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March 23, 2007



Styble at DL ... what will they think of next? And I thought affirmative action had been outlawed in this state!


Karl Rove needs to be brought before Congress to answer many questions and under oath. This is ridiculous! Dems need to PUSH this issue all the way thru subpoeneas and Court challenge if necessary. Where's Mrs Pelosi? What is the deal with her...has the power but seems reluctant to use it? This is very disappointing. Mrs Clinton needs her to step up and be strong!


Just as an aside; I think referring to the Hon Alberto Gonzales as 'speedy Gonzales' is demeaning and not right (connotation is not good).
Even tho I believe in this situation he ought to resign (because of likely doing Pres Bush's (i.e. Karl Rove's) bidding - I believe he deserves respect for his hard work at achieving this position. I believe he went to our Air Force Academy and Harvard and was respected all along the way.


If KPTK replaces Stephanie Miller with viaduct talk, they will lose listeners. But, there is always streaming and podcasting...bye bye KPTK.


Re: Speedy.

It's what Hood does. Disparage someone based on their name/ethnic background/appearance/sexual orientation.



There are more than enough popular local hosts that could replace Miller's imitation of Limbaugh.

Webb??? Steinbrueck?

Rememebr who the competition would be? The heavily anointed Dave Ross. Ross is old world and his market segment is njot going to steal from Miller's.


Hood is a bigot, a hater. He's homophobic because he is an OLD QUEEN himself.


By the same token, I don't think that's fair or justified either.


hmmm. I used to know Michael in another life. He was a good cook liked the women.


Call Gonzales what he is: An unthinking order taker who breaks laws to protect Bush's hindparts. Of course, the right (morally bankrupt liars that they are) will excuse anything, even if it breaks their so-called values. Reality literally means nothing to them.


I'd love to see Mike Webb back on the radio. He has been a victim of a great injustice but he is a great broadcaster and still has a huge fanbase. KPTK would be smart to hire him.


"I'd love to see Mike Webb back on the radio. He has been a victim of a great injustice but he is a great broadcaster and still has a huge fanbase. KPTK would be smart to hire him."

Oh come on Kirby, nice try. KVI is irrelevant and you know it.

Lady Jane

Wow Michael,

First Orbusmax, now Kirby...I'm sure Dori will be showing up next. I bet Duffman is really John Carlson - trying to pass himself off as a woman.


Mike Webb should go to Air America- he is perfect for them- he is a convicted felon and a mental case.


Seattle Jew thinks Stephanie Miller is like Limbaugh and Mike Webb still thinks we dont know he posts on here as KING 1090....this place gets more interesting every day...


Mike Malloy said last night that changes were coming to the novaM network. He couldn't say what, but intimated after mentioning AA hosts that perhaps they were coming over to nova.


It's not known if Schwarzenegger has erectile dysfunction like Rush who didn't let that retard his drooling for Valerie Plame: "

Bla'Ms fishin' for unhinged Orb. Love it. Keep it up


King 1090 creeps out of his cave:
Hood is a bigot, a hater. He's homophobic because he is an OLD QUEEN himself.

Gee. Someone remind me. Who was it again who is known for incessently calling Bla'M an "OLD QUEEN"?

Somebody call Harborzoo's men-in-white-suits. They're coming to take you away - HAHA!


Wow pretending to be something you're not over the internet. Seems to be a lot of that going on around here...


Youve been compormised Duf why dont you just leave!!!

Donkey O.T.

Get it right, its "SLEAZY" Gonzales Theres nothing speedy about the guy.


TF: Because I feel so welcome here!
DOT: Harsh!


Oh btw TF, you could use some help with your spelling.


Alan Prell for the KPTK spot. The guy is funnier than hell, HAS NEVER FORGED AN INSURANCE DOCUMENT, and once he's given a chance for people to warm up to him, a chance he wasn't given by shortsighted, fired KIRO P.D., HE'LL BEAT "THE GREAT MAN" Ross, with his soporific, pompous snoozefest over at KIRO. Prell Prell Prell Prell PRELL


I like Allen Prell...but, I'd take Dave Ross in a heartbeat over him. Prell was too scattered and unfocused.


Heard Carl Jeffers on DR's show this a.m. - fast talker; what about him.


I like Carl as well...not sure I could take his style 3 hrs a day x5 a week ..He is well prepared informative tho.


I thought Carl was pretty interesting today. I hope he's right because I get worried about this Congress and its inability to seem to get things going.

He said that the House Iraq time table vote 218-212 was a positive outcome because they got it done. Doesn't matter that it was close . . . does matter that they did it.

I'm going to hope he knows what he's talking about.

