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December 14, 2006



How the hell does Clendenning last? When he's not screwing up the station he's trying to screw female employees.


Here is a another word for Vinnie
Tink - Think .
Lasts night show had over 37 Auuuu, DoA ,and he wanted to Wiff us 9 times My God get this man some English lessions!
Take datt Vinne !
He will gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today!!!!

Stephen Schwartz

News ...

Does anyone actually turn to radio for news today?


Yes, Stephen, I think some people do get some of their news from radio. Don't you care to know what's happening when you are in the car? For some people drive time lasts quite a while. Don't be such a snob.

So it is all about Wall Street again. I'm beginning to think even Tom can't fix this . . . we have a seriously broken society. I know, pessimism, cynicism and skepticism.

So . . . ?

I hope Fisher Broadcaster holds tight. Good, bad or indifferent programming, at least they are ours.


it would be better for them if they had a WKRP day....

The quality of news on most radio stations is just as poor as that on TV and in newspapers...partial facts, missing details, repetition of rumors in the race to be "first." Example: last night on Olbermann, Keith mentioned NuMEROUS times that Sen. Johnson had Not had a stroke, as was earlier reported by the Death Watch vultures on the news. Five minutes later, Joe Scarborough leads with the story " SEN. JOHNSON HAS HAD A STROKE!!! WILL THE REPUBLICANS BE ABLE TO TAKE BACK THE SENATE?????"
It was disgusting.
AM radio, and increasingly so on FM, spends so much time running commercials that they are driving the listening audience to sattelite radio.


Entercom's not too bright when it comes to the news-talk format. David Field just can't seem to get it right.


will this never end?


Throwing xmas hams out of the KIRO chopper might put them back on top.


Is Tom Leykis doing "take me out James Lee style, Tom" sound effects yet? What a sick bastard. After The LACI PETERSON MURDER trial he was doing an anchor clanging off a boat followed by a splash and bubbles coming up, for those morons that requested "take me out Laci Peterson style Tom". Now the pathetic boob 18-25 men that call in are calling him "Dad"?


I wish Tom were still on live in this market. KISW tape delay just ain't happenin'.


"As God as my witness I thought pigs could fly!"....Les Nessman

ok it was turkeys, but this is Christmas, dangit.

Tom Leykis is a disturbed individual.


Some of us who can't spell because we are republicans still like to liston to the news via radio on our long drives to and from the job. That way it is easier to pay attention to the grandkids after getting home.
I like to liston to KIRO on the way to and KOMO on the way from work. The work radio gets tuned to 570, 770 and AA. Just music at home so as not to piss off the bride.
It was exclusive to KIRO in the 80's and early 90's. I am not sure when I started switching arround, but I am sure that others started to find new stations for news about the same time. KIRO just isn't as good anymore. I'm sure that the dipshits in mgmt have no idea who Bill Yend, Charlie Fiano or Wayne Cody is or was but they should extract their heads from their corporate rectal cavities and bring some good local talant back to Seattle.
Chance of that happening is similar to hitting lotto.


disturbed yes, but a lot of what he says is true.


yep. anyone listen to his comments regarding the Catholic priest sex scandal?


I would perfer an indepth news cast with Tony Minor and ? Val? to the Ron & Don water boarding. Thank God for Rachael!


Entercom's not too bright when it comes to the news-talk format. David Field just can't seem to get it right.

Posted by: sclub

So, sclub, what should he do?

Rich, I think Rachel Maddow is as close to in-depth "news" as you're gonna get unless you move over the NPR.

Leykis? Yep. That's what people want . . . right?

Like I said, we are seriously broken. Let's ogle more 13-year old breasts and enjoy Tom and Mitch's pantie patter and we'll all be just fine.

Do you guys hear yourselves?


how much have you actually listened to leykis?




Me, too, perky!

BTW, just how "perky" are they? "13-year old" perky?

Luk'e: Oh, "actually" more than this much but less than that much. I'd guess more than you but less than T-8.


13-year-old breasts? Sick. Doubt he's into those--no room to sign his name. Now, breast implants that were put in 13 years ago--that's something else entirely. Not to my taste but for some reason to many men's out there. (I don't get it.)

I actually used to listen to Leykis quite a bit--if you've listened to him more than me, I'm impressed!


Be impressed, Lukobe. Not only more but longer . . .


who's that I hear on KIRO this fine windy evening?

yes - it's the one and only Bryan Styble!

I'm hoping they give him another chance - he was getting better toward the end of his last stint.

I have come to miss Styble - his neurotic style is a good fit for overnight.

I'll certainly take him over Dave "Greg Nickels is my co-pilot" Ross re-runs.


Spambutcher ! you have been drinking the Styblehead cool aid ! Styblehead radio its not funny ! its just wrong!!!!!!! You to are a sick man ! hooty hoo !


We will be back tonight at 7:00 pm ,and will have Vinnie on the radio, and we will be counting Vinnie English
Wiff you/ With you
diss / this
datt/ That
boof/ Both
and we are sure there will be a hole lot of !!!!
DoA, Au, Au, DoA


"Bill Yend, Charlie Fiano or Wayne Cody is or was but they should extract their heads from their corporate rectal cavities and bring some good local talant back to Seattle."

