all the costumed characters.


When the best scientists on the face of the earth can't agree - I think you owe it to society to prove those so called minority authorities wrong.

Wow Duff. You are a masochist. Again here's a thorough list of peer-approved scientific sources confirming GW.

Can you provide a peer-approved scientific source that does not agree? (queue cricket chirps on endless loop)

Note: Duffy did provide the following "Name" (Sami Solanki) as "a source". Unfortunately, Duffy neglected to READ. So I did him a favor and read it to him:

"However, it is also clear that since about 1980, while the total solarradiation, its ultraviolet component, and the cosmic ray intensity all exhibit the 11-year solar periodicity,there has otherwise been no significant increase in their values. In contrast, the Earth has warmed upconsiderably within this time period. This means that the Sun is not the cause of the present globalwarming"

Sami Solanki August 3, 2004

DOH! I would suggest a course in critical reading, Duff, but you are "college educated" and should know better.

And as far as the "naughty words" go, I made sure to source that out too.

an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their book All The President's Men.

Former Committee to Re-elect the President staffer Donald Segretti told the authors, during their investigation of activities leading to the Watergate break-in on June 17, 1972, of a program of orchestrated political sabotage by supporters of Richard Nixon against Nixon's political opponents. These included, but were not limited to, cancelling meeting-hall reservations just prior to rallies, releasing false press releases or "leaked documents" in the name of political opponents, spying on rival campaigns, stuffing ballot boxes, ordering vast quantities of food for delivery in the name of rival campaigns, conducting deceptive or offensive get out the vote phone canvasses, push polls, and similar activities.

Again, if you had been a careful reader, you would have picked this up.


btw Merci: would you be in favor of such a global tax?

No. But don't worry Duff: I would also be against taxing UFO traffic, Yeti, Black Helicopters, and/or Stupid right wingnut Freeper theories.

Pig Vomit

yes, thanks for the code, MF. Everything is in place...


Great encapsulation of the last 6 years, Bla'M:
Arrogance and incompetence is a losing combination. You can be arrogant when you're winning, and Americans will love you. If you lose and you're humble, we'll cut you a break. But fuck-up and act like a Bourbon king? you're outa here

Cthulhu-bless you (PBOH)


yes, thanks for the code, MF. Everything is in place...

What? And Thanks... I guess.

But remember, "Pig Virus" is the historically correct term.

Pig Virus

It's ok, we have to communicate around "idiot america" with all the Toby Keiths and Malkin's out there,can't be too careful now that the fix is in..


BTW Merci...did I ever represent myself as a 'progressive voice' on this board? Where is your 'source' for that remark?
Unleashing your 'attack dogs' under alias again? Is that demonstrating a 'progressive voice'...that's more 'Repub' flavor...OMG YOU could be the TROLL...?....could it be? NO ONE here really knows for sure, do they...ha


Unleashing your 'attack dogs' under alias again? Is that demonstrating a 'progressive voice'...that's more 'Repub' flavor...OMG YOU could be the TROLL...?....could it be? NO ONE here really knows for sure, do they...ha

Actually we do know, Duffman, so don't go there. Trust me on this one. Or do go there and get yourself fucked

Bla'M, Heads-up.


As usual Merci...you're way over my head.


Can't find any Peer Reviewed Citations without a disclaimer?


Huh. My earlier comment asking how Hood has the right to judge half the country was deleted. And here he is pontificating about SP...

Anyway: "national nightmare will soon be over."

Yup. 4.6 employment rate will go up after Dems take over...

Because the lowest taxes in US history will soon skyrocket....

And the terrorists who've had to attack targets outside the US will now get more aggressive in the US because national security and domestic intelligence agencies will be hamstrung and curtailed...

Yup, bombs, taxes, draconian speech laws, and high unnemployment. As well as subversion of many US institutions. Oh joy!


wow! sounds like another sore loser

blathering michael

Hey 'Zellis: Welcome to these threads. We don't have enough conservatives around here- ours are getting lonely, they need some help!
I'm sorry, but I haven't deleted anyone around here, lately. Even though they have such stupid questions as you just asked. Do you really need to ask where my rights come from to judge half or even all the country?


It's okay Bla'm, I have firearms (2nd amd) and will save you from those who want to take your 1st away.

blathering michael

thanks, Recife, but I'm armed- why do you think they call me Bl'am?


btw Merci: what's your stand on nuclear power? warranted?


If Overzellis is the best reinforcement the right-wing contingent can come up with then there it is a sad state of affairs on the right.

Myopia...ahh myopia. Unemployment rate? Since that is about the only positive economic indicator it is no wonder that you've grasped onto it like so many straws. Kindly tell me how consumer confidence, new home starts, the foreign debt, inflation fears and the individual savings rate are going? If you're going to come in here and pretend to understand the economy you're going to need something better than that.

Lowest taxes in US history...as a function of what? Oh TOTAL tax burden. This means that most people here (which I would take to be middle class) actually pay a HIGHER tax burden than we did 10 years ago while the top 5% pay less. So you're right...but unfortunately few of us are sharing this tax relief. On top of that the cuts are funding what? DEBT. Wow you're a brilliant one aren't you? (laugh)

Ahh the fear card. Forget the fact that the Democrats are proposing nothing that would weaken our defense or that they were the ones pushing to get the 9/11 Commission recommendations implemented, why use facts when you and the right-wing can create stereotypes, innuendo and more lies. Bush has made us less safe. The buck stops there. Of course I suppose you are now abandoning the right-wing virtue of personal responsibility again, convenient thing to be morally bankrupt isn't it?

Where is the cavalry? All I hear is a weak-assed whimper and more broken talking points.


Spot on CP3!


Medved has the author of The Jesus Machine on right now, which exposes the evil Dr. James Dobson, of the Christian fascist right. Medved has disgraced himself with the mainstream liberal American Jewish community, with his toadying buttkissing of the religious right , and regular polishing of Dobson's knob. Oh- Dobson's big brass office doorknob, down at The Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado Springs. He likes to help out down there. That's what I meant. Christ, if Ann Coulter can crack "jokes", I guess I can.


Say what you will about Rosie O'Donnell, on The View, she often tells the truth, in a street smart way, and she hit a home run today on the show. They were talking about the U.S. Attorney scandal and why Bush should be impeached for it. Rosie said, regarding the "friendly phone calls" that Bush and his thugs ordered made by flunky Repuplican Congressmen to various "suspect" U.S. Attorneys- "they lean on people. That's mob tactics. That's what they do on The Sopranos." Bingo, Rosie. Rosie 115 Donald Trump3


Captain Cow posted this above.

"Kindly tell me how consumer confidence, new home starts, the foreign debt, inflation fears and the individual savings rate are going?"

To hear that rant one would conclude that Capt. Cow thinks the foreign Debt is out of hand.

But wait...

Appearantly the Capt. doesn't think the foreign dept is that bad, as he is willing to contribute to it for the next two weeks. Where did he say he was going for vacation? South America. Wonder if, like the Carbon Offset, which he is most likely paying, seeing he is a believer of Global Warming, there is a Foreign Debt Offset, one where, say you give a buck to the homeless guy with the sign on the off ramp, you can spend a certain amount overseas and not feel guilty.

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