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December 27, 2006


The Anti KIRO

When arrogant talk show hosts like Dori Monson take huge vacations throughout the year, it limits the opportunities of up and coming talent.

Everybody deserves a vacation. But frankly this amount of time off is offensive.

Based on his month off in the summer, three weeks at Christmas and multiple days off during the year, I estimate he gets 10-12 weeks off/year.

Seattle had a "blackout" crisis and where was Dori...MIA!

This guy is a farce and he should be fired. Time for someone new.


At least he should be booted off the Seahawks broadcast. Football lovers do not want to hear that damn dopie Dori deceminating dorky dogma when football is being talked about. Please!!!


comparing Dick Cheney to Gerald Ford? Please.
Darth Vader would turn it into a huge power grab. He would have absolutely no interest in healing anything but his and his friends' bank accounts. You have to have a soul and a conscience to want to help others.

Boris Badenov

Dori having big fun with Star and girls. Small bird in Las Vegas tell me Dori throw shitfit when desk clerk at hotel tell him no reservation for him. Clerk think that call from Seattle was from smartass high school kid pretending to be adult familyman. Think Dori pranking him.


Anybody hear Tori R. ripping Ford's so-called lack of a legacy last night? This was immediately after the announcement of his death..No class...More a demonstration of her ignorance of recent history than anything. Too bad.


"Could Dick Cheney pick up the pieces of Bush's shattered presidency as gracefully as Gerry Ford picked up the pieces of Nixon's? "

Somebody wrote about that a while ago...went something like...'All the king's horses, and all the king's men'...etc


David Goldstein is fine or Sunday nights, but sorry- he's not regular host material. If you're being mistaken for Erin Hart (which is possible) someting is terribly terribly wrong.

Just bad radio

What's really is Terribly, Terribly, Wrong just plain wrong !
The Mc Styblehead it"s not funny it's just really bad


Plus, Goldstein doesn't have a "smartass" problem , like Captain Smartass, Brian Suits, but he does have a "smartypants" problem. Sorry- I just call them liek I see them.

No More Goldy

Goldy is a smartass that does not belong on the air.

I am so sick of this guy.

Get off my radio!

more goldy PLEEZE!

Goldy is more provocative than Dave, his voice is not so deep but he sure gets great callers. He doesn't talk down tocallers like Frank.

No More Goldy

Goldy is a Jew that started a blog in his basement.

He is not qualified. His faux intellectualism is sophmoric.

Get off my radio and go back to Jersey!

blathering michael

your sophomoricism is typified by your trivial shock-value anti-Semitism. Speaking of intellectualism-- you can't even spell, you prick.


With the baggage that Dick Cheney has already accumulated as vice president, he'd probably antagonize more than heal. He would have no standing, no loyalty, he's untrustworthy. Ew! What a horrible thought!

I was never a fan of Ford, but he was okay and he didn't make any waves. He just led the country through a transition and I thought that was fine.

Regarding Goldy, I think he's doing much better than I ever expected. He does have the gift of clarity and that's where a lot of hosts fail. Both clarity in this thinking and clarity in his delivery. Learning to simply articulate on radio is a huge part of being a good host.

Sometimes, I think he is a little too agendized. Today he was talking to Ken Voelk(?) and a caller started talking about vet's issues specifically, and Goldy went off on another liberal - not rant really but sort of changed the subject. I think he does need to listen a little better. But, that was the only complaint I had today.

He us definitely not Dave Ross who can talk about anything without always having to declare his own opinion on it.

And I have listened a couple of times to The Commentators. First, they sound like they are in a cave somewhere. That constricted? sound drives me crazy. Also, Carlson interrupts too much. He is such a know-it-all. I found Schram much more patient and willing to discuss as opposed to telling. Two good topics that I heard: education; the Iraq Study Group. This whole week is repeats for them.

Guess I'll stick with Ross, Goldy or Hartmann and occasionally Scher. Probably won't move to KVI. Carlson is annoying.


Polar bears on the endangered list?

Wonder what they think we can do about it? Find them a new habitat? Refreeze the ice up there? So sad.


HEADLINE: "Could Dick Cheney pick up the pieces of Bush's shattered presidency as gracefully as Gerry Ford picked up the pieces of Nixon's ?"

