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January 08, 2007



This is for you, Nate....


No stories but my take on how I was treated . . .

Dave Ross and Charles Jaco(?) good listeners, gave me time to talk and both very nice

Mike Webb was a jerk, pushed my buttons till I rolled over him verbally cause I was pissed and he shut up

Goldy - yes, I called Goldy once but not fessing up to my on-air name (the topic was satire) -very respectful and kind although I disagreed with him

Finally, Jeffers didn't listen much and couldn't wait to talk so jumped on my lines - a very opinionated guy!

Of course, I'm not opinionated at all . . . :)


I called Erin Hart once...after she asked me to.
I called Dave once and Mike Webb after one of the protest marches against the Iraq War. Dave sounded like he was busy doing something else, and Mike was ok.

I have called Stephanie Miller twice, didnt have to wait long at all, but knew ahead of time I would have about 15 seconds to say my piece and that would be it. It was hilarious.


Once way back when, I called Mike Siegel at KVI to complain about the incessant christmas carols they were playing. Dan sytman was his producer then, and I said I hate this music, I'm Jewish! (I was lying). Dan said: So is Mike! and so am I! and hung up on me. I a;lways suspected that maybe Dan wasn't all that happy with the music either.

roger rarebit

I like Ed Schults. Call him, and all they do is take your name and where you are from, then Ed answers your call. He is the best.


You reminded me, Zingo, that I, too, called Siegel one night. He was taking a call from a an older guy who wouldn't have surgery because he had a dog and no one to take care of it. Mike didn't get it. He was so obtuse . . . just kept telling the guy he needed to get the surgery.

I got so emotional I called in and started to cry. I understood completely the guys feelings and told Mike all the guy needed was someone to take care of his dog . . .Mike suggested I do it . . . I didn't . . . I was in a pretty sad way myself at the time (medically I mean) . . . and just couldn't.

I think because I had a serious medical issue (since resolved, thank you), I was very empathetic with the guy. And I love animals!


I like Steve Scher on KUOW. He just lets you talk and talk, hardly ever cuts you off. I've called just to see how long he would let me go on. Once I talked for 9.5 minutes, which is a lifetime on the radio. Then he politely asked me to sum it up, and I went for another 2 minutes. It was wonderful.


Dave and Ron broadcasting from WA DC and good shows today.

One thing I notice, however, is that Dave sure interrupts Ron a lot. Ron was about to tell us some of his memories/experiences in DC when Dave foisted another question on him and it changed the subject. Ron is a little more relaxed than Dave.


Does Scher get many calls?


That reminds me, when I was younger, I was having mental problems and I would call up Dave Delackey on KIRO late at night and talk about my poor sick mother. My mother was not sick but I just needed to talk. He was always so nice, and sympathetic and understanding, but after a few dozen times, the producer or who ever answered the phone started telling me Dave had so many calls head of me that he probably wouldn't get to me. It got to be a game with me. I'd disguise my voice for the screener, and when Dave would get on, I'd start talking about my poor mother and her urology. It was fun until they began figuring out who I was, and just started telling me to go away. It gave me something to get my mind off my problems, and I had alot of fun doing it. If Dave reads this, I'm sorry Dave- my mom's kidney stones were not real, but you were so nice to care about them.


What ever happened to that Darryl who used to call everybody and talk about marijuana? Remember how he claimed to be a welfare dad on John Carlson's show and how the listeners got him a job he never showed up for? thaqt was some great radio!


How about those longtime callers to KIRO like Kay from Mt. Lake Terrace with the beutiful voice and the conspiracy theory buff, Dick from Lake City? Wish they would write in with some stories- bet they've got some good ones.


I've heard Dick on Hartmann a couple of times.


I've called Bernie Ward twice. The first time I got on, and we had a nice short converstion, but he was a genuine nice guy. The second time they had some woman producing the show who was a jackass and tried to do some micromanaging by telling me to sum up my call in one line to her or some stupid crap. I did that, but it threw me off my game. She put me on hold and then came back a few minutes later saying they couldn't get me on befor ehte end of he show. I called Mike Webb once before I had realized what a creep he was. It was a nothing call. I got through to Larry King and talked to his guest. Larry was all business. I called Art Bell- he was pretty good, pretty genuine. I called Mike Siegel and he let me get my points across but you could tell he was egotistical. I've had several runins with Dan Sytman while he was stll a producer. Once he wouldn't let me on Siegel's show, next time I called for Medved, and told him I thought Medved and his guest were both obnoxious even though they were opposites politically. He made a phony show of trying to focus my point so he could let me on and I finally delivered the F U bomb on him. Sytman's the biggest conceited, arrogant ass in radio. My last go round with him i called in and told him Medved was a disgrace and he yealled "you're a disgrace!" and hung up. I talked to Pat O'Day once when he filled in on the old KING- a real nice guy. I called Ray Taliaferro and didn't care for him - nothing dramatic, he just seemed to be on a control/power trip. Also the worst was this smartass little jerk that used to be on KVI i think his name was Miller. always talked about having the "warmies" for Kathy Goertzen. This guy was an ass and made me feel belittled talking to him. the worst. I pranked Kirby Wilbur when he was feeling his oats after his anti-healthcare rally in 93 or 94 when he led his little ganf of KVI MORONS AND CRETINS DOWN TO wESTLAKE Square to drown out Hillary Clinton. I pretended I was a rightwinger to get on past the screener and then yelled "faith and family, knucklehead!" I've prankcalled Carlson numerous times in the nineties. Carlson isn't as much of a prick as he was in the nineties.............


