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December 20, 2006



My favorite part in Styblehead's "I didnt use profanity - it wasn't me" email:

"Obviously, someone else was impersonating me, although I don't know cyber techniques nearly well enough to know how someone can do that convincingly. But someone obviously has."

Yeah right. Thats why I have an email sitting in my inbox from the sender:

"Bryan Styble" [email protected]
"YOU are the definition of coward and asshole!"

Possible theories:

A.) Less plausible: Bat-girl hacked into Bry's email with her filthy mouth

B.) More plausible: Bry's filthy-mouthed alter-ego took control and sent the email

C.) Most plausible: Combination of both. Bryhead's Gollum alter-ego had Bat-girl go to bat for him. You know, because he's such a tough-guy.

Either way, his "cyber techniques" excuse is about as compelling as Mike Webb's insurance records

Mercifurious is Dead

Styble is a breath of fresh air instead of that trucker crap or worse...pre-recorded shows.


Regarding candy categories: where's the fudge?

Glad to hear Goldstein used some restraint in his shared space with Styble. That he deferred to the neurotic interloper showed a sense of respect for his listening audience.

And I'm tired as well of all this storm-watch stuff. But, the lines are full . . . I guess someone's listening and calling in.


New theories:

A.) MID is the alter-ego of he who rants against Styblehead with run-on sentences.

B.) MID is Styblehead himself (using his filthy-mouthed alter-ego)

C.) MID is a resurrected Red Rachel


I choose B.


The Styblehead boast to boast radio ! Its not funny is just plain wrong ! dont get caught up in the Styblehead Cool-Aid!


Mr. Styble calls himself the Stybster now.

A funny line from the Stybster today on the topic of the latest developments in bionics: "Isaac Asimov is smiling -- assuming he wasn't cremated."


I thought the neighbor to neighbor idea was that of Brian Jenings of KING and The balanced approach KVI


How many more people need to die before Gregoire deems it necessary to do something. If she would have acted earlier she could have saved atleast half of the people who died of carbon-monoxide poisoning. I think her inactivity during a crisis will greatly affect her re-election in "08".

I think Kiro is doing a great job of covering this storm, if only to prove Gregoire is a bad Governor who cares not for those who are poor and may not have voted for her.


Seems our Gov. learned something from that Seahawks game she attended a couple weeks ago in regards to the viaduct plan.

How to PUNT


I hope everyone was paying attention last night, when of the elitist, arrogant pigs that are Bush'es real constituency revealed the true snarling face of Bush'es Corporatist Party. In a rare moment of truth, a surly, imperious gent named Ray from Mercer Island admitted that he felt entitled to have the power in his multi- million dollar house enabled by power crews before those of the peons in mere middle class price homes. I believe fellow Mercer Island Superiorists Medved and Lapin also feel this way but don't have the nerve to say it.


Bla'M..the American Association of Psychaitrists should give you a plaque for the service you provide here, especially in the area of schizophrenia. They could call it "The Sybill Award" on behalf of all the multiple personalities residing in one or two bodies here.

Joanie..get yourself to the store and buy a jar of marshmallow creme, a sack of Ghiradelli extra dark bitter-sweet chocolate chips, and a 5 oz can of evaporated milk ( or is it sweetened condensed?) and make yourself some fudge like I did yesterday. The extra dark chips make it reallllly taste rich. The recipe is on the side of the marshmallow creme.


Bryan Suits, Brian Maloney, Bryan Sty-bull...I sense a pattern here...


spell checker= Psychiatrists


With Dave going on and on about the weather these last few days, I discovered Tom Hartman on 1090. Now I see what you mean, Sparky, he's really great- a real gentleman and knowedgeable but not afraid to call Bush out in a very balanced way.


Hey Steve, what was the Gov. supposed to do, stand in front of the wind and block it? or heaven forbid, nationalize the power company? That would make you really happy, wouldn't it?


