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March 06, 2007



I can think of no more unpleasant way to spend an afternoon than to listen to those two debate.


Goldius makes Doris look like an idiot.


God, if Goldy were there once in a while- I'd listen to Dori more often., even if he's an idiot.


Oh please. We deserve a real debate, not ego-maniacs trying to out rhetoric eachother.


Is it on podcast? I'd love to listen . . . Michael, why couldn't they have given a day's heads up . . .

If that's what it was, Andrew, I'll be disappointed too.


I did catch the last 5 minutes of this debate and Dori crushed every Goldy talking point. Goldy sounded like a wimpy pimplefaced 12 year old.


One of Goldy's defense of his use of the word "Faggot" in his podcasts was that it was used within a "group of friends around a table drinking beer." Was he blaming the alcohol, I don't know but Dori put him in his place quickly and Goldy tried to come up with another excuse that he was only referring to an article he wrote for the Stranger. I'll be waiting for Saturday to see what other excuses he comes up with. Maybe the "Holy Grail" of excuse will come out.


You'll be "waiting for Saturday" night so you can listen to a radio show? Are you surfing the online dating sites while you're listening? Y'all is crazy.


pretty quite here on this blog since dori wiped the floor with goldy.

That's ok guys, I'm sure like most bloggers, goldy thought of something really devastating to say three or four hours after the debate, on the way home.


Nobody listens to the little hypocrite anymore. Like the pot calling the kettle black.


dori who?


Gee, I missed it - but it sounds like Dori cleaned his clock. Not surprising - but a definite thorn in the side to the Monson-haters on this blog.

I see that Bla'M was wrong in his prediction of the outcome, but don't expect him to admit that.


But you didn't tune in, so much support you have for dori...

Harvey Fierstein

How did Dori clean Goldy's knob or whatever? Goldy was at a gay-sponsored event when he made his comments so that was OK. Coulter was at a gathering of ultra-right fascists when she made her remark so it was wrong.


Interesting point, Fierstein.

I don't think the word belongs in public. Just an old-fashioned girl who thinks we are becoming a little harsh in our talk. Maybe I'm wrong. It starts to sound angry and hateful. And it seems to perpetuate the hate.

Oh well, let's all go get stoned . . . trust me, we'll all love each other if we do. :)


Dori does his homework big time and is super-prepared. Dory is a model in his community and a seemingly exemplry father and a fine coach to his girls.
I didn't hear the particular show discussed here but every time that I've had the opportunity to hear him, he's been on top of any debate he's been in. His ratings prove it and I doubt Bonneville will opt to replace him.


C'mon Duff. He has lost quite a few that I've heard. And when he loses, he gets off the line and disrespects the guest. You have apparently missed those programs.

Also, do you think telling his daughter to buy a ticket and lie about going to Inconvenient Truth is being an exemplary father?

Hmm . . .


Didn't get to hear the show either, maybe someone here who did can give a couple of examples of how Dori wiped the floor with Goldie.

Dori is a very talented rhetorician, and his rhetorical style is very agressive. Goldie is probably the most intellectually sophisticated host on KIRO, but not the most verbally dominating. Goldie's style of handling callers who disagree with him is to give them an ample opportunity to make their own point clear, then make his counterargument. Dori on the other hand will lead his opponent's argument in any but the intended direction until his opponent has essentially painted himself into a corner. Failing that, Dori's not too proud to shout over his callers and prevail after he's hit the dump button.

Not to mention Dori's home-field advantage: Goldie, you made the mistake of agreeing to a debate where your opposing interlocutor was also the moderator and the judge.

That's why I'll never take the bait and call someone like Monson, Medved, or Savage. All you do when you do that is provide them free content for their shows and further their success by beating up on you. Want those guys to go away? Turn your radio off before calling them, and then don't make the call.


What's the controversy & why bash Dori? Goldy made one of the most hypocritical statements I've ever heard. It doesn't matter the context, setting or anything else for that matter his statements stand on their own. My 5 year old daughter could have won that debate.


"Goldius makes Doris look like an idiot."

Dori IS an idiot.

Lisa Harper

Knock off the bashing of Dori.

I like Dori ... he's just a good guy who is himself an honest dude, and is honest about his views.

I also like Goldi, but he screwed himself by complaining about Ann Coulter doing EXACTLY what he himself did on his podcast.

Dave Ross is a real good guy.

Brian Stibble is also good in his own way ... a bit offbeat but very entertaining ... and he has a lot of knowledge.

Frank Shiers is excellent at his job ... except when he gets into the brown nosing mode ... and that's when I turn him off, because he is, in those brown nosing monents, the very epitome of insincerity ... it comes across as about as real as a three dollar bill.

