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February 26, 2007



I'm sorry Cow, I forgot to put the part of him (Gore) raking in the cash from suckers like you and Joanie who believe in his and the Energy Companies BS of Global Warming, sounds familiar huh, like the Oil Companies wanting us to go to war with Iraq for oil.


"Message does not equal the messanger. For a partisan it's always easier to tear up a person rather than their argument if you have no basis to refute it, wouldn't you say PS? So do you have a refutation for what Olberman said in his segment or not? If you ever took Debate 101 you might realize that you actually have to refute an argument to debunk it ... not drag in 100% unrelated information to smear the messanger."

You don't think that Olberman isn't a little bit over the top? Why doesn't ol Keith get out of the box of 'scripted questions of guests who agree with his POV' anyway?


How do you know he doesn't? What's your evidence, jd?


PS, nowhere did I argue that Olberman was not guilty of the same thing...its the underlying issue that is of import to me. What I think of Olberman, Gore or Cheney do nothing but distract from the issue we should be talking about. Of course Olberman is over the top...he's on a personal jihad against O'Reilly and wants to be a media celebrity. However, on this issue it appears he is correct in the basis of what he said: This was just right wing character assassination against Gore to deflect his message. I think we can both agree on that at least.


Now, Steve...how old are you? Your post was both illogical and factually incorrect. First of all, how exactly have I given money to Gore, save seen one movie? Secondly, it really isn't your business how anyone else spends their money...I thought personal responsibility was a bigtime conservative value? Third, what does any of this have to do with the Iraq war? I'll answer that, nothing. You're really reaching if you are trying to equate opposition to Iraq with support for combating global warming.


"Your post was both illogical and factually incorrect. First of all, how exactly have I given money to Gore, save seen one movie?"

So you buying a ticket to "An Inconvienant Truth" (Thus putting money in Gore's pocket)is factually incorrect. Ok.


OK Steve, you ducked every other inaccuracy to focus in on one detail which to all logical people is insignificant (one movie ticket hardly makes/breaks an already rich guy). Care to respond to the actual issue or are you incapable of doing so in your quest for minutia?

Also, I thought making money off of the public in any way possible was a VIRTUE to conservatives? You are sounding like a commie pinko and you don't even know it.


And which inaccuracys would that be. You asked me how you give Gore money but you answered your own question in your post. The Actual issue was is Gore a hypocrite, and I think he is and stated my opinion on why. You don't think you can off-set your carbon footprint for $99.00 a year? Is this what you want me to prove.? You think the Nashville Power Service has a direct link to Gore's mansion which they can provide only re-newable electrical service through? If he really wants me to believe of Global Warming he need to go Green Power all the way, not 25%, 50%. 100%.

Now 25% of the truth is what you want you got it in the way he lives his life while telling others of the dangers ahead and still using more power than the Average person. Like your use of articles that refute everything you try to state (Cheney uses more electricty). Appearantly, like Joanie, you read only as far as it supports your argument.

A few weeks ago Joanie posted she was looking for a new cave to move into. Your cave seems to have big enough rocks to hide under, why don't you see if she would like to buy it.


Reading comprehension Stevie. Re-read the satirical post and try and take of your ideologue goggles.

In case you fail at reading comprehension, the point isn't Gore really, it is morons like yourself who disagree with the fact that global warming is occurring simply because somebody putting forth the idea in your party doesn't like the potential implications for their huge money donor constituents. Now you can cry hypocrite all you want, but you still haven't answered any questions about your apparent double standard for rich guys who agree with your idiotic tripe and those who don't.

Lastly, your pathetic swipe at people for supposedly 'living in caves' is a really lame assumption. In fact, I bet my cave uses a lot more power than yours does. I guess that makes me a hypocrite too? If you would care to ask instead of casting absurd and downright infantile assumptions you might find that I'm a small business owner who has 15 employees who are well paid for what they do. In your "Amerika FUCK YEAH" world of conservatism am I not the true American hero? So if I were you, I would leave off with class dispersions based upon your narrow-minded stereotypes of who liberals are and how they supposedly live. I can tell you (in terms a Republican would understand) that I am pretty damn sure I contribute more to society than you do. Now you can put up (on topic) or shut up, the choice is yours.


