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December 25, 2006



I'm not crazy about jello, Michael.

Give me chocolate anything . . .

Rising seas will soon make70,000 people homeless because their island sank . . . oh, it's just global warming. No biggie.

Also, another island - home to 400 tigers - in danger as well. Wonder what Michael Crichton thinks about that KS?


Hooty hoo !
Western state hosp
its not funny it was just Plain wrong !


That sounds fab, but I am trying to eat healthier, can I use Splenda instead of sugar?

Merry Christmas everyone!


You must use real sugar. This is Christmas. Are you wanting to die with a perfect body or do you want to end it sideways with a chocolate bar screaming that was fun?
Merry Christmas.


"Rising seas will soon make70,000 people homeless because their island sank . . . oh, it's just global warming. No biggie.

Also, another island - home to 400 tigers - in danger as well. Wonder what Michael Crichton thinks about that KS?"

and Have a nice day back at ya...I would not want to jump to conclusions, like the mainstream media and bloggers love to do. Instead, i'd like to see how this scenario unfolds and I'll get back to you on that one near the end of the decade. Michael Crichton has been silent - heard that he does not like doing interviews without screened questions, much like Hillary Clinton.


So, how many more animals and people have to die before it unfolds to your satisfaction KS?

hey Chucks! it has to be real sugar and real butter...none of that chemical crap and none of that margarine stuff that has all that trans fat !
Mother nature does it best.

We are drinking mimosas, nibbling on Christmas goodies and watching the DVDS of "Homicide, Life on the Streets", that Santa brought. It's a great day!


Listening to Goldy this morning, somebody called in a clarified news report. Apparently the island has been sinking for many years and it is composed of a soap-like substance so has been washing away as well.

Now you know the whole story . . .

Like to keep our facts straight. Right, KS?

Real sugar, real butter, real chocolate with a high cacao number, mmmmm mm! Not only delicious but healthier, too!

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas!


Too many mimosas it seems. How about dispensing with the hysteria and the accepting the tabloid journalism without question - instead how about getting a real scientific analysis before jumping to conclusions ?

With that said - CO2 and other pollutant emissions need to be curbed everywhere for the sake of human health and health of the ecosystem if nothing else !


Please: give me an natural, organic heart attack with real butter and sugar. And oh yeh, my ass isn't big enough yet--God apparently hasn't finished with me. Pass me a pork chop pleeze.

blathering michael

As Buddy the elf always says, the food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn and... SYRUP!


KS, if you had actually ever drunk a mimosa, you would know that it is the antithesis of feeling hysterical. I was merely repeating your verbage.

Why do you want to get in a pissing match on Christmas anyway? Go play with your Tonka trucks, have more eggnog and enjoy this wonderful day.

Bla'M, I might try your recipe, only use cranberry jello instead of strawberry. I think the turkey would have to be kinda salty, too, to stand out in all that sugar. Hey my Mom puts things like carrots, or cottage cheese and walnuts in Jello, so this cant be any worse.

joanie..found that Marietta Old vine Red yet? You wont regret it.


Still looking, Sparky, Was at Central Market yesterday and forgot to look . . . but wrote it down and have every intention of finding it!

So disappointing to open bottle after bottle of my merlot and find it sort of flat . . .

Do you cook a lot for the holidays? I used Whole Foods over Thanksgiving. Purchased one of their expensive whole turkey dinners . . . it was lovely and delicious. I chose Whole Foods because it's stuffing was the old fashioned sage dressing which is my favorite . . . and it had string beans for dessert (beans with almonds and shallots) and cranberry sauce. The beans were wonderful; everything was wonderful! I think I might do that again next year. Totally enjoyed by all! And sure a whole lot easier than cooking!

But, the pumpkin pie was wanting.

Had prime rib last night and left overs today.

Also, I still bought my fudge . . . didn't take the time to use your suggestion but will.

Am watching Michael Crichton on CSpan 25, KS. You might find it interesting. I do think he is very, very smart. Taped 11-28-06. Talking about his book Next.

I think my new year's resolution should be to try and say something in one short paragraph . . . just sayin'.


I just looked at the ingredients in the fudge I paid 9.79 for and they are: sugar, chocolate, butter, walnuts, evaporated milk, and marshmallow cream. Just as you said, Sparky!

I'm thinking the butter may have been used to grease the pan . . . although when my mother used to use the old fashioned recipe that used to be on the Hershey's cocoa can. It required a bit of butter melted on top of the cooling fudge and later mixed into the fudge. I could never do it because it took a huge amount of beating by hand and I just never seemed to get it or to be up to it. When she passed away, an awfully good fudge-maker passed away as well. No marshmallows in her smooth and creamy fudge . . .


Enjoy the reading the recipes except for the cottage cheese in the Jello - gag me ! Will try and check out Michael Crichton on CSPAN...


If the charts/graphs Dr. Crichton shown in his novel are indeed factual- global warming may indeed be bunk. Remember we were entering a new ice age in the 70's?

Global warming or not- polluting less cannot hurt. What is really amusing is nobody has a concrete answer where oil came from.


At the cost of looking foolish, I think I'll amend that string beans as dessert to string beans as veggie! Too much vino I think!


I make as much from scratch as I can, joanie. You could make a LOT of fudge for 9$!! I make my own peanut brittle too. We had ham, peas and a pasta side dish today, with cherry pie for dessert.
I love to cook--i do pretty well most of the time but have had some spectacular disasters.


Sparky, you must share your scratch recipe for fudge or at least the source. I'm always looking for good chocolate recipes! Esp. fudge . . . please, please.

The Anti KIRO

What the hell is it with these vacations???

Dori's been off for a month?

Ron and Don...with a failed afternoon show you would think these guys would hustle everday...instead they get 2 weeks off.

Blathering Michael...why not start a board about this epidemic of vacation time at KIRO???

You have to at least give Shiers props for working hard.


joanie I just used the recipe off the side of the marshmallow creme jar...
But, I used extra dark chocolate chips. Look around in your store to see what they have. I didnt use nuts. When it had set, I took pieces and rolled them into balls--about the size of a quarter, and rolled some in dark cocoa poweder, some in coconut, and some in chopped almonds. They ended up looking and tasting like truffles.
If you like peanut brittle, boil 2 cups of sugar and a half cup of water without stirring ( afer you mix it up) and wait for the sugar to turn amber..stir in nuts and then pour out on a buttered cookie sheet. spray the spatula with cooking spray first so it doesnt stick.


Thanks, Sparky! Sounds yummy!

Aunti-K, you miss Monson? Ron and Don? Enjoy their time off, FHS!

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