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March 19, 2007



Hmm. . . took me a while to learn to like Seder but never liked Garafolo and didn't think their chemistry worked. Haven't heard him since he moved to AM but appreciated he took Conason with him.

So, would somebody else please pick up Conason? I heard him on the Young Turks yesterday and I just like the guy. He's so smart and informed.

His new book, It could happen here, is a must read for chucks.


who carez




So, can someone explain by liberal talk radio has such an apparent hard time at making ratings?


BW's second visual aid ever. I must say that Seder has a far less slap-worthy face than Glenn Beck


A.) Source time - show us the ratings for "liberal talk radio". Not sure, but I think they're doing better in certain markets. Blowing Herr Falafeloofa radio out of the water in some markets.

B.) Sure it started out bad. What did you expect? A brand new market trying to break into the "biggies" that wanted to kill them in the crib. (and then dealing with Ryan Baloney's daily obituaries). How big were Faux News' ratings that first year?

C.) Ratings for talk-radio in general are headed south. Too little to late?


hey joanie,
I actually have his book and am trying to read it. It is a tough read for me. Don't buy his premise so far, however I will finish it in time. Do I have to do a book report?
It will take time to finish because I can only read thirty minutes or so per day. Or whatever excuse I can conjure up. The dog ate my book.
Any way, so far I just see an intellectual who is sooo far slanted to the left that he makes Garafalo look conservative.


Ugh..Mark Maron.. I know people who were in mourning when he left AA, but i never ever thought he was funny. He was a huge whiner about everything in his life, and I guess some people thought it was hysterical. AA even gave him a second show and it died as well, so I think Marc should stick to his stand up routine and forget radio.

Also, i havent seen anything on the AA website about it, yet, anyway. I would not base anything on what Maron says...thats not to say that the rumor might be true, but we should wait until an official announcement is made. Sam is a smart guy and if he is leaving AA, I would see him picked up by other liberal markets, much like Mike Malloy was.


D.) Seems like most folks on this blog listen to conservative talk radio...why?


Duf...do your homework. This is a talk radio blog...it listens to talk radio so we won't have to.


What book, Chux? Who's "his"?


Sorry, Chux and Joans...I missed the final sentence..."It Could Happen Here"...


Some of us listen to conservative talk radio because we have fully functional brains. Others listen to talk radio because they want to know how we got so dang smart. Others don't listen at all, but they don't have to. Bla'M takes good care of them.


I know I already said this but . . . I really do think liberals are not as tied to just radio nor just one kind of radio. Probably a lot more liberals listen to NPR; I would guess that liberals tend to like more diversified radio; if liberals are like me, they like more informative radio . . . health, wealth, and political talk that is author-based or expert-based: interviews.

It took me a long time to like Randi because she was so much like conservative radio in which a glib host just spouted hate rhetoric. But, over time I realized she has guests and her rhetoric is always sourced. I found that I could trust what she said most of the time. I still don't listen to her every day. I did listen to Al Franken every day because of his guests.

I honestly think liberals are looking to be informed.

I think liberals are less interested in opinion and more interested in information. JMHO.

Rachel Maddow talking about the VN war had a guest who said some things I didn't know: Congress never cut off funding. The war finally stopped because soldiers were refusing to go. 98,000 in one year went missing . . . many to Canada's Camp Refuge. Even with a draft, soldiers finally made the diffference and stopped the war. It was fascinating . . . wish I could remember more.

Oh, and Stars and Stripes, a conservative leaning publication, polled soldiers and one third thinks we should leave now, one third thinks we should leave in a year: so two-thirds are now for getting out.

BTW, I haven't heard much about the expensive bases in Iraq. Has anybody else? Well, she talked about them also with the guest. There are four bases still being built. And the American Embassy is finished and has 1000 employees, five of whom can speak Arabic. It is in Bagdad and has completely finished, up and running utilities (water, electricity) and all the amenities. Of course, the Iraqi people outside its walls don't have these things . . .

In addition, the push is still on to get the oil rights for foreign companies. The guest made a case for Bush creating a similar scenario to Eisenhower's when he sent the CIA to topple Moussadegh in Iran setting the stage for Khomeini and the overthrow of the Shah. We may be laying the groundwork for a similar event in Iraq.

I'm sorry, you guys, don't any of you war supporters learn anything from history.

chucks: good for you to even get the book and read it. What about the premise that you disagree with? And, before you disagree, shouldn't you read his arguments?


BTW, chucks, you are a good sport about the ribbing you take here . . .


Wow!..the epitome of conceit..who do you think you are anyway...how freaking patronizing...you live in an unreal world...you need to get a life...you're being warped!


Try googling global policy, bases,iraq. You can find lots on the bases. Sorry, but never having taken any computer classes, linking is out of the question.
chuck (aka Ralph)


the entity "joanie" (be it he and/or she) to be patting you on the head...is sickening. Incredible!


thanks chucks aka Ralph!


Sam Seder does a fine job in presenting his point of view.

Ph(J)oanie sez;

"I think liberals are less interested in opinion and more interested in information. JMHO."
"..a long time to like Randi because she was so much like conservative radio in which a glib host just spouted hate rhetoric. But, over time I realized she has guests and her rhetoric is always sourced."

You still haven't made good on your promise to support your declaration that Dave Reichart is a coward.
Why don't you act a little more like the Randi that you admire so much and source your assertions. Provide the support for your charge that Reichart is a coward or do the honorable thing and say you were mistaken. Unless of course you engaging in 'hate rhetoric.'

