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February 26, 2007



I like actors who speak out. That is patriotism.

But, I didn't watch and haven't watched for years. Also, turned Goldy off when he started talking about Oscars. . . just too trivial in these hard and sad times.

Turned to replay of young turks where I continued with good political talk.


You're right, Michael, Hollywood is cool. We've always wanted to be there, to be them, and we glory in the promise of the place and give glory to those who make it in Hollywood.
You're right- movies are great these days!
The Michael Medved's of the world have been trying to drag down and demonize the fantasy for years, and it is working.


3/4ths of the whole, I agree with Bla'M. But I must differ with you on the following.

While I agree this year's movies were very good and deserving - esp. Scorsese (finally) and Del Toro's Labyrinth - the Acadamy has always been pretty prone to overlooking the best:

Case & Point - Scorsese
(at least twice)

1976 - Rocky over Taxi Driver
1980 - Ordinary People (wha?) over Raging Bull

Then most recently, this gaffe:
1996 - English Patient over Fargo
(Patient should have won the Raspberry)
1997 - Titanic over Anaconda
(yeah, I know, but Titanic was just that bad


Knew I forgot one:

1990 - Dances with Wolves over Goodfellas

Mercifurious is Dead

Great show last night Styble!

It's a shame that Mercifurious can't behave like an adult and call your show and legitimately debate you.

Oh, I forgot that he's scratching his ass and picking his nose while he watches Bewitched reruns.


It's hilarious how Hollywood apologists claim that the movie industry fosters the ideals of an optimistic, self-criticizing, egalitarion, pluralistic, liberal way of life. Meanwhile, the Hollywood elite live in luxurious mansions well hidden within gated, security protected, secluded enclaves far from the unwashed masses they claim to champion.


Mike Webb is out of jail already?


Bob Dole writes:
Oh, I forgot that he's scratching his ass and picking his nose while he watches Bewitched reruns

Oh you got me! Busted - aint got no musted! Remind me to close my blinds from now on.

Yeah, looks like MW out, about, and up to his old "tricks"


By the way, what is Mercifurious is Dead... uh, I mean Bob Dole. DOH! I mean Mike Webb's point here:

Radio Hell DJ Mikey Hood, from HELL 101.

Was anyone besides MW's alternate personalities listening that night?

blathering michael

I'm trying to be insulted and Take Great Umbrance- but I don't know what the fuck Webb's saying, here. could someone explain?


I didn't have the foggiest. I thought that it was some inside joke/insult between you, Webb, & Maloney...

...and Bob Dole & Mercifurious is Dead


The problem is that conservatives don't like good movies, and this particular award show rewards good movies, which would exclude Epic Movie and Saw 3. They would have nicer things to say about the Oscars if their tastes were at all represented.


Can someone explain to me by the Rev Jesse Jackson apparently does not 'heart' Hollywood? I've heard that he apparently thinks it is still racist and discriminatory? It doesn't seem like it to me.


And as for our illustrious (almost) President -turned Environmental Guru, check this out.
[And, Oh by the way, how many Academy Award attendees actually arrived by public transit the other night?]

"Al Gore's Mansion Described As Energy Hog
By Susan Jones
CNSNews.com Senior Editor
February 27, 2007

(CNSNews.com) - Former Vice President (and global warming aficionado) Al Gore deserves an award for hypocrisy, says the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

The group, which studied Gore's electric and natural gas consumption, says his mansion in Belle Meade area of Nashville "consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year.""


Kirby is leading his "torches and pitchforks" KVI rabble in atacking James Cameron this morning. Kirby and his KVI fundamentalist Jesus knuckleheads are upset and threatened that Cameron is saying Christ was just a man.


What's the deal with poor, pathetic "Bill" interviewing the woman owner of Ruth's Chris in Seattle, and either putting himself down or bending over as the owner humiliates him. Is this just more of the advetising industry's white male bashing campaign?


oh good..I thought I was the only one who didn't understand a word of Mike Webb's blog....


Duffman, you should do a little more critical thinking before you hop on anything that smears someone you politically detest. Are you aware of where that "story" came from? Drudge of course. If you actually care for the truth, it has been reported quite a few times that he gets all of his power here: http://www.tva.gov/greenpowerswitch/

The man also purchases carbon offsets for any of his vehicles. Do you understand that concept?

Look, if you want to have a debate try and show up with some evidence besides a bullshit article taken from wing-nut sources.


