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January 17, 2007



Perhaps I shall give KOMO another listen. Its just that everytime I tune they're advertising. Must be bad timing on my part. Plus I can't stand Bill Yennd.

But then lately my habit has been to get the 6 am national news, check the headlines afterwards, then check out. After all it seems that once they give the three headline stories before traffic & rain reports they just keep repeating themselves.

So I tend to check out B. J. on KISW. Gives the same news in a more entertaining way. Plus sometimes they're even funny.

Does that make me sexist? Well, it is a male dominated show!

Its too early in the morning for this.


Well if you break it down I think it's all Stybleheads Fault!
Boast to Boast radio ! it's not Funny it's just plan wrong!

Archie Bunker

Bill Yeend. Edith, what the hell kind of name has two e's in a row. What kind of crap is that? Aw geez- when is that bum Webb gonna start wearing the orange jumpsuit? Edith! Where's my Hostess sweetroll?


Peasant Sparky, check out the picture on the Seattle Times home-page, it's the USS John Stennis heading for the Persian Gulf to show them Iranians and Syrians we mean business and they better stop messing around in Iraq. 97,000 tons of sheer force. Go USA, Go USA.

"Peace through Strength"


One misty, moisty morning,
when cloudy was the weather,
I chanced to meet an old man,
all dressed in leather.
He began to compliment,
and I began to grin-
and how do you do?
and how do you do?
and how do you do, again?


how on earth would that make you sexist


Steeleye Span!



Show of force matters not. Osama and his followers have brought us to our knees and they will do it again. Our compassionate ways will always be used against us...as a Western culture we simply cannot or will not understand other cultures' values.
So sad!


The US is already getting it's dick knocked in the dirt in Iraq, why should the upcomming folly with Iran be any different?


we might actually get some support there


Duffman, was that Obama and his followers that you mean? Oh wait, I keep getting them two mixed up, sorry.


I get Bush and Nixon mixed up...

Archie Bunker

Dori is having another of his " whining about taxes" days, but this one is a pip. Singing, giggling, making Karel sound like the Marlboro Man- today is a truly disgusting performance from the "wee little fella".


wow...anyone who can make Karel sound like the Marlboro Man is REALLY squeaky.


my last name has two ee in a row so there. Much to my wife's dismay I love Steeleye Span. Saw them open for Steve Miller in Boston. They stole the show


But Duffman, why haven't we gotten Osama yet? Surely Bush and his crew are not the "wimpy libs" you obviously hate. Why did they abandon Afghanistan and prove Osama right about us then? Funny that you blame 'western culture' (which is obviously servile code for liberals) when a certain drooling inhabitant of the Oval Office wimped out on that one in the first place so he could get us into Iraq. Truth is a bitch, isn't it?


Ron and Don has a singsongy, Stepword Wives type of woman from the Seattle downtown business community telling us not to give money to panhandlers. Little miss prim and prissy tells us to give to "social services". 90 % of these people will never go to this creepy woman's social services , as Ron accurately states. The businesses just want these people out of sight and out of mind- lady, don't tell me who to give money to, you creep. Even drunks deserve change from time to time. Creep.




When on the road and need news, KOMO is where I go. If we could get these guys to have fewer commercials (charge more), I would listen even more.


"I don’t know where he is. Nor — you know, I just don’t spend that much time on him really, to be honest with you. I....I truly am not that concerned about him."....George W. Bush, when asked about the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden.


Cow, I agree with you, Clinton really wimped out in getting Obama, sorry, Osama.

And Osama, I mean Obama, was he really a pothead like Gay Rea said on his show today. Gay Rea says his mom likes Obama, got it right that time, even though he said he smoked dope and Gay Rea was surprised because his mom used to find his stash and flush it down the toilet when he was just learning to be gay. WOW, if this is true, I think it would be great to have a pothead as a President. Maybe then we can get it leagalized and Joanie and Peasant Sparky can teach our youth how to roll and toke them up.


Duffman: . . . Our compassionate ways . . .

Hmm, wonder what Iraq thinks about "our compassionate ways?"

Dave Ross played a cut from Boston Legal this morning - part of Alan's summation in the trial against Homeland Security. I just love that show! It is so much better than 24.

BTW, Steve, don't bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me ...

You might be more fun than I originally thought . . . or, as Dale would say of Vinnie, we could wiff a little together.