Wayne Cody is dead..His motto for sports was "if you don't know, guess"

leykis is a showman...his listeners are the disturbed ones...his schtick makes sense if you are intellectually lazy.


I know Cody is dead, so is Charlie. My point is the need for local talent with a diverse point of view that inspires thought and entertains. Not raise the dead.


Regarding Leykis, thank you Pena. But what does that say about most of the radio market?

Earlier we discussed Leykis and T-8 described his move from programming for us regular folk (and being unsuccessful) to that which sells . . .

Tom Hartmann was out there at one time and Portland picked him up. There must be others . . .

BTW, is anybody else sick of stormtalk? Dave spent too much time on it and now Ross Reynolds of the Conversation is (was) doing it. I never care about storms. How many times can you hear about back-up generators and power outages without getting BORED.


BTW, Wayne was "milk and cookies" radio. But certainly better dan da NY guy.


hear about that woman who drowned in her madison valley home, though? now THAT's a story...


Sparky, did you know your picture is on page 44 of the Crutchfield Holiday 2006 catalog?


Did KIRO dump Bob Brinker?


The storm coverage was ok, except for the idiotic statement by several stations that told people, no doubt without power, to log online to get more infomation. Isn't that what a 'full-service' station or one that use to be is for?


P O W E R !!!!! At last!!!

im guessing its a Dalmation, am I right, joanie???


No, and I don't mean to be catty. It is a human but one who needs a shave! He looks like a merry old customer service guy.

I sit in a little hollow of perfect power all the time. Never have power problems. Still can't get KBTC from Tacoma/Centralia on cable. I wonder if Michael is finding out where all the leaks are in his new not-so-little not-so-ticky-tacky box!

BTW, Mike is back! Malloy starts on KPTK Monday night at 11 pm. I wonder how his profanely passionate personality will sell post-election?


uh joanie....why does a picture of a guy who needs a shave remind you of me??????????????????

I am neither a guy Or in need of a shave, dear.


One more thing, Sparky. You'll appreciate this. Trying to find interesting radio today found me watching this week's stream of The Young Turks shows.

Ben is gone so Jill is sort of sitting in. I got through a program and a half before I'd had enough. She does serious damage to that show! She constantly interrupts. Watching her is like watching Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless." If they want to be taken seriously, they have got to keep her off air.


His name was Sparky! I know you don't look like a dalmation either! Geez! Besides, dalmations can't type.

Besides, neither one of us knows for sure that the other is really a woman - right? We could be foolin' everybody on this blog . . . isn't that intriguing?

BTW, glad you've got power and things are back to normal.


I cannot stand Jill, but I am not a Gen Xr. She sounds like someones bitchy girlfriend who has tagged along and whines about everything.

Oh ok..you didnt say his name was Sparky. :-)

(Checking front of shirt--yep, Im a girl.)

Justin Atheropinion

Personally, I'm glad there's "storm-watch" coverage. When the snow hit a couple weeks ago, there was "least-effort" KIRO with Cisco, Bob Brinker, and Tom Douglas. Uh, sorry, information, please?

This time they're being a news station with a commitment to the community. All except for Frank Shiers, who, in the Monson spot, was telling folks without power to go to 710KIRO.com for information. Very smart. Then, would get out his Thomas Guide to try and locate caller locations ("I know that area" and "I don't remember that being there...") while the callers were trying to get something out. For Frank, it's all about him. Then, later, having probably been admonished for talking about himself or the concept of "radio being the chat around the fire" garbage, started saying "I don't want this to be 'Too Much Frank...'" A bit late for that realization, buddy.


I hope Bob Brinker is still going to be on KIRO...


I'm not against informational storm talk. We need that.

I just get tired of the infinite number of anecdotal personal stories. It was like hearing everybody's family Thanksgiving story in November. I guess it is just personal taste.


Air America news via the NYT....



Good approach but KIRO operates these days with a B-Team of Shiers types. Time to get an A-Team.


Tommie, just read the article. I think it bodes well for liberal talk. Sounds like AA was poorly run. This new Drobny venture, Nova M, will probably do a lot better and perhaps attract better programming.

Interesting to note that Schultz will air opposite Franken if Franken returns to radio. I can't imagine Schultz beating him; but, then, Schultz might be loved by middle Americans east of the Cascades.

Sure sounds like a lot of amateurs went on a shopping spree at AA.


I would be interested to know how much is the fault of Liz Winstead, in that she was part of the initial team to set up the on-air talent for
Air America, and she was instrumental in putting the "comedian" bent on the original line up. Her friend, Marc Maron, crashed and burned on both shows they tried him on. She herself quit her own show when AA hired Jerry Springer, citing creative differences.


The article said they had a hundred employees when ten (was it ten?)would have done.

I wonder how experienced their sales people were?

Just sounds amateurish from the get-go.

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