David Williams

Why does liberal talk radio have such a hard time? Maybe because we liberals don't need to constantly have our political biases massaged like "dittoheads apparently do. We have lives that don't necessarily include trashing those who don't believe like we do.


..the fact that you quote the term 'dittoheads' proves my point.


Poor putsie, you so lonesome? Too bad, baby.

David . . . I quite agree. :)


"We have lives that don't necessarily include trashing those who don't believe like we do."
There's the 'we' again; do you have a mouse in your pocket 'cause surely you can't be speaking for all on this blog...'trashing those who don't believe like we do' is a credo here!


chucks . . .this ones for you. Check it out and tell me what you think, please.

"Why is there such a strong family resemblance between the Reagan years and recent events? Mr. Reagan’s administration, like Mr. Bush’s, was run by movement conservatives — people who built their careers by serving the alliance of wealthy individuals, corporate interests and the religious right that took shape in the 1960s and 1970s. And both cronyism and abuse of power are part of the movement conservative package.

In part this is because people whose ideology says that government is always the problem, never the solution, see no point in governing well. So they use political power to reward their friends, rather than find people who will actually do their jobs."

This references your like for Reagan. Please go to the link and read the whole thing. I know you usually do. Thanks.


Uh, Duff, that would be trashing your love for "feelings" over "facts." Know what I mean?

Mr Right Now

Gay wrote: “Some of us listen to conservative talk radio because we have fully functional brains. Others listen to talk radio because they want to know how we got so dang smart.” The rest of you listen because you’re delusional about your intelligence, and the functionality of your brains.


...that all depends on what the word 'fact' means...sound familar; know what I mean?


ohhh..gotta love a man who knows the
difference between "your" and "you're"...like Robert said the other day...


depends on what the word 'fact' means

There you go again, Duff. Getting confused and all worked up over what the meaning of "is" is.

Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Try reading a book.


...SWISH...right over your head, eh?...not surprised; you would do well to follow your own advice.
..and nice DODGE...you either come out and support Mrs Clinton or not...and I'm getting the impression NOT...we'll see won't we?...will it be by default?


see other thread . . . you're behind, Duff. But it's fun.


"you're behind, Duff."
Indeed I'm behind my candidate Mrs Clinton and I'm not afraid to say it. Until or unless she self-destructs I will continue to support her. Why can't we all do that, instead of taking the lazy approach of letting others decide.


hey, putsie, I'm going nightie night . . . thought you'd wanna know. mmmmmm


Doing your homework is lazy . . . you've finally lost me, Duff. I'm about to put you in the Puts category.

Please, don't make me do that. It isn't nice. :)


Watch as the lemmings on this blog 'fall in line' later...no backbone up front to commit but THEY WILL FALL IN LINE.
Enuf said..it will be EVIDENT!


A little soy in your diet will cure those mood swings, Duffman.


Thanks for paying attention, Sparky!


"A little soy in your diet will cure those mood swings, Duffman."

It's called 'passion' and we need a LOT more of it!


Ph(J)oanie sez:
"Doing your homework is lazy . . . you've finally lost me, Duff. I'm about to put you in the Puts category."

Which is Ph(J)oanie-speake for being unable to support your answer. Too bad.


That's exactly what it is, puts. You're getting a little brighter . . . no study, no facts. Thanks!


Puts, is it the fact that you don't like strong women who take a side or is it something about Sheriff HairSpray that has you worked up? Just wondering. You seem to mention Randi Rhodes a lot.


"Puts, is it the fact that you don't like strong women who take a side or is it something about Sheriff HairSpray that has you worked up? Just wondering. You seem to mention Randi Rhodes a lot"

Strong women are great. Its the weak pretenders that don't back up their points -ie Ph(J)oanie. Look politics aside albeit a Dem or Rep, I think that it is fairly low down to call a dedicated law enforcement officer of 30 plus years a 'coward' without being able to back it up. I have too much respect for those that serve to protect you and I from harms way to allow cheap shot artists -ie Ph(J)oanie- from being able to casually do so. Hey Ph(J)oanie, next time a police officer comes to your class or school I hope you'll recall in shame what your doing to Reichart.


now watch Ph(J)oanie scamper away...


Putsie, I said you had to prove you had an IQ. My you have a convenient memory.

BTW, don't you know what nightie night means? See, I said you have no intelligence quotient to speak of. You just proved my point.

Now, have you nothing else in that low IQ brain to talk about? If you do, why don't you show us all something? You are beginning to sound like a johnny one-note. Boring.

Oh, BTW, it is nice that you are still trying so hard to impress me. Keep it up. Might happen one day. mmmmmm


"I'm sorry, you guys, don't any of you war supporters learn anything from history."

What part of history?

The part about collectivist ideologies killing hundreds of millions.

Islamicists?-(Liberals flavor of the month)

Other than the wars against Jews, what war can a liberal really get behind?


Sorry you have such a low opinion of the police officers that serve your community.



You got your "JD" in red herrings didn't you puts?


Joanie, was this Maddow's guest you were listening to today.

Great work. But this is just a bunch of "Green Onion" copy and paste material. Oh, that 98,000 number was how many were still AWOL at the end of the war, not how many went AWOL in a year. Guess you forgot to check your facts.


Oh, everybody, great turnout over the weekend, I think we got that 70 percent. What I can't figure out though is how come more people showed up for the St. Patricks Day Dash. Anyone with any ideas there.


No time to check your link, but if that 98000 was at the end of the war, thanks. That's why I cited the source.

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