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March 08, 2007


Armand Tanzarian

Duffman wrote:

"You should testify...since you obviously know ALL the facts. I'm not saying there wasn't a serious fault committed here...all I'm saying under the topic of 'scandal' is that both parties have their share of it...and which is the worst scandal...is it always the one being presently discussed? Think about it.
Let he/she who is without 'scandal' cast the first stone."

The question isn’t which scandal is greater, my friend. The question is how do we, as a nation, respond to inappropriate behavior of our public officials once it becomes known. Do we accept it as normal and commonplace, or do we take steps to prevent it from happening again?

I don’t particularly care if the wrongdoing is done by republicans or democrats, it needs to be checked. Unfortunately, I have become an unwavering believer in the old adage, “Power corrupts, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.” The republicans have held absolute power for the last six years. Until the pendulum swings the other way, this is where the vast sum of scandal is going to be found.


..and they retreat to their cocoons for the evening...only to arise at dawn and complete yet another cycle of blindfolded bliss, marching as lemmings to their talking points and expecting safety to be given to them...and it will; yes Thank God it will because of the very non-political fiber of this great American country that transcends stupidity.


"I don’t particularly care if the wrongdoing is done by republicans or democrats, it needs to be checked."
Totally agree...so (as I've suggested here before) lets have a special prosecutor appointed to investigate this...let's impeach Pres Bush...whatever; let's do something about it...but let's not say scandal is exclusive to one party...that's all I'm saying.


Amen Puts, Duffman, and mark.

Anyone found House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey's (D-Wis.) magical wand yet. Maybe it's under his desk.


"Anyone found House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey's (D-Wis.) magical wand yet. Maybe it's under his desk."

You know, swap out Chairman Obey and put in Bill Clinton mentioning his 'magic wand' and it puts a whole different spin on it.


Peasant, that is a good read, If this statement wasn't there in the beginning I would probably put some faith in it.

"Our ongoing study of the Bush Justice Department (to be published in 2008) investigates the implications of the Bush/Ashcroft/Gonzales Justice Department's blended religious -fundamentalist and neo-conservative rhetorical vision."

But it seems they are just out to smear the Administration and no more.

And you have to admit there are a lot of corrupt Democrats out there.


Hey Captain Cow, my post above in no way means to imply you do not love this country.


"But to hear this from a supposed educator- what sacrifices have you made? Where were you on St. Crispus' day?"

It was not a declared war, Mark. Wring your shriveled hands all you want, it was not a war.

You must be another one to thinks "patriotism" is defined as "war." You guys think with your dicks . . .


I love it . . . the three blind mice talking amongst themselves . . . riviting discussion mice.


"It was not a declared war, Mark. Wring your shriveled hands all you want, it was not a war."

Did I not call it. Thanks there Ph(J)oanie for runnin true to form.


Say goodnite; you know not of what you speak...and you continue to demonstrate it with mis-quotes, innuendo, half-truths and then you regurgitate it to your students....God Bless Us All!


You nailed it PS!


Hey Ph(J)oanie
Have you been away preparing some 'Literacy' tests for 'prospective' voters?


Yeah, didn't you just love that line...our King County can't even count the votes let alone screen them for dead folks, felons, non-registered folks and duplicates...so they are REALLY qualified...where have you been..


The 3 faces of "steve"


Beore Joe Conason walked off of Medved's show today, in mid-interview,(couldn't stand Medved's insufferable "'tude") he said the Bush U.S. Attorney purge, "makes us look like a banana republic".


Yep, you'll always get those who claim, "didn't Clinton do the same thing?"


"The 3 faces of "steve""
pretty good, albeit wrong. :)


This is what I get for ignoring the blog comments to hang out with the family. Jeez. Personally (feel free to tell me to get lost) I think it sucks to diss somebody's profession be it a former soldier or a teacher. Both are honorable and have vast civic benefits while not truly compensating the individual materially. Just leave it at that and take the personal bullshit out of it.

I think Armand and I are of the same mind on this issue. Steve, PS...I really think you're only taking your POV because you see some liberal vendetta about. I still wonder if the D's and R's were reversed in this scandal, how would you feel truly?