I do think he talks too fast, is too self-congratulatoty, and likes to hear himself talk too much. So, I don't listen very often. Would if he'd take more calls and listen better.


Shit duf all your good for is spell checking, check this

Fuck Off TROLL!

How did i do on the spelling this time, any suggestions asshole


"..any suggestions.."

Only one: you might check your manners. Hope that made you feel real good, you could have gotten your point across with a lot less bile. You might consider growing up one of these days.



Here you Merci...the ultimate and conclusive proof.

blathering michael

Tran did have a shot at the seat- she ran didn't she? In such a race, in such a year wouldn't have ever voted against an incumbent Democrat. Tran should start in politics at the bottom- Council, Leg, even Congress, to shoot at a sitting Democratic Senator, inexperienced and coming from nowhere without a base, or a real strategy is a losing proposition. You must be very young, Joanie to be so ideological...


Shame on you, Michael. One is never too old to be idealogical. Aren't you concerned with ideas? And perhaps I am idealistic. Why not?

If not this year, when? It was hardly an effort for the Dems this year. Almost anybody should have beaten a Republican, esp. in this state. With the Republicans on the run, why not make a case for a real Democrat again?

She is a better Democrat than Cantwell. It is a jaded and corrupt system you support. That's why we have the corrupt government - on both sides - that we have.

And it was a primary Michael. We could all have supported whomever became the candidate. A primary is supposed to start the discussion. Pelz allowed no discussion.

I'm not idealistic. I'm just not a herd animal . . . can you say the same?


I was surprised that Maria Cantwell was able to payoff her strongest primary opponent without any serious blowback during her run against Hong or later in the general election.


Ph(J)oanie sez
"If not this year, when? It was hardly an effort for the Dems this year. Almost anybody should have beaten a Republican, esp. in this state. With the Republicans on the run, why not make a case for a real Democrat again?"

For those anti-war activists who worked so hard to get the Dems in power how'd todays vote turnout for you. Instead of defunding the war, you got stabbed in the back with what was passed today. And to even get this bill passed a whole lot of pork had to be paid out to get the centrist Dems to climb on board and vote in favor of it. Truth be told, you've been played for fools. Why is Howard Dean so silent?
Grab some popcorn. This is going to be a most excellent election season. Will the activists wake up or will they continue to put heavy make up on their face in the morning to cover up the bruises so the neighbors don't see the black and blue marks.

blathering michael

that's me, Joanie, just one of the herd...


Thought so . . . :)


Webb is slurring and rambling on his podcast right now - he's got some, meds, legal or otherwise. he can't remember stuff, he's high and not making sense. He's trashed.


"..I'm just not a herd animal.."

And that, young lady, is one thing I like about you.


You must be very young, Joanie . . .

Yes, indeed, I am . . . :)

Duff, how can such a confused old gent as yourself be so sweet sometimes?


Ha ;) yeah, must be my inherent state of confusion.
Say Joanie I have a g/daughter studying to be a teacher (at SPU); any advice (above don't expect to get rich...)


Yo TROLLfinder: you asked Duff if he could find any spelling errors in you last communication, which ended with calling him an asshole. Well, I found one: "...all your good for is spell checking..." You should have said all you're good for is spell checking, but hey, who's really intersted in your crap anyway?


oops,that shoulda been interested but you probably didn't notice


Ha..thanks Brianne, I guess in my haste to discount the message I missed that.


"You must be very young, Joanie . . .

Yes, indeed, I am . . . :)"

Immature doesn't equal young.


You know, Duff, the best advice I have is to have a life beyond teaching and become wise rather than smart. Also, to trust her instincts rather than a lot of textbooks on teaching.

I started teaching later in life, and I think it helped a good deal.

Also, I substituted (by choice) for a year because I wanted to see what other teachers were doing and I wanted to test the waters at different grade levels. I learned more that year than I did during my whole certification process.

I bet you know that life experience is the best teacher.

I wish her well.


"I bet you know that life experience is the best teacher."

Indeed I do! Thank you, I'll pass this on to her. She's just done some teacher-helper work at a school near us (for a 2nd grade class) and it's been interesting hearing her slant on that...she's so excited about what she thinks she can add...hope she remains that way.


"You should have said all you're good for is spell checking"

Oh great just what we need on this blog, yet another fucking spell checker.
Go to hell Brianna


Joanie writes,

"You must be very young, Joanie . . .
Yes, indeed, I am . . . :)
Duff, how can such a confused old gent as yourself be so sweet sometimes?"

Confused? Yes Joanie you are, but don't fret, Spring Break is just around the corner.

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