I called Mike Webb once re: Kerry/Bush's first debate in 2004.

Mike was okay but didn't really listen. I stated Kerry definitely won the debate and performed well (agreed with Webb), but still felt GWB was going to win because of the scare tactics. Webb stated there was no way GWB was to be reelected and then hung up on me, completely bypassing why i felt the performance wasn't enough.

I like Goldy. I tend to agree with him a lot and I like how he calls himself a liberal on air and talks about progressive viewpoints. Also, he is respectful of the many of callers that disagree with him and usually works them into the debate (i.e. doesn't brush them off).


Darryl is in and out of jail. He used to run a website ( Darryl 410) but it is rarely updated. I think he stays pretty involved with Hempfest. He is a short guy with long matted hair who often gets tossed out of events in Seattle because he wants to talk about pot.


nobody has called Styble?


Darryl is in and out of jail? GET OUT!

What a whack-job he is. EVERYTHING is about pot.

The dude is the personification of why every sane parent wishes their prodigy avoid the herbs.

Well God Bless Darryl! I hope they are kind to him in the.... joint......

Peace Out Brown Trout


remember Michael the Liberal on the Mike Siegel show?


Well, i have to say my information is what i heard the last time Darryl visited the now-defunct kIRO chat room. He was just as obnoxious in there as he was on the air.


It's darryl 420





I once called the Fabulous Sports Babe. She kept me on the air for 18 seconds. She said talking to a caller that long was the equivalent of a marriage proposal.


i called dori once to argue against skiiers wearing helmets, since a friend was paralyzed because he wore one. dori listened and disagreed not adding much. Talked to frank about the port and the christmas displays mentioning that i thot they should forget about the menorah, but instaid put up the nativity scene, since its a christian symbol made up of jews, killing two birds with one stone, he liked the idea. bj shea now of KISW can be a screaming arrogant ass, his screener would let anyone on tho. Once called the John Hinterberger show to explain why women preferred men in boxers, (easy access). My favorite was one nite when Siegel was on KING and he had this oddball topic where you called in and commented on questions you had about celebreties. Since i had seen him on TV and his hairline looked unnatural, like farmers rows of crops, i asked him whats up with the hair. To his credit he fessed up and told me someone had done some amateurish implants on him that he now wished had never happened.
BTW i always thot Kay in Lake Forest Park had a direct line to KIRO kinda like the bat phone, no waiting just got right thru.


I must say my best call-in experience was in the late '70s when I was a kid. The Mariners had a hot-stove league show on KVI, every week, with Dave Niehaus and special guests. Bob Robertson Jr. was producing IIRC. I was, maybe, 12 years old. I would call every week, always identifying myself (lots of callers didn't for some reason), and soon they knew me. They were always nice, always let me on-air, and I got to talk to some interesting people, including Danny Kaye (who was a Mariners co-owner at the time, and told me a long story about the Yawkey family and the Boston Red Sox).

When the next season started, I got to meet a bunch of interesting people in person because of this minor notoriety as well. And I remember once introducing myself to a fellow fan who then said "Are you the Wendi from the radio?"

More recently, I've had uneventful calls to Tom Leykis, Groz (the day the M's won the playoff series against the Yanks in 1995), and Mike Webb (he seems not to listen but to use callers as the canvas for his own ranting -- he didn't disagree with me or anything, it was just like I wasn't there).

And I have had a fun e-mail exchange with Phill Jupitus on BBC 6Music (which I listen to online). I wrote in telling him that 6music was a great station, better than the crap stations here in the US, and he read the e-mail on air and added a slam at the Clear Channel monopoly as well. ;) I wrote back a couple of times that day, and to my embarrassment, he kept reading the e-mails on the air. Someone else sent him an e-mail that he read, which said "I don't know if you will read this since my name isn't Wendi from Seattle". To top it off, they drew an e-mail for a U2 DVD giveaway at the end of the shift -- and I won. (The BBC got that DVD to me 3 days later. I was impressed.)

