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January 19, 2007



'greats' ? Joanie's gonna ding you for that one :-)


Im sure this makes sticking around more attractive to Dave Ross and Ron Reagan. It will be interesting to see who stays and who goes and what happens.

IF they go FM, and IF they get back some quality, then I would return as a listener sometimes.

good article, Bla'm..thanks.


And they should bring back Val Stouffer.


Dave and Dori are set in stone of course, but hopefully this will make room for some new voices at KIRO... Ron&Don MUST go!
Frank Shiers is awful, but at least he's on when I don't listen.
Dori's producer Phil Vandevort has done some fill in work lately, I'd like to hear him as a regular.
Good news though, change would be good in most KIRO time slots.


Dennis Kelly is killing KVI!


If I were Dori, I'd be nervous. I'll bet the Mormons won't take too kindly to him calling the homeless "human garbage", since they're some of the church's best prospects for conversion.

I think Carl Jeffers following Frank Shiers is hilarious but could be a mistake. Frank is SO bad that there won't be any audience left by the end of his shift to listen to the erudite and always intelligent Jeffers. He's polite but he's sharp as an industrial diamond and he doesn't let anyone get away with anything.

I notice he's also a lot more secure in his beliefs and he doesn't feel he has to show callers who doesn't agree with him who's boss by putting them on hold.

Jeffers never does that; he doesn't have to. HIS power comes from his intelligence and the knowledge that his beliefs are grounded in reality, not a neo-con dream world.


"Dori asked Field in the meeting if Entercom has a long-term strategy to buy Fisher? Field said no, of course, and disallowed Dori any more questions."

Interesting, isn't it, that someone actually forced Dori to sit down and shut up. I'm wondering if that's something he's going to have to get used to.


Oops, I see I got the schedule wrong vis-a-vis Shiers preceeding Jeffers. Whew! that's a relief!

Has anyone else noticed that KIRO **isn't** live and local any more and hasn't been for a while? First we had the overnight Trucker show; reruns of Dave Ross overnight on weeknights, and the syndicated Bob Brinker show on the weekends.

The descent down the slippery slope has begun.


given KIRO's ratings, and unsuccessful lifestyle talk programming, Bonneville has a lot of hard work to do. their best bet would be to bring back KIRO hosts with previous high ratings in the market - i.e. Mike Webb, Lou Pete, Mike Siegel, etc.

bonneville has a tremendous opportunity to go back to what was working under Ken Berry and Kris Olinger 5 years ago.
One of Entercom's biggest mistakes was to fire Mike Webb over legal insurance issues that should have remained a private matter, no different than a talk show host filing papers for divorce or adoption.

since Mike left, 9p-1a has seen terrible ratings, and 1090's somewhat caustic Mike Malloy was beating the various substitute hosts in rotation (that is, before Malloy left AAR).

as for 770 KTTH, they should get Big Ed from 1090 if they can. Medved could go to 1300, and Big Ed could move to 770, with Randi live on 1090 at NOON.

the 770 morning show will never get ratings unless it is more entertaining. for a blue market, it's also got to be more socially liberal and more politically correct. 770 could add some special features, such as karel offering movie reviews (as Karel also does on bonneville's KSL 1160). I liked what KSL was doing tonight (1160 khz) with their Film interviews from Park City.

overall, it's going to be difficult to bring KIRO/KTTH back to their earlier ratings under Berry/Olinger. To get 770 ratings, they'll need to think "outside the box," be more entertaining, and politically more to the center


this Firing poll is ridiculous. Programming changes under new owners take time. there may not even be any firings, given all the KIRO host departures lately. Why don't you take a positive approach, and have a poll for a Popularity Contest instead. You could include all the hosts that have left KIRO since Bonneville sold KIRO in 1997


Sorry, KING1090, Mike being arrested for insurance fraud is not like filing divorce papers. Divorce is legal. I don't want a sleazebag felon on my radio station. Mike tried to hide his arrest from the station. The only thing I would grant Mike is- IF Mike is acquitted on the merits of the case, not on a technicality, he should be allowed his old shift on KIRO back. I'm not too worried about hearing Mike's voice again on KIRO in this lifetime.


