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February 24, 2007



How about Geov Parrish??


Bring back Allen Prell.
Lets also try some good local talent such as Dan Savage. I've heard Dan Savage on a number of radio shows -as a guest such as John Carlson's show- and he was smart, funny articulate, and willing to debate. Agree or disagree with his politics he was entertaining.

why not (living in Shelton)

Allen Prell - his style did not really fit in the mornings - in the evenings though I think he would do quite well.

Stephen Schwartz

Move Goldy to weekdays. Rehire Erin on weekends. Sump silly shires or move him to KTTH.

Tie both stations to blog with some real reporting of what happens in Seattle.


I'd love to see Prell come back - and more Ron, too.
Any ideas on how soon we'll see some changes take place?


I'd love to see Erin back. . . aren't you surprised, Michael, that she's reaped even 10% of the vote?

Ross, Reagan, Prell and Hart on weekends. I like that. Wonder how Reagan would do 6-9 and Prell 9-12? Might consider leaving Dori 1-4 and doing news hour 4-6. Extend Ross to 1 pm.


They should dump Styble, and get Val Stouffer to come back. Get rid of the ridculously light-weight, Jane Shannon.




Frank Shiers to overnight. David Goldstein to Shier's shift. Please replace Vinnie with someone who can speak English.


Please let Ron Reagan have a 3 hour show, preferably Dori's.

blathering michael

Duffman, Coiler, Pugetsound, Recife: Please go talk about Hillary on another thread: this is for suggestions on what to do with KIRO. Duffmyman: please refrain from HUGE cut'n' pastes, please. Be reasonable in length, and link instead of copy,


Hope i didn't hurt anyones feelings with the truth


Will do Michael...figured you'd be persuaded to chime in...this is your baby and I will follow the rules. [Wasn't talking 'bout Hillary per se..was demonstrating the validity 'or lack thereof' of 'sources'.]


my appologies.


IMHO, I think KIRO should staff to more lean to the left. Dave Ross is really the only one who seems to support liberal views (& lately..I've been a little suspect of where he's coming from?). I know there's been conjecture that with new ownership they might gear up to support Mitt Romney - but I hope they realize that 'dog will not hunt' in this state. I would like to see someone who could make a case for Hillary and/or Obama and back it up with 'sourced' facts and get folks excited about having our first female and/or black President.

blathering michael

no big deal- usually I don't give a shit about off-topic- I like free wheeling, far ranging bull shit. I just want to keep this thread in the room, because I'm gonna amalgamate opinions in a big post later... you can just resume the discussion in a different thread any other thread.
valid sources are good...


Gotcha! Gracious.




good local talent must be available. or is it like the american idol talent hunt that recently made seattle look fairly sucky.
in regards to carl jeffers, i swear that he sounds like he is in a different studio than everyone else. the sound quality of his show is different and it grates on my ears. i would listen to him more if he would bring on guests in studio that had opposing views.
erin hart. i would rather take a punch in the mouth then listen to her. hell, bring back amy alcott in lieu of erin. at least amy could crack a joke.
allen prell, i didn't like him at first. but on his last show he made me laugh so damn hard that i came around and was thinking in the car that damn, i should be listening to him more often. of course, the next day he gets canned. i really think he could have become an institution here.
ron reagan, i would love to get him on for 3 hours. hopefully his contract with msnbc will allow for that later on.


Amy Alpine is all tied up, I hear.


Bring back Allan Prell! I'll listen to him any time of day! He's hilarious. I haven't listened to KIRO since they fired him. I'll tune in to 710 if Allan is on.

The first time I heard him I thought my cat had retuned my radio or KIRO was having a bad ear day but after a few weeks I was hooked on Prell. BRING HIM BACK!!!!!


"Amy Alpine is all tied up, I hear"

good catch, my cranium needs an upgrade. Me thinks that Amy Alcott is a golfer.


Amy Alpine


Please don't invite Amy Alpine back. I didn't like her the first time . . . Wasn't she married to a local comedian?


Please rehire Alan Prell for a shift, either in Ron and Don's time, or during Frank Shiers time. Sack Frank, or put him on overnights. If you put Alan on during Frank's time, keep Ron and Don.
Rehire Erin Hart and have her and David Goldstein share Sat and Sun.
7-10 then 10-1 or so. Keep Turi Ryder as a fill-in host.

David Whines

Make David Grumpstein go away. Far away


See, more ballots for Erin . . . told you somebody was out there listening. :)

She and Goldstein would do well on weekends . . . what if they shared a show? Man, it would be fun betting on who would get the last word.


Amy Alpine makes this look good


Here's what I'd like to hear:

News, 5-9
Dave Ross, 9-12
Ron Reagan, 12-3
News, 3-7
Alan Prell, 7-10
Tony Ventrella, 10-5 (sorry for the long shift Tony, but I can't stand the thought of any other talent coming in overnight.

On the weekends, Carl Jeffers, Erin Hart and Goldy.

Stephen Schwartz

Glad to see more Erin.

Goldy, Goldy, Goldy M-F, 9-12.

Vinnie .. it ain't his fault. He is a real sportie w/o a tema to support. Either dumpl him or better give him a real reporting job, reporting on Seattle sports from High School to Huskies, Zags to Sonics. Add a blog and some real reporting.

