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January 23, 2007



Sounds like I might have to work to get you to change your thinking on Hillary. She is not good for us IMHO.
Can't start yet as I promised to play nice and give the D's a chance to prove themselves. I still have hopes that I am wrong and that the world will improve under their watch.


Little Dick was on Thom Hartmann yesterday and was incessant in his tirade of personal attacks on Hillary. Thom said 'how would you like it if I brought up "prostitutes" with you? Would you feel that was a reasonable thing?"
Little Dick said " Thank you for the interview," and then hung up.
What a little dick..


I've never understood how Dick Morris has managed to stick around so long.

Almost all of his prognostications are wrong, and he comes across as a, well, snake oil salesman.

Plus he's a one trick pony. It's all "Clinton" all the time.



yes, I heard the hartmann interview, Morris sounded upset...


Did anyone else find Nancy Pelosi's incessant blinking (during the State of the Union speech) annoying?

Between her blinking and Dick Cheney's robot act, they were quite a sight.


KVI is live from a Bellevue steakhouse crtiqueing W's speech. Ken Schram is a doing a valiant job of battling a trio of jackasses (Carlson, Suits and Wilbur) and a band of KVI baboons in the audience.Suits just made a smartass cheapshot about Hillary Clinton("unless they arrange for another Vince Foster the Clinton's will have to take Obama onto the ticket as V.P.). I understand Brian Suits will be presented with a plaque of a gold-plated jockstrap, later in the evening.


Dickless kept popping nitroglycerin pills....but he still lapsed into catatonic stares into the camera from time to time.

Nancy pelosi either wears contacts ( which require constant blinking to stay moist) or else she was sending out a message in morse code to someone....


Cheney is looking at a job as a robot in some dept store window after the prosecutor is finished crushing his nuts.


Anyone notice Webb about to bust out laughing at the lies he was spewing out during the end of his Democratic response.

Contstant blinking is a sign of someone not secure in his/her own beliefs. Nancy must have many lies ready to come out of that botox'd up mouth of hers.


chucks . . . why isn't she good for us? She's not my choice currently . . . but post some substance for a change.

Also, Michael, you know what scum does - rises to the surface. Unfortunately, too many people love the scum. They down it like beer and coke. Just like the Swifties turned the '04 election into a tv hatefest, it sounds like the right is gearing up for a repeat. My question is: when will Americans get their heads out of the tabloids and orifices of the Shannities of the world and back into informed voting.

Reading your commentary makes me just plain angry.

And Huckleberry Steve, is this your idea of informing the public? Is this the way conservatives hope to win the White House? Is this what you went to war for? Is this now the face of democracy in America?

Horton . . . Max Cleland . . .even John McCain . . . Swiftboat liars . . . you should be ashamed.


And nobody comes across slimier than Dick Morris. Ew!


Barbara took another sip of her English Breakfast tea and turned again to face the television set. Outside the living room windows, down on the beach, the winter Maine surf crashed repeatedly against the rocky sand. As the little man on the screen began speaking again after waiting for the applause to die down, she visibly winced. "Poppy," she called to her husband, who was dithering with some snacks in the kichen, "He's doing that accent again. That 'bumpkin at the Country Fair' thing. That's what some joker on Blatherwatch Blog called it. Why in the Hell didn't you make him stop that when he started running for Governor? He sounds like a God Damn Texas pig farmer." She took out her rolling papers, and rolled herself a smoke from the yellow can of Top Tobacco. The old woman lit up. "Jesus , Joseph, and Mary, why couldn't Jeb have made Governor first? Then we'd be listening to him tonight, looking proud, in front of a proud Republican Congress, instead of our "problem boy" looking like a whipped pup in front of a hall full of damned Democrats! G.H.W.! YOU HAVEN'T HEARD A WORD I'VE SAID!"


I'll bet George Herbert Walker was in the corner crying again.

Good post, Tommie! Thanks. Brightens the night a bit.


Michael, while there's no doubt that people like Morris and other Swift-Boaters are utter douchebags, Hillary Rodham Clinton is not exactly a savory character either and she's doing us and the Democratic, progressive cause in general great harm.

Everyone raises the issue of Iraq and they're right on that-- Hillary not only voted for Iraq War Resolution back in '02, she's resolutely supported an expansion of that war in the years hence. Not even Edwards (an IWR co-sponsor) has done that, he in fact turned to opposition a couple years ago. IOW, especially with a prominent Democrat like HRC in support of the war, this bloody conflict has been helped to continue dangerously to the point where we're at right now.

Hillary is directly responsible for much of the current mess.

Still, it's not the war in Iraq that makes me so mad at Hillary-- it's her awful, pro-corporate policies.

Professionals and working-class people alike in the USA are suffering like you can't believe, being pushed to work >80 hour weeks for lessening pay even as lazy executives who ruin the companies are getting hundred-million dollar golden parachutes.

While these firms simultaneously outsource scarce jobs abroad and push pay down even further.