Since Dave has been all weather all the time, I gave the Tators a good listen over at KVI. That is some pretty good radio, I love to hear Schram take crap for once.


I went back to Steve Scher on KUOW when Dave Ross got boring. Even NPR idsn't as boring as other people's power outages.


Allow me to join the chorus. Enough already of the storm coverage!

The irony here is, is that it's the radio "personalities", who are always wagging their collective fingers at the broadcast media for overblowing storm coverage.

I can assure you that KING5, KOMO4, and KIRO7 TV have not been running "Wind Storm '06" coverage for the last 132 hours straight.

Even Disaster Forman has laid low.


Thanks Sparky! Fudge like my mommy used to make? I'll try it.

Steve is just a Gregoire hater. Time to ignore idiots like him. We are in charge now.

Geez, you guys. I'm such a loyal Ross listener, I never even thought of trying the other guys! Tomorrow it will be the taters or maybe Scher for me for sure.

Reagan just said enough of the storm, we're talking about Iraq! I love Reagan - the son of course.


With Stephanie Miller on vacation ( I dont care for Elaine Boozler) I have been streaming Thom on KPOJ from 6-9 and the listening to him on 1090 from 9-12. Now Im streaming Randi on AA, switching back and forth with KOHO in Leavenworth...


Oh, and Bushie said this morning we should not worry about the war, and we should go shopping.


Isn't he just the blankest of blank slates in town?

How do you stream in your car? Or are you forced to use the old-fashioned car radio when driving?


i dont stream in my car..just at work and at home..someday, when the price comes way down, I will get satellite radio. I like lots of choices.
In the car I punch buttons a lot, usually will listen to KPLU or sometimes KPOJ from Portland, which comes in fine anywhere south of Ft. Lewis. I dont care too much for KUOW too much anymore. I tried listening to KVI--cant do it. Mostly because of the fact that they have almost as many commercials as KIRO. I hate commercials.


Frank, do you think you could possibly be more of an anal control freak in running your show? You really are "every woman's first husband".


Funny, Tommie! Did you hear him tell the woman that he "did his homework" when she tried to explain the gov's decision on the tunnel vs. elevated options? Isn't he just a shmuck?


Isn't that the woman who was the first caller who only got half way through her theory on the Governor's decision before Frank went all anal on her. She tried valiantly to reclaim the floor but Frank went into his passive/aggressive "interruption by name repeating" tactic and said that she had been allowed to make one point, but she didn't get three. You dope, have you ever heard of someone finishing their thought, Anal Boy?


Power Joanie, is that what it is all about to you. That must be the reason you decided to become a teacher to have power over defenseless little children.


I remember katrina, maybe you don't, and one of the big criticism's was Mayor Nagin not using them 500 plus buses to get people out. Maybe our Gov. should have done more to get generator's to those who needed them. What was that surplus she wants to save for a rainy day, 900 or so million, well that rainy day was last week and she failed misirably.

I did hear the Gov. is going to look into finding out how the state could have helped more, late as it is.


Styblehead is horrible radio...but Trucker radio is even worse. Bring live & local overnight back to KIRO. Where is Erin Hart?


Asimov was in fact cremated.


Tommie, I'm not sure it was the same person. It was considerably into the hour that I heard it.

But, yeah, the "now,now. . . " "time out" and that condescending name repetition is what drives me to turn the dial.

Now, Steve, cause I know you like it when I give you attention, children are far from defenseless. But, if you're never around them, you wouldn't know. So, I'll give you a pass on that.

And anybody who would compare Katrina to this big wind needs some book learnin' for sure. I am a teacher but I don't think you could afford me.

As for passing out generators . . . you're an idiot.


Well, lets see.....almost two million people without power.....a state-purchased generator for each, including gas to run each one for a week....

yes, Steve, that would have been an excellent decision....


Steve has issues, but I see all the bush lovers have basically self-destructed after Nov


See, Michael, another vote for Erin. If Styble got a .08, there's no way Erin could have in reality gotten a 0.0 or whatever.