Hmm...for their arguments to hold any weight, the Right must admit that global problem is an important dilemna that the world must deal with, otherwise their complaints about Gore's electricity bill are irrelevant.

On the other hand, if they concede that global warming is important, and people like Gore shouldn't be using so much of the earth's resources ... then every GOP pioneer and gazillionaire is at least as guilty, if not more so, than Al Gore of wasting energy.


Amen Sparky. Bill-O's falafel shower cleaning bills must be at least near Gore's energy consumption.


oh eww. I was eating lunch, too..


Joanie Broadstrokes
"How do you know he doesn't? What's your evidence, jd?"
Err, that would be personal observation. I watch him all the time. How often does he bring in a guest that will disagree? Once he had John Ashcroft on. Keith didn't really challenge him at all.

Keith is the Howard Beale (who got an oscar for this in Network) of today. He has his true believers that don't care for the give and take of debate on a show. But isn't that just being a ditto head like the Rush types on the otherside.
Lets hope that Keith doesn't pull a Howard Beale move at the end. That was ugly.


But Cow
" I find it wonderfully ironic that those on the right who are all for getting rich and having big houses are basically dissing Gore for one of their core values. Hypocrisy indeed."

It is the hypocrisy. That's the crux of the issue for many of us. Just like when a teleevengelist gets nailed for living on the 'downlow' and caught with someone not his spouse.
I don't begrudge Gore his big homes and big lifestyle. To be fair, he does need more especially since he does have security concerns as an Ex VP. More power to him, but don't be lecturing about the need to reduce your carbon footprint when you don't live the life. And that 'carbon neutral' thing sounds like a great deal. Kind of like those 'papal indulgences' that people would 'purchase' from the Pope when they wanted to get a divorce but stay within the church.


Isn't it great to find that Al Gore is buying his credits from his own company. I smell snake oil.


But we still love this one quoted from the San Fran Chron in 1996:

"In 1996, Gore gaving a moving speech about his only sister's painful death from lung cancer. And since then he has pushed the administration's aggressive anti-smoking campaign.

What Gore didn't mention is that he grew up on a tobacco farm, worked on it, and continued to accept checks from that farm for years after his sister died. In 1988, while running for president, he defended tobacco farmers while campaigning in Southern tobacco states (and made the quote up above: 'I've raised tobacco ... I've shredded it, spiked it,... and sold it.')
GORE accepted contributions from tobacco companies as late as 1990."


I tried to hit your link but it comes up snake-eyes.


google; generation investment management
click on about us
click on team
Sorry, this old school guy tried to link it.


No need to appologize. I fully understand. I've posted some poor links myself. But I got it.
Here is different link to it.


PS, I wasn't really doing anything other than throwing Steve's patently absurd BS back in his face. He stereotyped me so I called him on it and called him a hypocrite, which he is.

All this Gore talk is a hit piece so call it what it is and move on. Or you can join in the Hannitys of the world and wallow in filth and slime. I care not.


What hit piece?
It just pisses me off that I spend a zillion dollars replacing 52 windows in my house with double pane vinyl windows to replace old windows and reduce my personal power use. I drive a little Japanese piece of crap to and from work six days a week and leave an old Rolls and newer Towne Car in the driveway just to reduce my personal fuel use. I can afford to drive my nice cars but know better. It is a waste of fuel and bad for the air we all breath.
I would never consider purchasing contracts to offset my own lifestyle. We as a family do our part as best we can. I resent Gore telling me to do one thing while he does something else.


Chucks we've been through this already earlier just scroll up. You were the one who linked to it in the first place. It was clearly a hit piece since it contained "facts" that were wrong or slanted. Re-read the thread where the article got debunked. The article you linked to made no mention of the fact that the house in question was old, had 20 rooms housing 2 offices and a Secret Service staff, that the guy purchased the power from the Green Power Switch or that it actually used LESS energy than houses in the area that were much smaller, or how about the reporter didn't do any of her own reporting and simply got the information directly from the Drudge Report who in turn just regurgitated data from a group calling itself "non-partisan" even though its founder is an American Enterprise Institute member and only links to far-right websites in its source section.

