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January 30, 2007



"...and then leaving the seat cover right there on the toilet for someone else to have touch and throw away!"

or sell on ebay... good money from what I've heard.


'tween Romney and Guliani, I hope they pick Guliani because I don't think he'd have a prayer. Mitt Romney is a very credible candidate on the right.


IMHO the Republicans have NO -0- credible candidates; they all carry baggage that in one way or another will eliminate them. No, the way is clear and the 'machine' will roll Hillary into power...thankfully so!


If KIRO is indeed having a problem properly discharging toilet covers - they have butt to turn to Mr Styble. After all he is the hardest working person on radio...and only appropriate that he 'stands' while he works....ha


Didn't Sean Hannity promise to give his life to prevent Nancy Pelosi from being speaker? Why isn't he dead yet?

And don't forget, Romney was even more pro-gay and pro-choice than Rudy or even Ted Kennedy before he decided to run for President. It is always good to elect a president who can dispose of their core principals in less than a blink of an eye.


heh..i needed a chuckle...thanks JDB


"It is always good to elect a president who can dispose of their core principals in less than a blink of an eye."

Hillary Clinton much?


(Joanie, just checking that you received my email from a couple of days ago, I think I got your address correct)


Liz, I did get it! Sorry,I didn't respond. . . got distracted and didn't get back to you. It was helpful and motivating to just do it!

Thanks so much.


Duffman - have you read the "reviews" of Hillary in Iowa? Not too promising. She's got baggage . . .and her Iraq War stand does not stand up well.

I bet Obama goes further.

Biden will be out like a light.

Edwards could be the dark horse . . .

Stephen Schwartz

The republican universe of candidates is weird. Romney, WADR to religous tolerance, belongs to a cult grown big. The cultic orgins of Mormonism, however, are too recent to pass for merely charming. If he keeps at tit, inevitably someone is going t review the weird chronology of Jesus comes to America and the millions of gods. Frankly, as a Jew, I could care less about the assorted beliefs of others, but selling Moroni to Suzy Jane and Billy Bob, anh nah.

Guiliani ??? Run as a Republican?
All esle aside just image a Southern Senator, Red state Jesus loving patriot Publican, running against a james Webb clone. Nuff to give Karl Rove herpes.

That said, McCain may be credible. A rational debate over Iraq would make for a good campaign and I 'spect John is far enough to the right to be acceptable to the Publican looneys.

Then there is Goldwater .. aka Brownback or Huckabee, Don;t count these guys out. At worst they would save the South. Demographics in Florida and Georgia are running against the Publicans already and a poor turnout could elect Webb clones across the South.


Any 'baggage' Hillary might have has already been discounted, while others have baggage that will cause current revelation and thus hurt them more. I think Obama is basically running for VP. Once our Democrat 'machine' gets running full bore - it will line up with Hillary and I don't believe any thing can stop it. I'd really be surprised otherwise.


Schwartz, I used to think you had a clue . . . not any more.

The machine might "line up" for Hillary but the result will be another Kerry . . .


Oh ye of little faith...would even bet a cup of coffee.


remember how Howard Dean was going to sweep the Dem nomination because of his innovative fundraising and how well he did in the polls--before people voted. Right now the media is furiously telling us how Hillary is going to be the candidate--end of story. We haven't voted yet. I dont know anyone who likes her. Why do we have to let Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity determine who we get to vote for?


W's Inanity Adopted by Madison Avenue!(T-8 News Service) A national radio commercial for a no-calorie artificial sweetener, aired this morning, featured a woman proudly decrying "I'm the decider!".


Ick..I'm afraid that has entered the national lexicon, just like " Where's the Beef?"


i think Schwartz was having a few drinky-poos.


Sen Biden has self-destructed; what did that take...a matter of minutes...what a fool


yes...and i quote him here re: Senator Obama

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

He is wasting his money.....


seattle jew said:: "Nuff to give Karl Rove herpes" If Rave has the h.simplex virus, it was given to him by a carrier (maybe, the one recently deployed from Bummerton to plague the Persian Gulf).
I don't think Repugs HAVE baggage as much as they ARE baggage...


