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March 08, 2007



Again, if a "politician's" lips are moving, chances are they're lying.


I'm not a Dino Rossi fan, and I don't know about the need for a possible Federal investigation of the election, but wouldn't you agree that our King County elections department needed some sort of investigation BIG TIME? And to some extent they did get that and hopefully they have improved their methods of accountability and procedure.


It will take generations to clean up all the corruption..but not much will be accomplished until mainstream moderate Republicans are able to take back their party and make changes from within. The judges speaking out is a good start.


From the New York Times editorial:
Congress must keep demanding answers. It must find out who decided to fire these prosecutors and why, and who may have authorized putting pressure on Mr. Cummins. And it must look into whether Senator Domenici and Representatives Wilson and Hastings violated ethics rules that forbid this sort of interference. We hope the House committee will not be deterred by the fact that Mr. Hastings is its ranking Republican. The Justice Department also needs to open its own investigation. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s claim that these prosecutors were fired for poor performance was always difficult to believe. Now it’s impossible.


Yes, I agree and Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to weigh in on this and heavily; don't you think.


Might be time for an investigation with a special prosecutor. Interesting how they were so prevalent during the Clinton administration and they seem so 'vacant' now.


"Murray is a champion for Washington's 670,000 veterans. She is the daughter of a disabled World War II veteran, and today she is the first woman to serve on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. She brought the Veteran Affairs Secretary to Washington state for hearings on Gulf War Syndrome and has worked to improve health care access for veterans."

If this Walter Reed fiasco is her idea of improving heath care for our veterans she needs to resign herself.


Haha...trying to pin Walter Reed on Murray, good luck with that one Stevie. Do you have an actual comment on topic or is trying to trash somebody the only attempt at an argument you can muster? Pathetic.

I call on supposed conservatives with some shred of morality to throw these people out of power and take back your party. That is unless hypocrisy and authoritarianism is going to be your political bedrock of the future.


President Bush MUST take responsibility for this Walter Reed debacle. He not only gets us in a deplorable unjustified war but then adds to it by not seeing to it that our brave injured military folks are properly taken care of. Makes me sick! If he believes in this war so much he can just (after office) take his family over and devote the rest of his life to helping the Iraq government.


Patty Murray needs to resign herself to..what? that she will never be tall? that she prefers pantsuits to dresses? That the Mariners will never win the World Series?


PLEASE, let's not have her resign herself to the last one! GOoooooo Mariners.


Just as an aside, can any one tell me what Mrs Clinton's stance is on the Iran WMD build-up?....or where I could look to find that. Thanx.

Richard Pope

My best take on this is that Alberto Gonzalez is trying to get rid of some politically questionable folks that he would have never hired in the first place. The election fraud allegations from early 2005 are interesting, but there is no direct evidence that these have any motivations for John McKay getting fired.

Plain and simple, the McKays aren't considered to be loyal or reliable Republicans by much of the party faithful in this state. And John's older brother, Mike McKay, has demonstrated this by his own conduct.

Mike McKay has very close political connections with Jennifer Dunn, Chris Vance, and Slade Gorton. In 2000, he was given the ceremonial title of co-chair of Bush's campaign in Washington. He had a similar ceremonial title in 2004 with Bush's campaign in this state. In January 2001, Mike McKay was made head of Bush's federal patronage appointment committee for Washington. He got all of these through his connections with Jennifer Dunn and other moderate Republicans.

Unfortunately, Mike McKay was supporting partisan Democrats and liberal judicial candidates, at the same time he was basking in the glow and prestige of ceremonial leadership positions in the Bush campaign. In May 2000, the McKay law firm donated to Christine Gregoire's campaign for re-election. Two days later, the McKay law firm received a lucrative contract from Gregoire to whitewash her office's failure to timely appeal the $17.8 million DSHS judgment.