Overnight .. actually Ross Reruns ain;t bad . I sualym listen to KUOW in the AM. Webb all night would be a reason to stay up! Maybe a mix of music and rant.

why not (living in Shelton)

Since this is going to management here is my
dream schedule:
KIRO Daily
5-9 News
9-12 Dave Ross
12-3 Ron Reagan
3-7 News (need news when the M's are on)
7-10 Allen Prell
10-1 Carl Jeffers
1-5 Erin Hart
Of course GOLDY on the Weekend along with
Phil the News Junkie, Brinker, Ciscoe
5-9 Sytman & Boze
9-12 Rush
12-3 Medved
3-7 Dori Munson
7-10 NY Vinnie (Sonics are here- y not?)
10-1 Savage
1-5 O'Really

Stephen Schwartz

The idea of Vinnie on KTTH is interestinjg. He foes seem to have morals though. I have trouble seeing him and Savage onthe same frequency.


For a while Frank Shiers was good , but it seems the past 4 month his show has really gone down hill . I can have on 570 am KVI in the morning and Frank is talking about the samething, tune into The Ron and Don show , and then Put Frank on Guess what he is talking about the samething and if he isnt talking about what Frank want's too talk about it's Like drinking a glass of sand . just my thoughts.


Okay---my line up.

First Ron Reagan has to go. Not because I don't like him but because he needs to go national. A voice like his would be a great boost for Air America.

5 am - 9 am...NEWS

9 am - 12 N....Dave Ross

12 N - 1 pm...NEWS

1 pm - 4 pm...Dori Monson

4 pm - 7 pm...News

7 pm - 10 pm...Sports

10 pm - 1 am...The Idiots ( R & D)

1 am - 5 am...Joannie & Duffman

Now I can see Bonneville dumping Dave & Dori to save money. After all they must be the highest paid hosts. Plus Dori is gone at least 12 weeks of the year anyway. So why pay him for sitting around home with the kids.

How about a daytime line-up of Entertainment News? Now that would get some ratings!

Okay, here is my new line-up. (Can you tell I am doing this on the fly?)

5 am - 9 am....NEWS


12 n - 1 pm....NEWS

1 pm - 4 pm....CELEBRITY GOSSIP

4 pm - 7 pm....NEWs

7 pm - 9 pm....SPORTS TALK

9 pm - 1 am....SHOCK TALK WITH RON & DON

1 am - 5 am....JOANNIE & DUFFMAN

I guarentee high ratings.

Bob Moorehead

More time for Carl Jeffers. His bumper music is a gas, man! Every time I hear it I want to break out a joint, and I don't even smoke weed!

Stephen Schwartz

Carl Jeffers is Styble with some smarts. Unlike Styble, Jeffers is knowledgeable, but he is as convinced of his own infallibility as gthe Pope.

He is as bad with dealing with contrary opinions as Shires. Once or twice I have tried to call in t correct Jeffers on a matter of fact. The result is always the same, no dispute but a one sided, long winded diatribe abut why the fact does not matter. He is on the radio as I speak, someone called him in with a good comment, the result was 2 minutes of Jeffers and then hang up on the call.


"1 am - 5 am....JOANNIE & DUFFMAN"

Indeed...it could be called the Dull and Dullard Show.


Perhaps somebody might have the courage to try a revolving evening schedule. Host from around the county could guest host the 7 to 10 time slot. As for Dori,we could move him to the shopping channel

Stephen Schwartz

How about some comments on KTTH? Why can't they find some hosts who are not bizar? Isn't Rush enough w/o Savage?

There MUST be some thoughtful conservatives with interesting things to say? How about a Republican political junkie a la Goldy?


How about getting more local talkers on KTTH? and advertising nationally to get them. It's time to get some new conservatives in this town.


How about Stefan Sharkansky on KTTH? He's the leading voice in the Republican Party, nowadays, yet he is not beholden to the old party leadership. He represents the young, energy in the party. He's a pretty good speaker, too.

Mr. Cynical

Stefan could Dave Ross how to get some ratings.


First thing, they need to rid the organization of the virus known as Dori Munson.

When he was kept contained in his midday time slot, smugly slaying straw men for the benefit of the region's unemployed, I was fine with it. But when I tuned in one Sunday to find he'd infected my Seahawks coverage with his grating persona, he'd crossed the line. It was like finding a dollop of dogshit on my favorite ice cream.

I also understand from my infrequent stops here that he's had "the ear of the king" in terms of inspiring the disastrous changes that have brought KIRO to the brink of destruction -- or am I wrong on that?


Indeed...it could be called the Dull and Dullard Show.

Speak for yourself, Mr. Dull and Dullard.

Way too much news on some of your lineups. News 3-6 okay maybe . . . theres' only so much news out there. This is still main-stream media . . .

KIRO Daily
5-9 News
9-12 Dave Ross
12-1 news
1-4 Ron Reagan
4-6 News (need news when the M's are on)
6-9 Allen Prell
12-5 whatever

Goldy, Brinker, Cisco, Dr. Dean Adell (sp?), Geov Parrish/Dan Savage absolutely, Tom Douglas on weekends - Carl Jeffers if he could learn to listen and take more calls and congratulate himself less - his politics are fine.

There you have it. Cast in stone.


How much you wanna bet Bonneville brings in more national stuff? Hope not.


Think you are wrong about Dori. KIRO has been headed south for several years now. With or without Dori, KIRO has been floundering.
They just need to get it back to the days when it was THE news radio source with balance of good local info and talent.
And whats with a nationwide search for local talent? Isn't that like going to Los Angeles for a local car dealer?


...but grasshopper, why you assume I am a 'Mr.'; I've never revealed that.


well, add an s . . . I don't care.:)


Give Goldy the 9-12! Put Frank Shiers in the re-cycling.


"It was like finding a dollop of dogshit on my favorite ice cream."

Best. Description. Ever.

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