Also, Frank Shiers used to slam Brian Stibble a lot ... so that showed his true personality ...

Lately though, Frank has been getting a little bit better.

I'd like to see Brian back in instead of the Ross re-run though.

My three cents worth of constructive thought.


hmm..Stibble rhymes with dribble...

Lisa Harper

I did listen to enough of Goldy last night to comment on this thread.

While I respect Goldy's right to slam Ann Coulter's irresponsible use of crude language, Goldy is the WRONG guy for getting self rightious about this.

Reason: Goldy himself does the same exact thing routinely.

He routinely calls right wingers faggots, queers and gay.

No kidding ... he gets drunk on his podcast and spews left wing hatred into the internet.

I know.

I have listened to Goldy do this dumb drunk form of teenage style of intolerant hating insanity.

Then he self rightiously and COMPLETELY hipocritically complains about a right wing nutjob ... Ann Coulter ... doing the same exact stupid crap?!

This is the left wing nut complaining about the right wing nut ... while doing the same damn thing.

What ever happened to the Dave Ross style of taking the honest higher moral and ethical ground?

Goldy bitterly complaining about Ann Coulter's usage of the word "faggot" is precisely comparable to Mike Webb doing an hour or two bitterly complaining and RANTING about bad and dishonest people who steal from insurance companies.

I am not calling for KIRO to fire Goldy ... but I think Goldy is.

We need honest people on the air who are easy to listen to.

This is the exact reason Dave Ross is as great and easy to listen to as he is.

Hating nuts ... such as specifically Webb and Goldy ... do not belong on KIRO.

I do not mind listening to views that I do not agree with.

I like Ron Reagan's brand of liberalism because he is well reasoned.

Ditto for Dave Ross.

And Dori's brand of libertarian talk radio is also easy to listen to because he is honest and sincere with his more conservative views ... and he is cheerful.

Goldy needs to get a clue.

Because right now, he doesn't have one.


After listening a few more times to Goldy I became of the opinion that he is less about being a radio host and more about driving people to his website with the constant plugs.
I find Goldy refreshing in one sense, he makes no pretense of being open minded or wanting to see the otherside. He refuses to even pretend to play that role. He says right off the bat that he is intensely partisan. If he was paired with someone of equal passion/skills on the otherside it could be fascinating radio. His voice and style have come a long way since he started in 2006. He is good in a debate forum with a nice deprecating sense of humor.
I would love to pair him with a Stephan Sharkansky and let the two of them debate issues.

Dori and Star.com

What brand car does Dori drive?

I here it's a convertible? Someone should watch him leave at 405pm from the Bonneville building.

Does he make that much money to own a convertible?




Dori, by his own admission, which he likes to "admit" as often as possible, makes over 100k a year. Today Dori is bragging about telling the guy at the TV station to stuff his 40,000 ayear job in 1990 because he was going to make him quit his 17,000 a year morning radio show. And this after the new radio station progam director told him we was looking to replace him with someone better. You know what? I'm going to take the high road and give kudos to Dori for telling the old butthead at tv where to go, and going for his dream. That is about the only nice thing I'm going to say about him this year. I still say Monson must go. His time here is done.

Dori and Star Dot Com


www.doriandstar.com doesn't work and hasn't all day.

Dori probably gets a dime for every hit so I'm limiting my clicks.

Dori and Star Dot Com


I don't buy his story today. I just can't see Dori turning down money...the guy is such a self righteous ass on the radio...in private he's probably a cheap whore and would sell his right nut for a buck.

Have you noticed how last year he was promoting Gutter Helmut as the greatest thing to ever come along...now this year it's Leaf Filter...

If it's Dori...just follow the money!


Dave Ross is doing the promos for Leaf Filter. They are so much better!


I just checked doriandstar.com and I was shocked to see that Dori's face has progressed, or should I say deteriorated rapidly with the Canis Lupus Effect since his kiro showpage pic was taken. The "canis lupus"(latin for wolf) effect is a kind of modern day "wolfman" affliction which starts slowly but then progresses rapidly after a man reaches forty. With Canis Lupus Effect, a man who just years earlier looked like an inane, harmless chucklehead now is taking on a wolflike , predatorial countenance and physiognomy, as the true nature of his soul (selfiishness, greed, pride, hubris, manipulativeness, meanness, contempt, narcissism, arrogance, smugness, avarice, jealousy, etc.) can no longer be masked and starts manifesting itself in his facial features.


Tommie, you referenced Dorian Gray earlier and I got the connection. I bet he does have a portrait behind curtains somewhere but let's face it, the portrait cannot contain all the malevolence that is 710DORI.

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