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February 13, 2007


Tags McGee

I came here for the naked photos of Dori Monson.

Where are they?

I am lonely tonight and need a little Sylvester-the-cat soundin' action, if you know what I'm cookin.

I was preparing to do "brutal combat" to my "hour number two".

Please advise.


The reception was clear last night and I was able to tune into Frank Shier's show. I guess since I couldn't schedule a root canal at that time, it was the next most pleasurable thing.

I almost launched myself through the radio at the arrogant sanctimonious bastard. His first topic was about an unfortunate young man who had been diagnosed with ALS and had "gasp" decided to marry and have children before his untimely departure.

Who the fuck does he think he is, in his toned down, whispery know it all voice, "who did they have the children for? For themselves. Selfish? Yes."

Everyone has children for themselves, you prick. God knows you spout on and on enough about your beloved little brat that we know you had her for your own self gratification.

There are no guarantees in life. At any moment a child may be robbed of one parent or another. And I well know that ALS doesn't keep a time schedule. Yes, the prognosis is never good, but look at Stephen Hawking, he has lived a long and significant life despite his ALS. Would you have had him put his entire life "on hold" in case the ALS had progressed faster than anticipated? Perhaps no university should have accepted him, or offered him grant money. What a waste, he could well be dead by dinner time.

Yes, his sons will be left without a father, yes it will be sad, yes it will be a great burden on his wife, his family and society, but who in the hell do you think you are to sit in judgement of who can, and cannot have children? Let's make sure that the druggies, the welfare mom's and the dead beat dads are all sterilized. Oh, don't forget, let's sterilize all the Democrats too.

You are an arrogant, snob of the highest degree. If only one day someone of your odourous ilk would judge you with the same lack of mercy.

Who is to say that these boys might not learn lessons of unconditional compassion and love as the see others rally around their unfortunate father.

A life long friend died on Sept. 2005 after a 7 year battle with ALS. He had more dignity and class in his little finger than you do in your entire loathsome body.


BTW, what was rush talking about regarding the essence of Thoroughbreds (capitalized to indicate the breed as opposed to meaning "pure bred.")

Horses that will be used for racing are only bred through a "live cover." This a long time Jockey Club rule.

I guess that stipulation would indicate that Rush is a "thoroughbred" and not a "Thoroughbred."


I do not want to know why Rush is such an expert on masturbating horses....fingers in ears...LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA..i cant hear you..


Meh--I do think some people shouldn't have children. I won't do anything to STOP them, of course, and I certainly hope the government doesn't try to do so, but, for example, is it really responsible for 80-year-olds to have kids? Didn't Tony Randall do that? And then die a few years later? Probably not a great idea.


A guy in my offic is AI (artifical insemination) certified. He gets $650 a shot (bad pun) for his quarterhorse and he ships it all over the country. He does about 20 a year.

I know, I know, too much information....LA LA LA LA LA


No, that's different!! lol
it just sounded to me like Rush was giving random horses handjobs...ew

Imagine what a conversation starter that is...
"..and what do YOU do for a living??"


I actually sold a car to a man who made his living inseminating cows. I have always been a friendly guy but I had a hard time shaking his hand at the end of the transaction.
He drove a pickup truck that had signs all over it advertising what he did.
Don't know what this has to do with the Limbaugh story. Just had to share.


you go Liz.


I boned a chicken once, but it died.


Chucks! That's hilarious!


Give him hell, Liz. He deserves it. What a self-righteous pompous ass.

I think pompous asses should not be allowed to procreate.

Hey, I've got one of those great big inseminating thingamajigs sitting in the garage. My folks used it on the farm . . . for the cows of course.:)

Ventrella is a barber; and a race between a haircut and a barber would be too cute, even for us.

Funny, Michael.


You should check out comment #16 on Horsesass on the thread about the viaduct "Principles of the Community" by a poster "klake." About Lee Marvin, Captain Kangaroo, and Mr. Roberts. . . It is just very, very interesting.


You could get a gazillion bucks for that on E-Bay, joanie....