Is this a joke ? First are you predicting that Bush will be impeached or resign from office ? Even though the current prez would be characterized as incompetent - I don't see that happening. Next, picking up the pieces won't happen until Jan. 2009 and it won't be Duck Cheney. Other that that, I don't see any connection.

David Tatelman

I pointed out in my blog last week that Bush is inoculated by having Cheney as his vice-president. Nobody wants to impeach him if Darth becomes president. What needs to be done is to have Cheney resign and somebody else appointed as approved by the Congress and then Bush should resign rather than make us impeach him. He is obviously incapable of getting out of the Iraq mess that he created. We desperately need a transition president for the next 2 years. We can't afford to have the idiot finish out his term.

Read more: http://homesteadbook.com/blog/?p=187


That would be Nancy Pelosi... don't think the 'cons will go for that any time soon.


I don't think the "cons" have to do they? Aren't they gone as of Jan 1? Geez, I hope so.

And, KS, Michael just put it out there for discussion. Picky, picky, picky!


Did you catch when Frank went "all ghetto" last week, and talked about "putting my 9 wide shoe between someone's asscheeks"? After I exploded my mouthful of coffee all over my computer desk, I had a bit of a cleanup job to do.


there are enough republicans left in Congress that at this time there would not be enough votes for impeachment. Also, impeachment comes in steps and Bush could be impeached but not removed from office, like Clinton.

However, it could all change when the investigations start, and if Bush/Cheney decide to invade Iran. Then all bets may be off.

Shattered blogger

Where do you get this concept of a "shattered presidency?"


From the 80% who don't support his war in Iraq, nor his party which was de-throned last month


Dori is so lame.


I find these climbing fools such as this hotshot woman from Seattle and her partner who just died on the Chinese peak to be narcissistic wasters of life.


Dori is so lame.

No More Goldy

When does stating a guy's religion suddenly make one an anti semite?

Goldy talks about it all the time.

He cannot substantiate his arguments. He dishes out the same old tired liberal playbook garbage.

He used his connections to get the show.

Calling me an anti semite is a shallow attack.

No More Goldy

I don't give a rat's ass if Goldy is a Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Atheist.

He's not qualified to be a talk show host.


Tommy, that comment about the climbers is not like you :(
I met the young woman climber a few years ago when she came to my school and gave a motivational speech to 600 surly jr high kids, who ended up giving her a standing ovation at the end of her talk. She was a remarkable woman who climbed over 20 peaks including Mt. Everest more than once. Her death means she wont be around to motivate any more kids to push themselves to dream big and work hard to achieve their goals. That is a loss to the community.


Also, I heard today on the news that the peak wasn't all that challenging for people as experienced as they were. Said they probably got caught in an avalanche. They knew the risks going in. I have nothing but admiration for people who takes risks for which they are ready.

It is the inexperienced that frustrate me. I read an article some time ago that talked about how many people climb or try to climb Everest with minimal training. They treat it like a weekend excursion. Little training and lots of expensive equipment.



that's just my point. she wont be around to help those kids or do anything else with her life. i wasnt saying she was a waste of life- i'm saying they are wasting the gift of life that was given to them by pursueing this sport which is primarily an ego and narcissism trip among the tiny clique of peole that engage in this. Some.times a brief film is made, but by and large they do this alone, unobserved and for themselves and their little clique. Her husband died doing this and now she is gone. I knew it would be unpopular to say this, but I think it really is a waste of one's energies and talents, as far as what most of these individuals could do for the world.


I don't know where they found, but according to a Chinese blog, they were attempting to climb "one of the tallest unclimbed peaks in Asia".

coochie mama

i wish dori would stay gone.


Obviously these two people have phsical stamina and courage , and I suppose one can admire that, in an abstract sense, but I don't really admire them that they died doing this.


mama, are you saying that you like Shiers better than Monson? Are you reading, Tom?


Well Im not a mountain climber, nor do I participate in any activity that would be considered "risky", beyond commuting on I-5 everyday. So I cant begin to understand what drives someone to climb a mountain, or to hop out of a plane or explore underwater or run in a marathon across Death Valley. It just doesnt strike me as selfish if they do something Im not able to do.


Too bad about the two people who perished, but seems like they were trying to play hero. Similar to the 3 that likely perished on Mt. Hood and cost many hundreds of thousands to rescue. It seems like it would be fair to require them to repay at their fair portion of the rescue costs if they are found alive.

