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March 22, 2007



Goldy is as harsh as a cashmere sweater.

THEN there is Sheirs. Abusive, dishonest,...........


Looks like local rightwingers are taking lessons from Karl Rove on how to seize on a small fissure such as Goldstein's joking about Eyman being "the faggiest"(actually quoting The Stranger) and combine that with a few other things like the 'RETARD" blog (AGAIN NOT A DIRECT gOLDSTEIN QUOTE) and trying to drive a wedge into that little fissure until it hopefully, for them, cracks open wider. This is the same thing that Ann Coulter is trying to do to John Edwards, along with help from college dropout scumbag Limbaugh and Ivy League scumbag Laura Ingraham, who both constantly call Edwards "the Breck girl".


Hopefully nothing to worry about. Haven't they put "swiftboating" into the dictionary yet? It is a tried and true conservative tactic. When will people wise up?


I like bushwacking as a term ... more accurate.


This is nothing new Bla'M. Orb has had a granite hard-on for Goldy since KIRO brought him aboard. Orb is always grabbing ahold of Goldy's stuff & then providing links to KIRO for his pitchfork mob. I seem to remember Orbi whining (aroused)about Goldy's Saddam/Rumsfeld photo after Saddam was executed. blah-blah-wah-wah

As mentioned here:
Conservative Information Black-Hole (Busted!)

This is just more of the same in the reverse.

Why anyone would trust anything fronted by the Orb is beyond everyone else.


Why don't they get Stefan Sharkansky on the radio? He can speak English, he's a conservative, and he doesn't whine like Goldy.

The Orb

You blue-wavers crack me up. A website devoted to trashing conservative talk show hosts while puffing up most liberals on the air - and I am accused of being part of a 'conspiracy' for occasionally pointing out things one host says? Too funny.

All I did was point out the use of the word 'retard' on Goldy's site, which to a lot a people is as offensive as the n-word.

Goldy uses his website to promote his show and vice versa, so it's fair game to point out he's a talk show host when controversial stuff appears on his site.

Using Goldy's own logic: it's not my problem that you inferred that I implied. I have never orchestrated an e-mail campaign to get rid of Goldy, or Webb, or anyone else. I haven't even posted email addresses in a long time. What people choose to do on their own is out of my hands.

Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelers. But thanks for the laugh.


So wait a second...the guy repeated a quote from someone else and the above idiot is smearing him for it? So I guess anything you've ever repeated that has been said by others makes you guilty by association too? Wow truly insipid logic there. By the way, I think if anyone is hurting it's clearly you for bothering to make the effort to show up in this so-called liberal cesspool to whine.

Matt Drudge

Why does Jim Walker call himself OrbusMax? Is he a Transformers fan?

All I know is he stole my schtick, okay?

blathering michael

We're here to entertain and delight you, Orb. That's our job, and we appreciate your appreciation.
It's no problem that you imply and we infer. We go out to lunch frequently on inferences of your implications.
And we never meant to imply you orchestrated any campaigns for or against anyone. The right wing blogoshere doesn't seem to be very good at political orchestration, and we know that you play a fair game.


Clarification to Cowpie:

The "above idiot" didn't smear Goldy over the Stranger quotes - Dori Monson brought it up on his show to highlight one of Goldy's many hypocrisies. If you have a problem, take it up with Dori.


Huh? how did Dori get into this? Orb, are you getting "unhinged?"


All this coming from the Orb, who (like his troll Duffy), loves to cite wingnut blogs, that cite wingnut blogs, that cite nothing, and then (when called on his BS) eventually sends me an artice via email from Erutz Sheve - an Israeli periodical that is so far-right, the Israeli Gov won't give them a license.

Note: Even Erutz Sheve neglected to provide any "paper" or "report" for Orbi's big headline: "Report: Gulf States Prepared to back US Military Strikes on Iran"

Orb - just offer a retraction like a responsible journalist.


Goldstein is a far left secular activist. Sounds like the "right wing blogosphere" is keeping an eye on him as they should. Please write to KIRO and complain about him. People like him aid and abet those Islamo-facists who would kill all of us. He is a traitor who lends a hand to defeat our country's best interests with his appeasement to our avowed enemies, and moral relativism marked by obscenity and blasphemy. That he is allowed to spout his hatred on the airwaves is a sign that the end is near. :)


Thanks Michael, you and I hardly ever agree, but I like your site and you are always pretty cordial to me, I try to do the same for you, you whackjob.

Merci: not only won't I retract, but I am going to re-link it back on my site, at the top, in flashing red white and blue letters, in 32-point. And then blame Goldstein and the vast left-wing conspiracy for trying to suppress the truth. And then fire up the automated KIRO mass-mailer complaint engine. Thanks for the reminder.