Hillary Clinton supports all this, that's why Rupert Murdoch among other tycoons likes her, and why she raises so much money from big corporations-- she's a buddy for them. Hillary even advocated for things like the insolvency bill that penalizes unfortunate individuals with medical illnesses while giving bankrupt corporations who've screwed up all kinds of tax breaks.

IOW, Hillary masquerades as a Democratic progressive when at heart, she's pro-corporate, pro-war Republican.

2008 is one election that progressives can actually win, after the anger at the Republicans, and we have good candidates. Barack Obama and Bill Richardson are probably our two best, John Edwards is marginal in some respects but he's come around-- opposing not only the Iraq war but also things like that awful insolvency bill and other pro-corporatist stupidity.

I'd prefer any of them or-- if they enter the race-- Al Gore or Barbara Boxer over Hillary any day.

In fact, if Hillary is nominated by the Democrats, I won't vote for her and nor will anyone I know, we'll be looking at alternate parties, who may actually be strong this year.

After all the screw-ups by the Republicans and DLC, this is too important an election to allow a Republican and a Republican-posing-as-a-Democrat like Hillary Clinton to be the only main candidates. If a DLC type like Hillary is nominated, we're looking elsewhere.


I don't think she masquerades as a progressive - she's proudly centrist just like her husband. He thinks - so she thinks - it is the way to win. And he did it that way.

I agree we really need to find a candidate who won't take Democrats back to the Clinton years. We need to move the conversation forward.

I don't think Michael is bestowing flowers on Hillary. He is saying the Republicans are going to use any and all smear tactics to win. Hillary is an easy target. And to the extent she seems like a front runner right now, they are gearing up the smut machine big time.

If it were Gore, they'd be doing the same thing.

Obama, Edwards, Richardson . . . not sure they have the same kind of history so won't be so easy if one of them gets the nomination. Actually, signs of smearing Obama are out there as we post.

The message here? Look for a very nasty and dishonest campaign on the part of the Republicans - again.


...must discern between who is running for President -v- who is ostensibly running for VP.


The KVI morons still haven't gotten over Ken Schram appearing at their little steakhouse soiree last night with the other station talkhosts. A guy who was in the audience at Ruth's Chris called in to complain to "The Mumbler" (Kirby Wilbur) that he was subjected to Ken's presence, and suggested he not be included in any future appearances. Kirby responded that they had to give Schram "affirmative action". Incredible. Poor little KVI fascists- actually had to listen to a man who challenged the thoughts in their narrow little minds. Go out to the gun range, and shoot it out of your system, poor little KVI guys.


HRC is our best hope at present...Fox N/Work must be completely discounted...Obama next best IMHO...


Duffman, like crying to mommy all over again huh.


The democratic party is the only last hope, they still have their nuts intact after Bush/Cheney have gotten theirs crushed by the angry mob.


No, more like 'communicating'...she 'gets it'; our current WH resident does not...


"WASHINGTON - Sen. John Kerry has decided not to run for president in 2008, a Democratic official says. "
...surprised any one?


No, no surprise, we need others in there like Edwards.

Did you see the sleepy Mc Cain snore away during Bushlers speech?


Ah, Dick Morris, the toe-sucker.

Let's see, he predicted John Kerry wouldn't fare well against Howard Dean in the primaries...predicted Hillary would probably drop out of her NY Seante race.

Yep, perfect for FNC. What a joke.


Not surprised, and very very grateful. he had his chance..we need to move on.


It was painfully obvious last time around, why Senators are not elected President.

They simply lose the ability to speak normally. Sorry folks, those of us, "outside the beltway", don't appreciate condenscending, pompous, arrogant, detached candidates.

If I agree with their politics, I'll vote for them. The vast majority will tell them, via the voting booth, to kiss their ass.

Governors really do make better candidates, in my opinion. Not necessarily better presidents, but better candidates.

One thing I'll say for Patty Murray, is that I don't think she'll ever lose touch with the rest of us. She is a rare bird in the Senate, however.


Duffmen: . . . more like 'communicating'...she 'gets it'

What exactly does she get, Duffman?

adc: senators have a hard time because they have too much on the record. They are constantly compromised and have to go along to get anything done and they have to bring back some pork for their state to stay in office.

Some of them are just as good as governors but governors don't have to do that stuff. So, they are a much more unknown commodity at the outset.

Also, there is something to be said for governors because they actually do run their states. . . of course, that didn't work out so well in our current case, now did it?

Wasn't our current Resident Idiot a former gov?


In my opinion, Hillary 'gets it' by understanding that 'communication' paths should always be followed. Your current Pres does not adhere to this...he picks and chooses who to talk/listen to at his descretion. That is so not understanding the 'world'.

Pat R.

How Dick Morris shows his colors in the recent sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton?

No one could be more dinosaur than Dick Morris when it comes to politics. But in his latest sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton, he confirms what most have known about him from the beginning: Dick Morris is mostly for Dick Morris.

Despite his past defense or candid criticisms of the Clintons, Dick Morris always makes clear his true loyalties - to himself.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?


Ah, but it sells books . . .

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