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December 17, 2006


Mercifurious is Dead

Thank goodness for Styble...live and local baby!

Sorry Mercifurious and thanks for the accuracy Blathering Michael....

Blatherwatch R.I.P. 2004-2006


This may be out of the area, but I found interesting the way that various local stations served their communities... or didn't.

In Bremerton, both local stations went off the air early in the storm. Neither has a generator at their transmitter, and while one actually has a local studio, it also has no generator. As of Sunday night, one was still off the air, but since it only plays Spanish language pitches for God's dollars, nothing has been missed.

Both stations are teapot powered, and could have been brought back to life with little residential generators... but nobody could be bothered to do that.

Any information for Kitsap county was been metered out by Seattle area stations, when they got around to it. Kitsap's local stations were useless.

By contrast, Olympia's KGY had extensive coverage, as they've been known for since the '20s. They managed to keep both AM and FM on the air through the storm.

More impressive was the effort from Mason County. Shelton's single station ran on generators from both studio and transmitter for some 20 hours, maintaining full power until the utilities returned. Throughout the day, they kept Mason and Thurston counties informed with only 5 people in and around the station. They also learned that when the cable goes down, broadband phones don't work (which is what they have), so the whole place ran on staff cell phones. They spent most of their time, feeding the dull and mundane... power outage info, school closures, what casinos were open, what roads were closed. But when a power outage isolates a community, that's the kind of service that local radio is made for.

The staton owners that didn't rise to the challenge don't deserve their licenses, and it looks like there are plenty of them around.


Wish I had known about the Shelton station..KIRO and KOMO ignored anything south of Federal Way. Also, they kept telling people to "log on to our website.."

Uh, fellas, when we dont have power, we cant log on. Dum.

I did listen to Don on KIRO for a little bit in the evening on Friday and he did a good job just letting people call in and tell their personal stories.

The Anti KIRO

Don was nothing but a big bag of hot air screaming and yelling these past few days. He basically was calling Gregoire and Nickels every name in the book. Is the city supposed to have a phone bank with 500,000 open lines? The guy does not understand reality.

During a crisis that is the last thing we need. We need calm, collected people to address the issues.

The guy just doesn't get it. He's in search of an identity. I am so sick of Ron and Don's chummy schtick...if you feel that compelled to help the general public, then get the hell off the radio and go out to a shelter. Instead Ron and Don cheaply exploit the situation to try and get notoriety for a failed afternoon show.

We need intellectuals, not shock jocks!


Bl'am sez: "this is not compelling radio..."

please- stop this crap! I can/t stand it any more. It is just the weather, and that is always boring. Even real disasters are boring, like real hurricanes and actual earthquakes. This is merely inconvenient; and deadly only to Darwinian losers dumb enough to light up a BBQ in the house..


"The Fugitive" finale (last chapter) The sixtyish woman began following her husband Walter down the little trail through the woods that led out to the drive. As she heard the man on the terrace screaming obscenities at the judge and prosecutor, something snapped and she turned around and started charging out of the woods. "I can't stand him, Frank!" The woman was up the stairs on the side of the terrace and into the French doors without the man even noticing, since he had his back toward her, doing the Disco Duck. Dorothy reached the old hifi cabinet, and jerked the tonearm off the disco record. The man whirled and saw Dorothy inside the living room "Hey, who the fuck are you?" he yelled. Dorothy advanced toward him onto the terrace in an unintimidated, aggressive manner. "Don't you use that foul mouth on me, Monte Markham, you little shit. Yes I know who you are. You're Monte Markham, of The Full Monty on KROW in Seatle. That is , until management found out you'd been arrested for a felony and fired you. You're the awful man that said all those hateful things about my president! We spotted you in the Rio airport, and followed you to here, you bum. Thre rows behind you on the plane to Salvador. You're a fugitive, Markham, you bastard. You're like Richard Kimble, except you're guilty, not innocent, like he was!" Monty Markham picked up a barstool, and held the legs end in front of him, in a threatening manner. "Get off my terrace, you Republican bitch!" he screamed. Dorothy exploded in mocking, derisive laughter. "How sad! You coward. Sissy! You're the guilty Richard Kimball! You're The Fugitive!" Walter, Dorothy's husband suddenly appeared at the top of the terrace steps, red-faced, and stepped out onto the platform. "And I'm the fucking one-armed man!", he bellowed. THE END

The Anti KIRO

Tommy008...take your crap to a publisher...

This is a blog for Christ's sake


relax, anti-kiro. it's the last chapter.

Mercifurious is Dead

Sure is nice to hear Styble again.

So how do you explain this resurrection Mercifurious, Brian in Lacey, Blathering Michael????

Blatherwatch R.I.P. 2004-2006

blathering michael

It's not a resurrection- it's a re-animation. Styble is a dead man talking.


