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March 09, 2007



I totally agree. Let's have more shows that truly 'debate' and not just try to entertain. Debates do point out significant points...so why won't Edwards join the Colorado debate...Oh because of FOX...so he picks and chooses...well he's chosen to be a loser...yet again!


The Faux debate was to be held in Las Vegas, not Colorado.

March 9, 2007
Marty Ryan
Executive Producer
Fox News Political Programs
400 N Capitol Street NW, Suite 550
Washington DC 20001
Dear Marty,
A month ago, the Nevada Democratic Party entered into a good faith agreement with FOX News to co-sponsor a presidential debate in August. This was done because the Nevada Democratic Party is reaching out to new voters and we strongly believe that a Democrat will not win Nevada unless we find new ways to talk to new people.
To say the least, this was not a popular decision. But it is one that the Democratic Party stood by. However, comments made last night by FOX News President Roger Ailes in reference to one of our presidential candidates went too far. We cannot, as good Democrats, put our party in a position to defend such comments.
In light of his comments, we have concluded that it is not possible to hold a Presidential debate that will focus on our candidates and are therefore canceling our August debate. We take no pleasure in this, but it is the only course of action.
Tom Collins
Chairman, Nevada State Democratic Party
Harry Reid
U.S. Senator (D-NV)


A big "thank you", btw, to Roger Ailes, who probably sealed the fate of his debate last night by trashing Obama as a terrorist, making a bad joke about Bill's infidelities to Hillary, and threatened Edwards for dropping out. This decision may not have been made today without Ailes showing his (and by extension, his network's) true colors.

The Fox News cabal will open up about how "afraid" Democrats were to be part of this. Just remember, it was Fox News that was afraid to co-host this event with Air America. They didn't want to be paired off with a progressive operation because it would ruin the point of the debate for them -- to present themselves as an unbiased and credible news operation.
Had FNC agreed to share the stage with Air America, this debate would've likely survived.
Aside from that, expect some serious concern trolling from conservatives who, really, only wanted to give Democrats an opportunity to speak to their large audience! Because, you see, they're all about helping Democrats, right?


So you just assume I support FOX...I don't believe I've ever watched a show on that channel, except possibly American Idol (if that indeed is on Fox).
Love the way you JUMP to conclusions...sort of the Scott Ritter approach to life. Keep it up and you'll grow up one day.


Except Scott Ritter was correct, like Joe Wilson.


Again, I will say Scott Ritter was right in certain details but DEAD wrong in his conclusions. If you want to stand by him go for it; but one day you WILL realize differently. (..and that's discounting his troubles with the law...read and awaken)...or continue to drink his Kool-Aid.
The bottom line is not in yet on Mr Wilson...we'll see. Do you want to stand by him...do you feel secure...Good Luck.


I didnt say you watched Fox news,,I said the debate was in Las Vegas, not Colorado. But since you are apparently looking for a sparring partner, feel free to keep throwing out what you seem to believe are "insults"..there are plenty of people who will take you on...but Im not one of them.


You never are...seems you'all need Mercy Furious to do your bidding, what's new. Thank you for correcting me on the Colorado/Nevada venue, I stand corrected. No insults intended just find it interesting that you consider it 'taking me on'...as if I care. Like the lady said ya'all need to get a life!


I think the commentators do fine.

It's not armed combat - but there's a lot more engaging discussion of stuff than say on Dave Ross's show.

If their views aren't 180 degrees from each other - are they supposed to fake it?

I like Schram - but he isn't a libertarian. Fortunately he's not a total nanny-state liberal either.


Duff, can you really blame the Democrats for not wanting to support Fox (since they will literally make money off of the debates)? That network is clearly the most biased and partisan gang on the airwaves. Did you see Ailes' comments? Did you get a chance to see their VP of News telling his on-air folks how to spin news via memos? That place is a joke. Would you mind if the Republicans boycotted Air America?

As to your comments about Ritter/Wilson...well we know there were no WMD so it is all semantics with respect to Ritter (who I believe said we would not find them). However, are you aware that Wilson (although clearly a partisan glory hound) was proven right about Niger? It doesn't even MATTER if he was right or not. The investigation was stalled by lying at the White House and a man was convicted by a jury of his peers for doing so.

