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March 27, 2007



You're real crass, man. So are you happy the WH spokesperson has cancer, is that how you get your jollies? You're a sick pup.


HUH? How did Bla'm give even the slightest impression that he was 'happy' with Tony's circumstance?


the 'original' post of that wasn't 'anonymous'...did anyone else catch that?


..and Merci I'm confounded by this fixation you have on a college degree? As if it were something difficult to obtain...I'll admit it took me longer than it should have because I did it when working two jobs (and going at night)...and my degree in business is hardly anything special. I would certainly never tout it as any great achievement.
[You can get a college degree by being good at shooting 3-pointers]..so why do you keep bringing that up?...and I probably got my degree before you were born!


We've been over this ad nauseum, Herr Ratfucker.

Your collegiate credentials came into question because of your complete LACK of proper citation & source work - sometimes none at all(see: Duffy's Freeper wingnut black-helicopter theory)

Again, this is added to your claims of being a "left-leaning independent" yet:

> Sourcing Drudgereport & Serbian Holocaust apologist

> Using terms like "Bandwagon" and "Standard Bearer" (positively)

> Again, espousing - unsourced (surprise surprise) - a hair-brained black-helicopter Freeper UN conspiracy theory

How many times must we go over this you cromag?


Tony is the one who spread the "trashing of AF1" by Clinton back in his Fox days but never proved, no apologized for this.

Tony Snow (1/28/01): "When I first heard about reported vandalism by disgruntled Clinton-Gore staffers, I got a little bit steamed. I've got a certain affection for the White House, due in no small part to my own service there during the first Bush administration. So, inspired by my experience and fond memories, I dashed off an angry newspaper column about the incident. But then the Bush team did something very wise. It did nothing, and that was the right choice. Sometimes you have to look past little idiocies and outbursts, understanding that life's just too short to fret over such things."

"A little bit steamed" is putting it mildly: As the Kansas City Star reported (5/17/01), one of Snow's syndicated newspaper columns was nearly a case study in dishonest reporting. Snow wrote that the White House "was a wreck" and that Air Force One "looked as if it had been stripped by a skilled band of thieves -- or perhaps wrecked by a trailer park twister."


"How many times must we go over this you cromag?"

Is anyone twisting your arm to 'go over this' as many times as you do..what happened to your ignore edict?

blathering michael

Duff: Anonymous used the name of someone in the local radio business on his comment. I deleted the name indstead of deleting the message, so I couldn't be accused of deleting messages critical of me.
I don't allow real people's names used as pseudonymously. I'm always getting "Dori Monson" or "Tom Clendening."


10-4, understand. Thanks.


I could hear the snottyness in Hood's voice. Your pretty happy that the White House has had a bad month, aren't you Michael? Even if that means Tony's very sick. Liberals only hope is that conservatives get sick.


I don't have a high opinion T. Snow's "work", but I wish him well as he continues his battle against cancer.

Is Rash predicting a bump in Bush's ratings? Actually, can they go any lower?


"Liberals only hope is that conservatives get sick."

Actually, the Bush Admin. has been the best thing to happen for liberalism in quite some time.


Well, I can't hope they 'get sick' when clinically, most of them already are, ya know?


Dori has the Mole Guy on again - this segment perfectly reflects my biggest complaint agin Dori - He provides only the facts that bolster his 'core whine' and leaves out anything that doesn't fit.


Never send a woman to do a man's job. Dana Perino is too decent a person to lie convincingly for the White House. Boldface lying is the forte of Tony Snow. Mendacity and Obfuscation both wish Mr. Snow a speedy recovery and return to duty.


Mr. Snow's doctor's have told Mr. Snow that they could simply remove his liver and he would be better. They have given him a deadline of August, 2008 by which they have to act.

Mr. Snow however stated that he felt such artificial deadlines would just embolden the cancer, and that to cut and run his liver out of his body would mean that the cancer had won. As such, he has refused the treatment, stating that he believed that by fighting the cancer in his liver, he would not have to fight it elsewhere. He denied rumors that he was planning a pre-emptive surgery on his kidneys, although he stated that he would not take any options off the table and that his kidneys would never be allowed to have cancer as long as he is around.