One more thing to add... What does any of that crap have to do with the actual problem of Global Warming? Has the right basically abandoned the issue in hopes of smearing the messenger now? (rhetorical question of course, we already know the answer)


Tell it to the 'real' source (Tennessee Power.., an'independent' data source); I never said it had ANYthing to do with GW. ..and I'm NOT a right-wing conservative; if you MUST 'classify' me; put me down as an 'independent human being with political left-leanings'
'..critical thinking..': would you even recognize it?


Duffman can you read? Look at the link...yes I am sure Gore's MANSION uses a lot of power. Look at where he GETS the power...green sources. The article you linked was copied/pasted from Drudge and fails to report anything but supposed consumption. It clearly states he is somehow a hypocrite for being on a crusade against global warming and using too much power (the clear implication is that he is polluting 100x more than typical Americans).

Do you understand this? Jesus you're dense. Get over your Gore hate for 2 seconds and use some reading comprehension.

YOU were the one who brought up this non-story and tried to smear the guy so forgive me if I 1) refute your bullshit logic and 2) doubt your motives. So do you have any real supporting evidence to refute my facts or shall we just chock another one up to you believing anything that supports your ideology?

Don't run and hide behind "oh but I'm an independant" I really don't give a shit. You made a statement, it got shredded so either refute what I'm saying or don't. But don't insult your intelligence by hiding behind the "but I'm an independent" strawman...that really shows a weak mind.


Responding to Drudge’s attack, Vice President Gore’s office told ThinkProgress:

1. Gore’s family has taken numerous steps to reduce the carbon footprint of their private residence, including signing up for 100 percent green power through Green Power Switch, installing solar panels, and using compact fluorescent bulbs and other energy saving technology.

2. Gore has had a consistent position of purchasing carbon offsets to offset the family’s carbon footprint — a concept the right-wing fails to understand. Gore’s office explains:

What Mr. Gore has asked is that every family calculate their carbon footprint and try to reduce it as much as possible. Once they have done so, he then advocates that they purchase offsets, as the Gore’s do, to bring their footprint down.


Ha..kind of a touchy subject I see...hey this blog needed some exitement.
I'd post more references/sources to debate you...but I find sources that differ with this blog's ideology tends to be discounted (&/or) deleted.
...continue with your 'do as we say' (not as we do) spoon-feeding and have a good life.
[When you have to resort to vile language and name-calling you have defeated yourself..and your opposition needs say no more]


Duffman, I did not resort to any such thing. I posted the facts. I am not sensitive about any of it.


Bullshit. It has a pretty clear meaning and hardly qualifies as foul unless you're shirking from the debate. Don't confuse someone calling you for parroting a patently absurd story that DRUDGE HIMSELF has pulled from his site for being 'touchy.'

You won't post sources? They get deleted? I find that hard to believe. More likely you don't want dig too deeply for you might find that you're wrong and just bought whatever bullshit (there is that word again) fit into your preconceived notions of Al Gore. If you're going to dislike the guy at least get your own facts straight.


Sorry to do this to you Duffman, but here is an interesting source...if you are even reading this:


That so-called independent group that CNS (and Drudge) quoted as somehow a non-partisan group? Oops...look at all the links to right-wing think tanks and quotes them copiously. Now are you beginning to get a whiff of the bullshit that is all over this story yet? :)


sparky: sorry that certainly wasn't meant for you; I enjoy your posts (& your language)...I tend to discount folks who use bad words...as it is SO NOT NECESSARY!


I am not a Gore fan true enough [I even voted for him] but I certainly do not hate him (as I do not 'hate' human beings).
I just think there is sufficient scientific data out there to dispute his power-point presentations.


Are you changing the subject Duffman? If you are the reasonable person you portray yourself as then you should look at what's been posted and figure out that you bought a line of bu...nk. Now you can either stay all butt-hurt about somebody using what you consider to be foul language or you can figure out the truth.


Thank you; I will examine that further.

"..you can either stay all butt-hurt about somebody using what you consider to be foul language.."

That is not the case..just don't believe it's necessary; you seem to be an articulate person.


I don't waste a lot of time thinking about whether I'm articulate or not...that's for you to decide. Compared to some I'm a slobbering moron but then again there is the other side of that fence. I am, however, kind of an opinionated a-hole.


To your credit!


Fuck your baseless bluff claim, Duffman (again)

I'd post more references/sources to debate you...but I find sources that differ with this blog's ideology tends to be discounted (&/or) deleted.

As before Duffman, you've never posted these sources for us to check. Nice try (again).


