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March 19, 2007



I read joanie's comment and it singles out Reichert alone, not the cop shop. He's not in law enforcement anymore, ya know? Just another republican riding the coat tails of what the crime lab already solved.


I read it. It is just liberal spin for which Krugman is expert.
As if cronyism is a conservative value. Cronyism is a politics value.
Kennedy practiced it (and nepotism as well).
Johnson mastered it.
Nixon improved the recipe.
Ford, never mind, he just tried to get by without sustaining a crippling head injury.
Carter created Reagan, The only thing he did right.
Both Bushes had or have their people in place.
Clinton put all of people in place. You know about his firing the 93 federal lawyers without regard to any of their qualifications. Janet Reno-Texas?
Krugman obviously has forgotten about all the years of crap our nation went through before Reagan. The assassination of JFK, The Viet Nam war, Bobby Kennedy murder (sirhan sirhan, was it the first terrorist attack on our nation), The Arab embargo, 20% inflation, 20% mortgage interest, the taking of our embassy in Iran and hostages being held for well over a year. The Cold War (Some of you must remember the bomb drills we did in school, hide under your desk) We were on depressed nation.
Reagan came along and gave us hope. He believed in the USA and he believed in us. Through great speeches, he made us believe in ourselves. We responded as a nation. For the first time in twenty years, our country was moving forward. Inflation was controlled, interest rates came down, the Soviet Union collapsed.
Some of these posters are too young to remember any of it. I remember it as well as my grandfather and father remember the depression and WW II.
So Krugman can spew all his BS, and the D's can cherry pick history all the want, but all the liberal hate speech about President Reagan and those who spew it can kiss my big lily white middle aged donkey. Reagan is and always will be one of my personal hero's.
Kind Regards


OK, lard ass, show me one thing Paul Krugman has written that is either false or didn't come true EXACTLY as he predicted. You are the one who lives in fantasy land with your doddering actor who portrayed a President while dirty warriors plotted behind his/our back (the same exact war criminals who Cheney put in all the key roles now cuz he knew they wouldn't talk).

These are the facts, and you can't debunk any of em so you blow your morbidly obese farts in the face of intelligent people, just like the dirty disinformation operatives of right wing talk radio who duped 50 million Americans with blatant lies to swing the past 5 of 6 elections.

And, yes, I have facts to back up my claims. The prestigious Annenberg School of Communcaiton at Penn, funded by the conservative TV Guide fortune, has been studying right wing talk radio for a dozen years and identified massive "false certainty" (lies) on most every issue amongst the vast majority of listeners. Kathleen Hall Jameson would be the perfect key witness at hearings the Dem Congress should already be having to expose the utter falsity of right wing talk radio, while pressuring the media corps. who have profited from this rightist monopoly to bring some balance back to the publicly-owned AM radio dial.

Absent this, every Dem issue and candidate will quickly be swiftboated by right radio's tricksters, a dirty disinformation operation that would astound Goebbels.

I have a question for you waddling rightist tubsters: why do the results of 10 million web IQ tests, and the Surgeon General's report on Morbid Obesity, when crunched by zip code, show the dumbest and fattest Americans reside in exact proportion to how much an area voted for George W. Bush?


What the heck are you talking about. Nearest I can tell, you did not live through most of what I brought up. I am glad you like Mr Krugmans version of the twist. Pretty sure you got your good liberal education at some nice place like Sealth. Maybe even made it to Evergreen. You have inspired me to say something rude and disrespectful.
Never mind, just pucker.
You obviously believe in the vast right wing conspiracy, and don't suspect anyone on the left would do anything nasty like that.
Kind regards


Man, you fold faster than Matt Drudge's knees at a gloryhole club.

Re:Seder fired?

I have a Google alert on Air America radio and read almost everything I can about it. It became apparent to me over a year ago that most of the letters and comments advocating for Marc Maron were being written by the same person. I also had the chance to hear Maron when KTLK here in L.A. gave him a 10-midnight slot and this confirmed for me that the idea that hundreds of blog comments in favor of this guy would be preposterous.