KIRO was probably looking for an excuse to fire Mike Webb and he finally gave them the grounds they felt they needed -- remember, he carries a gun and is probably lawsuit-happy. By commiting insurance fraud, he played right into their hands.


I liked Mike - sort of - but his ratings weren't anything to crow about either.


"Jeffers never does that; he doesn't have to. HIS power comes from his intelligence and the knowledge that his beliefs are grounded in reality, not a neo-con dream world."

Huh? It is liberals who live in a dream world. They are so out of touch with reality it is a joke. And Jeffers fits nicely into that category, thank you.


Get "Big Ed" from 1090 and put him onto KTTH? I would be searching for another station pronto. "Big Ed" should use a better description of his show - I would suggest "Big Boor." Or is that "Big Bore"?


Big Ed on KTTH? hahah
That will happen when they put Howard Stern on the Church Lady station...


hey, wait a minute, LOTS of people are arrested for lots of reasons. employers DO NOT have to fire you, just because you were arrested and released for something Friday night. Now, if Webb was jailed and fined, and couldn't do his show, that would be different. Keep in mind: Mike HAS NOT been convicted yet. QUESTION: WHY did KIRO say goodbye to OTHER liberals at about the same time as Webb - Allan Prell, Erin Hart, Tony Ventrella??? It's the conservative corporate media, isn't it? Webb was very liberal, had huge ratings, had 20 hours/week, so Entercom fired him, right? Perhaps, but I don't know. It's happened to many liberal hosts all over the US. but you alledged liberals on this board like to eat your young, and now I see this also includes Ed Schultz.


I thought Webb's ratings were like 1.8 or something like that. . . that's huge?


It seems obvious that all the "delays" asked for or caused by Mr. Webb regarding his insurance fraud proceedings are a cynical attempt by him to subvert justice by the sheer passage of time. As Michael has pointed out, it won't work in this case for a number of reasons. It has now been over 13 months since Webb was originally arrested for insurance fraud. This is not an arcane, complicated murder case. Time to stop the stunts, tricks and malingering Mr. Webb. "The wheels of justice grind exceedingly slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine."


Bonneville does not take too kindly to management that manages to lose their long-held news image. Look at what they have invested in news in Washington, Phoenix and Salt Lake including news on FM. This is a company that believes and invests in news.


Does Bonneville hire Dennis Kelly away from KOMO? He consulted their news stations until very recently. Or do they bring back Ken Kohl whose turnaround at KOMO in the early 80's nearly beat KIRO at the time?


Erin's ratings were 0.0 She could have been the Bible Lady and people still would not have listened to her.




You crack me up; politics had nothing to do with his dismissal-- he was just plain BAD.


I listened - or tried to listen - to Jeffers last night. He talks too much about the "conversation" and never gets to it.

After discussing the quality of his conversation for ten minutes, he started talking about his mom and the service that helped monitor her and get her to the hospital. Okay. I don't blame him for caring and letting people know what a great service it was.

Bu† it went on forever. Then, he comes back from a break and starts talking about the quality of his discussion again - no laugh tracks. no trumpets, just "civil conversation."

I finally decided the conversation was never going to get started so switched to Lionel and enjoyoed his conversation.

Also, Jeffers sounds like he's on speed. Sorry, just sounds that way. Between his rapid fire delivery and his lack of anything on which to focus, I was exhausted when I changed stations.


I enjoy Carl, but only for about 10 minutes. He is a good debater, well-read, educated, and I'm sure a pleasure to be around in person.

Listening to Carl on the radio, however, is nearly impossible for me.

Dave Ross made a comment while tring to talk with Carl a few months ago. "Talking with you is like trying to drink from a fire hose", Dave said, which illicited no comment from Carl.

Excellent analogy! His mind seems to be two stoplights ahead of his speech, so he speeds up his speech in hopes of catching his thoughts.

Also, at many points, he seems to be compiling his next argument, and not listening to what a caller is saying.

It's just too much for this feeble mind.

Huckleberry Steve

Joan said about Jeffers:

"I finally decided the conversation was never going to get started.."