This reminds me -- back in the halcyon 70s when kids used to call KJR to request songs, there was this weird phone line thing that would happen when the lines were super busy. You would call, and instead of getting a proper busy signal, you would get this sort of half-connection, where there was no dialtone or signal, but you could hear other callers that were calling the same number, sort of quietly. So we'd all call the request line, get this freaky half-connection, and chat with the other people. "Hey! What's your name? What school do you go to?" etc. You could hear multiple callers so it could get a little chaotic. Anyone remember that?


The phone people at Kiro 710 Am are super !!!!! But the over baked Brain , The Styblehead is just wrong !


I used to be a regular caller on KVI but I haven’t called much lately. Ever since they put Suits on in place of Carlson, I’ve lost interest in calling. They’ve got to get rid of Suits, he’s such a fucking idiot and his show is so boring I want to put a gun to my head. Plus they’ve got so many damn commercials that when you do get on the air you’ll often times be cutoff because they’ve got to go to break.

Here is the break down on the KVI ass-merchants.

Brian Suits:
He’ll let you talk more than anyone else on KVI. The problem is, you’ll never want to talk to him because he’s so god damn boring and his topic choices are so fucking stupid. He’s the least conservative guy on KVI . I feel that he knows most of the KVI audience is a bunch old crusty conservative dick heads.

John Carlson:
He’s the smartest guy on KVI and has the best topics by far. He’s a “hyper interrupter” so make sure you know what you’re going to say so you can get it out before he interrupts. You’ve got to get your main point out and then stick to it. If your point is good, he’ll either filibuster until he has to go to break or try and flip things around so you have to answer his questions. I lost any respect I had for Carlson after he hung up on me and then claimed that I hung up on him because “I’m a weak liberal who can’t handle his arguments.” The second time he did this to me I called back in with a fake name and called him on his lies. Of course he just continued to lie. He claimed my cell phone must have cut out.

Kirby Wilber:
I rarely call this shit stain because he’s an ultra conservative delusional fuck tard. If you’ve got a good point he’ll just go off on some ultra conservative BS and then hang up on you. Its difficult to actually have a debate with him. He’s only interested in talking to one of the dumb fuck Christians that call in to tell him how great he is.

Ken Shram:
Ken is pizza face shitlord who can’t find a decent job. Now he’s been reduced to jacking off Carlson on KVI. Sad.


Thankfully, John only gets about 2 words on the air before they hit the dump button.


John, ease up on the language buddy.


I call The Guy James Show about once a week and find him to be engaging and very cordial. Now and then he "goes off" on idiot right-wingers but most times he is very friendly and will let you talk till you get your point out.

Seattle Patriot

I once called the Dave Ross show (in his previous time slot) and the bitch screening the calls acted like she was the maitre d at Canlis. The subject was the boob that got hit on the train tracks at Golden Gardens, sued and received $750,000. My comments were 4 words: Personal Responsibility and Natural Selection and the screener berated me for 5 minutes saying how DARE I subject her to my hate speak. I thought progressives believed in evolution and natural selection?

Mike Webb was the unhinged idiot we all know him to be.


A few years ago on the first truly summery Friday of the year, Dori did his now annual tradition of having people call in and sing their favorite summer driving music. I was in a merchandising position, spending about 6 hours a day in the car, and over the course of the hour I wrote new lyrics to Barry Manilow's "Copacabana", telling the tale of Dori's show that day... I called in and sang the first two lines, and was asked to hold until the end of the show so they could finish with a bang... When my time came, I belted it out, then was immediately put on hold and asked to stay on the line so Dori could talk to me personally...

I know there are a lot of Dori haters on here, but he was totally friendly, loved the song, and thanked me for making an A+ effort. I've called him a few other times, and he's always been nice. Dave is great to talk to as well... And I never even considered calling Mike Webb - anyone who was surprised to find him a smug, unhinged idiot (love that description!) deserved whatever they got from him!!


The dislike and disdain crackled through the phone lines today, from State Senator Adam Kline, as he schooled Dori on how, without higher taxes and some of sort of new progressive taxes to replace the license tabs tax on expensive cars that the Sultan Of Selfishness Tim Eyman convinced voters to get rid of, Washington will go the way of Mississippi. Kline, acording to his bio, knows something about Mississippi. Unlike the callow twerp Monson, whose toughest duty was growing up in the mean streets of Ballard, kLINE was a civil right worker in Mississippi in 1964 and several years later worked there to help enforce court-ordered prison reform at the Parchman Farm Penitentiary. He also worked in the slums of Baltimore. It sounded like a high school principal lecturing a smartass freshman, instead of a conversation between two adult peers.


So, Tommie, how did 710DORI take it? Was he still a smart aleck after the call - did he disrespect Kline?