"Am I speaking to The Little Man?" "Little Man speaking, Jerome. Welcome to The Little Man Show!" "Say man. What's with all your whining about taxes? Don't you make six figures a year?" "You got that right, pal. Six big ones. And I don't work hard for all that money so I can give it to layabouts and people who are making poor choices in life. I'm a self-made man, pilgrim! Boxed groceries at the Ballard Foodtown from 10 to 21 years of age, Champ. Right through college. Sorry, Chief. Star and the girls are going to get a Blue Bunny ice cream every day of the year. I worked my butt off to give them that, not to give that money to King County just so you don't have to stand on your Metro bus ride every day to and from work, oh boo hoo hoo pal! I stood on my feet boxing those groceries. Why are you taking the bus anyway instead of driving? Poor choices, my man! Poor choices. Get real, pilgrim!


Michael Medved did something interesting in the final hour of his radio show today that I wish other hosts would do.

He took calls directly without them first going through the gauntlet of his call screeners. He had no idea what the caller's topic was before they were put on the air.

I gotta tell ya, that Medved is a pretty sharp tack. He didn't even stumble when some loon with a strong Indian accent named Duresh asked him if he had ever eaten a dog.

I hope he does this a lot more often. It was definitely entertaining.


Yes, Al Franken can call in and smash his nuts, once and for all


I just read on another radio websight that Rush Limbaughs ratings have rocketed up. Could this be true? And that KTTH has moved up with the shows preceeding and following Mr Limbaugh. Can it be so?
I must consult you local insiders on such news.
Maybe we on the right are not completly dead and burried.


Peasant Sparky, that was a good one (Where's the beef) I was thinking along the same lines last weekend watching the news of the big protest in DC and throughout the US. As you know Michael said 70% are against the Iraq War and the one I thought of right off the bat is an old book and character you liberals just loved not long ago. "Where's Waldo"


Steve, sorry to hear your main squeeze, Molly Ivins, passed today. She was quite a lady.

It's a shame you did not absorb more of her brilliance and insight.

I really love those Texas women. Most of them have, or had, stiffer spines, and a helluva lot more fortitude than any male politician they've produced for the national stage.

I'll miss Molly's candor and humor.


I couldn't decide whether I liked or diliked Tom Douglas for the longest time, until last Saturday's show, when I realized I had always vaguely disliked him as well as why.


Sorry ADC, never heard of her. But you seem to know alot about her maybe it is you who is in mourning and are in denial(Like alot of other things). By the way, have you found Waldo yet.


adc . . . I'm sad about Molly too. Did you read Bushwacked? Didn't she also write Shrub among others . . . don't have that one.

She was one of a kind.

Steve, not knowing a political and journalistic icon like Ivins says a lot about your education and level of ignorance. Even if you didn't like her politics, you had to smile at her way of puttin' things.



Who coined the term "Slick Willy"?

That one always makes me smile. ;)


"Ick..I'm afraid that has entered the national lexicon, just like " Where's the Beef?"

I'm all for putting the "ick" back in "Democrat"....


Previous should be signed just "Thom"...LOL!!!


It is the Republicks-ans in the stink now, should stay that way for a while. Did you see Novak today?


Hey Pro-Re, can't get me . . . I imagine Molly did. She was a real Democrat - called 'em as she saw 'em. Honest broad . . . and she didn't spare Clinton for a nano-second.


Joanie, I have read Bushwacked, and Shrub is proudly displayed on my coffee table.

I've always taken a liking to whiskey-voiced, and "tell it like it is" women.

Straight talkin', no bullshittin', goin' to the heart of the matter types. You always know what's on their minds, whether you want to or not. SWEET!

If were 25 years older, I would have been all over Ann Richards...hahahahahahaha

Those two gals certainly had the Bush family figured out. I hope someone carries their torch........

HEY! Why not you?! Joanie, you'd be perfect! You're smart, you write well, and you have the 'tude!

Why not??? Wouldn't that be a hoot?! You'd have fun doing it!


Thanks, adc! But, as much as I love posting on Blather, I don't have that southern voice which made Richards and Ivins so damn fun to read. That's a special talent and the South seems to grow it well.

Don't you think it is odd that the dusty soil of the south gives rise to such great writers but lousy politicians?

Right now, Randi Rhodes is giving a tribute to Ivins.


BTW, adc, I also hope there's someone to carry the torch . . .

Michael, you know of any up and coming writers that might fit the bill?

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