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February 02, 2007



thats it? 30-days of cs for forgery, insurance fraud and for being a general idiot...I would have thought some time in jail would do him more good. Get that chip off his shoulder and help cure his shortman syndrome.


Don't worry Mike, the Dems are trying to get your voting rights restored.


I wonder what kind of community service? I dont think Mike could have handled jail--he seems to be pretty mentally fragile anyway. If I were him I would have kissed the judge on the cheek and thank my lucky stars no time behind bars was meted out. I think part of his sentence should have included some mental health intervention as well.
You lucked out this time, Mike.


Maybe the judge was afraid of getting hurt.

mercifurious - breaking the breaking

This up on webb.org(ie, progressivenetworks.whatever:

"The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth"
(Merc's note: Like we can't handle Jack's truth, Ruth)

I have always felt that my personal issues are just that: personal. As important as it is to bring in an intimate dimension to our radio shows, I've never quite understood why the general public has felt it neccesary to know every detail of a broadcaster's life. Check that -- maybe the reality is : just a very vocal minority of listeners really care about what we do, think or say during off-air hours.

That said, I have considered you "family" to me over my many years as a broadcaster both here in Seattle and in San Francisco - whether on a network like CBS and the BBC or local stations such as KIRO and KOMO. During my talk shows, including our current broadcast over Progresive Networks, we have discussed personal issues, but very judiciously. And the favor was returned. When discussing a topic such as the Iraq War, my interest is always in what you as a caller or guest might think, why you think that way and where we might agree or disagree. My interest has seldom been about your personal life or behavior. It's just not relevant to the interests of the listening public, in my view.

As with all things, there are exceptions, though and I think this is one of those times. I have never wanted to withhold any issue that may clarify your vision of me as a host. I've been proud to represent progressive issues in a passionate and compelling way - using sound imagery as effectively as possible. Mine was the first show in the country to use montages of listener comments, music and news items, mixed together to create a theme. It was sheer flattery to have radio consultants grab my production elements and start to understand that it's better to hear the actual audio than to hear a talk host drone on with quotes. Since conservative hosts simply had the advantage of more time to prepare and develop their craft - - thank a generally biased nation-wide management ideology for underhiring and not promoting and developing progressive hosts. I'm grateful to you to have shown solid proof in the very competitive radio markets where our shows have delivered shares in the double digits, beating every competitor on the local dial. The credit really is yours: People who have a similar passion about our nation's future, looking out for those less fortunate and generally, guiding a show theme that has pretty much focused on issues of justice and dignity for those who are often discarded by society. Now, I feel somewhat on that side of the coin that I heartily defended and it doesn't feel very good. There has been an unusual amount of "ink" given to a trial I faced over an allegation of insurance fraud made in 2005. I suppose it might be somewhat flattering that some of the bloggers along with the other, legitimate journalists have put my private life into their public spotlight after 14 months away from the Seattle market. I never became consumed with being at the top of the ratings heap and never really felt I was that important as a talk host. Don't get me wrong; I love what I do. And I've been rewarded in many ways for my work as a reporter, commentator, talk host and program director since I was 14. But I always cherished the paradox of being very public on the radio while retaining my personal privacy -- that I was a voice who could present ideas and passion for politics, music and other areas of the culture. Then I could retreat into my deserved private life.

This was not to be, apparently. I guess I surrendered that right to privacy according to some pretty nosy reporters who, by most standards simply MUST have other, more important issues to focus on than an allegation of insurance fraud. Look at Rush Limbaugh. He actually committed a crime - illegal drug possession - and yes - there was publicity. But it came and went. He didn't lose his job before there was even a verdict, as I have from Entercom. He lied and lied about various other health conditions and yet he was retained by the very same company that terminated me. So, is it all really about justice or is it about the almighty dollar? Is it something about Seattle media, that made this story so important to so few people? "Mike Webb Charged With (now convicted of) Insurance Fraud" became almost a parody, a joke, an invitation for anyone who had an axe to grind to come forward and make any outlandish claim they wanted. With various reporters and bloggers ripping me apart, questioning my mental stability and offering small pieces of the real story, I must admit it was hard to take - especially from self-identified liberals who made homophobic remarks, absolutely unfounded false allegations about my behavior and just plain childish and hateful commentary. Some of the reasons I think I know, which we can discuss tonight.