I may have to start checking out the comments more often, you blue wave screwballs are pretty good entertainment.

Gingrich/DeLay in '08,

The Orb


Welcome back, Red Rachel!

Note to Michelle/Rachel: Frosty Hardison - FedWay school whiney-pants who disputes global warming... and believes in sounder scientific theories like the world is 14,000 years old - believes that the earth will end on June 7th, 2007 (interview w/ Dave Ross)

So you're not alone!


Merci: not only won't I retract, but I am going to re-link it back on my site, at the top, in flashing red white and blue letters, in 32-point.

Excellent. Will you again use a wingnut blog linked to a wingnut blog linked to nothing as a source?

Glad I could be of service in helping the Orb find his journalistic integrity. I think...


Gingrich/DeLay in '08

Please tell me he's not joking.

blathering michael

Orb: Finally, we can agree to agree: YES! Gingrich/Delay in '08! now if we can only get George W. Bush to endorse them early...



GW won't endorse Gingrich/Delay. In fact, I am hearing he is planning to declare martial law next summer for the sole purpose of cancelling elections and staying in the White House.

But please don't infer that I am implying any of this. I am just repeating what others have said. I would never say it myself.

Rossi/Eyman for Co-Governors,


blathering michael

Orb: we're past the imply-infer stage here- the Half-vast Right Wing conspiracy is out in the open, now.

Liberals have a massive army of illegal aliens- mostly child molesters, and mother rapers - waiting just inside the Texas border to counter the Bush coup next summer.

Republicans should drop Rossi from that ticket- he's a proven loser- "6-gun Pam" Roach or Bob "Mr. Excitement" Williams might be a better pick if you can't get Dori.


Oh, it's gotten even better over at Un(sp). The minnow is now going down the old Mike Siegel "Everyone that disagrees with me is a child molester, and the great cabal of molesters are in power and don't want you to know the truth," that ended up getting Siegel fired from KVI years ago. Apparently, what ever ounce of sense the minnow had, it has left the building.

But good for you for noting that the most popular post in a long time on SP is the one discussing whether they should get rid of a liberal commentator. Yep, talk about a free forum for expression.

The Orb

Sorry Michael, but the Rossi/Eyman ticket is a guaranteed winner. How do I know? Because over the weekend, as part of my upgrade, I tweaked the super-secret mass-mailer engine to send out information to Washington voters who voted for Gregoire, explaining why they made a mistake. So far, I have over 200 responses of people who voted for Gregoire, who will vote Republican in the next gubernatorial election - more than enough to overcome the Queen's 129 93 87 75 63 52 vote margin last time. Avoid the letdown later on and just concede a Gregoire loss now. It's all over.

blathering michael

Hey Orb: what's wrong with 52 more votes? a miss is as good as a mile...


"Excellent. Will you again use a wingnut blog linked to a wingnut blog linked to nothing as a source?"

The term wingnut applies to the far left as well as the far right. Actually, the right has crowned the far left as moonbats, while the left has called the right "Rethugs". Both sides will continue ad nauseum with the crazy talk.

Goldstein calls himself a left-wing activist on the radio. Fair enough - alot of us now know that his show is predicated on feeelings and emotions used in place of logic and common sense.


The term wingnut applies to the far left as well as the far right. Actually, the right has crowned the far left as moonbats, while the left has called the right "Rethugs". Both sides will continue ad nauseum with the crazy talk

EXCELLENT! And thank-you KS. I was wondering who had left this anonypuss post. (Next time grow some minerals.) As mentioned there, if you can find em, show us!

But notice that neither here nor there, KS failed to refute the expose' on Orbi's info la-la-land.



Translated out of orbuspeak:
"Need to somehow escape unscathed"

The Orb

Nothing wrong with it. It's just a little concerning the elections office couldn't count right the first time, to figure out how many ballots needed to be "found" to declare Gregoire the winner. But there's enough cushion to overcome the bad math now, thanks to me.


Mercifurious - I really don't care what you think - its little more than baseless wingnut mumbo-jumbo.

Orb's Former Boss

See how this guy wastes his time? Now you know why we fired him.

The Orb

Wow, I misunderestimated the obsession with my website. The fact that angry blue wavers spend their free time complaining about me shows I am having the effect they dread. Good stuff. Keep up the tolerance.


Nothing wrong with it. It's just a little concerning the elections office couldn't count right the first time, to figure out how many ballots needed to be "found" to declare Gregoire the winner.

Remind me again, Orbi.