Now we get to see the right call for a pardon and Fox spin the crap out of it. Recall Bill Clinton getting convicted for EXACTLY the same charges of lying to the FBI and Obstruction of Justice. What did the right say about him? This is a black and white case of hypocrisy from the right.


Drudge is already beating that drum, cowPotpi...the headline starts out: "WAR: Dems pull out of FoxNews debate....
We can always count on Drudge...


Could you do me a favor and show me the story your referencing:
"Did you get a chance to see their VP of News telling his on-air folks how to spin news via memos? "



"Drudge is already beating that drum, cowPotpi...the headline starts out: "WAR: Dems pull out of FoxNews debate....
We can always count on Drudge..."


I didn't realize you were such a faithful reader of Drudge there Snarky. :)
Usually you put some bs preamble of turning up and down the dial before commenting in great detail about Dori's show. What happened, your browser get hijacked and forced to go to Drudge?


PS, for copies of the memos try here:


Basically, John Moody, the VP of the news department at Fox gave his people suggestions about how to spin the Democratic victory in the last congressional election saying idiotic things like "it's not the end of the world" and "see if you can find stories of Iraqi Insurgents cheering the Democratic victory." Now if that isn't pathetic propaganda pandering I don't know what is. In fact, one of Fox's talking heads, Martha MacCallum, went on air and stated that there were "reports of insurgents dancing in the streets" at the Dem victory...although she cited no source or backed up the statement in any way.

There has been a bunch out there about the internal memos.


Of course, I don't listen to KVI mostly because they are on the right . . . but I also think they sound like they are broadcasting from a cave.


Of course, I don't listen to KVI mostly because they are on the right . . . but I also think they sound like they are broadcasting from a cave.


aren't you on the right?...Oh no, sorry...you're always right; darn I get those two mixed up...


Duff . . . how many aliases are you going to use? Or are you just feeling fickly these days?

BTW, about me being always right . . . you know it. Thanks, Duff.


"Duff . . . how many aliases are you going to use"

Excuse me? where's that coming from? No ma'am, don't use aliases, don't speak as 'we' or 'us', try not to use bad words and don't lie or deceive...believe it or not.


Do who is pretending to be you . . . Steve? Puts? Two good candidates, wouldn't ya say? Esp. the way they talk . . . sort of lower class, I mean.


"Do who is pretending to be you . . . Steve? Puts? Two good candidates, wouldn't ya say? Esp. the way they talk . . . sort of lower class, I mean."

Nice try there Voltaire. Still working on those Poll Tax Issues?
Why do you find it so hard to believe that there are people that disagree with you?
I'm not sure you can post under the name of another? Besides Blam always bust people who engage in such activities.

Duffman, which postings have been posted under your name that weren't yours?


Thanks for the headsup. I haven't seen the movie version that is out there. After reading your link I also wanted to see what others had said about it when it first came out. The Washington Post printed an interesting Article about it

I guess it proves the old adage, read everything and trust half.


Is this the post that is being referenced as the one posted by someone posing as you?
"aren't you on the right?...Oh no, sorry...you're always right; darn I get those two mixed up...

Posted by: Duffenais | March 10, 2007 at 04:01 PM"


Yes, I posted that; haven't read ALL of the posts but I haven't specifically noticed any in my name that I haven't authored?


Kind of what I thought. I suspect the empty pajamas (to borrow a great phrase from Cow or Merci) behind that charge was throwing bs out to the board.

So lets ask Ph(J)oanie to put up or shut up. She says others are posting under your name.

C'mon Ph(J)oanie, where's the beef?


"aren't you on the right?...Oh no, sorry...you're always right; darn I get those two mixed up..."

And, the reason I said that can best be summed up by Maya Angelou when she said:

"I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back."



If you haven't read it, try Ms. Angelou's novel -largely based on her life- called Why the Caged Bird Sings.


Erin Hart vs John Carlson
Mike Siegel vs Dori Monson

What a delightful bitch-fest that would be every day.

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