I just think there is sufficient scientific data out there to dispute his power-point presentations.

So "his (Gore's) power-point presentations" is now your straw-man source for us?

How about EVERY single peer-approved scientific study on Global Warming? Eat that.


Bla'M Fam alert.

Once again, Duffy gives us this baseless drool:

I just think there is sufficient scientific data...

Duffman either needs to bring some source work for his claims or be shown the door, folks.

Show me the money!

Note: Don't even try to use Frosty "The World is 14,000 years old, and the Apocalypse will arrive June 7th" Hardison as a source.


Guess you wanted to rub it in (regarding bad words); so I will discount this except to say that I did indeed post 'heavy-duty' Ritter sources and as was stated previously that subject is dead, as in 'point, set, MATCH'!


so I will discount this except to say that I did indeed post 'heavy-duty' Ritter sources

(and WHERE?)

You must have posted these "'heavy-duty' Ritter sources" recently - in the last few days.

Because they are now readily available, please repost them now. In all seriousness Duffman, the Bla'M fam would like to see them.



I tried to make this an active link but guess I haven't learned to do that yet (sorry).
It's a pretty in-depth series; but I believe you will see the apparent contradictions and incorrect conclusions reached as demonstrated by 'his own words and actions' Enjoy.


hell no, bad language is not necessary on this blog.


Oh Duffy Duffy Duffy,

Conspiracy blogger Jared Israel?

Ya gots to be kidding..This is a guy who continues to deny the Sebrenca massacres. A Serbian/Milosivic apologist. Good job. He has been castigated for years for taking license with facts.

Sorry Duff, you really need to do a background check on these web sites before you cite them as sources.*

* - it kind of gives the impression you are intellectually lazy.


Just an impression, Moose?

How about confirming everything we know?


...forget the messenger and look at his (Ritter's) own words; first as a 'hawk' and then as a 'dove'. He does it to himself over and over again; all Israel does is use Lexis-Nexus to find the inconsistancies.
* - it kind of gives the impression you are intellectually lazy.
nice of you to make that judgement; you're so fair and unbiased (like FOX)....ha



Here is another revelation from your "source,"

"It is even possible for intelligence officials from the US and Iran to meet for the purpose of planning public displays of mutual hostility aimed at diverting public awareness and scapegoating Israel."

He claims that US governments and Iran have been working together these past decades to promote - yes promote - Islamic fanaticism as a means to scapegoat Israel.



Oh I get it...first it's that I don't provide sources and now it's that the sources I provide are of the wrong flavor...nice try, but it's over...from the mouth of the man himself. If you want to rely on Ritter, go for it.
MATCH! Over!


"...forget the messenger and look at his (Ritter's) own words; first as a 'hawk' and then as a 'dove'. He does it to himself over and over again; all Israel does is use Lexis-Nexus to find the inconsistancies. "

That's my point....You can't separate the message from the messenger here becuz the guys a loon...He takes quotes out of context in order to build his big conspiracy theory. Ritter has been consistent in what he has said.


Yeah...take your ball and go home. When you grow up and can actually carry on a discussion let us know.


I must be missing something here. What does this have to do with Hollywood or Al Gore? :) What exactly are you arguing about anyway?


your point is moot; go beyond Israel (& whatever agenda he might have)and study (in a time line) Ritter's own words as reported by 'many other sources' (of all political slants) and if you still want to stick by Ritter, I wish you well, as one will never be able to convince someone with self-imposed blinders. It's OVER; I'm sorry but this is a LOSS of Ritter supporters. Enough said!


Sorry CP3...not relevant to this thread...got off on a tangent because of a previous challenge to my source(s) or lack thereof.
It's over!


See, here's the central problem Duffy.
After you spilled this cud...

"If you study his comments in some relative depth, you will see that while he was somewhat accurate in his recall of facts, he was prone to drawing incomplete and 'inaccurate' conclusions."

...we all thought that you yourself had actually studied his "in some relative depth". But in reality, you had only swallowed one cup of koolaid from one Serbian genocide apologist.
(note: it happened - video does not lie)

So again, you really never gave us your research or an in depth study. I'd try some "primary research" instead of some wackjob genocide denial.

But then again, this would require some collegiate writing experience along with a given level intellectual honesty & integrity.

Note: I love the way Duffy tries to end the debate while his pants are around his ankles

MATCH! Over!

Not unlike Herr Falafeloofa after his sex harrassment payout:

"This brutal ordeal is now officially over, and I will never speak of it again,"

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