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March 17, 2007



You may be correct Bla'm but the proof will be in the pudding in the next Presidential election. If a Dem wins -early but most likely at this point in time- and the Rush, Hannity, et al are back on offense and still unable to garner high ratings then we'll know.
But with all of the new media it may be a case in which smaller -but highly segmented and profitable targeted demographics- audiences are the norm.


It seems to me that there has been a misguided evolution f talk radio away from the old model pioneered by Long John, Larry King and their like. These guys were more like Dave Ross ... relatively well informed folks who dis a good job of interviewing guests and callers.

The we went t a few guys like Mike Siegal who were all purpose thrill seeking scandal mongers. Thsee guys were popular but not especially associated with any political party unless Anti is a party.

The came Rush. At first he even said his job was to entertain. But the act became the real thing.

I wonder if there is not room for a return to something less vicious, more "for the people" and less part of a grand conspiracy?

I like Goldy, but I think he would play better as less overtly partisan talk host. He does a great job when he (rarely) has a rational (also rare) conservative on. The comparison with Dave Ross to Frank Sguires and most of 1090 is like comparing a friendly discussion to a food fight.


Well, I know I listen to a lot less of it than I used to, and so do many of my friends and office associates. I think PS makes a good point in that a good indicator may be recognized after the election. Since I firmly believe in an overwhelming Democratic victory, I'll be very interested in it's effect on talk radio.


when oh when will Seattle get a real conservative t alk host on a station that is not a Christian station? Values conservtives are not represented- most of the so-called conservatives are angry, god-free libertarians. With a little spiritual added value, talk radio could turn around.


If you want "a little spiritual added value" then what is wrong with listening to a Christian station? Seems to me that is where you would get what you are looking for.


Listening to Christian radio means listening to Christian proselytizing. that's not entertaining nor fulfilling for me, a Jew. Why do Christians think they must convert me? Hell, Cthere's Christian "witness" even in the commercials.


Christian "programming" may be nice for Christians, but it is a collection of brokered, infomercials for preachers begging for money.
It is of no real interest to the general radio audience.


I think that most of us are just taking a break after the disappointment of the past election. Many of us "conservatives" are a bit
disillusioned with how liberal the current group of Republicans have become. With the high spending on social programs, not securing the border with Mexico, etc.
The radio shows will be back and so will we. No way in hell we will concede defeat to the likes of George Soros and the rest of the lunatic left and the surrender monkeys. We do not want to leave the GWOT to our children and grand children and we don't trust Pelosi , Reid, or Kennedy to do the job.
We will regroup and recover. We did lose the battle in November as we should have. But not for ever.
Do not worry, we and conservative talk will be back.
Just my humble opinion.

blathering michael

Chucks: The shape this country is in mirrors the status of the Republican Party and the conservative cause. You've been used, my firend, as have the evangelicals. Dump the bushies- they've been the ruination of us all.


Sid and Marty, those are the very reasons why I also dont listen to Christian stations.

I was just wondering what Mysty might be looking for if she wanted spiritual added value.


Bla'M, I'm down to listening just to Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Rachel Maddow, and Bernie Ward at night. I listen to Stephanie for her humor, Thom for his insight, Rachel for a great run down of the day's news, and Bernie for all of the above. The rest of the time I stream KOHO from Leavenworth, or KINK from Portland. I am an advertising executive's nightmare :-)


I'm still pretty much AA except that every once in a while I get trapped by Don and Ron - oh my god! There dual bedroom topic was fascinating!

Still, I think we are seeing a dumbing down of American radio and it is the result of the dumbing down of America by the parties who give people sensationalism and divisive hate rhetoric. Will radio rebound? I don't know . . . is there an intelligent market out there for it?

chucks . . . you are for me the epitome of the dumbed down conservative. That you see the republicans as too far left tells me you don't know center anymore. Your generalizing about social programs and the border is so evident of how reactive but thoughtless you far-right conservatives are.

Perhaps such an emphasis on political talk is waning. Maybe we need to go back to Dean Adele (sp?) and Brinker and a more general and diverse broadcast day. Might it be that people are finally tired of the rhetoric of hate?