No need to play the anti-semite cards - Goldy either has it or he doesn't. When the race card is played, whoever plays it has run out of arguments and loses (and often shows their own racism) in this nauseating politically correct world !


"playing hero?" Doesn't anybody remember Robert F. Kennedy climbing mountains because he'd lost so many brothers and he just decided if life were going to be lived, he would live it completely? I understand that totally. And I admire it totally.

I'm not judging anybody else's reason for doing risky things. If they feel more alive and vital, I love their courage.

As long as they make the effort to do it the best they can . . .


East Indian men making obscene propositions to Seattle housewives, from Bangalore call centers? Jesus H. Christ!


I was really referrign to that tiny, miniscule clique or society of individuals that are extreme, high altitude climbers. I don't believe Kennedy attempted any extreme climbing.

the Anti KIRO

It's hilarious how Turi Ryder portrays the image that she lives in Seattle. Especially about the "luxuries" we all gave up during the power outage. She didn't know the PCL grocery store that the caller mentioned.

Hello everybody!!! Turi calls in her show from San Francisco!!!

So much for LIVE & LOCAL!


I was talking about those who take outlandish risks in the name of conquering nature (ie playing hero). Its good to go for the gusto, but in these ventures - it seems like too often common sense gets thrown over the cliff - as if moderation is for wussies.

When 3 guys, no matter how experienced they are try to climb Mt. Hood at the worst time of the year and as it turned out, not the best equipped - it turns out to be a burden on the local authorities & search & rescue personnel, in addition to losing the challenge to nature's forces.


I'm enjoying this climbing debate, I'd like to throw this into the fray.

Last year, a couple of expeditions who were summiting Everest left an ailing (inexperienced) climber to die.

Later in 2006 a Canadian climber who was only 200 feet from the summit halted his excursion to provide relief to a dying climber, who was in such sorry shape that, in fact, his family had been told he was dead.

I salute the courage of the man who was so close to the summit, yet chose to save a life, on the other hand, I don't fully condemn those who bypassed the ill prepared, inexperienced climber who was aware of the risks.

It would be a personal decision for me. I think, similar to that which I hold on abortion. I support legal abortions, but could I have one? I don't think so. Final, irreversible decisions like that, or leaving the climber, are things that I would be afraid would haunt me for the rest of my life.

I wonder if those who bypassed the dying climbers are haunted when they are alone?

Here is the link to the Canadian story.


On another note, I cannot believe that the sanctimonious Shiers is on daytime. Nor can I believe that he actually said of President Ford "he'll be in the ground by next week."

I'd like them to give Styble a shot at daytime.


We have been told , That Stock yard Vinne, has been gone not on vacation ,but he has been taking an english class from Pat Cashman . But Vinne keeps braking for lunch , every 15 min in to the class and passing out Dicks double double hamburger! Dat a good tang ! But Iam hoppen when he comes back behind the Mic he wont want to wiff us ! P.s Liz The Mc Styblehead is flat lined ( its was Just wong ! stay way from the styblhead cool-aid !


Shires is truly horrible. I don't like Dorki that much but I'm begging him to get back and spare us Frankie boy. Listening to him yesterday when he had the neo-con "expert" on Iraq on air and just sat there masturbating the guy and not questioning anything was comical. The best part came when Shires asked people to call in "even if you disagree with me, I promise I won't smack you down." As if this half-wit could do any such thing.


There are still neo-cons out there supporting the war? Think Progress: THE ARCHITECTS OF WAR: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" Any of these guys on air with Frank?

Liz: My thinking on these and on abortion parallels yours. I do think people need to be responsible enough not to put other lives in danger and inexperienced climbers do just that when they put themselves into a situation that demands that others come looking for them.

Mountain climbing is one of those sports that requires a degree of luck as well as conditioning, equipment and experience.






KVI is running seven hours of tape a morning tis week, apparently all week. It was creepy to hear Kirby just warn us about the "big storm coming". And now I have to listen to Carlson and Schram's lame "mock insult" banter for a second time. Bad move, KVI. Even a live Captain Smartass (Brian Suits) with Larry Elder covering his shift in the afternoons would be better than this.


Tommie, why do you listen to KVI? I'm curious. I think it has terrible audio . . . and in the morning there's lots of choices? I still look online for topics because I'm usually more topic driven than host driven although Ross/Hartmann are my defaults.


PS Tina: that's why I like having the topics online which Scher always does and Goldstein did this morning . . . love that!

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