Occasionally, out of sheer boredom, I used to try to listen to him while driving I-90. Joan is correct-he spends all his time bloviating. The last time I had him on he took 4 calls in three hours.


Tommy008 and Michael Hood - you fellows better stop speculating about a legal case that is NONE of your business. Why? This blog is incredibly slanderous, it has ruined careers, and will ultimately be shut down in the courts. Do you want to hire attorneys and go to court, along with Six Apart (the company sponsoring this blog)? Do you want to face talk hosts, their agents, and their syndicators in court? http://www.sixapart.com/about/
As for posting ratings of Webb and Hart, the figures of "1.8" and "0.0" are totally meaningless - for what demographic are these, and when? You know, Erin Hart subs for Jay Marvin in Denver, on Clear Channel's VERY successful liberal station KKZN.


Tommy008 and Michael...
In your manic tyrades against Webb, Styble, and others, you've CLEARLY violated the Six Apart Terms of Service. Consequentially, hosts have grounds to sue you, since YOU (!) accepted the terms of service from Six Apart:

"You agree that you will not:
(a) upload, post, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy (up to, but not excluding any address, email, phone number, or any other contact information without the written consent of the owner of such information), hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable..."



There WILL BE CONSEQUENCES to what you write, mr. hood...:-(

blathering michael

Huh? we've ruined careers? Really? tell me whose. If editorial criticism were slanderous, talk radio wouldn't exist. As Dori Monson told us: " I tell everybody around here who complains about you- hell, he's just doing what we do..."
King1090- would it change your mind about Mike Webb if he pleaded guilty?


Dori said that? Well, he's gone up a notch in my book. . . :)


"Do you want to face talk hosts, their agents, and their syndicators in court?"

Sorry KING1090, any attorney dumb enough to advise a public figure to use the courts to stifle free speech that is less than complimentary, and on a blog no less, should be disbarred.

As far as your assertion that this little blog, (no disrespect intended for the blogger), has "ruined careers", is absurd on its face.


It would give Michael the First amendment victimhood he craves. Did you see what happened to Spocko? He/s a top-tier blogger after all the publicity he got.


Hood would love a lawsuit, or even the threat of a lawsuit. Bet he hasn't got a pot to piss in, the publicity would only put his name in the papers as a free speech martyr, and this blog on the moon. Bloggers pray for lawsuits.


I would love to see a Styble/Shiers/Webb suit against Blatherwatch. What great fun!


Of course they do! Free advertisement is an awesome thing! The owner of this blog would probably complete the filing papers himself! LOL!!!!

Not too long ago, a male movie star started suing anyone who claimed they saw him in a gay bar.

Now, there had been rumors for years about this individual's sexual orientation, but it didn't impact his career in the least.

In fact, if I was a good looking hetereosexual movie star, I would feel insulted if there WEREN'T gay rumors about me!

Of course, as soon as he filed the first lawsuit, the tabloids came unglued. It was all about this individual and his sexual orientation, or perceived sexual orientation.

If he wasn't gay, why in the world was he so upset about silly rumors, or derogatory remarks made by unknowns?

Without even mentioning this man's name, 95% of the readers reading this will know IMMEDIATELY who I'm talking about.

And that is the reason I would advise a public person to let things go.

Once you start making an ass out of yourself, in the public's mind you're confirming the rumors. It's a stupid, stupid strategy that rarely succeeds, and is extraordinarily costly.

Oh sure, you could find an attorney to fire off a letter on their letterhead, for a $250 fee, threatening all kinds of dire consequences, but that's all a prudent attorney would do.

So now the movie star is falling all over himself trying to prove his heterosexuality to people who quite frankly, don't give a damn who he sleeps with.

You could almost call that an impossible mission.


Hey, it's rainin' man, but dont let that stop anyone from being the top gun on this blog!

ok I have to go jump up and down on my couch now....where is that ol' tomcat of mine??


I rest my case.


I have to fess up, adc...it wasnt until your last sentence that I was sure about who you were referring to...it could be so many of them!


LOL, I figured those who didn't think of our little tomkat at first, would get the hint later.

Honestly, I can't believe anyone would be that insecure about their sexuality. Amazes me.

