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December 17, 2006



I heard that. I could not believe it! He's going to regret that one.

I was just reading my December "Atlantic Monthly" which lists "The 100 most influential Americans of All Time." Reagan comes in at number seventeen . . . before Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie,Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, Margaret Sanger . . . unbelievable!

And I don't remember seeing Harriet Tubman's name at all . . . pretty sorry line-up if you ask me.


It looks like parents are pimping out their kids on Onstar now. Apparently they caught on to the fact that Onstar uses some of their calls from customers in their commercials, and parents are using little Johnny and Janie to call in an "emergency". I wouldn't be surprised if the parents are cooking up fake "keys locked in car" stories to just to get their litle brat in a commercial. This latest one with the child calling in about a keys lockin sounds rather suspicious.

Stephen Schwartz

It could be worse, he could have accused the Jews of being gay. Xtians need a reformer ... a new John the XXIII or MLK, who can teach self confidence in his or her own beliefs, combined with respect for other beliefs.

Compare this with the debacle over the Xmas bushes at SeaTac. I will bet that there will be almost no reaction to this.

The Rev. is not (unlike his gay colleagues) admitting to hypocrisy, he is stating a belief system that comes from he triumphant view of Xtianity as the final answer for all of us.

Jews, Hindus, Muslims ... we are sad, deceived folk. Meat for evangelism, subjects for Xtian love but not respect.

1700 years after the creation of the universal (state) church, we have still had few Xtian leaders (John XXIII, MLK, and Jimmy Carter) able to accept the guilt of the atrocities committed for 17 centuries while also building on Xtian concepts of love.


He forgot their big noses...do they like watermelon too? I forget...


These Christians are really unbelievable. Fuiton claimed they were the victims of this discrimination and an organized war against them. Then he said something like this. What bigotry and hypocrisy.


I bet Lapin wish he'd said that.

No More Goldy

No more Goldy...I am sick of that Jew.


Danny, I love watermelon. I had no idea that was because of my ethnicity. It all makes sense now.


I guess King-5 hasn't figured out that multiple pop-ups piss people off...


Does anyone know the stats on religion in this country? Fuiton said that this is a Christian country. I'm wondering just what the percentage of other plus atheist is. Must be growing. . .


"Jewish merchants ought to be gathered around their cash registers singing, What a Friend we have in Jesus."

Words fail.

Throughout my life, I've often heard people wonder out loud, "how could a holocaust be allowed to happen? How could good and decent German's look the other way?

This is exactly how. Demonic individuals work their way into influential positions, and proceed to demonize a segment of the population, for whatever reasons. They are truly evil people.

Regardless of the religiousity they may claim, they are not "Christians". In fact, they are about as far from being Christian as one can possibly get.

Absolutely disgusting. I put this character in the same boat as Ken Hutcherson, of Antioch Bible infamy.

I just wish these characters would crawl back under the rocks they slithered out from, and leave decent society alone.


Words fail. That's how I felt, adc.

I think the more one falls into any "moral" category, the more bigoted is one under the surface. You have to be . . . because any exclusive club has rules and woe to those who don't fit the rules.

Sad isn't it?

Stephen Schwartz

joanie ..

"they are not "Christians""

The self exculpation of Christians is extraordinary. A lot like the Germans after WWII. It vassnn't meee ... it vassss the bad Chermans.

For those of us who are nto Christians, it would be easier to respect Christianity if ti simply accepted its history of mistakes. Christianity propagated the Inquisition and invented the unique institution of racial slavery. Christianity did many bad things. So did "we" Americans and "we" socialists ... mea culpa is not a bad place to begin even if "we" have a lot of good things to offer others.


This may be one of the few times I totally agree with you. It seems to be the fate of any majority group to conquer, exclude, deny others.

The Dutch in South Africa found religious reasons to enslave the native peoples. We found religious reasons to commit genocide to Native Americans and to maintain slaves and many, many ethnic groups before us did the same in whatever region to whatever peoples stood in their way.

What a history has humankind. Do you think there is any hope for change or even survival?


wow rush is right again.. you liberals are wound way too tight.....


wow rush is right again.. you liberals are wound way too tight.....

