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February 25, 2007



Oemig should have plenty to do just tending to our states business.
The ability to advance his moonbat agenda in our state should be enough to keep him busy.
I am sure there is something that this state has not taxed yet...food, water, emergency medical service, church collection plates, life insurance proceeds, dental work etc.
We have enough dipshits in national congress to undermine our President and the troops in harms way. He can just screw things up here.


Watch Eric Oemig- he's a comer in Washington politics. I'm impressed that he would open himself up to such criticism by doing this. He's got lots of other legislative action going this session, too--no matter what Dori claims. Dori drools on his mic- ask anybody who comes in behind him.


By the way. Can anybody say where the terms "moonbat" and "wingnut" came from? Off topic I know. Just curious. They both sound stupid to me.


yeah, watch Eric Oemig all right--watch him get knocked over next election. He is a fan of Stalin, he has a picture of him in his office. He is rich socialist who wants to spend other people's money. We will crush him. Can you say
Swift Boat?


Chucks...Bill Orally uses them several times a day on both his TV and radio show.


Dori should pull his shorts out of his crack and relax. Several other states are proceeding with statements of impeachment as well--Washington is actually quite late to that party. The statements of impeachment are sent to Nancy Pelosi as a recommendation only. She has already said that Impeachment is off the table. Breathe into a paper bag Dori and find something else to whine about.


"The statements of impeachment are sent to Nancy Pelosi as a recommendation only. She has already said that Impeachment is off the table."
So if it has no meaning why waste the time? It's just a very cheap political stunt.

Shouldn't the Legislature be working on School Funding, Transportation, et al?

Right now the Repubs are having visited upon them what they gave the Dems in the 90's. If the 08 election goes as it looks right now, the Dems may get a Whitehouse that isn't worth much.


The legislature is capable of multi-tasking.


"The legislature is capable of multi-tasking."

I'd prefer an emphasis on the tasking.


"Oemig will be a guest on the David Goldstein Show (KIRO m-f, 7-10p) at the 7 o'clock hour."

Michael, typo or wishful thinking?


Dori is no libertarian. Why do you persist in referring to him as one?


lukobe, I think Dori has referred on the air that he leans libertarian, but I agree with you.


Dori isn't a libertarian at all. He's a LINO. It's pretty obvious he just claims this so he can claim somehow he doesn't side with either party and is therefore some kind of impartial host. All he ever does is trash anyone who he considers a "liberal" and totally ignores any outrages that can be associated with the "conservatives."

Of course, we all know this song and dance...what would Republicans do without the big old evil liberal strawman to rail against?


Smart take on Dori, cwptl. More than one LINO around this blog. . .

Great show with Oemig last night. I like the guy. We need more like him.

blathering michael

Dori says he's a libertarian- why would anyone brag about a thing like that if it weren't true? He's also a neocon, like Styble and Dick Cheney.


Well BlaM... I just don't think the guy has the spine to say he will basically go along with anything Bush et al say and do. So he hides behind a false facade of being a libertarian. Of course, it gets pretty obvious he isn't a libertarian come from his own words when he rails against liberals for being on the side of the enemy when they oppose consolidation of power around the president and the loss of personal liberties. It's this kind of lip service that makes me doubt him.

blathering michael

point well taken, Mr. pi- as Dori might say- Nobody's perfect!


Styble went on another extended rant against the "clowns on the internet" last night (that would be us) and how we're young, childish, vile and illiterate,. He describes posts riddled with grammatical, punctuation, syntax and spelling errors, written at grade school levels. Sorry, Brian, I just don't see these posts you talk about over and over. THERE ARE SOME ERRORS HERE, but 90% of them are either obvious typos (caused from poor typing skills and perhaps a laziness to correct them, not poor spelling skills), or punctuation errors caused by typing too fast and not correcting oneself enough, rather than lack of punctuation knowledge. That does not mean that if the poster was writing up musings on the same theme for a college paper or newspaper article, he or she would leave out the correct spelling and punctuation. Just like Lou Pate, with his pathological hatred of Seattle, Styble allows his loathing of Blatherwatch to cause him to mischaracterize us.


Yes, I agree about Dori: Liberal Inside Neocom Outside...that IS what you'all meant, right?


Styble has fewer hours at KIRO than David Goldstien- and he's highly incensed and jealous. His days are numbered now that his protector, Tom Clendening is gone.


I hear the Styble-Klansman had some ill-words for your's truly last night. Not by name, but some internet guy who likes to call him up and use "scatalogical language". (I once told him he was "full of crap" - got bleeped)

Ouch. Somebody contact the Hague for my verbal war-crime. Next weekend I plan to invade Poland armed with poop grenades.

Funny that someone who upholds baseless and blatant racism would raise a stink about scat.


tuning up and down the dial last night...Dr Strangelove Wattenburg was having a hissy fit that Gore's movie won the Oscar...I ran past KIRO long enough to hear the caller Lorraine from Lynwood yell at The Sty for not shutting up and letting her talk since SHE was the caller, after all. He tried to interrupt her once again and she told him to be quiet and listen to her...hah! then I changed the channel again...


"tuning up and down the dial last night...Dr Strangelove Wattenburg was having a hissy fit that Gore's movie won the Oscar...I ran past KIRO long enough to hear the caller Lorraine from Lynwood yell at The Sty for not shutting up and letting her talk since SHE was the caller, after all. He tried to interrupt her once again and she told him to be quiet and listen to her...hah! then I changed the channel again..."

Oh please, Snarky just admit that you listen to 'em instead of inventing excuses like 'turning up and down the dial' crap.


Brian Styble is an absolute boor. Styble- the rude prude.


Screw Dori he is a raving lunatic. There is absolutely a point in pushing for hearings. Increase awareness, keep the conversations alive. Oemig has a duty to perform for his constituents; if he believes the president has committed an infraction that warrants impeachment the he has an obligation to pursue it. If his constituency he represents demands this action to be taken, then as a servant of these people, he should take such a course. No matter what Pelosi says is “off the table”.

I don’t believe we should just give up. I do think it is important to say “hey you broke our laws and our trust and we will not let it slide”. The precedents this administration has set are huge. The amount of power usurped was enormous. Even if the impeachment is not successful it needs to be attempted. We need to send a clear message to the next guy/gal that we are watching and we will act. What more important business could there possibly be in our government than protecting our Constitution? What freedoms will be left to protect from terrorists abroad if we let the terrorists at home turn us into a nation of prison bitches who don’t think it is worth standing up for ourselves?

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