And I'm one of those "metrosexuals" who looks gay, at least that's what I hear from the gay guys who hit on me.

Hey, at least someone still hits on me, that's the way I look at it. And I can't wait to tell my significant other every time it happens.....just so she knows that at least someone still thinks the old man has some steam left.....hahahahahahahaha

Her response? "Go for it loverboy".....

Damn it! OK, that's it. I'm getting a lawyer and filing a lawsuit. I don't know over what, but there has to be something.


Oh Sparky! It took me several seconds to figure out who you were talking about. I'm ashamed of myself! Sorry, adc, didn't get yours until Sparky pointed it out.

And adc, I wish you all the right moves in this risky business and that you see lots of green - the color of money!


Entercom had no business "monitoring" Webb and his personal life. You guys on this forum just don't get this. You see, nothing that Mr. Webb ever did prohibited him from doing his show on KIRO. It's no different than getting arrested and released for a DWI. There is/was an "ongoing investigation" of insurance issues for Webb. Entercom clearly acted inappropriately in firing Webb. Period.
Ask people outside this radio market, and they'll tell you exactly what I'm saying.
You guys have to remember that in this biz, if they want to get rid of you, they'll find AN EXCUSE to get rid of you. Your blog would be much more intriguing if you "investigated" why so many "left leaning" hosts left KIRO in 2005:
Webb, Prell, Hart, Ventrella, Pete, etc. Why don't you contact Entercom, and find out (as you will) that they are extremely conservative at the highest levels of management. I mean, just look at some of their stations with racist, sexist, and homopobic content, like WRKO in Boston, or KTTH right here in Seattle. Entercom can't even get the right contracts to get the highest ratings on their 50,000 watt flamethrowers 710 and 770. Why don't they steal Ed from 1090, Ed is crushing Dori and Medved. Sadly for Entercom, their declining ratings, and their declining stock, they won't do business with Big Ed. Why? Because they have a conservative ideological agenda. You know that "all conservative" stations will soon be dinosaurs in the ratings, without those critical midday numbers.


According to the latest ratings, KIRO is the highest rated talk station in Seattle. KIRO's 4.2 rating makes it the 3rd highest radio station overall. Well done KIRO!


There is/was an "ongoing investigation" of insurance issues for Webb.

An interesting Orwellian euphemism for: "Postponning the inevitable conviction"

I'm glad we have "Freedom Fighters" like KING 1090 to 'splain all this here stuff


Yes, KING1090, No doubt that extreme corporate conservatism has alot to do with programming even here in "liberal" seattle. It is disgusting and it gets worse every day. Lets face it, folks, progressive radio has not done very well in this town. ever.
But hey- isn't Mike's problem a felony? That's a different ballpark legally than a DUI.


What bullshit! these radio stations just want to make a buck. they don't care about politics. Ventrella was bad (nice guy, but bad). Prell was a fool, Hart didn't have any listeners, Pete got worse instead of better. Webb blew up and spun out mentally. If they were so conservative, why did they hire them in the first place.Why did they have any liberals in the first place? Why did they fire Siegel? why did they hire Goldstien? why don't they make Shiers permanent and give neocon-man Styble a real show?No, there just stupid.


Jeffers is boring and Webb scared the sh*t out of everybody. Nobody wants to get shot at work.


"they're stupid"....not "there stupid"

I love irony.


sorry, sparky, I flunked engleesh.


eees hokay


There there sugo, they're just teasing you, but their observation is keen.

On the whole "management hires and fires based on politics" issue, I'm not buying it.

Ross, Reagan and Goldstein would not be on the KIRO payroll if Entercom was on a liberal witchhunt.

Entercom has to please investors. Investors come from across the entire political spectrum. Management's job is to maximize profits. Period.

Investors don't give a twit about the personal political leanings of corporate management, and corporate management is only concerned with keeping THEIR own jobs.

I think as long as a host's ratings are acceptable, and they don't do anything to embarrass the station, they'll have a job anywhere. Politics be damned.

If THEY screw up however, all bets are off. No station will tolerate their name being sullied by on-air talent, regardless of the individual's ratings.

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