The country is not in that bad of shape. Unemployment is very low. Homeownership is high. Most of us have ample food on the table.
If congress would do its job and protect (close) the border, unemployment would be even lower. Wages would be up without competition from low wage illegal immigrants.We the workers could beat our employers out of better medical coverage because of what should be a tight labor market.
We conservatives are looking for our new Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, Scoop Jackson or John F Kennedy to lead us back. That person has not surfaced yet and may not. Who knows? But we are not ready to cave in to the ultra liberal left that has stolen the Democrat party.
Bush is out in less than two years. The D's are focused on undermining Bush and not paying any attention to the future. They own the House and have great power in the Senate. What do they do? Piss around with BS in an effort to undermine Bush. What about governing from their strength? No way. They must screw with Gonzales, Cheney, Bush etc.
What positive agenda might they have? If they have one, why do we not see it?
Bitter vitriol on the part of both party's continues. We just need a real leader, conservative preferred.


They must screw with Gonzales, Cheney, Bush etc.

It is called justice, chucks. You know, that great American ideal called justice?

You got something better?


And chucks, employment is up but wages are not. They have been stagnant. The poor are getting poorer. Bush's policy is to increase outsourcing. You think our only employment problem is Mexican?

Much of the boom is derived from home equity being cashed in. And the consequences of that?

"After the housing market slowed in 2006 and more people fell behind on mortgage payments, the foreclosure stories became front-page news across the United States.

In the last three months of 2006, lenders began foreclosure proceedings on about one out of every 200 mortgages, the highest rate on records dating back 37 years, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Some 1.5 million homeowners will face foreclosure this year, research firm RealtyTrac estimates."

So much for home ownership being up . . . what a great economy - well, for the rich.


BS joanie,
It is called revenge. If it were justice, it would be a two way street.


Oh, and what would be the other side? I'm curious, tell me? I watched you all destroy Cllinton over some sex . . . tell me please.


No joanie,
We went after Clinton for doing the same bs as Scooter Liby. Lying in an investigation. By the way, a process I personally did not support. My concerns were more towards the Whitewater thing. Nothing was proved to my satisfaction on that issue. Do not see proof of criminal wrong doing on Clintons part. May take a beating on that opinion, but I'm a big boy and can.


So, with that in mind, tell me more about this 2-way street? I don't get it. Be specific please.

And Starr spent millions and millions on Whitewater. . . have your fantasies but he thoroughly investigated it to no avail.


I think I just said that Clinton did nothing wrong IMO re Whitewater. I think I just said that Scooter was found guilty of lying. I think I just said that we (the R's and the justice system) went after Clinton for the same thing Liby was guilty of.
Both parties have spent a lot of $ and energy on gotcha's against the other. I believe it is time to concentrate on the economy (which I believe is about to crash), the GWOT, education and securing the border.

blathering michael

You point to unemployment figures when we're in the worst, and most worrisome off-shore mess since Vietnam? It's a huge blunder we'll be feeling the consequences of for a generation or two- a hyper-expensive, intractable quagmire that has divided us even more than we were when this sop got into office? Neoconservatism deserves to sent to the junk pile of history like Bush's legacy.
And you know Chucks, you have the chance to have Newt Gingrich- and you should! We here at The Blathe support a Gingrich nomination- and post haste!
As for Scoop and JFK, sorry they're dead and besides- they were ours- and terrific liberals. Scoop was hawkish on the Vietnam War (as were so many Dems of his generation) but a great supporter of labor unions, the New Frontier, and all the wonderful social(ist) legislation the WWII generation passed (Medicare, GI Bill, EPA,'64 Civil Rights Act etc.).
Boomers get all the credit (or blame) for taking the country down the liberal path, but in fact, it was our fathers, Scoop, Lyndon Johnson, JFK, Richard Nixon, et al, who did the aforementioned, glorious social engineering legislating that we hope will be a model for the future.
Joanie's right,(a toujours) R's have seen over the largest bleed of real jobs and degradation of the middle class this country has ever seen- though there'll always be jobs for burger flippers, and hotel maids. We'd probably have immigration reform if the Republicans didn't have a pact with the devils at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Can't be easy to be a true conservative these days...


if it were justice, it would be a two way street

Sorry, chucks, that's what I don't understand.

What isn't "two-way street" about it? Sorry to be so dense. :)

Above, you say this country is not in that bad of shape and then talk about employment and home ownership. I responded with an article on home ownership.

Now you say the economy (which I believe is about to crash) and I'm confused.

Is the country doing well or not? Has Bush done a good job or not?