In August 2000, Mike McKay donated to Ron Sims for his re-election as King County Executive. The McKay law firm had previously donated to Sims in September 1999. In March 2004, Mike McKay donated to Democrat Mark Sidran for state Attorney General.

These kinds of things don't go over very well with the party faithful, to say the least. You simply don't want your party leadership or President supporting folks from the other party.

I complained about this to President Bush starting in January 2001, when Mike McKay was chosen (at the behest of Jennifer Dunn) to head the patronage appointment committee. In fact, the local newspapers were saying that Anne Bremner was favored for the U.S. Attorney position. I investigated, and discovered that Bremner had just donated money in October 2000 to Gary Locke and Jay Inslee. This was either plain stupidity or brazen audacity on the part of a woman who was expecting a Republican President to be elected in the following month to appoint her to a political patronage position!

Evidently, the moderates and RINO's figured that the brazen appointment of an open Democrat as U.S. Attorney would be way too much for the party faithful to swallow. So instead, we got John McKay in this position. A man who claimed to be a Republican, but who had the blessing to have never made any reportable contributions (either at the PDC or FEC level) to candidates from either political party.

As fate would have it, Christine Gregoire was narrowly chosen as Governor in 2004, and disputed ballots from King County (where Ron Sims is the county executive) made the difference in that very close race. So the party faithful ended up being painfully reminded of Mike McKay's political ties to Gregoire and Sims, and how supporting these Democrats while holding a ceremonial leadership position in the Bush campaign was a form of political treason.

I simply see John McKay's firing as correcting a political mistake which never should have been made in the first place. This has been enabled by a change in the balance of power in Washington state GOP politics.

Moderates no longer have so much influence. Jennifer Dunn retired in 2004. Slade Gorton has been out of office for over six years. Mike McGavick lost badly for U.S. Senate. Chris Vance is no longer state party chair and Luke Esser now holds this position. Doc Hastings is now the senior Republican in the state congressional delegation.

So it isn't surprising that the Bush administration, receiving a quite different sort of GOP input from a quite different set of local GOP officials from this state, finally decided to get rid of John McKay.

Of course, John McKay is going to make it look underhanded. And I wouldn't be surprised if he starts calling himself a Democrat in the future. Republicans are finally wise, and won't support him in the future. By denouncing Bush, Democrats will lionize him and treat him like a hero. If we have a Democrat president in the near future, John McKay can even get an appointment as a federal judge.


Incredibly informative, thanks.


...and lest we not think it doesn't also happen in our party...that's politics, folks!


Just In- Limbaugh Continues Coulter's Hate Campaign Against Edwards (T-8 News Service) Rush Limbaugh, disgusting Republican arrogant prick, who recently became apoplectic with rage and jealousy over Bill Clinton's multi-million dollar a year earnings , from which Wilie still pocketed 40 million after giving away 80% of the money away to charity or his library, continued the hate campaign against John Edwards today by saying- "who will design John Edwards' inaugural gown? I'm not sure Vera Wang would be appropriate." It's obvious that hatemongers Coulter and Limbaugh are both cynically trying to imply to the anti-intellectual "torches and pitchforks" conservative Republican rabble that Edwards is gay, despite Coulter's now tiresome "lying bitch" performance, where she tried to weasel out of the true meaning of her recent comments, made before a cheering, hooting crowd of CPAC degenerates.


I swear, I don't know why anyone would pay any serious attention to that egomaniac person.


..s/h been 'egomaniacal', sorry...shouldn't describe a noun with a noun, huh...

David Tatelman

Gonzales has managed to pull-off a miracle in my mind, in that he has made Ashcroft look good.

blathering michael

Richard: welcome back- as Duffman kisses your ass, he's right- if anyone doubts how political the Bush administration is- even in the administration of "blind" justice- they have your version of events to reflect upon.
But as an attorney, you should know: the law and evidence should guide a prosecutor, not his politics or what his loyalty level is perceived to be in his political party.
John McKay is no "open Democrat," he's always been a been a Republican, despite many spirited efforts to dissuade him. His hiring shouldn't have been a political decision (of course it was) but his very political firing for merely following the Constitution has repercussions that R's are already regretting. (BTW, You guys better get used to it- RINOs are Republicans too; and you need them if you're to have anyone at all elected in Washington- besides, they won't go away!
The deep and abiding divisions between you and them are directly responsible to the abject failure of the GOP in this state.