The idea that a mentally ill Maron-ette would rope Air America mainstay Sam Seder into this game is sickening to me. We have enough problems with the stunning dirty trick played upon Air AMerica by Clear Channel, which has shut down 20 AAR affiliates since Howard Dean credited AAR with helping to swing a dozen races (including all 3 Ohio affiliates which were key to Dem victory there).

Maron owes an apology to Sam Seder, a genuinely talented and passionate liberal, who tried to help his friend Maron by giving him a weekly segment on his show. Shame!


Maron had two opportunities to make a show work and they both failed. His routine doesnt fit the AirAmerica format. He often used it as a showcase for his fellow un-funny comedians to do their routines...if he wants to be on the radio, he should get a comedy show on satellite and his fans could listen there.
To be fair, I didnt think Al Franken's AA show was very "funny" but he did his homework on current events and had great guests who were experts in their fields. Maron talked about the news as an afterthought most of the time. By himself, Mark Riley was excellent...and he was just on CNN talking about how the internet is taking away control of the message from the candidates.


Chucks you went on and on about supposed glories of conservatives past and dissed liberals as historical cherry-pickers... I'm sure (maybe) even you can see how that line of proud party BS leads to hypocrisy.

History is great and all...but it is just that. I would think that someone as conservative as you (a Reganite) would embrace honesty, morality and personal responsibility, all hallmarks of the supposed conservative movement. That you would ignore the massive cronyism, mismanagement and out-and-out lies spewed by the current neo-con gang is pretty telling. I suppose those conservative virtues that you deify Reagan with are just words after all if you truly live your life ignoring any misdeeds you see as long as they benefit a Republican. Retort as you will, but the truth is a bitch.


I believe that I started my post with acknowledgment that both sides do it. In fact both sides do do it. For some odd reason I do not see the need to point out Republican shortcomings on this site. Most posters here seem to have great knowledge of any with out my input.
But pointing out any pluses to the R side is needed INHO. Many people have bought into the Reagan shortcomings but give no credit for putting our great nation back on its feet. Like it or not, the man was just what this country needed at the time.
The Democrat party is full of power hungry bastards. So is the Republican party. They all lie. They all manipulate. They all use you and me to get power. They all make promises to get in. They all adjust their thinking after getting in. Sen. Murray was a bright spot for the D's of this state when we first elected her. Now she is just part of the machine. Show me where I am wrong.
PS, I still like Murray even if the system has twisted her. I know her thoughts were pure when she entered the game.


chucks: for what it's worth to you I'm not of your apparent political persuasion but that post that was directed at you was flat rude and the first three words of it made me discount the whole content, as well as the composer. I can only say to you that this is not the way I suspect a typical true Democrat would treat another human being. If it is, our Party is in trouble.
Hang in there...you're way above this person.


Thirty five years ago, I was a cop in Los Angeles. Only did it a couple years, wasn't very good at it. But in that couple years I dealt with plenty of Greg wanna be rockstars. Too bad the police can't use nite sticks like the good old days. He would be perhaps a little less rude when he gets out of jr high school. LOL
Best Regards,


What a surprise to find out that the weepy Reaganaut secretly festishizes his LAPD billy club and was a failed member of the most corrupt, kill-crazy law enforcement agency in U.S. history.

You thugs caused our damn city to be burned down twice, as I recall, and every Presidential, Gubernatorial and Mayoral commmission who inquired blamed guys just like you for it.

You keep dating me a lot younger and stereotyping me as some schoolboy, but in fact I am the founder of the largest weekly newspaper in Los Angeles and have fought and beaten you right wing dirty thugs for 30 years now. Neocon=LAPD=McCarthy=SS


Sorry Greg,
It was actually one of those small So Bay cities rather than LAPD. But as for keep doing this dating, stereotyping etc. I only first found your warm fuzzy personality today for the first time. Do not much like you so far as, on first impression, I find you to be a rude petulant little jerk. Nothing personal as I do not you from Charlie Manson.
Now pucker up and go play with Dean Logan and LA politics.


"Thirty five years ago, I was a cop in Los Angeles. Only did it a couple years, wasn't very good at it..."

I want to echo Duff's comment and thank you for your service to your community. On this blog your going to run across the Greg's and the Ph(J)oanies who like to run down the police or take cheap shots without backing it up. Ironically, Ph(J)oanie is the first to yell 'swiftboat' but engages in it herself. What a phony.


