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February 06, 2007


Tom Clendening

Looks like someone could use some HTML lessons. All your tags are showing! What a masterful blogger you are!

Oh, go ahead and delete me. But some people already read me. Heh heh


Darn, Michael, what's a /p code? That's a new one for me.

But, the story was interesting. I think hanging out with the politicos in New Hampshire was probably very cool.

One disagreement however: radio may be entertainment but it is also still informational. Perhaps some of these hosts might try to add a little more honest information to the mix . . .

Tom, you're the only one who gives a d***.


Those tags did make things harder to read...but the content shone through and that is more important. But did you have to remind me about George Galloway?


VERY interesting story Bla'M...thanks!


Michael, this was a tremendously interesting series. Thanks for you hard work tracking these producers down!

I used to be in radio a long time back, and your insights and connections with the current broadcasters is certainly appreciated.

That said...

has anyone else noted that when Dori Monson fills in for Ron Reagan...it's the "Dori Monson show"? Isn't it standard protocol for a guest host to say "filling in for_______" when they take the shift?

But, I guess it just reflects on the rudeness of Dori...

Tags McGee

Tags... annoying... bad...


It's ok Michael, we all make little mistakes every now and then. Just some people are rude to shove it in your face now and then. But there is a question I still haven't heard a reply from you about, and that refers to the 70% you said don't support the war in Iraq. There have been a couple Rallys and Protest since you said that, and your Patriot Watada trial got a dozen or so out of their house's. Where are the REST?


Hey Steve,

When do you ship out to Iraq?

Oh, I forgot, you're just a keyboard warrior. Some kind of patriot.


When they call Parratta, when they call. You do see the difference though right, your cause (like most others here also)has been calling but nobody is showing up. And if they do answer the call, it's what, 1 or 2 hours then they go home to the warmth of their cozy home.

If and when I do get the call Parratta, it wont be for an hour or two, it will be for 18-24 months or more. Are you willing to take off work, or school for that long for your cause? Pat Tillman did for his country, Lt Watada is willing to go to jail for your cause. Is it too cold for you? Too rainy? Mommy or Daddy won't let you go? Afraid someone might see you? Whats your excuse?

(I like that Keyboard Warrior, gives an Indentity to everyone here)

How about you go and pay them homeless out there with their "Need money for Food" signs we see at those busy intersections to hold up Anti-War signs. There seems to be more of them out there then that 70% number Michael was so proud to quote a few weeks ago.


hahahhahahahaha..."wait for the call"

that is a good one...


That was an enteresting series. As an outsider looking in, it is cool to read about the workings of the producers.
Talk radio is entertaining for many of us. Maybe now and again we can learn something as well.
Thanks for the story.
(and yes, it was hard to read and as soon as I master spelling, I will complain)


I heard 2000 showed up Monday at Ft Lewis, not sure what stev-il is trying to say.


"When they call Parratta, when they call."

They've been "calling" for over three years..so much for your commitment to "your cause." Typical chickenhawk.


parratta, sparky, et al: how do you feel about a draft?


I am generally in favor of a draft for this "war on terror." However, it would have to be one in which there aren't as many exemptions. With that said though, the military brass are for the most part, not in favor of a draft...I would defer to them. I think we should be paying enlistees much more than we do.


I have mixed feelings lukobe....
I do feel that if we had a draft that did not allow for ANY opt-outs by the rich kids, their wealthy parents would not be so quick to get us into wars. My father fought in WWII and he always said there were thousands and thousands of men who wanted to fight for their country, because the purpose was totally different than Viet Nam and the Iraq wars. It seems to me that if our country is truly in danger, then there are people willing to fight. It is when the war is for ego and other issues, men have to be "forced" to fight by being drafted. If you visit the yellowelephant.com site it is quite interesting to read all the excuses the College Republicans come up with as to why they should not have to sign up to fight in Iraq. The danger and fighting are for the brown people and those who have few employment options, according to these little yellow elephants.

I dont really want a draft, but I wonder if Bush would feel differently about the war if his own daughters were in uniform outside the Green Zone. It is always easy to send someone else's kid to do the dirty work.


"It is always easy to send someone else's kid to do the dirty work."

Nice quote Peasant Sparky, I guess it is easy for you to let others fight your cause on the front lines while you go shopping.


Paratta, the ole chickenhawk defense, another good one.

You failed to give us your excuse as to why you don't do more for your cause. I would bet it's the Mommy or Daddy thing. You just can't or they wont let you break away out on your own.


Sparky said
"My father fought in WWII and he always said there were thousands and thousands of men who wanted to fight for their country, because the purpose was totally different than Viet Nam and the Iraq wars."

Now where did I hear this quote from before. Sure wasn't from our own Peasant. Could it have been on the radio, anyone care to help.

Who is the real Peasant Sparky?


"ring ring....ring ring"

Steve: " Hewoa?"

USMarine Corps: " Hello Steve. We are in a terrible jam in Iraq and we really really need you!!"

Steve: " Uh...you have the wong numbah. Bye Bye.."


I think we should be paying enlistees much more than we do.

I think it would be nice if Bush just quit cutting veterans' benefits.

while you go shopping.

Just following The Decider's orders . . .

Talk about keyboard warriors- that's a laugh. The only "warrior" that I hear from is doing the most keyboarding. Oh, thanks for the laugh, Steve!

Vince Carter

Sounds like Steve is 'spare parts' for the military if they haven't called him up yet.

Don Evans

just want to congratulate Michael on this New Yorker length treatment of radio producers. I've never read anything about them before- they're pretty important in an unimportant corner of the entertainment business. Not sure if the subject is deserving of such great detail, but you did a great job of opening this niche for all to see.


I don't want a draft--I don't want to force someone to fight against his will to make a political point.

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