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December 19, 2006



Unlike us, Herr Falafeloofa supports the troops.

How does he support the troops? The best way one can. By posing with "one of our troops" whilst cupping the greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction: his Falafeloofa



We have been checking around Krio News talk Am 710 on the Am dail.
when the Styblehead From Boast to Boast on the over night .
When you here him start breathing heavy in the Mic , ( Witch is all the time ) He still cases around the cleaning Lady from 770 Am and running around looking into Ron And Dons trash cans for something cool to talk about , bring back trucker radio please or even the test tone .


Does anyone listen to Bill Orally anymore?


Does anyone listen to Bill Orally anymore?


I enjoyed the post by Steve Young. Some of you sure have a way with words . . .

I love our City but it sure does lend itself to a lot of punch lines for bad jokes. I think we just have to get used to it.

BTW, I'm proud to be a latte-land liberal who does give a lot to charities of all kinds and to kids. The record of my giving is in my heart as well as my tax records. But, we all know what lust lies in Bill's heart. Doesn't leave much room for charity does it?


haha Pompous Boy Bill- IF HE HAD BEEN paying attention, he would have known that even htis guy who wrote the booki claiming that conservatives give way more to charity than liberals admitted that Seattle is the one city where liberals are extremely generous to charity.


By the way- where's our Peabody- award winning Blatherwatch Team Coverage of the retrial of That Awful Webb Fella (as G.W. Bush would call him)? don't tell me- he gets another delay , due to the storm.


Dragnet will be shown on KOMO this xmas eve, I'm sure the Big Baby Jesus special will have Bill-O being pulled in the wagon.


Craven Bush shoeshine boy Michael Medved is just back from the White House where he was rewarded for all his buffing and waxing on his knees of George W's brown brogue's with an invite to the White House Hannukah Party, and is giving a breathless report.


I thought Medved polished his knob, not his loafers.
I could be mistaken, though.


No more Frank

Why the hell is KIRO still talking about the storm hour after hour after hour!

Has anybody noticed how much vacaction Dori Monson gets?!?

The fucking guy must get 12 weeks. He's on the air day after day complaining about city workers and all their excessive benefits. What a shit head!


Dori needs to feed his need to gamble in Las Vegas on a regular basis.

The storm is still a big story to people who still dont have heat or power. If you have those, count your blessings.


Ok we had heat this summer, a drought, then floods, then snow, then a killer windstorm. Now Mt. St. Helens is steaming her head off again.

Bill Orally was right....


It has been a year, hasn't it? The litany of places still without power continues . . . some places are not expected to get power until Saturday at the very earliest.

Some perks to living in the city!

But, then, these people that move into animal habitat and then expect all the civilized amenities to be available sure irritate me.


I wish that global warming would hurry up. We sure can't count on Puget Power.
I was at a Garlic Jims Pizza joint last night and the Toys For Tots box was prety full. Must have been a coulture warrier location. We had our family Christmas party last weekend and instead of a gift exchange we all brought gifts for the Marines. About 40 toys. Not to bad for my family considering that we are probably 10% Republican and 90% heathen.
And yes freemont, I am R and can't spell.
Merry Christmas all.

No more Frank

The end of the world has arrived!

Cisco was just on the Frank Shiers Show!

Where's my gun, I need to shoot myself.


You're a good guy, chucks. That was a nice thing for you and your family to do.

No more Frank

Hey no Ron and Don today!


Ron and Don
R.I.P 2006-2006



Too funny, I love it! And it even describes why so many of them are cranky, crabby, and dispositionally challenged.


Don't tell me my buddy Cisco went over to the dark side! Was he really on KIRO this afternoon?

Cisco is much too cerebral to even entertain thoughts of appearing on any of KIRO's afternoon kegger shows!! Please, say it ain't so.

I drive my GF crazy, listening to Cisco on the weekends. I don't even garden, he just cracks me up. He and his wife would be perfect party guests, I have NO doubt.

His corny jokes mask a very intelligent and driven man. Very cool dude.


Dori needs to feed his need to gamble regularly at Las Vegas" hmm maybe you're onto something... He also likes to "play the ponies" as he puts it, every season at Emerald Downs. Could it be that Star and the girls will have to lead our star of KIRO's The Little Man Show into Gambler's Anonymous. Just don't try to steal his car, unless you want a "lead lunch from the little man's "heater".


( waving fists) ooh la la you didnt fix any brussel sprouts.

I have a picture of Cisco, naked. Im not making this up. He is holding a LARGE branch of brussel sprouts to cover his ooh la la.


Since I've promised to, as Leykis says, "dump that bitch(Tom Leykis) for the holidays", I only have three more days to listen to the show for eternity, but tonight Tom is having his annual "why I hate the homeless" hours, and the callers are really showing what garbage caliber people they are. It only steels my resolve to "dump that bitch(Tom Leykis)for the holidays".

No more Frank

Ron and Don take vacation during the crisis???

Wasn't it just a couple of days ago that Don was sreaming at the top of his lungs that Gregoire was ignoring the issue and addressing the Alaska Viaduct instead...