Bring back Erin Hart


Not only that, Sparky, she would have had to confiscate them because there weren't any to be had anyway . . . Maybe Steve would have been willing to share his. Steve?


Joanie (& other Hart fans). Have some possibly interesting news on this front

Hot-linked my email to my name this time - drop me a line


Just reading Will's commentary on Horsesass started me thinking . . . our public schools are built specifically to house people in cases of disasters. I was on the design review committee for our school and asked why elementary schools had to have full-size gyms (they're expensive!) and was told that schools need to be responsive in times of emergencies.

So, am wondering why schools weren't opened in areas where power was out for extended periods and why elderly people and others in need weren't able to stay in them. A school should have a generator . . . and should be able to deliver essentials in such times. At least a place to congregate to get live-alones out of their cold houses.

Hmm, just a thought. I think we do have public places that could be very useful at times like this.

Mercifurious is Dead

Time for Styble!

I am not Styble. I am a fan.

I want live and local, it's that simple.

Mercifurious and Blathering Michael are idiots.


Nice job Styble. Get all shouty over the top of a fan.
(And he's still doing it)

Stay tuned folks, this should be a fun night. Trust me

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure:
Bryhead Styble's myspace profile


Here we go again:
Shouty McStyblehead.

Hey... I like that one better.


Or maybe the left is starting to understand that the government can't be everywhere. Whether it is a Hurricane or a Wind storm with hurricane force winds.

And Joanie, do tell the difference between a person who died in a hurricane and one who died in a wind storm. Now don't go and say they are both just dead, you used that one as your bailout in our Republican soldier vs Democrat soldier bit awhile ago. Is it the trauma that goes with the death, is drowning more worse than carbon-monoxide poisoning. Is it the person who died, maybe his race, maybe his ethnicity. Do tell, I would bet you have no answer for this so I beleive you are just getting some "learnin" yourself from the right.

And Sparky, I looked up a couple criticism's you had for the government during Katrina, and can tell you they wern't that much plausible either. What was that joke you had about FEMA,

"step one..wait for hurricane
step two..train volunteers
step three...oh, they're DEAD?

now that was a good one.

Mercifurious is Dead

Put Styble on every night!

Mercifurious are you Ray?


Sorry to break your heart twice MID

A.) I'm not Ray
B.) This is Shouty McStyblehead's last night
(until next storm)

Seriously MID, put your fat yap where your thin wallet is, and let's make this interesting.

When do you next expect Styblehead Boast-to-Boast back (on KIRO)?

I say next storm... YOU?


Friday night

KIRO will keep this schedule into every light bulb works in Western Washington


"I'm not scheduled for anything beyond 90 minutes from now"
~Shouty McStyblehead.

Get your thin wallet ready, MID.

Actually, keep talking dirty to me, and we'll call it even


Steve, or "other steve" I don't mind at all discussing the differences. I would think they would be obvious.

If you read my post above, you'd know that I'm questioning why we didn't open up schools for those who needed a place to go.

Having said that, last I looked nobody was sitting on his/her roof waiting to be rescued.

You make very general accusations. As I am thinking about this, I'm not sure what your point is. Is government all in or all out for you? Or can you see times when government is needed as opposed to times when it shouldn't be relied upon.

How discriminating are you able to be?

Do you not see a difference between Katrina (a hurricane) and the winds we experienced?

I don't understand your comment about dead people. Of course, dead is dead. I have always concerned myself with people dying regardless of political affiliation or ethnicity for that matter. You'll have to explain why this is significant.

Sometimes you sound like you wish to have a serious conversation. But, you must give me something concrete and specific to which I can respond.

I'm not a knee-jerk anything . . . are you?


Steve, read Will's post I think he says it eloquently.


Well-done, Doctor Awesome (aka "David in Shoreline"). Giving Styblehead a simultaneous "Styblehead crap".

Note: I have it on good authority that David was doing a Styblefan parody



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