Now I don't know what it takes to define something as a hit piece but to me that sounds like a pretty good approximation of one.

You're very quick to call the guy a hypocrite without doing any cursory review of your own position. Are you predisposed to believing any partisan web site? Man, just think about it for two seconds.


Is this another 'hit piece?'
Of course, it comes from a research fellow at the Hoover Institute but as one with no 'idealogical blinders on' that shouldn't be an issue, eh Cow?
It clowns on both Gore, Dems and Repubs.



I'll read the story you posted however, even someone as clearly partisan as yourself can see that I wasn't referencing the story you just posted, right? Care to comment on what I DID say or shall I accept your lack of argumentation assent of my position?


OK I just read the article and it had several inaccuracies in it, the one about the Zinc mine was a nice touch...couldn't an "independent" guy like him figure this out? He also got it wrong on green power, as we know from the Tennessee power company, Gore does buy green energy. So strike two there.

Also, you are trying to tell me that this guy is not an ideologue? That is flat out wrong and you either a) know it and hope I'm stupid or b) in your haste to go GOTCHA didn't check.

A little simple research finds that the Hoover Institute is funded by a lot of big oil donations: http://mediatransparency.org/recipientgrants.php?recipientID=157

$21 million in donations...interesting! But more:


Lots of cash from Exxon Mobile.

A little look at Peter Schweizer from Hoover Institute's own site:

"His books have been translated into eleven languages. His most recent work is Do as I Say (Not as I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy (Doubleday, October 2005). Other books include The Bushes: Portrait of a Dynasty (Doubleday, 2004/Anchor, 2005), which the New York Times called "the best" of the books on the Bush family, and Reagan's War: The Epic Story of His Forty-Year Struggle and Final Triumph over Communism (Doubleday, 2002/Anchor 2003). "A rousing and compelling case that Reagan's personal and political odyssey...was central to bringing down the 'evil empire,'" said the Los Angeles Times in its review."

Sounds pretty centrist to me! He's pretty clearly a conservative and not some apolitical guy like you have spun him or the Hoover Institute.

Lastly, let's take another look at those "facts" he had wrong in the article:

Claim: Schweizer claims that Gore receives royalties from a zinc mine on his property.

Truth: http://www.usatoday.com/printedition/news/20060817/correx17.art.htm

" In a column that appeared Aug. 10 on the Forum Page, writer Peter Schweizer inaccurately stated that former vice president Al Gore receives royalties from a zinc mine on his property in Tennessee despite his environmental advocacy. He no longer does, as the mine was closed in 2003."

Claim: CLAIM: Schweizer says that Gore controls stock in Occidental Petroleum.

Truth: Gore has never owned or personally controlled stock in Occidental. His late father, Albert Gore Sr., worked at Occidental and the stock he owned at the time of his death was sold in the 1990s. Gore's mother also owned stock at the time of her death and it, too, was sold by the trustee of her estate. http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/2006-08-16-gore-letters_x.htm

Claim: Gore doesn't use green energy...as it has been proven in several links from the power company, he does...consider that one bunk too.

Claim: Schweizer says that Gore does not offset his carbon emissions because Paramount Classics pays for the offsets.

Truth: The Gore’s personal carbon offsets are achieved independently of and in addition to the carbon-neutral leadership shown by Paramount Classics, Participant Productions and Rodale.

So before you're going to get anyone to believe that stuff PS, you should know what you're talking about. The previous was found in a 15 second google search and a grand total of 3 minutes typing. :)


c3po (nothin meant by it, I just wanted to type c3po)
I did not link to any hit piece. I only ref'd his company web site and called in to question Gores buying energy credits from his own company. You don't buy credits, you reduce power consumption.
I catch crap from my wife for keeping the house at 66 to 68 in the winter, but I live what I preach. Al Gore needs to cut his consumption, not buy credits. Sounds like the old gas guzzler tax. Just pay a couple grand in taxes and drive your 8 mph lamborghine.