And, again, I don't understand your "revenge" comment. What do you think justice looks like when government officials are involved? Why is this revenge to you?

I'm sorry chucks and I'm not trying to be mean or gotcha but I truly don't getcha!


Oh, and Reagan? He started the whole mess! It is funny to me how you all accuse hollywood has being the depths of degredation and how it is the a liberal bastion. But, I haven't seen any Hollywood actors running for president on the left . . .

Seems to be a conservative thing, doesn't it? Do you think you all might be easily lured by artificial images and hollywood marketing?


Illegal immigrants are driving wages down. I said that.
Reagan did what? When Carter (the last time I voted for a D for POTUS) was president our country went to shit. Interest rates were in the twenty per cent range. Prices on everything were skyrocketing and nobody felt good about America or themselves. In spite of what you say or feel, he gave us hope and we Americans responded. He was a great leader. I am sure that he was not a perfect person or POTUS, but in my lifetime that perfect one never has come along. He believed in America and believed in us. When we started to believe in ourselves, it did get better for all of us.
Crooked mortgage brokers pushing no doc loans and variable loans on non savy buyers is going to ruin a lot of families. I doubt that that is Bush's fault, but you can blame him anyway. I think the savings and loan scandal is going to look like childs play. That issue will have a huge negative impact on our economy. Blame Bush if you must.
Maybe if the Democrat party got back to the stuff you mentioned Bla'M, than I would feel like it was again where I belonged. But the last few D PTOUS have decimated the military and raised my taxes, but presented no effective programs on anything. (oh crap, I am going to take a beating now.)
I have plenty more that pisses me off, but I am at work today and my boss expects me to spend time doing what she pays me to do. If I respond slowly to the beatings, forgive me. Job does come first. Or go on without me.
Talk radio is still around and needs all of our guidance to keep us listening.


She is at lunch. Snicker..
Joanie, You seem to make a lot of stuff up about who I am. The other day it "was really Christian of me.." Maybe so. Been to church maybe ten times in the last five years. Four for funerals, two for weddings, and the rest because grandkids were singing (like this morning). Being a good supportive grampa is important to me. So lay off that crap.
"We all accuse hollywood of....".
I like the creativeness of hollywood. My fav movie of this past year was Babel. So don't try to stuff me into that mold either. I do not fit.
I think abortion is a piss poor excuse for birth control. No doubt about that. But I agree that it is a womans right to make that decision. My wife had an abortion before we met. I happen to think that I would or could have made a good father to that child. No way in hell do I have the courage to say that to my bride. But the thought is there.
The biggest difference I see between you and I is that you seem to think government can fix social problems. In the past, it has to some degree. Abolishment of slavery (took a big republican war for that one), The Civil Rights Act are a couple.
I think unions will do more to move the middle class forward than government. One day they will be back.
The war on poverty is a joke. The Great Society is a failure. Until people take advantage of education opportunities afforded them, poverty will remain a fact of life. I am all for giving a helping hand, but damned if I am willing to carry them through life.
I stated above how I feel not sealing the borders has adversely hurt the middle class by driving wages and benefits down. And before you get on me about being a racist, my two children's mother is a Mexican-American. Do not much like her, but that is personal not heritage. I of coarse adore my kids.

Donkey O.T.

Rush limbaugh is DEAD! The life threatening, Vietnam draft deferring, Pilonoidal Cyst killed him.
Sadly no one knows when this occurred, due to the fact that both excrete the same putrid bilious effluent.for sure it was pre-OxyContin...
Since the Cyst took over ratings have been on a constant decline, it must be due to the stinking lies they keep pushing...NUFSAID


I seem to recall Pres Clinton leading the charge on NAFTA and VP Gore debating Ross Perot on CNN early on in the Clinton Administration. Ironically, it was Pat Buchanan and Ross Perot (the giant sucking sound regarding well paying jobs leaving this country) who were leading the charge against NAFTA.

And Ph(J)oanie, when you gonna own up to the baseless charge you made against Reichart being a coward? Or back it up? Hmm? Talk about the politics of personal destruction. Nice.
And Chucks, you should have never mentioned the ethnicity of your family. Ph(J)oanie loves to go racial.


I remember Clinton/Gore walking away with the election, too.


What does most of this have to do with the demise of talk radio?

Me, I find talk radio to be an intriguing subject. Why can't you people analyze the topic at hand rather than toss insults at one another?