One does have to wonder where Tony would be without that government paid health care package he has. Maybe as a sign of ideological purity, he will simply pay for his treatments out of pocket instead of getting a government handout.

I am still waiting for Rush Limbaugh to tell us how Bush is using Tony's cancer to boost his standing in the polls. That should be an interesting monologue. I wonder how long we have to wait until we hear that? I also would expect a detail report from Sean Hannity, as he has spent most of his life with his head up his colon, so this must be the one thing he has some real expertise on.

All that being said, I do hope for the best for Tony. Who knows, like Atwater, he might even learn the error of his ways.


I'm sorry the guy has cancer and hope he gets better. That is the only good thing I have to say about Snow.

Also its funny to see all the hyper sensitivity among right wingers right now, especially after they were all piratically trashing Elizabeth Edwards last week. This just hammers home how hypocritical they are to their core.


Wow Blatherwatch you seem very happy to see that Tony Snow is sick again.


oh indeed, and JDB I like the War on the Liver analogy.


I believe that this right winger had nothing but warm regards for Mrs Edwards. Those of us who may believe in the power of prayer will ask for his blessings on her as well as Snow.
Most of the people I work with lean right as well. Have not heard one ill word muttered about Mrs Edwards from anybody around here. If somebody were to speak disrespectfully, No doubt the rest of us would stifle it quickly.
How the hell can any of you find joy in another persons tragedy?
I know that it is easy to be an asshole behind the protection of a keyboard on this algore internet, but come on. We have a crap load of real issues to be shitty to each other over.
Best regards


Anyone who works for Bush is sick, ok?


tony snow is one of the worst turds in the punchbowl, but I dont wish cancer on anyone. I hope he can beat it again.

But, Bla'M..this is just the latest of Bushie's bad news for the week ( and it's only Tuesday!)

If you go here and scroll down a bit, you will see that Abu Gonzales is in more hot water:

March 27, 2007 -- BREAKING STORY. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, then U.S. Attorney for Western Texas, covered up a major pedophile scandal with the connivance of the Justice Department's Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division....

Lou Dobbs ran an informal poll tonight and 98% of respondents want Gonzo Gone-zo..


Chuck...nobody here is "GLAD" that Tony Snow has cancer. We think he is a shit head, agreed, but not that him having cancer is great. You are confusing issues. If you want to villify someone, pick on Rush who used the opportunity of the announcement to further disparage John Edwards.


Are you recommending that I start listening to Rush? It has been a few months since the last time I heard his show. How can I listen to anybody that Bla'm refers to as "big pants".
OK, I will try it again, on your recommendation.
And no, Tony Snow is not a shithead.
He is just an R as am I.


The right wasn't saying anything bad about Edwards? Wow talk about head in the sand.

Where was the massive 'shouting down' of Limbaugh and many, many other pundits for their handling of Edwards' illness that Chucks is in here claiming would happen? Oh gee no uproar, what a surprise. I guess we can file that argument under "destroyed," eh, Chuck?

Nobody on this page has said anything other than positive things toward Snow. It is quite telling that Chucks and Jose seem to be reading something that just isn't here (its either that or they have a truth/morality issue). So reading comprehension or lack of morality...which one is it guys?


I grant you that there are no direct assaults on Snow re the cancer. Just reread the entire thread. However there is still a bunch of snotty comments. Yep, y'all got my goat a bit. As for my comments re Edwards. That was referring comments from the people around me. Not the radio egos. Have not heard much radio the last few days, but what I did hear in no way disparaged Snow or Edwards. Guess I am listening to the wrong shows.
Best Regards


No chucks, I would not wish listening to Rush on anyone...the last part of Bla'M's article, in italics, relates to what I wrote.

And, if you go back and read what coiler wrote about Snow being behind the false stories about AirForce One and the White House being trashed by Clinton aides..yes, Tony is a shithead.


I understand what you're saying, Chuck. The problem is that like it or not, the radio egos are shaping opinion and putting talking points directly into their uninformed listeners' heads. How many times have we heard vile tripe coming from the Limbaughs of the world only to hear it repeated as if it is vetted fact by a listener? Personally I can think of hundreds of examples. I just wish those on the right who espouse morality would practice some now and then.