This was the same election that was declared for Gregoire by GOP Sec of State Sam Reed, right?

..and then when Rossi went to an ultra-conservative Chelan court to overturn the results, the judge tossed out the case stating:

"To do so within the context of the facts of this case would constitute the ultimate act of judicial egotism and judicial activism."

Same election, right? Conservatives agree: Rossi lost!


Regarding Dori "the numbers man" Monson's debate with Goldstein over the latter's supposed hate speech during a podcast of Drinking Liberally- Once again the self-professed savant Monson (he once boasted of being able to multiply three digit numbers in his head amazingly fast) is not as smart as he thinks he is. Anyone with a freshman college class in logic under their belt knows that that Goldstein QUOTING the phrase "he's the faggiest", from an article in a gay-friendly magazine with a gay publisher and several gay staffers does not equate at all with Ann Coulter calling John Edwards (whether slyly or not) a "faggot" in front of an ant-gay conservative audience. Sorry, Dori. Not even in the same league.


I doubt that there is much effort involved in debunking your attempts to make your far-right (talking) points. Proving that you have no evidence and exist in an amoral intellectual vacuum doesn't mean anyone is fixated on 'you.' Basically this is what happened: You make inane claim backed up by a bunch of nuts, someone calls you on it. Your only recourse (since you're just flat wrong) is to call someone a lefty. Sound about right? Infantile and dare I say typical of the constituency you target.

Orb's Roommate

It's not that you get under our skin. How could you? Your schtick is posting links to OTHER people's content. You're just a hack who rips off Drudge. Try something original in your next life, ya know?


Dori is doing Peter Weisbach's shtick - ie, "the value of one's life's energy."

Anybody know where ole Pete is nowadays?

Re: Orb

You do a good job posting other people's work and coming up with those righty pseudo-pithy sensationalist headlines.

Derek Small

What is this orbus shit anyway?


Yes I'm also listening as little Mr. Dori is doing his "life energy" theory this afternoon. Weisbach is obviously considered too odious by even the rightwingers to merit a regular slot anymore, since he only pops out of his slimy hole for an occaisional fillin nowadays. Weisbach is a fascist, and as i posted yesterday, Monson is also a fascist. He's gradually been transformed into one, from his original "conservative/libertarian" persona, like the proverbial frog in the boiling water , during the past 6-7 years of W. Bush.

The Orb

Why are you blue wavers so angry and hateful? Not that I mind, it's pretty funny reading all the insane, hypocritical, foaming at the mouth commentary. But it can't be good for your health. Try exhaling a little more often.

Your pal,

The Orb


like the frog in the pot, Monson of course doesn't consider himself to now be a fascist, but simply the same conservative/libertarian that he's always been. Everyone on this blog who's not wearing Repug blinders has commented that Monson seems to have changed much for the worse over the past years.


Hate is what is needed to change the filth in the white house, ya know? But you can call it desire. And it is good for our health, can't be for yours however, our side is winning.


You guys did in fact win the battle this past November. No doubt about it. You may go ahead and enjoy your victory. Do not worry about us. We will just put our tails between our legs while Miss Nancy and her puppy Harry do what they feel that they must for the rest of this congress.
David spews no hate, just venom. It is good for all of us that he gets it off his chest. I for one am learning to like listening to his program on KIRO. Some of my friends suggest that Goldy is an idiot. I say no, that he is an honest reflection of Seattle and its politics. Where else can you get the likes of Sims, McDermott and Nichols.
People in Seattle and King County are some of the nicest most caring on earth. But you sure are nuts when it comes to voting.

blathering michael

Hey Orb- you ever read all the warm and loving commenters over at Horse's Ass? they're the very picture of Christian love and conservative values. You kinda gotta worry about them a little more than us, though- they're armed!



You mean the pitchfork rabble that Orbi sends to Horse's Ass or Freerepublic? (not that there's a difference)

As I've long warned folks about playing happy-myspace-friends with Freerepers: they're more than likely impotent-positive (m), libido-negative (f), and well-armed (both)

(and all, of course, unhinged)


Derek...Orbus used to show up on the KIRO chat when Erin Hart was on the air...'nuf said.


a lot of freepers showed up there, Penius, 9 mm penis, orbus,alkijeff, I remember those...

Donkey O.T.

REEK PUBLIC CAN = A Porta-Potty in desperate need of servicing..


Where can we email the suits at KIRO to let them know how much we like Goldy?


"Monson is also a fascist. He's gradually been transformed into one, from his original "conservative/libertarian" persona, like the proverbial frog in the boiling water , during the past 6-7 years of W. Bush."

He's ugly, too.


oh I remember 9mm :->

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