If your mothers were here they would slap you across the face and send you to your rooms.


me too. I get sick of childish ad hominems in these threads. This used to be some of the best threads I read, now it is just a bunch of I know you are but what am I's. SHUT UP!


The dirty little secret that the left won't talk about is that folks have bought into homes that they THOUGHT they could afford....

...but they didn't figure in the TAXES that the left puts on their property.

See how many stories in the next few weeks that point THAT out....


chucks, we are saying the illegals are not the reason wages are going down. May be one of the reasons, but certainly not the reason. It is far more complex than that.

You didn't answer my questions which were honestly posed? Why get mad?

As for Reagan, I think just asking for a bully pulpit of "hope" is asking for too little. I want brains and solutions.

And the Great Society produced more for Americans of color than any other period in history and we have seen the greatest increase in the middle class since the fifties and now, under republican greed, the biggest decrease.

All those people you named were for social programs because they believed in a strong safety net and opportunity and education for all.

THOM: Totally agree but isn't that what made everything look so rosy to chucks? He said home ownership is up like it is a good thing. But it matters how it got there. And it matters that the bottom is falling out of the home-ownership dream. It was all a fraud perpetuated by greed. Not just the republicans' greed. Clinton's as well. I remember when Dean was running and Bob Rubin asked what he wanted . . . after Dean told him, Rubin said he couldn't take that back to Wall Street. Sorry, i don't remember what it was Dean wanted but Dean was a populist. Wall Street runs this county. It is a downright shame. The greed that is Wall Street and it's hold on our government policies.

Sorry if I'm rambling but I can't imagine how anyone can think social programs and Mexicans are the reasons America is not doing so well today.

Ryder: Me, I find talk radio to be an intriguing subject. Why can't you people analyze the topic at hand rather than toss insults at one another?

If you find talk radio so fascinating, why don't you contribute something to move the conversation? Easy to disparage others . . . post something to which one can respond. Please, tell us what you find so fascinating?



Now go to your rooms! And don't come out until you're ready to behave.


Kirby Wilbur, guntoter, and, "the mumbler" is still trying to ride the old rightwing hobbyhorse that Valerie Plain "wasn't really undercover" and no harm was done, as he speaks to his KVI "torches and pitchforks" rabble and Jesus knuckleheads this morning. This is an example of why rightwing talkradio is dead.


Randi Rhodes is the greatest radio talk show host alive, dead, or yet to be born. Randi is the liberal answer to Rush Limbaugh. Randi has singlehandedly saved left wing AM radio from extinction.


and Dave Ross is as lame as Wilbur, although he is supposedly a liberal. The time i realized Dave Ross was just a milktoast Seattle PC pablum-puker, was when his former call screener wouldn't let me on the "great man's" show, because I had a non-pc comment exposing blacks as commiting more racial hate crimes than whites, which is statistically true. Both shows are irrelevant,ideologically hidebound snoozefests.


Up-chucks burps:
The D's are focused on undermining Bush and not paying any attention to the future. They own the House and have great power in the Senate. What do they do? Piss around with BS in an effort to undermine Bush. What about governing from their strength? No way. They must screw with Gonzales, Cheney, Bush etc.

Yeah yikes. Who in their right minds wants Congress to focus on their constitutionally mandated role of checks and balances? Sleeping during HS civics 101, chucks?

I think Joanie was being nice when calling Chucks the epitome of a dumbed-down conservative. To miss the vital constitutional role of Congress takes a new level of stupidy.


I'm a lifelong Republican and a person who has listened to KVI since it was an oldies station.
I've switched over to NPR almost totally since all the troubles and the revolving door with hosts at KIRO. I agree with Michael on the conservatives, I just couldn't believe them after a while on not only the War, but the denial of global warming just isn't credible. I'm sad. Kirby and John, Dave Ross are such nice guys, they used to be parts of my day. No more.


heads-up Bla'M. MW still reading his favorite guilty pleasure - BW:

Radio Blogger Trashes Right Wing Radio - Then Endorses "Diverse" GOP

"So, BlabberWatch hates Rush, but thinks Republicans are filled with openmindedness and diverse political thought. At least that's what he told, The Seattle Weekly. Maybe he's just freakin' out because the paper canned him recently. Also hates the idea of medical advice on radio. We thought it was a good idea. Oh, that damned concept of getting INFORMED on the radio. Mr. Hood's head must hurt."


shoreke, I agree . . . she really knows her stuff.