"The deep and abiding divisions between you and them are directly responsible to the abject failure of the GOP in this state."

Michael, you took the words right out of my mouth. Moderate Repubs are not considered conservative by those within their party. It doesn't take more than an ounce of brains to figure out that the Republican party in WA is shooting itself in the foot.

Richard, you of all people should be connecting the dots. I guess you haven't learned anything from your multiple failed attempts at public office.


"Richard: welcome back- as Duffman kisses your ass..."

So, thanking someone for furnishing data that was informative (regardless of political slant) is doing that? You know Bla'M, I just dont look at it that way. I regarded your supplemental data (in your response) the same way...as informative and helpful.


Interesting: was out on my daily jog a while ago and was listening to the Dave Ross show. Subject was his playing of Pres Bush campaign promises and asking his listeners what one's Pres Bush has not delivered on. He said to be fair he ran across an Al Gore speech (of Oct. 2000)and played a clip where Mr Gore in a speech was basically concurring with what we are now doing in Iraq (in a sense...of nation building, etc)
I didn't get all the details but I imagine it can be looked up and compared. Any way, found it interesting...as 'some of you' may know I'm not a fan of A.G.


And Duffman, that is why some of us think that you in fact do have a fully functioning brain.
Fact is that many D's in congress conclude that we must win in Iraq as part of the bigger GWOT and is weighing heavily on them. Can they say it out loud? Will they keep their seats after pissing off the extreme left (Soros, Moore, Sheehan et al)? Who knows.
Firing federal lawyers is the POTUS's right and privilege.
If the D's take control of the White House in 2008, will the left complain? Heck no. Will the right complain? Probably.


I wonder how much of a chance Ron Paul has to get the R nom. Probably none...


"And Duffman, that is why some of us think that you in fact do have a fully functioning brain.
Fact is that many D's in congress conclude that we must win in Iraq as part of the bigger GWOT and is weighing heavily on them. Can they say it out loud?"

Many probably can't cause the activist feel that they are owed for electing a Dem Majority. Incum Dems also know that if they tick off the activist they may also face a Ned Lamont in the primary. Joe Lieberman was fortunate that he could emasculate the Repub candidate in the General and win as an Ind.
I would bet that for many of the incumbent Dem's the greatest fear is not having a primary challanger that is more conservative. Rather, it is facing one that is to their left.


I don't think Pope is so right on here . . . what about the other seven?

I think the right is desperate and desperate people do desperate things . . . like going after anybody and everybody they can to stack the deck their way.

Nice column of gobble-de-goop, Richard, but you sound like one of those desperate Republicans yourself.

As Michael said, the Wenatchee judge found no "there" there so why should McKay?

If the right hadn't signaled their lack of integrity and ethics before, it is loud and clear with this one.

Cleaning up mistakes after seven years . . . good grief!


So you don't think we will do the same or similar with Mrs Clinton gets into office and we control Congress? (in terms of clearing house of attorneys, et al)


Simple question, Bush and Gonzales apologists: If it were a Democratic resident consolidating power and firing competent US Attorneys, would you really be saying the same thing? I think we all know the answer to that.


Somebody posted that it might be de rigeur to submit resignations when administrations change . . . I don't know, myself.

But, firing people when they don't do the bidding or take improper calls from Congressmen is hardly analogous to putting in your own people at the beginning of your term . . . regardless of how it happens.

That should be obvious on its face . . .