Committee for a Styble-free KIRO

Geez- creepy, sneering old Lou Pate crawls out from under his rock to wire Blatherwatch on how he was the original Seattle basher. Give it up, Lou. That kind of craphead attitude that led you to fanatically bash our little city, is the reason you're still Mr. Sub, and not Mr. Miami morning drive, which you no doubt still think you're worthy of, just like you thought you ought to anchor mornings here. What's the excuse now, Pate, for your continuing failure of a career? Can't blame us unhip Seattle lamers anymore. You didn't just bash Seattle, you anally penetrated us every night, with a hatred and disdain that only Freud himself would have to unravel. In the end, you were just a bore and a bully here, on the overnight, as well as a sneering, negative creep. Those of us who are Seattle natives are proud to see the homey but lame, ugly duckling of a blue collar town transform itself into the cool, sleek, sophisticated swan that it it is now in the final stages of becoming. Sure we have our problems, but your attempt to portray us as an unfriendly, icy "lily white" town was ludicrous. There are enough people here from other places now that the old , Seattle stereotypes, although still of some limited validity, just don't hold anymore. We're neither friendly or cold. If you want to find friendly people here, you can. As for "lily white", I emailed you a google fact from the U.S. Census Bureau that revealed Seattle to be only about 63 percent white. iT's probably closer to 50% now , seven years later. Instead of acknowledging a mistake, an impossibility for a donkey such as you, you just repeated some irrelevant bogus racial demographics statistic from Radio and Records that covered probably a several thousand square mile Seattle radio maeket, not the City of Seattle, which the Census covered. Why are you still reading Blatherwatch anyway?

Committee for a Styble-free KIRO

Bill O'Reilly, the High Poobah of Hubris, has just declared John Edwards fledgling 2008 presidential campaign dead, for refusing to fire two women campaign workers who made comments on their blogs (one of them is called Shakespeare's Sister} that attacked his precious Catholic Church, until after he "exposed" the two on his TV and radio shows. Demogogue O'Reiily is our current day Walter Winchell, revelling in and openingly boasting of his power to break and destroy people. A thug, sadist and a bully? Definitely. In Edward's case, however, his premature proclaiming of Edward's political demise, supposedly due to one of his broadcast hit pieces, is merely laughable.

Committee for a Styble-free KIRO

Correction-According to Shakespeare's Sister, one of the subjects of O'Reilly's ire says she resigned andwas not fired. The other woman claims she resigned as well. Unlike O'Reilly, I take them at their word.


It is good to see Lou Pait doing well in other cities. I did not agree w/him most of the time, but I don't wish him ill. He must be doing something to get on in NewYawk. There is no reason to be so hateful like many on this blog


Typing error alert.I meant Pate not Pait.


There are lots of great things about Seattle--but lots of crap. Dig this waste of $1,000,000 on a meaningless election... or the impending rebuilt viaduct... or this unpublicized election: http://www.kingcd.org/new_cal_ele_not_2_5_07.htm (http://tinyurl.com/2gco2g) - no mail-in allowed..


Isn't today Al Franken's last show on AA?


Cthulu-damn you Bla'M.

Hooked through the gills on BW check-ins, today. After the emails to Jamieson & Seattle NAACP et al, I just have this good/bad feeling about breaking KIRO news.

I say bad feeling because deep-down I think we all want Styblehitler to show up Sunday and answer and face the sweet soul music. (ie, throw Styble-tantrums for 3 hours)

Committee for a Styble-free KIRO

Sparkery- How about if you hate someone-that's a reason to be hateful, isn't it? I hate Lou Pate.


Have iTunes on, sounds like Al is getting ready to announce his senate run...


Yayy! Go Al!

Guess I will have to go look up an IP address or three to figure out who "Sparkery" usually posts as....


Hey You Guys
You still have until tomorrow to get your bids in to buy Air America. The BK judge is allowing the auction to go forward in hopes of getting fair market value.
Minimum bid is $4,600,000.00 with a ten percent deposit required.
The auction itself runs Friday.
I know this does not fit this thread. Sorry about that as well.


Timmy Pyeman had some of his minions out in front of my local grocery store this afternoon....they literally yelled at me that I should sign their petition. I asked if Timmy was paying them, and they looked surprised that I would know that...when they said, "...uh yes.." I told them I would not sign even a birthday card for him. Stunned silence. Bwahahahahahah


Statement of the Subject: Initiative Measure No. 960 concerns tax and fee increases imposed by state government.

Concise Description: This measure would require two-thirds legislative approval or voter approval for tax increases,
legislative approval of fee increases, certain published information on tax-increasing bills, and advisory votes on
taxes enacted without voter approval.
Should this measure be enacted into law?


Interesting. I haven't read the text yet, and I'm sure I will find stuff in there not to like. And Eyman...well, I do have problems with Eyman. But this 2/3 stuff is interesting. We already require 60% on lots of bonds (schools, etc.)...and does anyone recognize this quote?

"I note one proposal to make this Congress a two-house body. Excellent—the more impediments to legislation the better. But, instead of following tradition, I suggest one house of legislators, another whose single duty is to repeal laws. Let the legislators pass laws only with a two-thirds majority... while the repealers are able to cancel any law through a mere one-third minority. Preposterous? Think about it. If a bill is so poor that it cannot command two-thirds of your consents, is it not likely that it would make a poor law? And if a law is disliked by as many as one-third is it not likely that you would be better off without it?"