Thank Cthulu for your inquisitive mind, Elsloew. Your Fuhrer (Herr Pillpopper) gave marching orders, and au violla - your heals clicked together faster than Dorothy warping to Kansas.

And your point is well-taken. Everyone should just settle-down about anti-semitism. Depicting a bunch of Jewey Jewinsteins as hook-nosed money-grubbers? Big deal.

While we're at it, let's just have some fun-lovin' Roman Arena martyr sports for the holiday season. You down?

No More Goldy

Mercifurious you must be a Jew


Found this church just moved into my neighborhood:


For what were the Jewish people so highly rewarded? Why did God love and care for them above all other people especially since they in turn were ungrateful, hard hearted and even treacherous at times?

Yet instead of producing the fruit of righteousness and piety, the vineyard produces thorns.

Instead of obeying God, the Jewish people set at naught the Covenant and the Divine Law, becoming dishonorable and lawless. Not just once did they go astray but wilfully indulged in idolatry and unbelief. Time and time again, the Lord Himself bewails their ingratitude and hardness of heart.

In conclusion, they were not ashamed to cast out of the vineyard i.e. out of Jerusalem, and crucify the hope and consolation of Israel – their Savior – the onlybegotten Son of God.

This was a terrible deed on the part of the Jewish people. For this they were deprived of the honor to be named the chosen people, the people of God, although they continued to offer gifts and sacrifices in the Temple.

What will the Lord of the vineyard do to these wicked husbandmen? He will miserably destroy those evil doers and give the vineyard to other husbandmen. This is how God dealt with the Jewish people. Soon Jerusalem was raised to its foundations while a greater part of the Jews were slain. Those who survived became scattered throughout the world.

Finally the Kingdom of God was given to another people who would bring forth fruit. These are the Christians that accept Christ and hope in Him. They are the chosen people of God upon whom the promises made to Israel of old, are now bestowed upon His Church.

Unfortunately even some Christians have forgotten that the New Israel is the Bride of Christ, the Church, and that the New Jerusalem is already here as the mystical Body of Christ.

Spoon fed by the erroneous commentaries in the Scofield Bible, which teaches that the Jews will rule all over the earth and lacking historical and spiritual traditions, these people are eager to believe the blasphemous teachings of Judaism.

They misguidedly turn to Judaism for spiritual guidance. They believe that they should help to rebuild the vineyard abandoned by God.

Mercifurious is Dead

Countdown to Styble begins.

Yes live and local is what we all need.

KIRO needs to assess their programming and acknowledge the value in a live and local format.

No pre-recorded Dave Ross, no trucker radio, no national anthem, no infomercials.

Live and local....can I say it again please...live and local.


Oh this should be good.

Styblehead just sent me the NASTIEST email - calling me a "coward and an asshole".

But even better, after I responded to his ad hominem profanity, Styblehead sent another email saying that he had NEVER sent the profane email in the first place!
(complete blog up later)

Unfortunatly for poor lil' Styblehead, I have the exact incriminating record in my inbox originating from none-other than the source himself:

[email protected]

Believe me, his defence against profanity will be as compelling as Mike Webb's insurance records


this just in - Styble has shown up at the studio and is fighting with Goldstein over who owns the 11 to midnight slot. well, not realy, but Goldstein doesn't sound amused, as Styble attempts to dominate the hour, pretending to include Goldstein.


Right there with ya T-8.

We'll have the Live and Local, Bla'M Fam, Tom & Nate, simu-cast.

Listening to Goldy & Styblehead fight for the Mic. I would say "so no one else has to", but this might be a "must hear".

Funny, Styblehead is trying to drag Goldy into his blathering abyss.

Great subject "Bry": Knicks and Sonics vs. Knickerbackers and Super Sonics



"I don't think he likes me, folks."-Bryan Styble referring to Goldy, as he shares the studio with him, just moments ago, on 710 KIRO.


Keep up the quote-machine work - I will do

By the way, STyblehead HATES it when we do this


Styble pulled the fascist card moments ago, claiming his show was astrology-free, provoked by some apparent fear that Goldstein had just mentioned astrology. We'll have to review the tape on that one- unclear.


And Mercifurious, any color from you on the bout so far?


Long commercial. God I wish I was a fly on the wall in KIRO right now.


