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March 06, 2007



They should have been fired....


It's not a surprise that they attempt to make a clean break with those statements, their listener base is pretty retarded to begin with.


Interesting take, coiler. You can sort of assess the intelligence level of hosts by their callers. The few times I've listened to KVI, the callers seem to represented the bottom of the bell curve.


The reich radio claim to represent the 'majority' but folks like Mike Moore were able to point out that most folk fall in the middle, hence the amount of attendees at his last film.

Now if we can get the dems to move ahead for the investigation of Cheney, everyone else will line up. People want a whipping boy and Libby won't do.


Joanie sez:
"...You can sort of assess the intelligence level of hosts by their callers. The few times I've listened to KVI, the callers seem to represented the bottom of the bell curve."


Does a Bell Curve really have a 'bottom?'


You're so right, coiler.

Puts: you're the JD . . . (LOL!) . . .why don't you research it?


More of a rhetorical question.
You sound bitter, what happened did you get a poor LSAT so law school was a no-go?
Did one of those 'asian' students take your spot?
You need to get some fresh air. You should take a few minutes and 'goosestep' around the neighborhood.


Guess you're out of intelligent and relevant things to say . . . (LOL!) Sometimes, Puts, you're just funny. But, keep trying to sound intelligent. You might get there one day.


On the March 5 broadcast of San Francisco radio station KSFO's Sussman, Morgan, and Vic, co-host Melanie Morgan, while discussing Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, which is attended by Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), stated, "[T]his is a major American presidential candidate whose church that he belongs to -- says he's proud to belong to -- says that their allegiance goes to Africa before it goes to America."

Co-host Brian Sussman added that "a friend of mine in the Bay Area who is a pastor at a very evangelical-slash-fundamental church" believes "that the church that Obama belongs to is actually a cult."

Looks like ol'Ken may still have his work cut out for him.


BTW, Puts, you got that carbon transfer thing figured out yet? I'm sure Steve is waiting with bated breath . . .


Yep, I guess I must be at the 'bottom of the Bell Curve' there Joanie.


Is there no depth to which these righteous conservatives will go?


I always thought so puts. Thanks for the affirmation.


I guess we can add straw argument skills to your bag of tricks.


You know, puts, if you had any intelligence, you could argue with me but you have to know something to do it. Of course every bell curve has a y axis. The determinent (at least the way I understand it) is what the Y axis means.

Can you elaborate . . . or do you wish to continue hiding your intellectual light beneath stupid and mean comments?


I'm going to refine what I said . . . perhaps this will clue you in . . . the people on the left side bottom of the bell curve . . . at least the way I use it in my work.

Could be different for other disciplines, I suppose.

Still trying to catch up, puts?


I hate being wrong . . . but I think the determinant is the x axis . . . anybody know?

X is the independent axis so the information there is determined . . . number of answers wrong . . . right. Y axis is distribution of students achieving those determinants . . . thus dependent on the x axis.

I was never good at math! But some of it is coming back although slowly . . .


Someone mentioned something about Dori getting uglier- I checked his KIRO showpage and I was shocked at the new photo, with its "canis lupus" thing going on. Gone is the jolly chucklehead of old. The new pic makes him look absolutely predatory, a "wolfman" without the facial hair. It's sort of a Dorian Gray thing going on, but in his case the selfishness, egotism and hubris in his soul is transforming his actual face, month by month, not being transferred to a picture on the wall.


I'm listening again to my tape of "the best of Jennifer" calls to Dori on his voicemail. bwahahahahaahahahahahah


"I was never good at math! But some of it is coming back although slowly . . ."

Illustrating your foolishness with your own words. Only took you a few postings -and a quick google check no doubt- to get to the 'bottom of the Bell Curve.'


"How can we say everything is fine when we have an energy policy whose prices are too high, who make us dependent on foreign governments that do not wish us well, and when we face the real threat of climate change, which is tinkering with God's creation?"

Taken from Mrs Clinton's speech the other day in Selma, Alabama.
Can some one help me out here; how does this square with her stand on abortion? She's starting to confuse me the more she talks? Also, does anyone know her position on Iran's WMD build-up?


to get to the 'bottom of the Bell Curve.

So you learned something . . . just admit it, puts.


Shameless plug for my personal interest:

Please support SB 5544 to keep those **** dirt bikes & 4 wheelers off neighborhood streets!

Call legislative hotline 1.800.562.6000.

If anyone can tell me why this bill should not be passed, please educate me.

Thank you.


OT: SB5544 should not be passed because it amounts to an effective blanket ban across the state, not something just reserved for residential neighborhood.

There are already existing excessive noise laws on the books which should be used to tackle problems in neighborhoods.


but we love blanket bans!


Thanks to Sonic basketball and boring topics by "the two big dumb shits" I was forced to listen to Lieutenant Suits and his paramilitary clique. Could not take it- sorry. Had to listen to a year old repeat of Leykis, taped before whatever is destroying his voice began to happen. INCREDIBLE. I thought it was an impostor doing his opening monologue, what with the bass tones back in his voice. The octagenarian squeaky guaver wasn't there.


Tommie, we can always trust you to get the topic back to radio! I can't wait until I can listen to the radio all day . . . because I love it, too.

Noise ban? I'm for it! I sometimes wish machines had never been invented. We would be so much healthier and the planet greener and whales could hear each other across oceans again . . .


No machines = no modern medicine. I don't think we want to go back there.


Sure we do........No more Rush, Bill O, all the rest. Just the peace and harmony that a hunter/gatherer society can bring. I'm hungry who has the guns?


C'mon Recife . . . there's always the sling-shot. Aren't you game? What a wuss!

Don't you know vegetarianism is healthier anyway?


Oh my gosh, Tom Leykis is still on in Seattle? What station and what time? And you mean to tell me he's still alive and hasn't eaten himself into an early grave?


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