I doubt that Timmy would understand a single word that you just typed...he just wants his salary and another opportunity to dress like Darth Vader when he goes to Olympia...


Coiler, it is his last day. I don't think he'll win in Minnesota because there are just too many macho jerks who cannot tolerate sensitive men. Al is so good, kind, sensitive, smart, and his show is nothing if not informative.

I will miss him so much.

It is a good show. Tom Oliphant and Joe Conason . . . I missed the first hour. Will listen again online at 9 when AA repeats him.

He is in the company of Bob Keeshan, Fred Roberts and Lee Marvin.

Sorry. I'm going to miss him. But, then, I care . . .


I should of pulled over last year in Olympia when Timmy was walking across the street from a tv interview dress as dick cheney(vader) Would of made a great youtube event asking him why he looks so gay.

Al probably will have a hard time in MN as it is a huntin and fishin state. Lots of Ed Shultz types there before Ed became more centrist.


But, they did have Paul Wellstone . . . who represented the democratic wing of the democratic party. (as Al reminded us today.) I think Al's a little too soft and maybe not always funny which I can overlook. I'm feeling bad for him . . . why is it so often the good guys get left behind?


he has that Prairie Home personality going for him. His last 20 mins on the air was his best show.


And you know Garrison Keillor will be his staunchest supporter . . . I'm feeling better already.



Randi just said something about an Ed Schultz meltdown yesterday? Anybody know what that's all about?


Can't stand to listen to him anymore, it's all about him and Fargo being the center of the universe. I don't know, they have had a long term feud going before AA when they were invited to testify in congress and he accepted PAC money or something and she refused.


Randi hates him and he hates her...he is having those "meltdowns" quite often lately --I think he thinks it makes great radio..ugh....


Hey Coiler, go to Randi's message board where there is lots of talk about Ed dissing AA's lineup yesterday.

About the pac money, I heard Randi tell the story herself on CSpan with Brian Lam. She said a bunch of deep pocket Dems had a lunch meeting with both her and Ed about how to get their message on radio. They had a boatload of money ready to hand out. Ed took it but Randi did not. She said she'd earn hers.


Here's some potential "dirt" that Norm Coleman could use against Al. According to Wikipedia, Al Franken is responsible for his friend, producer Lorne Michaels' contract not being renewed at NBC Saturday Night Live. Franken went on the air with his infamous "No Limo for the Lame-O" commentary one week on SNL. During his talk, he held up charts, showing how NBC President Fred Silverman was not performing fro the company, due to the crappy ratings of a series of new Silverman NBC shows. He argued that Silverman, the Lame-O, didn't deserve a limousine, whereas he, Franken, did. Silverman was so incensed by the skit, that he broke off negotiations with Michaels for a newcontract. Coleman could argue that Franken, even though he apparently had the go-ahead from Michaels on the commentary, should have known this could have happened and self-censored himself. Poor judgement, Al, Coleman could wag his finger and say.


Is Dave Ross "grooming" his voice to sound more and more like Charles Osgood, until the two are indistinguishable? Just asking, Dave. Otherwise your show is great- for a snoozefest. Thank Christ for The Commentators.


Hmmm lots of comments on the Rhodes site. I know Ed really distanced himself last year when people would call in and mention AAR and Ed would blow up and say "I'm not part of AAR" and cut the caller off, he could of explained that AAR affiliates do their own programming at times.

He now seems to look forward to bashing AAR and looking at the comments, wants to bring other Jones Network hosts into the fray for support. I guess his time slot is good against Dori, but he is not clued into current events as his callers make mention to a particular item and he says "well I really don't know much about this, how could that be possible?" Then the very next day he will parrot the same story and act like he is the first host to bring it to your attention.

I think the progressive movement is too savvy for Shultz and will not jump on his every beck and call. They are pissed and have waited 7 years for change.


so nobody actually cares what the Eyman initiative is about 'cos it's an Eyman initiative--too bad


so nobody actually cares what the Eyman initiative is about 'cos it's an Eyman initiative--too bad

Yeah, that's right.

This is a scoundrel who lies about how much money he funnels. This confirmed IDIOT who has never answered a single direct question about spending cuts or where they should occur. This is a demogogue who starts pie-in-the-sky initiatives without following the law, but then whines & cries no-fair when the courts strike them down....

Yet we're supposed to trust his word about state budgets?

PS, I forgot one: He's a bigoted creep. Once you sell your soul to the Hutch, there's no turning back


tommy, i am wondering if the people of Minnesota will care about that...and you do understand, dont you, that Wikipedia can say anything you or I choose to post there...


"a blogger's conference over the weekend", Bla'M? Were YOU there, Nate?

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