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February 08, 2007



"Dori demurred like a little girl"



C'mon Michael. You're sounding like Goldy! We'll get what we can pay for.

I am personally for a surface solution if it is possible. Get the freight redirected somehow and open up the waterfront. Encourage more walking, bikes and transit.

I am not for a tunnel. Period.

I will listen to 710DORI. I turned him off earlier because he was ranting about global warming again and calling everyone who espouses global warming "liars." Apparently, the Oregon State meteorologist may get fired because he doesn't believe in global warming.

Just to know what the other side is saying: Canadian Free Press "Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts?

By Timothy Ball"

I believe the climate is warming . . . but I'm willing to keep an open mind and listen to the other side.


Christ. you suburban people with a hard-on for Seattle all want to stick us with the ugliest, cheapest thing. It's about Seattle-hating. If we want to pay the extra, let us.


Global warming, what a farce and to think educated people believe in it. I'm not from Missouri, but if your gonna present proof get somebody from 200 years ago who was in outer space to tell us the Ice caps are shrinking. And tell me the ozone layer is disappearing again. The problem with that argument is that the instruments they are using today are 1000 times better than they were in the 60's. Global warming, again the biggest lie ever told.


But DO we want to pay the extra?

I say surface street.


Hizzoner sounds like a used-car salesman right now. Breathless, fast-talking, and zero thinking. You want to be in the tunnel when there is an accident and no shoulder?


Now THERE is a special kind of hell....the mayor and dori on one show at the same time,...ack!

Glad I am out of signal range!!

I keep wondering why anyone would drive through a tunnel built on ground that liquifies in an earthquake....


Y'all is crazy if you think the surface option will work. We are Americans: we are fat and lazy, and won't give up our cars. Have you driven on the waterfront when the viaduct has been closed? Ya know? Throw in a Mariners game during rush-hour and there could be gunshots, y'all, okay?


Hey, Shaniqua, when gasoline costs $10.00 a gallon, you gonna be driving?

Sparky, can't get off the hook that easily . . . KIRO can be streamed you know. Why, aren't you interested in the transportation hell that is Seattle?


Right-wing media lies again! 710DORI spread lies on his show today gleaned from Drudge and Tucker Carlson on MSNBC. Here's the truth:

" 1) Taylor is not the “state climatologist.” Oregon abolished the position in 1989. He was bestowed the title by Oregon State University, not by Gov. Kulongoski or the state of Oregon.

2) Taylor is not a “climatologist.” Taylor is a meteorologist. He does not possess a PhD or have a background in climatology.

3) He will not be fired. Taylor will not lose his job or income, which comes from Oregon State University. He will merely be stripped of his title, which he never earned but claims to retain. Gov. Kulongoski has the right to appoint a climatologist who is an expert in the field and adheres to the state’s climate policies."

Dori needs to find some new sources.


Yo Joanie, you be saying this:

"Hey, Shaniqua, when gasoline costs $10.00 a gallon, you gonna be driving?"

I am old enough to remember y'all asked the same question when gas hit $1.00....y'all asked it again when it hit $2.00....then $3.00.

I gots news fo ya: we still be drivin', aight?


Joanie, I dont go to Seattle unless it is totally unavoidable!! Parking fees are obscene IF you can find a place to park, traffic sucks etc etc etc. I get my fill of traffic during my commute to work.
Life out here in the country is much healthier, and if I crave big city time, I go to Portland..on the train.


That's what I said: transportation Hell! I agree. You can't even park in the outlying communities - like Ballard - anymore without giving up a part of your body!

Now we have these ridiculously complicated and remote parking meters which are small computers and for the correctly submitted and precise amount you might get back a piece of paper that you adhere to the inside of your passenger window . . . sounds like the instructions you get with Heathkits.

Once you find a spot, simply paying the meter becomes the most stressful part of parking.


no worries people, the magical light rail system will deliver us all from traffic hell.

Who cares what they do to the viaduct? Tear the thing down, close all the surface streets, build another sculpture park so the graffiti artists can have a source for their outlet.

Throw up cheaply built condos with no parking spaces. Who needs them? No one in seattle would ever need to drive with the magical light rail system.

In fact, turn the bus tunnel into a homeless shelter. Ron sims will solve all our problems by re-timing all the lights.

Don't you idiots realize we already live in commuter paradise? All we need is another light rail line and a couple retimed lights and it will be smooth sailing for the next 50 years!


Joanie is a thinkprogress reader, I see. I emailed the illustrious Monson with links and backup. However I doubt he will let a good agenda get in the way of the facts.