"PS...I really think you're only taking your POV because you see some liberal vendetta about. I still wonder if the D's and R's were reversed in this scandal, how would you feel truly?"

your misreading what I am saying. I said "In regards to this website, from Blam who pays the bills that allow us to blather on down it is a liberal website. The great thing about this website is that you get to take the tempature of the otherside. AND I have changed my mind on some things from things points made on this website (and damn you gotta love that article by Mercifurious on the dude with those crazy signs.) But your not gonna run into Voltaire here. And yeah, it is a liberal website and so your fighting an uphill battle. Bethatasitmay, I don't like the fact that W and his administration fired the US Attorneys in such a manner. And shame on me that when the story first came out I glossed over it. And I don't care if Clinton did it as a matter of course at the start of his administration. Clinton isn't my standard of what is right."

Meaning: shame on me (puts) for not understanding the significance of the attorney general firings and glossing over them.
I cross party lines so much I should get a bus transfer. On some things I am liberal and other things I would fall in the conservative camp.
Isn't that a fair enough assesment?


A large global hedge fund, Cerberus Capital Management (dba, Cerberus-Gabriel), is at the center of an emerging Pentagon and CIA contracting scandal that has the attention of three Congressional Committees.

In each case, the companies under investigation have links to prominent GOP figures, including Vice President Dick Cheney, former Vice President Dan Quayle, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and several Republican Congressmen indicted for corruption involving kickbacks from defense contractors. The Republican Congressional Campaign Commitee (RCCC) has also received substantial contributions from conservative fund managers running Cerberus, a virually unregulated $30 billion hedge fund, which owns the second largest bank in Israel.

This scandal involves the mismanagement of VA hospital facilities privatized during the Bush-Cheney Administration, as well as intelligence abuses by private CIA contractors.

From the Army Times

Walter Reed also awarded a five-year, $120-million contract to IAP Worldwide Services, which is run by Al Neffgen, a former senior Halliburton official.

They also found that more than 300 federal employees providing facilities management services at Walter Reed had drooped to fewer than 60 by Feb. 3, 2007, the day before IAP took over facilities management. IAP replaced the remaining 60 employees with only 50 private workers.

"The conditions that have been described at Walter Reed are disgraceful," the letter states. "Part of our mission on the Oversight Committee is to investigate what led to the breakdown in services. It would be reprehensible if the deplorable conditions were caused or aggravated by an ideological commitment to privatize government services regardless of the costs to taxpayers and the consequences for wounded soldiers."

From The Hill
Meanwhile, Judiciary Committee member Arlen Specter revealed publicly that the committee he used to Chair would be going behind closed doors to discuss still-classified details about the retaliatory firing of U.S. Attorney Caroline Lam, who had aggressively prosecuted the MZM Wade-Cunningham contracting case. (Source C-Span Radio, 03/05/2007, @ 7:20 pm).

According to Specter, the Senate Judiciary Committee went into closed session to talk about an ongoing top secret investigation that stems from the Cunningham case. Three Hill Committees reached an agreement with the Department of Justice to receive files compiled by the U.S. Attorney’s office in San Diego, and are just beginning to hold public hearings into the unlawful dismissal of Lam.

These closed hearings are most likely related to contracts that defense intelligence firm MZM Inc. had with CIA, including one that led to the falsification of data about aluminum tubes shipped to Iraq that allegedly were going to be used to reconstitute Saddam's nuclear program. That's right, those aluminum tubes, the one's that were falsely used by White House and Vice President to justify the invasion of Iraq.


Whoooa...I got reprimanded for copying and posting such a large volume of verbage...guess you are a 'favorite son'.


No Cap, if the situation was reversed I would care as less about it as I do now. I see no relevance of who is a U.S. Attorney and how I live my life. If your assumption was true, I would have got out of the service when Clinton was President. But I didn't and am proud to have served under him, as well as Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, and our current President who signed my Certificate of Appreciation for my service to this country which I hang proudly on my wall so anyone who comes in my house can see it.

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