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February 02, 2007



sez coiler:
"Are you his lover? I won't jump to anything, its ok with us"

once again you nailed it. just don't tell my spouse, i'm trying to live on the downlow. you know the deal...


Peasant Sparky, that was the lamest joke ever. Keep trying, practice makes perfect and making an ass of yourself seems to be natural for you.

Just Bad radio

I think the Styblhead will be back on tonight from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am. So Iam sure you will be hearing the Styblehead breathing heavy on the mic , So Iam thinking he will be chasing the cleaning lady around again and remember styblehead crap crew get that finger ready for some Styblehead radio fun!!!


Sparky, the light bulb joke is a perfect illustration of how this administration operates!

I believe it was Karl Rove himself, who years ago arrogantly proclaimed to a reporter, that because they had so much power, "this White House creates our own reality"

Delusional indeed.


I agree with your assessment as to why Mike was so awful on the air, with two exceptions- the only air of friendliness I ever heard him adopt was when one of his fellow bitch queens called in , usually from San Francisco, or when the very rare guy or gal called in who Mike thought was as hip , slick and cool as he was. This latter type of event wouldn't happen more than once every two years. Mike really thought he was "too cool for school", and the coolest guy in town. Not even in the running.


If you are a Mike Webb fan his internet radio show is a gift from heaven. Three hours of Webb...five nights/week...no commercials. Liberal talk radio at its best.


I think he meant Liberal fudge packing at its best.


steve, please, take the jar of icy/hot away from your hands and pull your pants back up. We know all these gop scandals really make you hot!

Stephen Schwartz

What a crock!

What DO you want on the radio? Pablum? Ignorance? Passionless Platitudes?

At least Limbaugh is a talented character!

Bob Dole

Thanks "Martin R. Howell" with the pseudo-believeable email addy: "[email protected]"

Bob Dole thinks your full of doodie


Stephen's Schwartz:
At least Limbaugh is a talented character!

Sportscaster? Yes
Entertainment? Yes
Information? Hardly
Source for a thesis? Yeah, right.

One of these days a wingnut might actually make it into college (after Carlson) and turn in a paper with Limbaugh/Hanndjobity/O'Reilly as a source. Then we'll all have a big laugh.

Martin R. Howell

No one cares what either of us think, Mr. Dole. Minds were made up long ago.

You will listen to his show when he is back on KIRO in less than three months, won't you?

Everyone else will.


Mike Webb claims to work for Progressive Networks. How come nobody in the known universe has any information on this so-called "network"? Webb is a pathological liar.

Martin R. Howell

Shoreke wrote:

"Webb is a pathological liar"

Why you haters are looking better by the moment. You all must be very glad to have Mr. Webb to compare yourselves to.

Stephen Schwartz


I didn't say i liked Limbaugh. But in a universe where folks are obsessed with Webb's minor felony, Limbaugh is a big time bad guy with a big time talent.

I wish he were back on the air, even nationally, and Limbaugh were the one sitting in the funny wards.


Webb has been proven to be a felonious sleazebag and a pathological liar. All you posters who want Webb back on KIRO, at least those of you who aren't Mike Webb in disguise, just listen to his little internet show, OK? No one needs or wants that conceited creep back on KIRO, besides a handle of Webb diehards, and he is not going to be back on KIRO. So forget it, and listen to his crap on the internet.


ryder wrote Remember the week of 9/11? Every Seattle talk show was demanding all out war. Then came saturday night. Out of all the local voices demanding war there came Mike Webb proclaiming what many of you proclaim now.

People right now are against the war in Iraq. I don't think there is nearly as much of a call for us to get out of Afghanistan--which is where our post-9/11 anger was directed.


Damn, Ryder! Fremont and I want to know your playlist! We're of a similar music set, sir.


BTW, if you're including Dusty Springfield, forget it.

Stephen Schwartz

How about branding Mike Webb on the forehead and then letting him do the TV news on Q13? Best of all worlds. The Webb haters could get off on the brand, the freak show viewers would have another reason to watch a Faux station .... sort of a local version of Bill OReally.

BTW what DID happen to the charges vs. Bill of sex abuse?


You miserable Seattlelites, you all can't see the forest for the trees, as usual. Look folks - get in touch with reality. 99 percent of listeners and potential advertisers HAVE NEVER heard of Webb's legal issues. Never. And they never will, ever. EVER. Probably only one tenth of one percent of KIRO listeners read these RADIO blogs.

Webb says that he is innocent. He is appealing his case. Given Webb's 30+ years in radio and his high ratings, professionalism, and integrity, then WHY do you folks all question his credibility? A good PD would conclude that Mike's probably telling the truth.

Look folks, this is the RADIO biz. Radio managers are looking for talent and ratings all the time. It's only a matter of time, folks, before some liberal station in another market hires Webb.

You see, in radio, you need ratings NOW. If talent is out there, grab it right away. You don't put your own ratings "on hold" for some private legal case to unfold over 14 months. Why Clendening is doing this I have no idea. KIRO ratings are in the toilet. Why Fredricks and Trapp at 1090 are waiting, I have no idea. Isn't the Entercom non-compete over by now? My goodness.

Last Friday's court case essentially doesn't change anything here, since Mike is appealing it. So far, no jail time, no fines, nothing. Deal with those issues later. If Webb's given a leave of absence from station no. 2, well, just worry about that later. Getting short term ratings comes first in the RADIO biz.
Just because you're a convicted felon DOES NOT mean that you are never employable again!

Clendening or 1090 should hire Mike before it's too late for them. Some other liberal station will hire Webb to replace air america hosts. Maybe Kris Olinger at KKZN/Denver will get Webb on?! I hope so, then I'll be able to hear Mike on AM 760 at 50,000 watts!



yes, Mike, move to Denver, and take Erin with you! That is an excellent idea!!


Let me be the first to take the Post-conviction Mike Webb Pledge- I, Tommy008, hereby pledge that Mike Webb, disgraced former KIRO talkhost, and generally unpleasant fellow, even before his legal problems, will no longer be the subject of any of my future messages, short stories, or novelettes. I take this action, due to the number of recent suspicious Blatherwatch handles and posts, which suggest they are coming from Webb himself or one of his confederates. Since Webb thrives on attention/martyrdom, I believe further justice for him would be, as a disgraced Seattle resident, to shun/ignore him on this website and to urge him to leave the state after he fulfills his court obligations.


Apparently not satisfied with the presentation to him of a gold-plated jockstrap plaque at a local restaurant KVI soiree, Brian Suits had to play his "macho card" again yesterday when he questioned to her face (well , over the phone) a retired woman Army Colonel how she ever made colonel, with her type of thinking (she's pro-Watada), with the follow up cheapshot ("are you a full colonel, or er.."..). p.s. the part about the jockstrap was a joke, for the humor-impaired.

blathering michael

problem for Mike
Webb is- it 's not the listeners or the people who don't read radio blogs who hire talk hosts. It's the programmers and radio execs who do. Many radio people read this blog- and many, many more read the Seattle daily papers, who have covered the sad deteriation of a once medicore talk host who'd reached the level of his incompetence. BlatherWatch will be also taking the Tommy 008 pledge. The fork is in Mike Webb, unless he does something newsworthy- and there's always a possibility of that...


sounds good to me....


don't flatter yourself, michael. you haven't had the "pleasure"of hearing those programmers laughing at the inanity and inaccuracy of your so-called 'blog'. NOW THE BOARD OPS...yes, they love ya. But once they get into SIXTH grade, watch out, ya might have to use spell check or something.

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