Well Don, for Christ's sake at least she goes to work!

...at least the state's economy is booming...your show is last in ratings....

Don't take a vacation...change your career! Screaming and yelling gets us nowhere.

I'm onto your schtick!


Sparky, I find the fact that you have a picture of a naked Cisco, deeply troubling.

What I find troubling, is not the existence of a photo of our favorite naked aborist, but rather the fact that you've chosen to keep this photo.

Because our region is inundated with prurient local preachers who attack the morals of others, I feel compelled to announce that I find that LARGE branch of brussel sprouts deeply offensive. It should have been removed prior to the photo being taken.

Airbrush it out and see if Cisco has a Majestic Maple, or a Fabulous Fir.

No more Frank

Get off the air Goldy!

Back to Jersey.

Where does this fucker get the credentials to talk about a crisis like a blackout.

This like letting Matt Hasseldick go on Iron Chef America!


LOL...ok I will fess up..last Christmas I got one of those fundraiser calendars for the Master Gardener's Association. Each of the said Master Gardeners was nekkid and holding strategically placed pots, bags of dirt, wide brimmed hats, etc. Cisco was actually standing behind a podium, holding up that giant branch of brussel sprouts. It wasnt pretty.

No more Frank

No more Goldy

Goldy R.I.P 2006-2006

Bring back Webb
Bring back Prell

For God's sake bring back a warm body!


No more of No More Frank already! Get a different life.

In my opinion, Ron and Don are good. Ok, I don't sit by the radio and listen to them or anyone else, especially Dori, but when in the car, which is often, I only listen to KIRO (especially Dave and Ron Reagan - love them)but often turn to music when Dori's ranting. Go to sleep with the radio on, but the truckers are boring enough to put me to sleep and Styble is a little too hyped up, but at least I'm not going overboard like you, No More Frank. BTW, Frank Shiers is okay, as far as I'm concerned and I like Goldy too. So enough out of you, already.

No more Frank


Ron and Don are a disgrace to KIRO.

KIRO was once the beacon of intellectual debate for the Pacific Northwest.

KIRO has now become a wasteland of failed DJ's (Shiers, Ron and Don) that want to give it a shot at being a talk show host.

What credentials do Frank Shiers or for God's sake Ron and Don...and worse this know-nothing whiny Goldy....what do these folks know about public policy, foreign affairs, economics???? Nothing.....get off the radio!

BTW, you're female...there's not ONE FEMALE HOST at KIRO during their 7 day schedule.


Well, I did like Erin Hart. Don't care too much for Turi, who currently subs. Ron and Don I find entertaining. Silly at times, maybe, but they can be serious when it's called for, like the fundraiser for gifts for foster children, and our current storm. Don was on air for many hours, having put off for a day his previously scheduled vacation. Talk radio doesn't need to be a constant stream of intellectual discourse. Variety makes it more interesting.

No more Frank


Turi phones in her show from San Francisco and rarely subs.

I haven't heard from Erin Hart in over a year.

It's time for a female host.

Ooops does Jane from the Greg and Jane show count?

No more Frank

The world is about to end.

Goldy is broadcasting in Spanish to his all English speaking, liberal, Jewish audience.


"I've had my home phone put out on the internet"

BULLSHIT Styblehead. YOU gave it out on a radio broadcast. Remember? When you actually had your own REGULARLY SCHEDULED SHOW?

Here, let's remind the forgetful Styblehead:

Busted. Ain't got no Musted


For the record, I think there are more of us Hart fans than the very suspect Arbitrons reflected.


I think that you made up the part about Seattle of what O'Reilly said in your column - you spinned it to make it fit your agenda. I may be wrong & you can disprove it if make this available on a sound byte. It probably came from the Sweet Jesus- I hate Bill O'Reilly website, who regularly omits the context that conflicts with their agenda.

I remember hearing parts of this on KTTH - basically, he was pointing out that the SP's give less to charity than those who claim to be churchgoers. That has been statistically verified. If he made reference to Seattle as an SP paradise and criticized the miserliness of the community - I bank on it being true and he said this before the windstorm debacle. That's just the way it is- so deal with it ! So how about some real context for a change ?


" that Seattle is the one city where liberals are extremely generous to charity."

Can anyone supply irrefutable evidence that this is the case ? If it is the case, a good amount of it really comes from Eastside communities who are predominantly traditionalists. BTW- B O'R wasn't referring to liberals as being stingy, he was referring to Secular Progressives as being stingy. Liberals can be traditionalists who are more generous to set the record straight.


This notion that churchgoers give more is interesting. Does the giving include what they tithe to the church?

KS, you or somebody oughta provide documentation for that claim.


KS spits-up his usu cud:
B O'R wasn't referring to liberals as being stingy, he was referring to Secular Progressives as being stingy. Liberals can be traditionalists who are more generous to set the record straight.

Yeah thankyou KS (& Herr Falafeloofa). We were unaware that "Secular Progressives" were ever actually studied as a group.

