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January 26, 2007



Ok, so Obama is not a Muslim terrorist. You are right about that. A little research after hearing it on the radio kept me from falling for that one.
I have done a lot of research on Hillary as well. She is still a bitch. Nothing I have found discredits that.


Hillary will be pretty much untouchable; she's been through this before a thousand times over. The only tough questions/reports she may have to address are a few 'pardons' she & Bill made...but not to worrk they will be prepared for that.
Mark it down (indelibly) it WILL be President Hillary!

blathering michael

Right, Chucks:
Hillary's a bitch; Rudy is tough.
Pelosi's a bitch; McCain is a hard-hitter.
Gregoire's a bitch, Rossi plays hardball.
On another day, we'll hear that these women are too soft to handle national security.
Ho-hum, sexism as usual- a black man may have an easier time of getting elected president in this country than a female.
And all because of our blessed, bitchy Moms.


So Michael, do you still believe the fairness doctrine will remain a non-issue in the coming months? How does one get around the fact that alot of the people who listen to Hannity and the other rightwinger radio talkers believe everything they say-on the public airwaves!


Excellent post, Michael. I see this paradigm at work also. When I was a but a young lad, I thought that sexism was a generational phenomenon. It ain't. And it isn't just some men.

After the SOTU speech, I even heard women at work, Harvard, Princeton, Yale grads all, discussing why Speaker Pelosi should not have worn the outfit she did. Apparently it was not the right color for her.

It just reinforced my belief that Stanford grads are really more enlightened than the average bear.

I'M TEASING!! Don't flame me.


Pelosi is too far to the right for me, but, so far I admire how she wields her power. That does not make her a bitch.
Rudy handled NY during extreme crises, but I am not sure that makes a great president. Granted he did seem to manage the city well as mayor. McCain is not my choice for president as well. He has paid his dues though and I give him the respect he has earned.
Rossi is Rossi. Probably just a foot note in state history.
Gregoire is managing the state well. I did not vote for her. She was not responsible for that clusterfuck in King County. That was purely KC Elections Dept mismanagement. Ron Sims baby. She is Governor and I do not complain. She is doing the job she was elected to do the way she said she was going to do it.
Hillary is still a bitch.
Do not assume that I am in anyway opposed to a woman president. I have been arround strong women my entire life. Crap, my mother was a math professor and my wife is an actuary with an iq over 160.

blathering michael

hey Rick- I'm not sure I still believe it. you're right, it's a real rallying cry now for the right. Not sure it's real or just another red herring- does Kucinich et al really have a Draconion bill in mind? We'll see.
those righties love their herrings as much as any box-head I ever knew.



Can we stop with the BS poll at the top?

Yes, you're hearing whisperings about changes and scuttlebutt about people potentially getting the axe - but you have better info than you're letting on...

Stop the frickin' tease, already - unlock the comments on the poll and let us all postulate and pontificate...

Or, better yet, unlock the comments, let us all chat about it, and drop wildly meaningless and even more horrid teases than you already have...

And - why include Ron and Don as a couple? They're not getting paid to a joint bank-account, are they (or maybe they are? two shocks in one).

Interesting - now I'm really *thinking* (don't really do that much). Including Ron and Don together is a big indicator - after-all, they're both likely under individual contract with Kiro/Entercom/whothehelleverthenewowner is...so - the fact that you still listed them together seems to be a hint? No?

yes, I'm fishing :p


Maybe we need a bitch for president; anything would be in improvement over that pussy we have in the White House now.


Hillary has heard it all...swiftboat stuff will roll off her like water off a duck's back. But Obama is not used to the level of nastiness he is about to encounter. i think he thinks if he is reasonable and open and friendly, people will listen to his message...but I think he is going to get hammered. I would like him better if he jettisoned Lieberman as his mentor.


Sparks, I think we all found out how "reasonable and open and friendly" worked when Kerry tried it in 2004...


I agree...but Im not sure Obama learned the lesson. It's early though...


chucks: She is still a bitch.

chucks: I have been arround strong women my entire life. Crap, my mother was a math professor and my wife is an actuary with an iq over 160.

chucks: Pelosi is too far to the right for me,

Do you have a clue, chucks?

No wonder you hate women. For you, the right woman is thirteen and "perky."

You are so forgettable chucks.

tj . . . over at hoursesass, pope was telling everybody to drop by and vote for Goldstein. Just like a republican to try to muck up the works.

Obama can handle it Sparky and Rick. I've changed my mind . . . anybody who has beat the odds the way Obama has shouldn't be sold short . . . My money is on him right now.


anybody want to hear the ice shifting (melting) in the Arctic . . . click on mp3 where is says earthear

isn't the earth amazing?


"anybody who has beat the odds the way Obama has shouldn't be sold short . . ."

Just my point Joanie.

Stephen Schwartz

This ain't funny. Lets hope that Congress launches an investigation into smear campaigning. It would be worth a lot to know exactly who was responsible for this shit. Imagine calling in the Moonie reporter and demanding under oath that she reveal he clintin sources. As we hear cries of freedom of the press from the righties, the follow on would be to call Sean Hannity and ask him what effort he or Faux made to corroborate a story it was running ?


The only thing I'll call Senator Clinton is a human, and not a very nice one at that. Ah, but ain't that politics! And Joanie, how come Mars is warming as well? I'm not saying spewing tons of toxcins into the atmo is good, I'm just saying step back and look around.


chucks: I have done a lot of research on Hillary as well. She is still a bitch. Nothing I have found discredits that.

So, tell us, what have you found in all your research?

And, just what defines a bitch anyway?


Honestly, Recife. I started to respond yesterday and thought better of it. Sorry, I think that as a comment/comparison, it is estupido.

I don't live on Mars. Do you? What's the relevance?

And, what is the point you are making? I cannot read minds . . what do you want me to answer.

And Pluto is no longer a planet . . . so what?


And, Recife, I've stepped back . . . now, tell me, what am I supposed to see? I sure don't see Mars.

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