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January 26, 2007



I find this interesting. Even tho I'm not one who calls in to talk shows, I do listen to them and quite frankly I'm surprised to find out that they are so 'manipulated'. I thought (I guess naively) that the spontaneity of the callers pretty much generated the flow of the show; but obviously not. Nice to know!


I wonder what Styblehead would do ! hooty hoo ! Let's Getter Done! One of many Stybleheads crap crew


I agree. This is kind of disappointing. I suspected some shows over the years of manipulation but not most.

Also, Larry King - a long time ago - didn't screen either. His shows (radio) were always interesting. Isn't that supposed to be one of the talents of the host - handling calls and callers?

I'm wondering how perfect some of these producers really think they are. I enjoy hearing the choir and hearing opposing views. Don't mind when people agree - that's sometimes why I listen to the damn radio. To hear concurring opinions.

If things get too contentious, I might turn it off. Contentiousness with intelligence is okay. But, contentiousness for the sake of itself drives me away.

I guess these people all know what they are doing. But radio isn't doing so good in the main so maybe these people need to take themselves a little less seriously and let people talk.

Interesting for sure, Michael.


Jesus, who are these people? can't figure out, who they're manipulating more, the host, the listeners or the callers. I like Schultz's way- its come what (who) may and democratic, more like life. Most of these self-inflated talk hosts couldn't handle such a thing. Maybe all this fine-tuning and manipulation of the audience is putting the finishing touches on the medium. Something is...


on KPTK, any caller who wants to disagree with Stephanie Miller or Randi Rhodes gets put to the very front of the line of callers. Same with Ed Shultz. Same with Bernie Ward and Ray Taliafero on KGO....


A correction/clarificaton about Coast to Coast AM with George Noory -- it's Art Bell, the show's founder and present weekend host, who doesn't and never has screened calls. George Noory uses a staff of screeners like any other host.

Since his move to the Philippines last spring, even Art Bell has had to resort to screeners, mainly because the cost of running that many phone lines to the Philippines would have been prohibitive. He's recently moved back to Parumph, NV, and is still using screeners apparently until they get the phone lines reconnected.

Hopefully, the screeners will be gone soon. Art's style of handling callers with no producer or screener is a standard to be emulated by the talk radio industry. Let's see Rush and Medved and Dori do open lines Art Bell style -- no limiting of topics, no screener, no advance warning what the caller's going to talk about. I imagine they'd have quite a hard time coping.


Art is back in the USA? I loved listening to him. He would get kooks on the air that would make Joanie look normal. And that UFO business, Seven, and John Titor is what great talk radio is all about.

Unlike AA where you have the same stuff from say 5 different host. And I mean the same rhetoric. If you missed something on the young Jerks at 5am, you can tune in at 9pm to to hear about on Randi's show at as if it was written down for all them. Must be the same producer for all their shows. What a farce.

Al Franken

Glad you're listening Steve,you right-wing phoney.


Phoney or not, Steve has a point. Good article Bla'M, I learned quite a bit.


Steves point is useless.. Consider Air America's format.. They lean left and can be predictable, but if you look at the BIG picture, consider the number of Right Wing talk Radio shows(Local & National shows) being broadcast throught out the country.. in every market,in every state and you will find they outnumber liberal talk radio 10 to 1.. That is very very lopsided in there preaching of hate and intolerance, not to mention how much of the Talk Radio audience is bombarded on a daily basis on how Liberals and Democrats suck and are RUINING America! So when Right wing Fucks like to Blab about how Air America is failing and Bankrupt.. there is NO consideration of how Air America is completly OUTNUMBERED. Oh.. Alan Colmes radio show.. (# 1 in my book) does NOT screen his callers either and exposes the Fucking Stupid "Hannitized" callers who call in all pissed off at Liberals. Makes Great Radio!



I have to personally disagree with you. I believe open lines is a cop out. It's radio for people who can't spend an hour on only 1 topic. And it's a bore for listeners. It may be really fun for that one guy who gets on and gets to talk about whatever he wants, but for everyone just listening who doesn't call (the other 99% of the audience) it's flat out boring.

Open lines is phoning it in. It's not taking the time to really think about different angles on a story. It's not taking the time to even find a story worthy of dedicating an hour to. And trust me, there are plenty of stories like that - you just have to search them out.

Just my thoughts.


Open lines but on a topic . . . don't listen to Art Bell much but aren't his shows usually on aliens (as in outer space?) or something similar?

I don't like screening. I don't think you'd get a lot of crackpots but if you do, speaks to the quality of the program and the host. I think of radio as public squares . . . but if all is manipulated, then radio is just another side show.

Kind of disappointing.


Lo ciento mucho, I agree!!!


Our CBC radio programs not only screen calls, but they screen them to the extent that in their politically correct fashion, they take on "pro" and then one "con" caller for whatever topic they feature.

They also make sure that the callers are geographically dispersed evenly (national talk radio)

Tina Nole

We have limited time on our programs to include every caller. Essentially it's our job to keep the converstaion flowing and interesting. If I didn't screen out calls you would hear pot smoking Daryll, conspiracy theorist Dick and Mertyl with her giant great dane in Auburn for 20 minutes of every hour. The first thing you would do if you had to sit through.."um, well I ahhhh, ummmm Dave is stupid..and uhh well uhhhh" ...is turn off your radio.

AND - have you ever been to a forum or public speech where there is an open microphone? Most recently I went to see Barack Obama, he took open calls. He had time for about 2- one of which was "I love you" followed by 5 minutes of applause. Huge waste of time.

Generally we do our best to include every interesting voice that has something to contribute to the conversation whether it be to agree or disagree. They simply have to be sane and articulate as far as I'm concerned.

To the "taking ourselves seriously comments"...really? Not me. I sit in a tini tiny sound proof room for 4 hours everyday listening to the show, eating popcorn and drinking tea. Nothing glamourous or serious there...mostly I just get in trouble for leaving kernels all over the studio. I know my place on the totem poll and should I forget, I have something called a paycheck that comes around every once in a while to remind me.

In the end I love my job, it's fun and interesting and I'm lucky enough to spend my days with some incredibly amazing people.

So, call in-give it a try and I might not hang up on you.
Tina M. Nole
The Dave Ross Show
The Ron Reagan Show
Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen
Newsradio 710 KIRO


Tina: you are the best. always enjoy it when those guys give you a chance to speak. When are you getting a show of your own? didn't know you produced Tom Douglas- there's ego there, Dave & Ron can't touch!


Darryll 420 still calls in, huh...heh. I wonder how he affords to have a phone...he must be charging extra for doobies these days....

Don Evans

Tina- we love hearing you on the air, and enjoy your blog. it's a great read, when you get around to it. I know you're busy, but you could make a great living being a blogger and put the blatherer out of business. :)
ditto on Douglas. he's such a know it all, He's the Brian Styble of food. bet he's hard to work for.


I like Tom Douglas. I think he's kind of a regular guy.

I still think a host should be able to finesse a caller. No one has to listen to absurdity. And I've heard good hosts who can do it. . . they've been referenced on this blog.

Also, I've heard Dick on other stations (Tom Hartmann) and he doesn't spout just conspiracy theories. He's well read and often furthers the conversation. Also, I've never heard him actually on for long . . . pretty much gets handled just like the other callers.

Sorry, accolades but not from me.

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I would love to hear Tina as a guest on Phil's show

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