Wish I'd heard it.


he made a snide comment to Kline before terminating the interview that he could "feel the love" in their talk but then went on after the call to claim that he's always liked old Adam. Monson originally called Kline thinking he'd discovered some sort of PC lib silliness that he could pounce on in Kline's bill protecting the disabled from discrimination, which is worded to protect individuals who are merely thought or perceived to be disabled as well as the truly disabled . Turned out, it wasn;t silly at all after Kline explained the rationale behind it, and Monson finally conceded the point to Kline without actually formally doing so with any graciousness or class.


Tommie, with out a doubt you can write circles around me……. So without the wordsmithyness (is that a word? It is now! I just wrote it!) This is what I heard. You are right, Dori did go for the jugular about the “perceived discrimination”. I thought the Senator explained it well, although it speaks volumes about our society that such legislation is needed. As for the tax issue, what I heard was just another politician lecturing about how the unwashed masses don’t know squat and we had better damn well give them more money. Actually the Mississippi comment sounded like fear mongering to me, wait who else does that?


Graciousness - from Monson? You've got to be kidding. I've never heard a word that wasn't a put down when he didn't win the point. And usually after the caller/guest has hung up.

I love to hear him bettered . . .


Dori is a smarmy small man. Every time he puts down people for "making bad choices" and ending up badly I want to throttle him. I just hope he doesn't find his industry outsourced when he is 50+ and facing medical issues. Or maybe I do...? Of course I don't. I am not smarmy nor small (or a man).

coochie mama

I've never heard a word that wasn't a put down when he didn't win the point. And usually after the caller/guest has hung up.



I'm enjoying the Dave & Ron show. It's especially nice to hear more of Ron. I wish the'd give Ron some (all?) of Dori's time slot. Send Dori to KVI and be done with it.


KIRO has shocked all the critics. In the latest ratings book KIRO had an astounding 4.2 rating...making it the #2 radio station in Seattle. KIRO continues to be by far the highest rated talk radio station in town.


tommy: while eyeman is indeed selfish and egotistical, he could not have been successful in rolling back the car tab tax if it wasnt so patently unfair. The state used a depreciation schedule that did not reflect reality, it valued older cars way too high, overtaxing everyone. The legistlature was asked to fix this for five years and they did nothing, loving the cash cow that the old tabs system was. Eyman was able to tap into this and was successful. Blame the greedy wa legislature for this mess.


two groups of folks that need to be told their services are no longer necessary by the ad agency- the Haight Carpet Girls, and those deadly, dry, sing-songing dweebs and dorks, on the Westcoast Wellness testimonials. It's a good thing they founded WW companies with "no employess", because who could stand to work for these drips!


Last year, I didn't know what 420 meant...



"I'm enjoying the Dave & Ron show. It's especially nice to hear more of Ron. I wish the'd give Ron some (all?) of Dori's time slot. Send Dori to KVI and be done with it"


Regarding the car tabs tax . . . the vote for the monorail was so close that everybody knew there would be problems. I think any project like that should have to get a supermajority . . . Wasn't that vote something like 49-51%? You need enough people invested in it to make it happen. The monorail was a nonstarter and had problems in every area.

I think the tunnel vote should also require a supermajority for passage just as all big and expensive projects should.

Just squeaking by invites trouble.

The library was another example of a project that should have required a supermajority. If it had, I believe it would have passed anyway . . . it was clear the public wanted it and was willing to pay for it.


I could live with that joanie...the other equally large problem with how we did the monorail is we GAVE TAXING AUTHORITY to the monorail commission without knowing the total cost of the project, or even an accurate estimate. WE need to spend more money up front to get an accurate picture of costs before anything goes ahead.
Mix that in with the arrogant Joel Horn who kept his own board uninformed and then ran away from them when the truth came out and you get a project that would serve less than 1% of the transit needs paid for by future generations. Is there anyone here who doesnt know that the tunnel will also turn into NW version of the big dig?


Do as I say and not as I do Scroll down to Kingston - typical conservative hypocrisy. Will it never end?


Called Mr Jeffers @ KIRO after Katrina about how Gov Blanco and Mayor Nagin didn't use their available resourses (buses) to evacuate. His response was it was George Bush's responsibility to get those people evacuated, not the mayor or governor. He had/has an agenda and will not be swayed.


1. The bus drivers had all evacuated the city to be with their families. There was nobody there to drive them.

2, The city did not have the authority to use school buses.

3. The buses could have held only a tiny fraction of people in the city.

4. George Bush and his cabal continued their vacation during the crisis.

5. Nobody ever told Jeb Bush that he was on his own to take care of Floridians after a hurricaine. FEMA was right there.

This is so old news. The people of New Orleans have been abandoned by this administration and many have now been cheated out of what was left of their homes as developers come in and take over the property to build expensive replacements. What is the use of beating this dead horse on the radio?

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