Oh, one more thing . . .

Randi played a cut from Bush in which he said Americans are sacrificing by watching TV. I wonder if Harvard every considers revoking his MBA?


BTW, Steve, apparently you are another "leagle beagle." Right?


archie, i agree dori was worse than normal in his childish diatribe against democrats today, and i agree on his position about the tunnel. what made his comments sound even more stupid is that the tunnel is dead, the legislature and the democratic governor are both against it.

tommy, i am downtown almost every day and the agressive panhandling from fifth and bell to first avenue is obscene. i have also given money to people on the street when i feel like it, however last week i walked three blocks with a date and her son and we were harrassed for three blocks by someone who wouldnt give up untill we threatened bodily harm. this is more common than not and allowing it in our city gives a bad name to people who are truly down and out and need help.


When referring to Western culture I was not implying a 'liberal' bent - I simply meant Western culture such as it is. And yes Iraq does find us compassionate and they do take advantage of it. Remember some/most are normal Iraq citizens by day and insurgents by night. We (as a culture) simply cannot understand a culture that considers it an honor to die for it's cause and more so if you take the infidel westerners with you. President Bush is of a typical western 'cowboy' mentality and for that reason alone we suffer this situation. If we really want to win we must be completely ruthless and abandon compassion or it will continue to be used against us. War is Hell...with no 'time-outs'.


Oh yeah. Western culture is white hat and the Middle East is black hat. We are good; they are evil. We are compassionate; they are killers.

Do you hear yourself? You are one propagandized American.


Don't you get it; it's neither 'we' nor 'they'; it's 'us' in terms of this planet...your hero/President Mr Bush can't think in those terms; he/we are defined by 'boundaries'...we may get there eventually...but we're not there yet (and we'll certainly never get there under the likes of our current President.


You people completely misunderstand the Wee One (dori); if he doesn't have something to whine about (and he's the only allegedly male person I've ever heard do a real, actual whine), his career would be over.

I'm sure he lives in dread of the day the neocons take over, shoot all the homeless--you know, the "human garbage" Mr. Christian called them a couple of years ago--and he gets everything he wants.


"An Iranian offer to help the United States stabilize Iraq and end its military support for Hezbollah and Hamas was rejected by Vice President Dick Cheney in 2003, a former top State Department official told the British Broadcasting Corp.

The U.S. State Department was open to the offer, which came in an unsigned letter sent shortly after the American invasion of Iraq, Lawrence Wilkerson, former Secretary of State Colin Powell's chief of staff, told BBC's Newsnight in a program broadcast Wednesday night. But, Wilkerson said, Cheney vetoed the deal."

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/ 20070...britain_us_iran


We're not communicating, Duffman. He's not my hero. I thought he was yours. I don't talk about the muslims as if they're all evil and the slime of the earth. You're doing that. Do you think muslims are not compassionate?

"Evildoers" - ring any bells?


Well, Steve, what's your answer to that? Or do you dodge the hard ones?


Tried looking up that link Peasant Sparky posted, but it expired or something, probably was posted by the guy who forgot to sign that letter, but we will never know will we.

Not sure why a well respected Colonel like Wilkerson would say something like that. Maybe he was pissed that he got passed over for General and had to retire before he could fulfill his destiny. People do strange things when their mad, and also for money, but if it's what you want to hear Joanie, fine with me.


Sounds like another case of making an ass of yourself by ass-u-ming such a thing. Oh, wait, I forgot. You conservatives don't need facts when lazy guessing will do.

Gee, isn't that what your Resident Idiot, the Decider did to get us into war?


Steve: Tried looking up that link Peasant Sparky posted, but it expired or something,

You know, Steve, you must be the most incompetent googler on blather . . . because I found it and several others with one stroke of my ingenious brain.

Try again, Steve.


Now, apologize to Sparky.


Don't believe I ever mentioned the word 'muslims' in any of my posts. Do you read as is written or do you read as you think?


Oh, excuse me. In your previous post, you identified Iraq as taking advantage of us. So, you weren't talking about muslims . . . so who were you talking about? Who are "they?"


Our only 'defined and declared' enemy, Al-Qaida and associated terrorists of any flavor...and yes 'Iraq' (to some extent) because of it's presently 'confused' sectarian structure.


In other words, Islam. Thanks Duffman.


Such rash inconclusive reasoning...much like our Pres.

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