So, since we have immmediately filed an appeal over this travesty of justice handed down by a judge who simply wasn't provided the neccesary information, maybe tonight's the night to talk. There'll be new representation and I will continue to fight this and I figured this might be the right time for those interested in this thing at all to hear it first person from me on the show. I usually wince when I hear a talk show host make the broadcast all about "himself" but I think there is an exception here. Since other forms of media have preceded me with their mostly distorted and unbalanced opinion pieces - the worst piece of journalistic trash was done by Geov Parrish for the Weekly. We can talk later about that and the phone line is certainly there for Geov to defend his hit piece. Many of the articles shared the moniker of yellow journalism: so much speculation represented as fact, anonymous comments that reporters fully knew could never be confirmed and tall tales about my personal life that were simply mean-spirited.

So, tonight: the truth. We'll be live on the Internet Only. I encourage you to call with any questions you may have and if I can answer them I will. The only request I make is that you have an open mind. I hope to show in appeal that Nancy Balin, who makes the wicked witch of the west seem like Mother Teresa, actually proved my fundamental point by bringing testimony of a false IP Address attached to the computer they claimed was associated with my insurance purchase. After that allegation back in 2005, I don't mind telling you my life has been a nightmare. I'd like to discuss what has happened since, from inadequate - albeit sincere representation, the prosecutor's office staging a huge dog and pony show outside the courtroom, destroying my case by falsely detaining me without cause -- culminating in a mistrial that was consequently blamed on me by the judge. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone. The lying. The distortions. The cast of characters presented to testify against me made the OJ trial look like a speeding ticket. The judge witnessed the police harassment, yet refused to recuse herself from the case, even though she dismissed the jury. There is so much more. I know there are many injustices that surpass what I experienced. We've discussed them, reported on them and tried to correct them many times during our broadcasts. But this is my one and only first-hand experience with the biased, bigoted, deceptive and cruel profile of the so-called justice system. I shouldn't be amazed after covering so many heart-wrenching stories of injustice but this experience truly blind-sided me. I thought the truth would bring justice. But I was counseled that telling the truth was too confusing. This was echoed in a handful of stories written about me - claiming that I had some convoluted story of internet hacking. The truth is, the internet is a dangerous place to conduct business, especially if your connection is more public than others. So much more to say. I'd like to do it in the medium I'm most comfortable with: tonight on the show. 9pm Pacific. Toll Free: 866.892.1107

- Mike WebbSilence Is The Voice Of Complicity

(Sorry about the long post. Wanted to mirror it here in case Webb pulls it down)

Mercifurious is Dead

This blog and people like Mercifurious are nothing but faux intellectual wannabes.

This is Webb's personal life. It had nothing to do with his talk show on KIRO. Leave the man alone.

This blog is a farce and the majority of the idiots that post here should be urinated on.

baba booey

Wow Mike sure got verbose. Try to be a minimalist once in awhile, ya know?



MID was pretty quick-on-the-draw there. A bit too quick, me thinks.

I refer back to Bla'Ms post re: Styble & Webb alliance.

And then MID only get's tingly in the britches when we post Styblehead/Webb stuff.

Check his IP, Bla'M.

Bob Dole is getting suspicious


Mike's a convicted felon now. No amount of spin will change that.


Webb was good at crushing republicans nuts when they would call in, too bad he went off the edge.


Yes vg. My is still One of Us and he is crazy. To quote LBJ: "I would rather have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in."


baba booey

Oops...MW not MY, ya know?




From the PI:
Saying he was "mystified and overwhelmed" by the judge's ruling, Webb, a former late-night host on KIRO radio, asserted that he had been set up by a vindictive listener and vowed to appeal.

Wait, I thought Mike was set-up by a vindictive police Dept.