With all due respect, Duff I think you did. Wasn't it you that liked to the "CNSnews" story? That was a hit piece and was the one copied/pasted from Drudge and the American Enterprise Institute disciples.


Man your reading too much into the post. I pointed out that it was a Hoover Institute dude and I am well aware it has a bias.
Probably why I put hit piece in quotes.
Have a beer, man.


I don't drink beer...but I will have a scotch and lift a glass for you. :)


"and then turned out they hadn't seen the movie- had refused to see it, even! "

Oh, you must be thinking of Dori Monson.


Ohmygoddess! While the cat's away.....well this Maine coon (is that un-pc?), okay, Siamese (that IS politically incorrect), okay, pussy (BAD!!), okay calico cat thinks that Putz IS one and wants to know if and where he passed the bar (JD or not)...Huh, Putz, what's your bar no.?


"I don't drink beer...but I will have a scotch and lift a glass for you. :)"

sweeeet. have a couple.
when's school is out, snarky and joanie get up on stage so bring some ones with you :)


Puts, when anyone drinks with you, they drink alone.

Hey, man, sweeeet, . . . you been taking classes in stupid colloquialisms? Trying to be one of the gang?

Keep trying . . . and thanks, Cowpot, for putting puts in his inarguably dull place.


when's school is out, snarky and joanie get up on stage so bring some ones with you :)

Now I get it . . . sorry I was so slow. You want a little show? Two girls up on stage. . . well, big boy, what's it worth to you?

Sparky, the man's got it bad. Thanks for putting it out there, puts. Now that I know what you want, I won't expect anything intelligent . . . you're just here for a cyber feel. Well, where do you like it, puts? I don't know how Michael is going to like your need for porn, but I'm willing to comply if you make it worth my while . . .

btw, that little Asian woman not doin' it for ya?


joanie your gonna have to do better than that to gin up some controversy. yawn


Well, baby, you asked for it. If you don't want it, quit beggin' for it. :)


"btw, that little Asian woman not doin' it for ya?"

now now i never would've guessed it. but very revealing that you make a point of the ethnicity. why would it matter what her race was.
you could have said, 'btw, that little woman not doin it for ya?' and made the same point. but yet you had to go that route. hmm.

interesting. kind of racist. well, its hard to be kind of racist.

i guess it must be hard to type while wearing that hood over your head. :)


Oh really. Why did you tell me she was Japanese to begin with? You a racist?


You know, puts, you keep getting in deeper and deeper. You make your own bed but then whine about lying in it.

Maybe you oughta stop trying to be something you're not. You're not cool; you're not consistent; you're not particularly smart; you're not a very good debater; and you don't analyze issues very well. That's why you have to retract, back up, and resort to so-called "stud" rhetoric.

It isn't becoming and it doesn't change who and what you are. The bully on the playground who whines when he gets caught.

Okay with me if that's what you wanna be.


"Oh really. Why did you tell me she was Japanese to begin with? You a racist?"

because it was germane to that conversation on the subject of cultures way back when. i just didn't realize that her ethnicity would be something to attach every time.
hey, i thought your crack was a good one. on point.
just kind of weird that you needed to mention ethnicity when it wasn't necessary to make the point. i guess your comfortable with that. hmm.


you still haven't answered what her race has to do with it. like i said, good crack. but why mention her race. it didn't make the line any better. just made it kind of, well racist.
i also have mixed race children...you want to make a crack about that? go ahead, i am handing you a shovel. dig away.
something to think about?


I was out for the evening, puts.

I find you funny, that's all. Are you ashamed she's asian? I guess I don't understand your paranoia about it.

It's a descriptive word. You used it. I used it. Don't see a problem unless you have one . . . which appears to be the case.

You seem to find problems in a lot places lately. You trying to prove something?

Also, still curious why you'd ask Cowpot to bring ones and request a show from sparky and I if you really didn't want one . . . or are you just confused?


