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January 18, 2007




Did Blatherwatch go to Central Casting and request a "shrill harpie liberal" - is that how you got on this board?

I heard the show you're talking about - that's a completely made-up issue by the people on this board - his daughter saw the movie two days later!

You, on the other hand, may be the worst example of a parent I've ever seen - you're on this board first thing in the morning - and last thing at night - expressing your contempt for someone who surely doesn't even know you and this blog exist. What a fine example you are for your kids.

Make sure you teach your kids to spend a significant portion of their lives not doing anything beyond complaining about a successful public person on a blog. No wonder you love big government so much - your kids are going to need the welfare checks.


By the way, I've heard him do on-air fundraisers at Thanksgiving and with the nuns for the Union Gospel Mission every year - do Ross and Reagan do that?

You have no clue, honey.


Whoa! I must have hit a nerve. The truth hurts doesn't it. And when you can't debate it with facts, lash out and make personal remarks.

Well, that speaks for itself.

And seeing the movie two days later speaks for itself as well.

What a gullible groupie you are.


Blowhard O'Reilly opined on his radio show Thursday that the 15 year old boy in Missouri had "succumbed to evil", but that he was "probably" not to blame. he said the FBI told him that there was no such thing as the "Stockholm Syndrome", except in rare cases.He blathered on and on, puffing up his chest to say , by God, he would never let anyone keep him in a basement. he would get free and "hurt them". A new low for O'Reilly.


OK- one final point. Do I "love" Dori? No. Do I admire him? Yes.

He proudly talks of being married to a woman he passionately loves for, I believe, 20 years now.

He's obviously a great dad who is incredibly active in his kids lives.

He jumps out of airplanes one day and talks about sitting on his deck and watching squirrels the next.

He's a poltical rabble-rouser and hosts the Seahawks pre and post game shows.

I understand why liberals don't like him. He defies all of your stereotypes of victimhood. He had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father, no money, graduated high school at the age of 15, and worked his way through college.

I listen to his show and hear a genuine, funny, well-rounded person. You hear someone you despise because he doesn't think the way you think.

I challenge you Joanie - take all of the things you say you don't like about his show and go back through your posts and see if you are not guilty of the same sins a hundred-fold.

So, yeah, I admire the guy. And the portrayal of him on this blog is, as I said in my first post, psychopathic.

Now I'm really out - you can all go back to your little hate-fest.


Thanks Dori- uh I mean, insideinfo.

Fat Thomas

Any changes at KIRO have to be for the better. They have really been in a slide recently.

As for Dori, I have to say that he has become much more agressive in recent years. He might be a nice guy at heart, but on the radio he really has become a bully.

For example, last summer around the time airlines began confiscating bottles in people's hand luggage, Dori proposed the idea that only people of Arabic descent be subjected to the extreme scrutiny of airport security. When a Japanese American called and pointed out how similar logic had led to the interrment of law abiding Japanese Americans during the war, Dori virtually shouted him down. Dori disregarded his argument altogther and accused the man of making a false argument that played on people's fear of being politically incorrect.

I have to say that I was really shocked. There was no discourse, there was no "talk" there was only Dori using his position as a radio host to cram his own opinion down people's throats. It was then I realized the Dori really had changed and, to be honest, I could really care less if he stays or goes.


Hey, guys, I've thought of something good about Bonneville buying KIRO that no one else has mentioned - no more infomercials on Sunday mornings about clogged colons! I think, when we first moved up here, that they used to have the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or some relgious broadcasting Sunday AMs which, to me, is far more appealing than those gross infomercials. :)


I envision a beginning much like WJM-TV on the last Mary Tyler More show.

New management comes in, sees the ratings....fires every competent, talented person on staff.

But keeps, and promotes Styblehead/Ted Baxter.


It's Friday ! And Vinnie English Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tink Vinnie Will want to Wiff us about 20 thru his show , and Iam thinking about 300 DoA's and Ahhh's And the other night Vinnie's New word was Wonky.
So Iam hopping Vinnie wont want to Wiff my Wonky Beacuse I know it's clean.


I knew this was going to come down to this with Kiro Am 710
Iam thinking it's all the Styblehead doings look what he did to late night . His show was more than just bad it was plain wrong ! BE SAFE OUT THERE MY BROTHERS!! FROM THE STYBLEHEAD CRAP CREW ! Its comming this Saturday night get your dailing finger ready and let's GETTER DONE!! Hooty H0o!


Wow, that makes TWO people who like Dori...Dori and Insideinfo!

Inside, his is just a radio show, not cancer surgery. Have a nice piece of dark chocolate and a cuppa tea.

And "Bill"....I believe that Ed Shultz beats Dori by a significant amount, as Ed was happy to remind everyone, ad nauseum. i dont have access to the books, so maybe Bla"m can enlighten us.


joanie strikes again ;)


It's not clear to me why so many Dori admirers want so strongly to believe that those who dislike his radio presence, dislike him due to his politics.

Speaking for myself, I could care less about his politics. His habit of making ignorant, uninformed blanket statements, that have absolutely no basis in reality or fact, is annoying.

The list of these is endless. Someone mentioned the "all art is crap" statement. Another was that "Washington taxes are so high, and the business climate is so awful, the Democrats are forcing businesses to close and move out of state".....Huh? Business is booming and employment is at all time highs!

I just feel that truly talented and professional on-air talent do not need to lie, deceive, misrepresent, or otherwise take advantage of an audience who may not do their own homework.

Quite honestly, I probably lean more towards Dori's politics than Dave Ross's for instance, but I love listening to Dave. Why? Because he is highly intelligent, well-read, worldly, engages callers, and allows listeners to form their own opinions.

I put Monson in the same category as Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Blustering, babbling idiots, who specialize in dispensing half-truths, outright lies, and intentional misrepresentations.

Just my opinion, but if someone has to do that to garner market share, perhaps they should go back to driving a truck, or whatever they did before some misguided PD gave them a microphone and a chair behind the console.


You'd be asking 710DORI to give up all that money that he never had before. Money becomes addictive . . . and he's addicted. Why, how could he do his Vegas jaunts without that fat paycheck?


Why doesnt Dori look for a gig in Vegas? That way, ala Mike Webb, he could run across the street and toss some coins into a slot machine when he had a break!


What? Move to the city of sin? It's okay to visit but . . . You know how hypocrites think!


I thought Portland was "sin city"?


that's 'strip city'

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