Other than the long commericial, I have it as a close bout.

Styblehead is trying to drag Goldy into his blathering abyss w/ compelling subjects like: Knicks and Sonics vs. Knickerbackers and Super Sonics

Wow, this break is running reeeeeeeeal long


Goldy interrupts... Keep doing that.

Goldy interrupts again.



Styble just proclaimed himself "the overnight maven of newstalk".


Oooooooooo! Another compelling Styblehead subject:

Good morning vs. Good evening.

"I was the Dick Clark for the Jet City"

Well, he had the first name right


A bumpkin from Duvall is calling in now, and Styble is getting smarmy-Dave just made a good move by cutting off Styble's momentum asking what the longest time she had ever been out of power in her long istory out there.


Arrrrgh! Get back to Goldy vs. Styble.

Should have shut down the phones this hour.


Styblerant. Blather blather blather.

Someone once said here that Styble is the EPITOME of the word blather. In fact, I think he re-invents the term

Nice work CUTTING-OFF the caller Styblehead. Busted


Styble just laughed and spoke contemptuously at the same time at the bumpkin, and then cut her off at the beginning of her retort!


15 point penalty for rudeness-Styble


The only other people who can laugh and talk at the same time like Styble are tv gameshow hosts like Wink Martindale.


Styble attempting a comeback with mention of the Batcave.


"The guy who never shuts-up, Bryan Styble"
~Bryan Styble

"I can attest to that"

Yeah, this just about sums it up.

Styblehead trying to filibuster again


" hey.This is bigtime radio, with a couple of bigtime broadcasters" provokes genuine laugh from Goldy Styble has gained some ground back



Don't forget. Styblehead was a loser on Jeopardy and a winner on "who wants to be a millionaire".

Damn. End of the hour?

I'm praying to Cthulu right now. Please keep Goldy in the studio. Have him chain himself to the mic.

I'm sure they'll be at each others' throats if he stays on.

Mercifurious is Dead

KIRO should allow Styble to go into his "marketplace of ideas"...open lines for open minds format.

This storm thing is getting old.

So much for R.I.P. guys.

Sorry but it's all about credibility and accuracy...look where Dan Rather is today.

Blatherwatch R.I.P 2004-2006


FU Styblehead. This was GOLDY's hour.

You were the little prick who decided to come in early & bogart the mic.


well lookie here, my favorite dirty talker has arrived. He's quite a question dodger too!

Here, again for the thinking impaired:

Your dearest Styblehead claimed back in October that he was not fired, but simply "rescheduled".

Again, I draw your attention to the MW definition:

(transitive verb)
to schedule or plan again according to a different timetable

So once again MID, the only way this is possible is if KIRO and Tom C. can PREDICT the weather a whole month 1/2 in advance - THUS "rescheduling" Styblehead Boast-to-Boast to come in during the exact days of the snow/wind storms.


"We'll find out tomorrow whether I'm on 9 to 11 or 9 until midnight" a parting "shot" from Goldy, or simply parting comment. Again we'll have to review the tape fro nuance. I score it 9/8- Goldy. That boorish treatment of hte Duvall person followed by the penalty really killed Styble's momentum. Mercifurious?


Right you are, T8

I have it 10/8 for Goldy. Styblehead loses points both for extended filibuster & cutting off caller.

Goldy also takes the night because of his REGULARLY SCHEDULED show Sunday nights.

Grand irony: As soon as the power clicks on in the NW, the plug gets pulled on Styblehead Boast-to-Boast.



Styble-stalin now in charge.

Another compelling subject:

Comparing different and varying Styblehead formats.


I didn't realize Goldy was only on since 9 tonight. What bonehead PD would ive one guy 2 hours and the next guy 5?


Sorry, wrong thread. Repost

"I've had my home phone put out on the internet"

BULLSHIT Styblehead. YOU gave it out on a radio broadcast. Remember? When you actually had your own REGULARLY SCHEDULED SHOW?

Here, let's remind the forgetful Styblehead:


Busted. Ain't got no Musted


"I'm not laughing at your misfortune, I'm laughing at the notion of buying and selling people"

Good one, Styblehead. Krameresque moment. Stand-up comedian? We really must find out his next appearance.

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