And who's this mysterious vindictive listener? (shouldn't get my hopes up like that)


Mike - man up...fulfill your sentence...move on...playing the paranoid victim is quite pathetic.


Yes, we need to send him by Izzy's neighborhood...


I hope to show in appeal that Terminally Angry Prosecutor Nancy Balin, who makes the wicked witch of the west seem like Mother Teresa,

Be careful Mike - it aint over yet. The court still has to determine how much resitution $$$ you have to pay later this year.

Know when to stop digging.


Oh this is RICH:
I'd like to discuss what has happened since, from inadequate - albeit sincere representation, the prosecutor's office staging a huge dog and pony show outside the courtroom, destroying my case by falsely detaining me without cause -- culminating in a mistrial that was consequently blamed on me by the judge.

So now the Prosecutor is to blame for Mike's freakout in front of the courthouse? And not only that, this "staged dog and pony show" is responsible for destroying his case?


blathering michael

FYI: Mercifurious is Dead is actually Mike Webb- we've always known that.


Some people take their world too serious.


wow....that is all I can think of to say at this moment...now I want to go back and re-read the MID posts...still trying to figure out the Mike/Sty connection. This is so much better than television.....not sure I have the heart to tune in to his show tonight...


This is all so bizarre . . .


Think Fellini


So..Mercifurious has documented proof of a death threat by a deranged felon...that damn internet got Mike again.


As a "qualifier" of sorts, after 40+ years in broadcasting and #1 in a major market, plus extensive programming and management, Mike Webb should consider himself damned fortunate that he even had a kinda-career in radio. Really. 'Cause, candidly, he's awful! It has little or nothing to do with the rants (incidentally, I'm not a Republican, just an independent Independent) and anti-right temper tantrums, although one night I called in with a 'counter-to-a-claim' type comment and he was unable to answer.......
No, it was simply because he sounds like (and probably is) one of the most UnFriendly sounding people and unhappy broadcasters I have ever heard = and people don't listen to unhappy types who have no "niceness" about them.
Hence, Mike Webb was awful -- I'd never have hired him, ever. That, again, has nothing to do with his "progressive" stance -- and apparently his numbers (or the lack thereof) reflected that miserable approach; methinks that KIRO would've loved to get rid of him a loooong time ago, but didn't want to face the wrath of that noisy minority of defenders.
Bet they were thrilled when they had a comfortable 'out' and were able to can him.
Still, he IS a convicted felon, has little prayer of a reversal, and that judge not sending him to jail? No wonder it's called the Socialist Soviet of Seattle.....


You have described what I have not been able to put my finger on all this time. I just didnt like his show, and yet I felt, for awhile anyway, that I should like it because he was one of the few if not the only voice I could consider to be liberal. But you are right,,,he just sounded unhappy and like he didn't want to do much more than play the music about which he is truly an expert. I moved a long time ago to KGO at night because Bernie Ward thoroughly enjoys himself and his guests, and his show is fun to listen to.


KIRO would've loved to get rid of him a loooong time ago, but didn't want to face the wrath of that noisy minority of defenders.

C'mon, Frost, every host has a few defenders . . . your post doesn't make sense to me. More likely, Clendening and Mike were friends.

Explain to me please KIRO keeping Styble - his "noisy minority of defender" as well?

Any major station keeping someone to avoid having to deal with a "a noisy minority of defenders" - well, that's ridiculous.

I admit I am totally confused about ratings - their volatility and what numbers seem to be okay in what times slots. But, I have to think ratings play a small part in it. I don't think management is going around saying "this guy sounds mean" and "this guy sounds informed" and "this guy sounds hot" etc. etc. etc. and deciding their fates on that basis.

I think it has more to do with finding talent that is better . . . they seem to be having a problem with that since Webb left even if his ratings were not so great at 1.8.

Tom didn't have a problem separating Hart and Prell from the KIRO airwaves.


