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March 10, 2007



What do you mean a "hare's breath"? Don't you know the expression is "hair's breadth", i.e. a very minute amount? I don't think I would want to be within a hare's breath of anything.


You are right..bunny breath is not nice...

I just saw this on kos, Bla'M...it's great news indeed.


On CSpan (from Thursday) now playing, Karl Rove said one of the great things Bush has done is he's created an atmosphere of freedom in the White House wherein anyone can tell him what they think . . . whether favorable or unfavorable.

Just ended with a polite albeit short applause. Never heard so much garbage.


"What do you mean a "hare's breath"? Don't you know the expression is "hair's breadth", i.e. a very minute amount?"

Well, I don't know about you'all, but I just learned something. Thanks Kate.


As a politician, I think Dave Reichert is a good Sheriff.


Joanie says
"Never heard so much garbage."

C'mon, you listen to Randi right, now thats garbage.


Support our Troops


Did you catch this challenge to Ph(J)oanie:
Kind of what I thought. I suspect the empty pajamas (to borrow a great phrase from Cow or Merci) behind that charge was throwing bs out to the board.

So lets ask Ph(J)oanie to put up or shut up. She says others are posting under your name.

C'mon Ph(J)oanie, where's the beef?"

Do you think she can provide any backup?


Puts, Joanie and the rest here are in denial that there are some who actually disagree with their politics. Like a literacy test on voting for example. I did notice that Duffman's name was mispelled in a few post earlier today though.

Peasant now, she seems to have access to the IP addresses, (she once posted that she had to find out who was posting under her screen name) she says she has her suspicions and why did she ask for michael's help this time. Hmmm, interesting.


I like you Michael, but you have no proof - or even good reasons - to think that Ross Hunter has any ties to the draftrosshunter website. Ross is kind of busy right now, you know, being a damned good legislator.

Be happy about Darcy running - that's all good, but keep the disparaging remarks about Rep. Hunter out. It's below you.


I noticed that one also, but I think Duff confirmed that it was his post.
Ph(J)oanie made the charge, lets see if she has the proof to back it up or barring that will be honest and fess up that she doesn't have the proof after all.


Steve, sometimes your reading disability is entertaining.


No Peasant, I read it, it was about a month or so ago but you clearly wrote you had to look into the IP records to see who posted under your screen name.


Actually Peasant, here is what you posted FEB 14 07

"Yayy! Go Al!

Guess I will have to go look up an IP address or three to figure out who "Sparkery" usually posts as...."



Michael, put out the mouse traps . . . the mice are back.

blathering michael

and I like you, too, Willis- but I wouldn't disparage Ross Hunter- he's a fine legislator, and great Democrat. I'd vote for him if he were nominated.
Dunno whether the Draft Ross Hunter site was put up by the Democrats or Moxie Media who's been handling Ross's tentative musings on whether to run, but there's no denying that session or no session, he's been working the phones and playing slap and tickle w/the muse for months now. The man can multi-task... cool.
By my lites, though, he should move to the 7th and run against Jim.

blathering michael

C'mon Kate, allow a guy his Poetic License (which I applied for and got after an appearance before the Irony Board. hare's breath, hair's breadth- both small, and insignificant- it's a pun, son. Get it? get it? (sometimes I think I'm just casting swirls before pines...


Poor Ph(J)oanie
We don't need mousetraps, your own words will do. Pictured HERE (actually this is Mary Scott Oconner) who runs this website

Ph(J)oanie won't back up her charge. As thought: just a set of empty pajamas. Prove me wrong.

To Bla'm or anyone else, just curious as to the swag that the talkshow hosts in this town pull down. The Dave Ross/John Carlson down to the morning boys like Wilbur/Sytman et al. And those fellows that come in as fill in hosts over the weekends or the evenings.


Puts, why do the Left hate so much? Don't they know stress is bad for your health. They need to chill out a bit I think.

Joanie tried one of her mouse traps last week do you remember, her asking you to clarify something I clearly posted. She must have got that Idea from one of her Students. Maybe used the apple on her desk as the prize.

 Ragnar Danneskjold

This Darcy is a poor excuse for a candidate. She has shown a poor grasp of the issues and a head for politics rather than policy. Dave Reichert has given leadership even among the Democrats who dominate the state congressional delegation with his insights gained through public administration and law enforcement. It is good having his "law and order" perception in lawmaking--if more in congress had listened, more Democrats might not be in jail or prison today.


Reichert vs. Darcy is an example of where 2008 may go, She is nit a great candidate (yet) but neither is he. But, the Publican pary (my term for the party that refers to the Democrat party) has a huge problem. The Publicans are now tied to an extremist frnge that taints the entire party.

Recihert can still win, but only to the extent that "all politics is local" and the local folks like him, not his party. This issue will be all over the country, unless some magical solution emerges from the nowhere to the Publican woes.

The nightmare for the Bushistas is that church going patriots may find it easier to identify with Obama than Guiliani!


BTW Clinton-Web

Now imagine a Republican pair to top that!


C'mon Peasant, I read ok, my memory is fine. Your memory, slipping away I see. Now can you answer the question why you need Michael's help if you have the access to the IP addresses.


Bring on Darcy. Next time we will pound her in to the ground. She brought nothing to the table in 2006 and will have less to offer in 2008.
We screwed up in 2006. By next year we will have pretty well cleaned up Iraq. The Democrats will look like the fools that they are for doubting our Marines and the worlds greatest Army, the US Army.
We will take our country back and continue the global war on terror.


continue the global war on terror.

which did not begin in Iraq . . .


Nor will it end in Iraq. It is just a part in the middle. An important part, but just a part.


chucks . . . Al Queda was not in Iraq. Why do you conservatives continue spit out lies? Saddam hated terrorists because they threatened him.

Giving money to families that lost suicide bombers is in the same category as us selling arms to countries that funnel them to terrorists. Are we terrorists?


"But at least we got Saddam's weapons of mass destruction." -- Official White Horse Souse


They are there now. In fact our Marines and Strykers are killing and capturing them daily. Thanks to the newly enabled Iraqi Army and the citizens if Iraq who are now feeling secure enough to point the bad guys out.
You can say all you want about Pres Bush because it is the official line of the Bush/conservative hate club, but I personally will never feel bad about the removal of Saddam and his two evil sons from the face of this earth. Matter of fact, I am proud of the job getting done.
We still need to get the rest of Al Queda or what ever terrorist group that pops their slimy little heads up.
Wish I could keep this up, but it is bed time.
Good night all, enjoy your safe homes and warm beds. I hope Iraqis can enjoy it soon in a safe democratic country. A democracy 3000 American soldiers died to help create.


Saddam and his two evil sons from the face of this earth.

Well, that's certainly Christian of you.

We still need to get the rest of Al Queda or what ever terrorist group that pops their slimy little heads up.

If we need to get them (Al Queda), why is Bush funding them in Iraq?

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