Chucks and other right wing apologist:

If you want to check out someone that has no honor or compassion, check this out:



JDB: Yes, I remember that - I could never understand that about (then) Gov Bush in regard to Ms Tucker. I thought she embodied the reason for the purpose of pardon if anyone did...probably helped my decision to not vote for him. Again, he's a cowboy...period (and not a very good one at that)


My dad died of liver cancer . . . wasn't pretty. And it didn't take long. Course, his was pretty advanced when they found it. . . started in the spleen.

Once you get cancer in certain organs, can be pretty tough.

I, too, hope that he has Atwater-type
remorse. These guys know when they're spinning (read lying) . . .


This post has about as much class as a Keith Olberman editorial. For you Olberman fans, here is roast of the man by Chris Wallace - Mr. big mouth Dork brought it on himself...



I wish Tony Snow a speedy recovery, and the same goes for Elizabeth Edwards...


you know, Sparky, Texas has it problems. Remember all the cheating that went on there with its version of NCLB?

When will we have some honesty and ethical behaviour again in government?


Hey KS
Here it is hotlinked but those Keith Olberman aka Edward R. Murrow to the koolaide drinkers won't like someone taking him on. Of course, Murrow would have guests on that would contradict him and Olby's wanna be special comments are just too funny.


Snarky sez"
"Chuck...nobody here is "GLAD" that Tony Snow has cancer. We think he is a shit head, agreed, but not that him having cancer is great. You are confusing issues. If you want to villify someone, pick on Rush who used the opportunity of the announcement to further disparage John Edwards."

But just a few months ago Snarky used Laura Inghrams cancer treatment to take a political shot at someone else.

"come on, ray....you know a real man wont get engaged to or marry a women who has breast cancer....maybe that is why she likes Rush....

Posted by: sparky | August 30, 2006 at 10:21 AM"


What does any of this have to do with Tony Snow's Atwaterlike colon?


"What does any of this have to do with Tony Snow's Atwaterlike colon?"

Just using Snarky's words to highlight her
Ph(J)oanie-ness. .


Ah the mighty PutS...plucks a comment out of context ( as pointed out by several posters, to no avail), wrestles it to the ground, beats it soundly and completely, then stands with one foot on top of it, arms raised overhead in victory ( he thinks) and cries out, " Hah! I have beaten her now!!" and then swaggers off into the sunset, ready for another day and another battle.


Nice try Snarky. I put it in full context. But I could understand why you would wish it weren't so. You were using Laura Ingrhams cancer treatment to take a political shot at someone you didn't like.
You were caught.


Notice how Putz crawled out of the swamp to come in here on some 'mission' that something bad was said about someone. Guess he doesn't tune the dial of right-wing radio much.


"You were CAUGHT!!" he bellowed into the night. He dusted his hands together in a final parting shot, and once again took his place in the shadows, waiting for his next victim.


Snarky sez:
""You were CAUGHT!!" he bellowed into the night. He dusted his hands together in a final parting shot, and once again took his place in the shadows, waiting for his next victim."

Hey, I would leave the writing to Tommy 008. He is much better.
You wrote what you wrote I put it in full quotes. And the several posters consisted of you and your two minions. Its no real accomplishment so I don't have to dust my hands together.


ok, PutS, whatever you say, we lesser beings must agree with from here on out. Especially since you put it in FULL QUOTES! I know when I have been beaten...


Cue in Snarky's theme music as it slithers away...


Hey Puget,
Could you forward the steps on how to hotlink messages like that ? I thought that the clip might be instructive for those who actually think Olberman is intelligent.

Chris Wallace has some history to back up what he said, let alone his father, who is one of the legends of the news industry.


Here is the entire page. I see your still full of fertilizer. Scroll halfway down to get to your actual post with the ... you put in.
HERE so people can read the actual thread.


No, but I read some of the BS you post in here PS, off the hotair site about Olbermann. They are trying to claim that KGO's Karel wished cancer on Snow. I read the post he did on Huffington,
then looked at their "claim"

You should spend your Tues nights elsewhere.


and their claim


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