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February 15, 2007



I can't imagine why that post gets so many hits.

Or why the post I once wrote with the word MILF in it constantly gets Google traffic...


Go Schram! And I like the idea of that first dance.


Yeah yeah, it's the school's fault they do dirty dancing, it's the school's fault they dont let them do dirty dancing, it's the school's fault they "let" them get pregnant, it's the school's fault they teach that nasty sex ed that "makes" kids have more sex.

It really gets tiresome...


Somebody send the school a box of rulers so they can stay six inches apart!
For god' sake... get OVER it!


I have two granddaughters created by each of my sons while in high school. Maybe if I had not been raised in the sixty's I might have paid more attention.
So now I am raising a grandchild.
Not really complaining because I really love that child and enjoy the heck out of her. Her dad has not recovered to this day. May never.
You may not be able to stop the horny little shits from making babies that others need to take care of. But you do not have to, nor should you promote teen sex.
Not in any school situation.
Too lenient of parents and schools do not help.


Let's start with a dress code: remain dressed.

Isn't that called "indecent exposure" in public?


chucks, dress codes in schools and dances are going to prevent babies . . .


make that "aren't going to prevent . . . " :)


So those of you who think this is ok..do you have kids? And if you have kids would you HONESTLY be able to walk into a gym and see your daughter bent over with a guy simulating doggy -style sex with her and just chuckle to yourself " awww those cute kids are up to some mischief now!"

Let's just say I deal with parents every day who get really worked up about a whole lot less than that...they would have a stroke if that went on in their kid's high school.

Sorry to be a stick in the mud about this, but I can assure you there are about 10 state statues that parents could use to sue the ass off a principal and or school district. Granted, I would probably just tell the offending 1/3 they are forbidden to attend anymore dances instead of cancelling them for everyone. But if you read the article, even the student body President admitted that the kids were taunting the adults and peer pressure wasnt enough to stop them.

It is a no win situation for the school no matter what the principal decides.


>>It is a no win situation for the school no matter what the principal decides.<<

Yeah, sure. What do you think John Stanford would have said about this?


He was ALL about accountability....he would have personally shut down the dances. Then he would have visited every middle and high school and held an assembly ( with TV cameras in tow, no doubt) for all the students and would have lectured them on making smart choices and not behaving in a manner that would demean them and take their eyes off their futures.
Like I said, he was ALL about accountability for one's actions.


We as parents are responsible for the actions of our kids. Can not expect the schools to do our jobs for us. The principal would have been ok in my book if he just shut the dance down. I do think that Sparky is right though when saying that ejecting the misbehaving kids is correct.
Dances are important to the kids. It gives them the opportunity to learn social skills in what should be a positive environment.
Teen pregnancy is not funny and as parents, we can not be the enablers. We must have rules and guidelines for our kids. Those rules must be reasonable and enforced. Simulated sex on the dance floor is not acceptable in any school sanctioned setting.
It is not the schools fault in any of this. They do not have the funds for proper books, reasonable class sizes etc. But the schools are responsible for what the allow to happen at school events and any related actions or inaction's those in charge take.

Stephen Colbert

Parents of America, wake up! Stop having sex after your children are born.

"Papa Bear" O' Reilly does this effectively by imagining affairs with co-workers at FOX. Perfectly harmless, just some women out there don't get it and have to blackmail the poor man.

Especially you seniors, keep it in your pants. It should be easy. They’re up around your neck, that must be one long zipper!


Chux, you were NOT raised in the sixties (note correct spelling). Oral contraception was available in the early 1960's....I DO believe you were not paying attention, in whichever decade you blossomed.


I'd much rather tune into Bla'M's hilarious commentary than listen to the Commentators themselves.


OK Fremont
You win!!!
I wasn't raised in the sixties. I was born in 1952. Just don't know when I was raised.
As for blossoming. I am sure that I never blossomed. Now my best friend in high school blossomed. He was flaming. We used to go out on Friday night and try to pick up a nice couple. But hey, that is a story for another day.
Oral contraception. Crap, why could I not have thought of that. Oh wait. No. There was no oral stuff that I could take to prevent babies. Nothing. And a guy who thinks he can count on her to be safe is a fool. I did try rubbers though. Scared the hell out of me the first time I removed myself from my date and found the whole end had torn off.
And please. You are just going to have to forgive my spelling. I am an "R" and you know we can't spell. Besides, I am the net result of the Edmonds School Dist. followed by Renton and Seattle ending with Los Angeles Unified Schools with a stint with Georgia and Kansas in between. Too many teaching methods for one kid to learn. You know, the new math took too much energy.
My spelling will improve when I learn to use the spell checker thing before pushing the preview button.


Chucks Im glad you are part of the Blam Fam...you and I probably dont agree on too much of politics, but you are always thoughtful and polite and I enjoy what you write.


Why should anyone get all bent out of shape about this ? Just kids trying to have a little risque fun... Look, everyone's favorite young actress role model tarts; Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Lindsey Lohan do that stuff all of the time and they make headlines on Entertainment Tonight.

Ridiculous ! So our culture is in the sewer - BFD !
Right ?


C'mon chucks, simulated sex has been on the dance floor for decades! It's taking their clothes off that's new . . .

Were all your dances in the church basement?

And Sparky, he was my superintendent - let me tell it:

he was ALL about accountability for one's actions.


I just opened my mail . . . I have a solicitation from the Farm Sanctuary to send money to protect pigs.

Did you know that sows lose their babies after three weeks and the breeding starts again until they are worn out? And that gestation crates are so cruel that they have been banned in other countries and now Arizona as well?

What a kind and humane people we are. Oh, except for the way we treat human beings and animals.

I'm going to find a cave in the wilderness and move in.


Joanie, is that a new cave your looking for with bigger rocks to hide under?


I'm sorry, cave you're looking for?


"Did you know that sows lose their babies after three weeks and the breeding starts again until they are worn out?"

Did any portion of this fundraising go to Britney Spears? Her story is remarkably similar.


Keep your rocks to yourself, Steve.

Funny, Liz.


Frank is squatting in and defiling Goldy's chair tonight- and calling Goldstein's show "Red Radio" again.


With his bogus humbleness, and smarmy, false flattery and compliments for Goldstein and Jeffers, Frank is truly the Uriah Heep of KIRO.

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