Joanie -- can't answer. I left the area a couple years ago, but I still check in to see what's happening (with a few websites); don't know what the present ratings are, nor do I really give a hoot (that was polite). It's the zealots on either side who I find interesting -- and whether or not they score with an audience can be fascinating as well. Dori Monson (regardless of what you think about his politics) sounds like a nice guy. He has pretty good numbers, even in a very left-wing town like Berkeley-North. Limbaugh too, last I heard. Mike Siegal used to be thought provoking (or maybe just provoking?) but wasn't very friendly sounding... 86'd.
In my own career, there were better jocks with better voices and better gimmicks with tighter production - - - but nobody ever beat me in any competitive situation -- no brag, just fact.
Fact it, Webb was a dork -- probably still is. There are a lot of components that go into programming, and the fact that KIRO's front office lacked the balls to fire the clown (terminal cowardice perhaps?) 'til it had a 'legitimate enough reason' might speak volumes, maybe.....
There are, I feel, too many people who are so Politically Correct and lack courage to actually act on something....
Hell, forget it -- I rest my case. Your witness - - - -


Your very last paragraph seems to belie your original argument . . . Isn't it "nice" to be PC whereas Webb had a sort of "courage" to be himself even though "himself" wasn't very nice. (laughing here - perhaps I misread)

Tony Ventrella was "nice" - I actually listened to him but found myelf chastizing my radio frequently at some insipid or clueless thing he said. He's gone.

Siegal - 86'd after how many years? I think he just became tiresome.

Guess I still think it is about numbers, friendships, and the program manager's ability to find talent.

BTW, I listened to Webb for what I took to be liberal passion not because I thought he was nice. I didn't think he was at all. He was a jerk most of the time.

Stephen Schwartz

Joanie ..

The amazing thing to me is the passion here about Mike's guilt. Why is this such a big deal?

Compared to the insipid Ran and Don show or the Styblehead's self important silliness or Ryder's nice nice ... Web was INTERESTING.

Yeh, I found his breeder baiting offensive and felt sad that he was so obsessed with homosexuality that he lost site of so many other issues ... but he was funny and had had a LOT of life experiences he brought to the table.

I just wish he would serve the minimal sentence imposed on him and get back on the radio. Ross reruns are stale bread.


One down and one to go. Lt Watada, but if he is found guilty will the 70% who don't believe the war is legal step up to the plate and hold a Rodney King style rally and/or riot in Olympia or maybe even Seattle. My guess is not as they are just a figment of one's imagination and a bunch of sissy's like Webb.


Schwartz, I'm not far removed from you. I could take Mike back again . . .but I would not ever want to hear a word about Geico.

He's been so disrespected by so many people he admired (think Geov Parrish here) that I'm not sure he'd be the same host as before. I'm not sure he could be a nice guy and still be entertaining.

Ms. Crabtree

Hey Steve it's "sissies" not "sissy's," you schmuck.


I told you , Steve is like "Frank Burns" but he might spell 'panty's that way, too


Frank Burns...bingo!


I can't believe you people that think that after everything that's happened,and his pathetic display of unapologetic blame placing and excuse making that Mike Webb will ever be on anyplace on the radio dial you can find with the naked eye. He's over in broadcasting- he'll stay on his own little webcast until he dodders off and good riddance. He doesn't have anything original to say, he's too pissed off to be coherant most of the time, and he's a bad influence on youth. God, what a loser.


Mike Webb is a train wreck of a human being; but a passionate and compelling broadcaster. I always enjoyed his show despite our political differences. There is nobody currently on KIRO I would listen to instead of Mike.


You get the point thats all that matters. Next time I'll just use the first word that came to mind.

And I see some came out to protest today. Must be the 70% of the 1,008 that were actually polled. (If the crowd was even that big) Some even came all the way from Portland, now thats sacrificing, too bad they can't stick around longer for the cause. Sean Penn was there too, wahoo. Anyone here go, or was work more important.

And also isn't it nice to see them out in front of one our bases protesting the one's that protect them.


New moniker for rude steve . . . ramblin' steve. Keep trying, sweetheart.


"Mike Webb is a train wreck of a human being; but a passionate and compelling broadcaster."

Mike's lazy; every show exactly the same. You could run a tape, nobody would know the diff.

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