I'm sure you have some outstanding evidence to back-up your claim - a "Factor Investigation", perhaps?


KS i guess you are addressing me , since I'm the one who wrote the post about Seattle giving generously to charity. "I think you made up that part about liberals in Seattle beinggenerous......you just spinned it so".... "can anyone offer irrefutable proof that the thing about Seatle liberals giving to charity"..... or whatever the f you worte. Listen,KS, you tool, or Republican tool , I don't make things up to spin my posts my way. The statistic about Seattle came from the fucking book that just came out written by the guy who is now the darling of all the conservatives because he claims he's got the studies to prove conservatives give more than liberals to charity. He specifically mentioned Seattle, a very liberal city as the one exception to that rule. "Oh, it was Sp'S not liberals"...blah blah..... I think the author said liberals as far as i remember but aren't you being "anal boy" with that? Tool! Do me a favor. Go on a cruise with my Republican gunnut assclown creep marina neighbor on his yacht and get stuck somewhere without internet service for a few years.


It's what he claims. He is a certified liar and a last attempt to salvage whatever credibilty he once had. Why don't you claim another source, like the guy who blew his wad at the poker table--Bill Bennett


"It's time for a female host."

Agree....I'd be happy with just no more bloated white guys.

KS, as I told you before, get yurself a woman, move off of your parent's farm in E. Oregon...there's a big world out there son.

Dori had the guy (who I assume authored the above-mentioned study)on his show a couple of weeks ago. He appeared to have factored in many relevant variables...age,level of income, charitable donations to private/public/churches,etc., but I didn't hear how he determined the subject set, ie..How it was determined who is lib vs a conservative...What about the people in the middle?..Anyway, I still had many methodology questions, but Dori was biting at the bit as you would imagine, and he wanted to get into the results - understandable, given time prog. time retraints...Dori of course was just gleeful to have the guy say how cheap liberals are...I laughed my ass off when the guy told Dori that Seattle was the exception..You could hear the wind go out of D's sails...It is an interesting subject...Dori's take is libs are more likely to see it as government's duty to meet people's needs..Cons generally are more frequent church attendees and involved in good works, etc..would rather decide on their own how to budget their chartible contributions..no suprise if you have listened to Dori for any length of time. Would be interesting to know why Seattle was unique.


You don't suppose he factored in Bill Gates charitable givings do you? Is Paul Allen a liberal? We have a lot of money here!

Don't know if Bill's would reflect Seattle or not but it's a bundle!

Also, I think if he included church tithing that tilts the game a little. Not sure all the tithing goes for charitable purposes.


I'm sure he screened out anomalies like Bill Gates. Anyway, I have not doubt Seattle gives very generously to charity, becuse if you've lived hear all your life you know that's just the kind of city it is. I'm not saying he's correct in his overall book thesis but at least he's right about Seattle.


if the church-going cons are so altruistic, why is it their new Christian Coalition leader was booted for saying he thought they should focus more on the poor???


You know those church demands get pretty expensive! Probably have to cut back a bit to take care of the poor . . .

I wonder how much Sandwiches on Sundays costs? Remember, that was ExDem's big contribution to homelessness?


You all have negligible credibility or evidence - just blathering away. Don't do as I do, do as I say is your motto ! Republican tool - that is laughable !

Republicans are lame and Dems are pathological liars. Libertarians and Greens would be more in touch with what people think. Tommy-boy In spite of your diatribe, there is a difference between a liberal and secular progressive. If you knew what you were talking about, you'd understand, but you'd rather hear yourself talk and type out f-bombs, clown.


Did O'Reilly even talk about Seattle - any sound byte evidence ? not yet... Unbelievable ! You are making something out of nothing - most of it meaningless hyperbole nonsense.

I don't really believe that all Repubs are lame or all Dems are pathological liars, but do believe that a number of commenters on this thread are definitely deranged !


oh i see you actuAlly accused B'lam of making up the Toys for Tots thing, KS. On my point , you just asked for people with "irrefutable proof" of what I claimed. Bla'm wrote that O'Reilly claimed the Toys for Tots crap in his BOOK, not on his tv or radio show. Apparently the guy from the Seatle Times found the same quote in his book, so it's not made up, or is B'lam just making the whole column up? Yeah I know O'Reilly has his little anal definitions of liberal and SP and they aren't the same, but that fact is irrelevant to my earlier point, because O'Reilly was talking about the population of Seattle as a single entity and the guy who wrote the book was talking about the population of Seattle as a single entity. It doesn't matter whether the book author considers Seattle to be liberal and O'Reilly considers it secular progressive. O'Reilly doesn't like our city and claims in his book that Seattle is a stingyass town and the guy who wrote the book completely contradicted him with actual statistics, and said we are a very generous city to charity. Understand why the sp vs. lib thing is irrelevant in this case, or do i have to break it down for you?


O'Reilly didn't write that "oy veh, those secular progressives on Capitol Hill and over in Fremont sure are stingyasses, but the rest of the folks there are ok" he characterized our city population as a single whole. So did the book author.

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