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March 19, 2007



Interesting how Kent Jones can be funny on Rachel's show and so un-funny on Morning Sedition. The only time Mark Riley got to talk was when Marc Maron was gone.


"..Morning Sedition."

Spanky - you're so funny the way you change words to portray subtle meanings...very cute!


wow, I think it's exactly the opposite. I find Jones likable but NEVER funny on Rachel's show, whereas his bits were completely fucking AWESOME and hilarious - Patton Oswalt level brilliant - on Marc Maron's show. This was demonstrated yet again when Maron filled in recently.


"Duffman" ...your attempts at appearing progressive are slipping. In order to maintain the illusion, you should do some research so you will be more believable. Or at least read ALL of BlaM's article.

Morning Sedition was the name of the show...and if you werent a concern troll, you would have known that.


Yeah this is the deathnail in Duffy's coffin:

"..Morning Sedition."

Spanky - you're so funny the way you change words to portray subtle meanings...very cute!

No subtle meanings here Duff - that's the name of the show. If you weren't a GOP hack agent (a piss-poor one at that), you would know that.

Just the desperate machinations of a bankrupt ideology.


Duffman is becoming as tiresome as Pugetsound.



Behold, Duffman's vast history of being a progressive "standard bearer":

"As a politician, I think Dave Reichert is a good Sheriff."

"If we really want to win we must be completely ruthless and abandon compassion or it will continue to be used against us. War is Hell...with no 'time-outs'."

"Again, I will say Scott Ritter was right in certain details but DEAD wrong in his conclusions. If you want to stand by him go for it; but one day you WILL realize differently. (..and that's discounting his troubles with the law...read and awaken)...or continue to drink his Kool-Aid."
(no source provided, of course)

"U.S. economy leaving record numbers in severe poverty"

Reading this piece and concluding that the 'U.S. economy' is 'exclusively' to blame is sort of like drinking the 'Ritter' Kool-Aid and considering 'his conclusions' gospel.

"BTW: not that it has anything to do with anything, but were you aware of Ritter's arrest record?"
(again, no source - just a baseless smear)

Sound like a democratic standard bearer to you?


Excuse me I said Mrs Clinton was the 'standard bearer' not me. I stand by everything I said there and I choked you with sources but you either discounted or didn't dig deep enough to read them. Can't help that.


Do you deny that S.R. was arrested?


Yeah, you used Drudge and a Serbian genocide denier as a source, stupid.

No wonder I choked on them


Sparky's right. No more food, Duffy


..didn't figure you would answer that question.


If I might be so bold as to get back on the subject...

This is the first I've heard of rumors about a shake up of any kind at Air America Radio. YES they need to bring back Maron, but they really need Sam right where he is. If anything, Tom Hartman should be the one moved to evenings. His show isn't lively enough for mid-day.


I really want to like Maron because he can be funny but he really can go out on a limb at times and he sounds like the guys in white coats aren't far off. He can be so hyper. I really liked all the characters that inhabited his show some of those bits were very funny. I would listen for that but I could just never take Maron seriously for content.



Do you people never change


Who's 'you people'? Are you referring to us bald & fat guys?


You've been trolled and caught, Duff...now bite it!!


'..now bite it!!' that's funny...I would have already bit it..had I been caught. It hurts doesn't it..how childish!
As long as you end up voting for Mrs Clinton...which YOU WILL..I'll be waiting...


Duffman: in reading thru these posts I wonder if you really belong here?


Oh, excuse me did I forget to check in with you and get permission?


i simply meant that possibly you'd want to try and find a friendlier blog that acommodates TROLLS!


Incredible! I will continue to be positive and support Mrs Clinton and watch as you all fall in line.


"i simply meant that possibly you'd want to try and find a friendlier blog that acommodates TROLLS!

Posted by: GerriJ | March 22, 2007 at 05:38 PM"

Nice try GerriJ aka (you fill in the blank).
Given it's Blam's website -he pays the bills- isn't that his call.
All because you GerriJ aka (you fill in the blank) don't agree with Duff isn't that your call.


PS thanks...not a problem I'm getting rather used to this now...show's that there's an agenda far beyond the cause of Democrats.


Given that Snarky has bragged abot having acess to the ISP addresses, maybe you ought to see if Snarky will get on the trail find out who is posting under the pseudonym GerriJ.
I suspect it will pobably be like OJ looking for the real killer of Nicole Simpson.


Probably couldn't count on Sparky/Snarky/Spanky to aid me in any way...since she/he/it is of the 'pact' herein and is obviously sworn and devoted to her comrades. Can't you tell how 'they' circle the wagons when they feel threatened? Too funny...it's like they think (in the relative scale of things) this is important...ha


Oh so funny! Guess I taught you something, didn't I. Am I not a great teacher, putsie?


"Oh so funny! Guess I taught you something, didn't I. Am I not a great teacher, putsie?"

Lets see, over the past three months I've used your own words to show you to be intellectually bankrupt, a little bit of a bigot (your not really proud of those posts, are you?), and at times a little incoherent.
I can pull of the posts if you want.
You've taught us what happens when you screw up your lithium dossage.

Hippie Bob

Maron had the hippest, most engaging and entertaining show on AAR. AAR needs to do anything that they can to get him back.

Air America

Sorry to disappoint you, Hippie Bob. Mr. Maron, who was never able to develop an audience, despite two different tries, has officially announced his parting of the ways with Air America. His style did not fit our format. He is currently in talks with HBO for a comedy show on that station.
You may look at http://ltradio.blogspot.com/2007/03/marons-through-with-air-america.html for the whole story.

Miss Pinky

I'm sorry Sam is gone. Every day I would switch on
the Sammy Cam and listen to Sam's show; my family away from my family. I thought he did a good job and too much was made of his novice status. Now, I switch on TYTs but as soon as Lionel comes on, I switch AAR off. This morning,
Lionel's thesis was, "there is nothing we can do about the illegal immigrants so let's all embrace
laissez-faire Hamiltonian Federalism." You want to tell me what is so Progressive about that????
Hate it!!!!! The only people Lionel appeals to is closet Republicans. It would have been better to put Ring-of-Fire on in Sam's slot with David Bender as main anchor while Mike and Bobby-j bring us important messages (I love the Pap Attack) and lots of guests like Greg Palast and Sen. Bernie Sanders. At least that would be interesting. I wonder if I even believe that Sam's rating were all that bad, or was that just an excuse to start turning AAR Right? Sam was clearly Left; but Lionel is some kind of hybrid that I just don't trust; he says the weirest things...

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