Good show on Dave Ross first hour.


I am listening to Thom Hartmann..he is observing the anniversary of the start of the Iraq occupation by playing back numerous audio clips of Bush lying through his pearly whites as he built his false case for invading Iraq. All of these points have since been proven to be lies and those 3000+ young people have given their lives as a result. Shameful.


Sparky, Dave did a similar show . . . playing back bits of Ritter and some Bush I think. I didn't tune in until 9:30.

Isn't it something? Those of us who paid attention and tried to inform ourselves knew this was a fool's venture. Dave's call was that the nation was so traumatized that they couldn't listen to people who had the facts. I don't agree with that. The people I knew who were informed didn't fall for it. We are a dumbed down society.

Yes, shameful.


'..and then there was no one left and they came for me..'


That is why I cant listen to Dave...he has always been an enabler for the Prez..even if he criticizes him, it is with some caveat that "maybe he just didnt know.."


Thanks for the Webb-sighting, N8...jeez, I'm truly sorry you were recently canned by the esteemed Seatlle Weakly, Bla'M...that must hurt!


Up-Chux (thanks, N8,) sez: My wife had an abortion before we met. I happen to think that I would or could have made a good father to that child. No way in hell do I have the courage to say that to my bride. But the thought is there. I don't understand why you think courage is required to tell this to your wife...are you saying that, even though you hadn't met her, she should have given you the child? Is this the same "courage" that Reichert lacks?


Yeah, I felt the same way Fremont.

Less like "Courage" and more like "A window into the madness". Got my TMI stamp for the day

And this too:
I stated above how I feel not sealing the borders has adversely hurt the middle class by driving wages and benefits down. And before you get on me about being a racist, my two children's mother is a Mexican-American. Do not much like her, but that is personal not heritage. I of coarse adore my kids.

By the way, Upchucks. You really want to solve a lot of immigration problems? Raise sales tax (eliminate income tax) in border states and then offer a significant middle/lower income sales tax credit. (Catch: only citizens recieve tax credit). Think of it as an America user fee.


Why the hell would I or anybody for that matter say anything to any woman that has had an abortion what I expressed in the comment above? Neither of you are that stupid. I do not have the "courage" to hurt anybody needlessly. So if that makes me half the man, so be it. I will learn to live with it.
What you suggest as far as taxes does nothing to slow the northern migration of our neighbors from the south. It does nothing to help the average American in the job market. And it does nothing to stop corporate America from exploiting migrant workers. But I will give you credit for even trying. That is on of the best non pandering ideas I have seen.
"whats up chuck"
up chuck
your up chuck
upchux etc
seen it all
brings nothing to the table.
but in the words of that wise old donkey "thanks for thinking of me"


Alright, lets go through Chucks' list:

does nothing to slow the northern migration of our neighbors from the south

You're right. The best way to fix this problem is to simply fix overregulated immigration standards. Chuck (no pun intended) all this education-level, sponsorship, and income = quicker citizenship nonsense. If one can find a job, do a thorough background/terrorism check and if negative make them a citizen (see: base of lady liberty).
(Catch: unlike folks that sneak-in, these folk will have papers).

It does nothing to help the average American in the job market.

Define: "Average". Without HS diploma? If it does anything, it should encourage all Americans to seek further education, choose careers carefully, and become more economically flexible (Catch: US workforce deals with global economy realities sooner rather than later).

And it does nothing to stop corporate America from exploiting migrant workers.

First off, GM et al jump the fence all the time. What's the difference? Sure, either way they make a mint - but so long as people are not in a forced labor situation(ie, Prison Labor), you have a clear and uncoerced exchange of labor for income. (and then a US public that can refuse to buy shitty GM products)

I'm well aware that I've now put a giant target on my front/back for my Bla'M Fam brethren. Fire away. I just feel that "Castle America" is the central doomsday scenario, and that we should be doing everything possible to reduce this possibility.


There's nothing wrong with having a Hawaii-based doctor on a crackpot/felon internet radio show from time to time, but, as far as audio quality, it's not good for him to sound like he's coming from the men's room stall of a Honolulu bathhouse, piped through a huge sewer pipe, to a two dollar Goodwill microphone atached to a laptop, held by Dog's son that didn't make the Bounty Hunter crew, kneeling at the entrance to the pipe.

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