What we need is to get the through traffic off I-5 through Seattle. How could we get them to take 405? We won't actually have to build 605, will we?


Since light rail seems to be a terrible idea to a lot of people I would imagine a 605 is inevitable, So, I guess ya'll can look forward to sitting in a third traffic jam? 405 is usually packed, so Im not sure how that will help the I-5 debacle...


KVI has it's flunky team subbing for big Kirby today, some moron named Matt and newsgal Carlene Johnson. The're trying to stir up their "torches and pitchforks" knuckleheads about the Pelosi plane "outrage". What a joke. Tony Snow even chided these Republican fools who are trying to make a big deal out of this, yesterday. Pelosi needed a plane that wouldn't have to stop to refuel, like the one Hastert had would have needed to. Hastert only had to fly to Illinois. Even Hambone Hannity said she deserves a plane that doesn't need to refuel, and told people to stop complaining about it, it's a nonissue. Dumbo Carlene said Pelosi should fly commercial, when Hastert has had his own plane since 911,ordered by the government for security.


yeah and Lou Dobbs has been beating that drum to death for a week as well. If they want to talk about wasting taxpayer's money, let's delve a little deeper into the story that Rummy still has a desk at the Pentagon and is still there doing some "work."


And all the pallets of money shipped to Iraq unaccounted for . . . oh, except for part that paid for new cars and home improvements for military guys . . .



So see the article on the next transportation disaster?


The proposed 520 route would go through the Husky parking lot?????? hmmmmm...

It would be nice to spare the Arboretum any more development....


yeah, leave the Arboretum alone! I be thinkin' of openin' a canoe rental business nearby and I don't want no fools building more free way there.


I think Speaker Pelosi deserves a dedicated military aircraft. I think a C-130 would do just fine. It can carry 92 passengers and has the legs to fly non-stop. It has built in SAM avoidance hardware, and a flying record second to none. Of course it would be a 10 hour flight, but that would give plenty of time with the children. Yup she'd be as safe as a bug in a rug, of course wearing hearing protection can be pain, especialy for 10 hours (your ears get all sweaty and stuff)


Dori just called Anna Nicole Smith "garbage". Apparently, the little fellow chortled and chuckled over her death on the air yesterday, as did now "grampa-voiced" Tom Leykis. Dori, I believe you, not Anna Nicole, are garbage, and much less deserving of taking up space on this earth than Ms. Smith. Disgusting little "man".


LOL, I knew some of you hated dori, but to go to bat for anna nicole-smith?

c'mon, isn't that taking things a bit too far?

She was a used up, gold-digging skank who more than likely caused her own death. And you think that's someone who should be held in high regard?

Just beacuse someone dies doesn't automatically mean we have to respect them. Try to look through the haze of your hatred at what you are actually saying sometime.


Try to look through the haze of your hatred at what you are actually saying sometime.

We hate the haters . . . perhaps we should start saying that we "disrespect" the haters.

She was a used up, gold-digging skank who more than likely caused her own death.

Gee, I wonder which you are?


Anna Nicole Smith was visually pleasing and stimulating to look at, and sometimes entertaining. That gives her existence some socially redeemming value. Dori Monson has no socially redeeming value whatsoever. If any human being shoudl be referred to as garbage, it's Dori Monson.


It is amazing to me the level of anger from so many people about her death...who are we to establish "value" of another persons life? This poor woman had a lifetime of problems, mostly brought on by her own horribly bad judgement, was "loved" by men only for her boobs, and now for whatever money they think they can get by claiming to be the father...ZhaZha Gabor's husband is the latest to claim fatherhood. Nobody is holding her up as a role model or that she should be respected. But apparently there are those who feel better about themselves by mocking her death and dismissing her very existence. Dori is a media whore who is certainly not above talking about her on his show in hopes of people tuning in.


I agree; couldn't believe the caller who said 'may she rest in peace'; 'thanks for the mammories' and how that was laughed at. No place for these type of comments in regard to a passing!


Dori's hypocrisy is an everyday theme. He continues to trot out his human garbage segments and then wears his "christianity" on his shirtsleeve.

Louis Farrakhan

I didn't hate Anna Nicole but I recognized her for what she was: basically a high-priced hooker who liked being a celebrity.

If there is one person who is relieved Anna Nicole is dead it's that diaper-wearing astronut stalker. It--more or less--kept her name out of the headlines for the past few days.


Anna Nicole or whatever her names was . . . just another down and out woman trying to make it. Why are we so hard on people and why are we so judging?

I think our Christian heritage (some of us) has made us into contemptible human beings.

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