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March 26, 2007



Hey Bla'm, all:

Missed the Gonzo interview. Is there a stream/podcast/transcript of it anywhere?


Crybaby merci you drew an incorrect conclusion and went crying to daddy.


Good, I'm glad someone is making sense today. WHA???

Do share with the class, Duffy


Yeah, Duff, what are you talking about?!

I was hoping YOU would know where to hear Gonzo, MF...


I should've known to look in the horse's mouth, no?

Gonzo interview - KIRO Podcast (mp3)


Heather should ask for a raise.


Interesting how the apparent respect for KIRO has risen. We all love a winner don't we.


Mrs Clinton said:
""We're going to have universal health care when I'm president — there's no doubt about that. We're going to get it done,"" the New York senator and front-runner for the 2008 nomination said.



Shark on DR presently.


Rush is enjoying himself this morning as he trashes Edwards and his wife for their decision, with his various nasal-voiced ,catty, redstate bitch callers.


Medved is being a snide, sarcastic, gaybaiting asshole again (what else is new) as he talks with a gay and lesbian rights leader in Florida over a "torches and pitchforks" homophobic law passed by a bumpkin Florida town. "Thou doth protest too much"

Nigel Featherston

Medved isn't flaming but he is smoking, ya know?


Thanks for pulling that out of The Ass, MF...and apologies to Hunter Thompson and New Journalism for gonzo-referencing Gonzales!


I'm reassured, Duf...all three D candidates have manage(able, not ed) health care platforms that provide fixes for our currently broken system. Hallelujah!


Fremont, Don't mind Duff. He's a GOP planted ratfucker

Cases and points:

> Used Drudge and a Serbian Genocide denier as sources to smear Al Gore & Scott Ritter

> Used the words "Bandwagon" and "Standard Bearer" (in all seriousness) but then claims not to be a National Socialist GOP schill

> Actually espoused - again, completely unsourced (go figure) - the following hair-brained black-helicopter freeper conspiracy theory:

Taxes: ..and I fear that soon you (we) will be filing our 'global' tax return as dictated possibly by the UN and eased into place by the likes of A.G.

When Duffy claims to support any Democratic candidate, believe the opposite


An apology w/be in order..but I won't hold my breath.


Again Duff, just calling a Duck a duck

...and then back it up with evidence (you know, the pesky stuff you tend to lack)

No apologies required for a proven thesis.


Will be waiting for that apology from both you and the teacher.
Come on show the class that you're big enough!

Blaine Bob


No awards for Dori?


He gets his thru ratings and pay checks!


Hey, Blaine Bob, are you Bellingham Bob? If so, Michael said he never blacklisted you from BW. . .


I'd say Heather is the woman to be congratulated. She sort of stole the show! Her place must be secure.

Wish your informants had given some specifics about why its so much better now. Am curious.


Still no citations without dis-claimers. I'm starting to think Global Warming is just like you. Full of hot air.


Congrates to KIRO.


"But Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors, but Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors, but Clinton fired all 93 prosecutor's, but Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors- what? Gonzalez'es Counsel Monica Goodling pleaded the fifth before Congress? You're making that up! You Lib Bush hater! I can't hearyou-lalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalalalalalalbut Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors, but Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors...........


"U.S Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the president,U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, U.S. Attorneys serve-what? The New York times the firings may not be just a bad idea but also illegal? You never read that! Lying lib bastard! Bush hater! I can't hear you-lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaalU.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President, U.S. Attorneys seve at....."


".... but Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors, but Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors, but Clinton fired-what did you say? Only a handful of U.S Attorneys have ever been fired in midterm, over all of U.S. history, and all of those firings were for gross dereliction of duty or criminal behavior? Now you're just making things up, you damn commie lib bastard! Bush-hating fag! I cannot hear you-lalalalalalalalalalalalalaClinton fired all 93 prosecutors, but Clinton fired Clinton fired...."


What?! Clinton fired all 93 proesecutors?! Bingo, T-8!!! LMFAO, (and weeping)...


..and she will do it again...SOON!


T8: Cthulhu-bless you, but you owe me dry-cleaning charges for the coffee spit-up. I'm actually going into Freeperland (everyone's favorite wingnut theme park), and search for a non-satirical post similar to your's.

Bla'M: you must somehow put T8s comments on the next Odems

Duff: As per usual, a nice steaming cup of STFU would really help your arguments


A Murrow Award plus $2 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Ratings are the only things that matter to radio advertisers..not some obscure citation only radio geeks know or care about.


Actually shoreke...in addition to the "radio geeks" you need to add "television geeks" and "Web site geeks."
In a world where you can win a Emmy by sneezing, the high standard for journalism is now the Murror award.
From the RTNDA Web site:
"The Radio-Television News Directors Association has been honoring outstanding achievements in electronic journalism with the Edward R. Murrow Awards since 1971. Murrow's pursuit of excellence in journalism embodies the spirit of the awards that carry his name. Murrow Award recipients demonstrate the spirit of excellence that Edward R. Murrow made a standard for the broadcast news profession."


>>A Murrow Award plus $2 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Ratings are the only things that matter to radio advertisers..not some obscure citation only radio geeks know or care about.<<

You just HAD to know that sooner or later one of the sore losers at KOMO would post that message.

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