Once again Putz, how does one comment about Reich ert, who is not in law enforcement anymore, tarnish all the coppers out there?


Based on past comments from Ph(J)oanie and the recent cheap shot about Reichart being a coward. Ph(J)oanie stated she would back up her charge but now refuses to do so.


It's okay, Coiler. Putsie has nothing else to say. He's an empty suit. And he seems stuck on me . . . sweet, isn't it? :)

Through great speeches, he made us believe in ourselves. We responded as a nation. For the first time in twenty years, our country was moving forward.

chucks, speak for yourself here. I'm not in the Reagan fan club. Even his son isn't in the Reagan fan club.

There's a litany of ills associated with Reagan from releasing sick people from mental hospitals in CA to voodoo economics to his own budget guy quitting because the numbers didn't add up and of course the October Surprise - Iran contra . . . god, man, I just don't know what history books you read!

But, you like the hollywood image, the speechmaker, the guy who lowered taxes only to raise them again, the Death Valley Days spokesman with the swimming pool and ranch . . . who would have made a great grampa and should have stopped at that . . . don't know what else to say.

You look for simple answers and you find them.


I posted something a couple days ago about Dean and Bob Rubin and Rubin saying that he couldn't help Dean because Dean's ideas weren't commensurate with Wall Streets.

Well, Sirota has referenced an article on Rubin. Rubin was Clinton's guy. If you're interested in what is happening to the Democratic Party, check out the article.

And Duffman (aka Steve?), if you're so pro-Hillary, you may be pro wall street, walmart, and anti union.

"Friendly Takeover
[email protected] By common consent, the most influential figure setting the economic course of the Democratic Party is banker Robert Rubin. But his counsel isn't likely to help either the Democrats, their constituents, or the economy."

Can't get the whole article online but it sounds intriguing enough to buy the magazine.

Sirota's blog - one of the best. He keeps up.


Is it safe yet? Is that mean Californian still here? Greg that big paper guy who destroys us lowly Republicans.
I thought I took beatings pretty well around here. Matter of fact, I kind of enjoy getting challenged. Sparky, Freemont, Joanie, Bla'm all challenge me with tough questions and humorous non vile insults. But that mean old California newspaper boy scares me. Got shot at once by some clown robbing an Alpha Beta grocery store in Ca. Wasn't really that afraid, just shot back. But mean old California newspaper boy frightens me.
Good nite all.
Gonna grab my blankey and go night night.


And joanie
I only speak for myself. I don't presume to speak for anybody else.
The last thing I would expect is for you to agree with me. Just liston to my rants as I liston to yours. One day we may discover common ground on something.
Dang, I must have fallen asleep already. Obviously I'm dreaming.
Warm regards and good night


Sam Seder did a segment on AIPAC
recently...but I'm sure that had
nothing to do with it. Sam Elliot
had a call recently on AIPAC and he
got out of it by claiming he didn't
have enough info on da subject.
Possibly he was trying to feel out Mark Green's sensitivity on the big
white sitting in the corner.


right about


Sam Seder being fired from AA? Why?
I don't know much about the currency on Air America since I stopped listening to it since they canned Randi Rhodes (after it took me a while to warm up to her brand of talk radio, which is as emotionally charged as Rush Limpaugh, only without the ignorance of right wing radio.

Seder isn't always very polite to his guests, especially those who disagree and thats unfortunate. He cuts people off quickly and even when he lets someone talk a bit, it gets cut off by the constant, constant commercial interuptions. I like WBAI FM 99.5 for some good shows during weekdays and music on weekends. BAI has no commercials at all, which is fantastic. Try the Hugh Hamilton show on weekdays at 3 pm to 5. Its short but good quality discourse, well informed guests and again...no commercials!

Looks like AA is heading to the toilet since Mark Green took over the station. He's a slippery cat with a secret, not so secret agenda and informing the public with objective talk shows is NOT on the menu. Too bad. NPR is too mainstreamish for my tastes since conservatives took over financing it. Whats left out there for people who want to hear both sides of the argument??


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