I think all politicians with take advantage of the 'power' no matter...it's the 'party' thing to do...bring in 'your team' to as much degree as possible. Not unlike private industry actually.
Asi 'es la vida (Sparky will know what this is)


..except school districts, obviously which are 'governed' by the power of 'unions'.
And, in that regard they do provide some good.


Merde alors, une vache volante ! Duffman!


Duff, here you go, spinning out of your ass again. What does all that rhetoric mean? Did Clinton fire fed attornies in his seventh year? His fourth . . . sixth? Did the Dems make improper calls . . .

Let's keep our facts straight and not indulge in silly rhetoric. Leave that to 710DORI.


Please translate...I've expended my Spanish fluency....ha


Oh that's good...you mean 710DORI the debate champion (as reported by others...as I didn't hear)...yeah let's leave it to him. OMG do you need 'sources' for this too...are you asked for 'sources' for all your speculative rhetoric?....Come on now...lighten up...life is short


Randi is talking about the situation with the fired fed attorney, David Iglesias, after whom the character played by Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men" was modeled. A very highly regarded attorney.

I cannot explain the situation but "VIDEO: Iglesias Details ‘Unprecedented’ Pressure Calls From Domenici and Wilson" Go there Duff and get some information.

Then you'll understand what's going on.


I'm not looking for sources right now . . . just some facts. Can you do?


Do I first have to google the source ande see if I can discount for some reason?...thanks I'll do that...


Very glad to see that you differentiate between 'sources' and 'facts'...now that's progress; careful you'll offend your blog partner....ha


'Randi = 'some information'
I'll give you that!


What the hell are you talkinga about, Duffman? What Randi? That's not the source I gave you. Are you going through menopause or something? Maybe just rambling . . .

BTW, most of us prefer to "source" our "facts." Since that is a problem for you, I thought I'd give you a break and not ask for such difficult items as sources. . .


Also, what's the disrespect for Randi? You got someone better?


I thought we concluded that Randi was a liar on another thread there Joanie and I clearly remember you saying you don't listen to liars. Whats up, looking for some more untruths to spread to your 1st graders.

Oh, Captain Cow, is that an assumption that I blame Sen. Murray or that I as a Republican would have acted the same way if Clinton would have fired some Attorneys.(Joanie, is this the correct spelling or is it really Attornies) I would have applauded him for showing some guts.

And another thing Captain Cow, hows business, giving to society still. Your a good person. Keep it up.


Okay I'm lost, but Joanie, I thought you might like this link, all science ain't bad.



Okay I screwed up that last link, sorry try pasting this into Google.. The Prophet of Garbage..

Things aren't is bad as they seem


Prim, prissy Frank Shiers attempted to a shame a young waiter who'd called in about the proposed state-funded family leave, with the admonishment that the 45 dollars a year he would be paying in taxes for the waiter to take paid leave was "money out of my pocket". Once again he brought little daughter Sarah May into the conversation. "That 45 dollars would buy two pairs of shoes for Sarah,"he brayed, sounding like tears were a-welling. This guy Shiers admits to having multiple inherited rental incomes, he apparently shares with his sister. I'm sure with the help of friends, her mom, and a good community, Sarah May will grow up to be a great young lady, despite of and not because of her insufferable prig of a father.


"Four Shoes for Daughter Sarah"


"Also, what's the disrespect for Randi? You got someone better?"

No, really have no disrespect for her, would just prefer:
on WVON (Chicago, streaming)
Sundays: Rev Jesse Jackson and Mr Farrakhan
Daily: Al Sharpton
and...to give you a real contrast I tend to like to listen to Bryan Suits on KVI, who (in my opinion) gives humor & lightness to issues, which is needed during commute time [I like his humor, not his politics]


Oh by the way Mr Suits is yet another 'source' who shares a similar opinion of Scott Ritter as I do. [And having spent so much time in Iraq...and nearly having been killed there (as an officer) I would value him as a viable source...even tho his political slant differs - thus probably discounted by you and 'others' on this blog].

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