"but you still haven't answered any questions about your apparent double standard for rich guys who agree with your idiotic tripe and those who don't."

Cow, I don't have a double standard, I would call them Hypocrites also if they did the same as Gore or would tell them they are full of BS if they tried to sell me on Global Warming.

"In case you fail at reading comprehension, the point isn't Gore really, it is morons like yourself who disagree with the fact that global warming is occurring"

No Cow, the original point in Duffman's post was about Gore being a hypocrite. But it eventually turned into being about moron's like you falling for the Global Warming lie and giving Gore your hard earned money.

"If you would care to ask instead of casting absurd and downright infantile assumptions you might find that I'm a small business owner who has 15 employees who are well paid for what they do."

As for Reading Comprehension, I don't beleive I ever mentiond anything or assumed what you did for a living, again you are reading things into posts that are not there.

"I can tell you (in terms a Republican would understand) that I am pretty damn sure I contribute more to society than you do."

Cow, what exactly does this mean and how can you be sure? What, because you are a business owner? You don't want me to make assumptions now do you?

"Now you can put up (on topic) or shut up, the choice is yours."

Like Gore, All talk.

And that cave part, it does sound like you live in one. Get out some will you, the sky is not burning like Gore says it is, the air is not toxic like Gore says it is and it is safe to breath, really. Don't be afraid Cow, the world is fine.


Steve, don't turn into puts who is just angling for fights on this blog. You have actually done some reading and listened occasionally.

Isn't the point the Gore uses a lot of energy. So, he makes sure to use it the most "green" way he can. How is that being a hypocrite? That's all that was said.

Cheney uses as much if not more but doesn't try to use it efficiently at all. At least not that anybody seems to know about.

So, I don't understand why you think he's a hypocrite . . . it isn't about how much you use. It is about how efficient you are in using it.


sorry . . . should read "the point isn't that Gore uses a lot of energy, the point is that he uses "green" efficient energy to the best of his ability." Sorry I garbled it so . . .


I find it interesting how people use race and labels. Kind of like the talk we had awhile back on the B word applied to women.

It's not paranoia, rather I just find race/ethnicity to be irrelevant except in specific instances.
You would never had said, 'BTW, that little White (or Black) woman not getting it done for you' now would you? Be honest.
Yes for some reason you wanted to be extra descriptive and point out her race...for what reason? It was a good line. But just read as racist. Your more comfortable with it. Enjoy.

Speaking of horrible individuals, Ann Coulter continues to be...well, Ann Coulter. Unbelievable bad taste. Here it scroll down and you'll see Freakin Ann


Puts, I was reading an article in Time magazine about the EU carbon emissions trading. And my first reaction was that "Snake Oil" phrase. What a scam and Gore must have seen it coming as VP and saw a way to make a lot of money on the fears of enviromentalist in the US.


Well, you find a lot of things interesting, puts, that I don't. So, we'll leave it at that.

Still curious about your confused status on whether or not you want a show . . .

I see you and Steve are hypothesizing again. Too bad you don't deal in facts . . .


I can be all wet on the issue, but the whole Carbon Offset deal seems wrong. But I need to research it more.
i think that people should conserve or not unduly waste resources. But the concept of Carbon Offset seems phony, do as I say, not as I do.
Too be fair, Gore has security issues as a former VP than others do that engage in the carbon offset program. So I really give him a pass in terms of usage.
But as you know, people never lost money in scaring the american public. I still recall Y2k. Damn we spent a lot of resources on that one. The hype about planes falling from the sky, cars not working, utility grids failing, etc. People hyping gold and survivor kits with 6 months worth of food, etc.
Follow the money. Than we will know the anwer.


Joanie, efficient is not enough if he is using that much power and still telling us the world will eventually die if we don't conserve energy ourselves. If he generated his power use solely from Solar panels installed on his home or windmills on his property I would not call him a hypocrite. But he doesn't, and Nashville Electric Service generates some of its power from sources other than Green Sources. It's like a vegetarian eating meat.

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