KIRO's Thursday night reporting was awful. The Ballard bridge was stuck open and I'm driving and flicking the dial trying to find out why. Dori Monson and the host kept blathering on and on about his daughter and jet skiiing and the Seahawks.


Guess you just can't please everybody!

My storm story: holed up in the basement where I have a gas-insert fireplace watching a now-and-then flickering tv while suffering a internet connection that failed from time-to-time.

But the worst was rising early to go to school when my renter (yes, Fremont, I've already done the mother-in-law thing) who is also a teacher catches me in the driveway to tell me Seattle schools are closed.

Alas, I could have slept in - my favorite thing to do.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will find no roof shingles (which I did some years ago when we had a similar storm watch), that's the worst of my storm woes.

BTW, my furnace still isn't fixed. Nothing to do with the storm. Just a hard-to-get part.


Oh, I do have a trashy trailer among the tall firs at Birch Bay. That might be another story . . .

Mercifurious is Dead

Styble is on. He's not dead.

This blog is crap. If you proclaim R.I.P. that means dead...Prell, Pate, Webb, etc...

Blathering Michael your credibility is shot.

This blog is not about accuracy, it's about promoting an agenda. That's why I proclaim blatherwatch has terminal cancer and we will soon cry and write...

Blatherwatch R.I.P. 2004-2006


Hope your trailer is ok joanie. I knew my power would go out because it always does, so i filled the bathtub the night before, along with every large pot and jug i could round up. i am on a well, so no power means no water. The only personal damage was losing a decorative thermometer when it was blown out onto the pavement and it broke into pieces. But my power was out from thursday evening until Saturday afternoon. It also meant no heat ( no fireplace here) and the temp dropped to 50 in the house. brrrrrrrrr
But i am grateful no tree came crashing through the the house, so i am lucky.


I am astounded at the inability of many of the public to take care of themselves. People on day two were complaining about being in dire straits already. Is nobody listening to the government that says you need to hang on for at least three days? We had two days warning that this was coming for crissakes and people were caught with their pants down.

The Anti KIRO

Great comments drool...

That's why I was shaking my head for 3 days while Don O'Neil was screaming and yelling about busy phone lines and the lack of 100 shelters.

Don O'Neill exploiting a crisis for personal benefit.

BTW, I'm sick of Ron and Don's "every man's schtick"...we went through Katrina.... I lved in New Mexico, I was here during the 1993 storm.

For Christ's sake STOP being my friend.


we would have rather had radio that entertained and distracted us while we were out of power and the regular comforts and entertainment of life. We got really sick of the subject and turned the darn thing off. We're still having to hear about it on every station. Enough alredy!


i blame the seahawks. when they played against the packers, there was a snow blizard. and now that they have played the 49ers, this wind storm. weird.


Listening to Frank Shiers today, interviewing the spokesoman from PSE, was like listening to a bad community theatre production of a play where Frank (the second choice of the director, because the actor he wanted broke his leg)is playing the role of a big city radio announcer interviewing the power company lady after a big storm.


Listening to Frank Shiers today, interviewing the spokesoman from PSE, was like listening to a bad community theatre production of a play where Frank (the second choice of the director, because the actor he wanted broke his leg)is playing the role of a big city radio announcer interviewing the power company lady after a big storm.


Sparky, you are a planner! I'm glad your house is safe but am sorry you had to endure such cold. Even maximum blankets can't make up for that kind of cold.

You were smart to make sure you had water. I'm not sure I'd be so thorough . . . but experience is the best teacher!

Glad you're safe and things have improved.


I like listening to the personal stories of people who call in after a disaster. It builds a sense of community, if only for a day or so. Nobody calls up and says " Im a Republican/Democrat and a tree went through my house!"
Although I know this falls on deaf ears, I would suggest that you turn the dial when you dont like what you are hearing..although I realize that some on here have their radios hardwired to receive only KIRO...
I never heard Don raise his voice or refer to his regular show, or take anyone to task but maybe it was before I tuned in. All I heard was him encourage people to help out if they could.


Tommy, Im disappointed..I thought for sure Dorothy was going to force Monte over the balcony where he would fall into the hotel pool, only to be arrested and sent back to Seattle to face trial.....


Tom Leykis appears to be gradually losing his voice. I noticed last summer that he was hoarse all the time, and squeaky. he told a caller back then, in answer to his concern, that he was reacting to pollens, but allergies/pollens don't last all year long. In his "best of" shows, recorded s yesr or more earlier, you can hear the bass in his voice. Now almost all the clear bass is gone. I don't know if he'll just stabilize and continue like this, or continue to deteriorate. By the way, for the poster that wrote that Tom doing the "take me out Laci Peterson style" etc. is just showmanship, I have to call bullshit on that. Anyone who constantly uses the deaths of murder and accident victims as comedy material for his show is a creep and a sick bastard, period. You can be a showman and still exercise some taste and decency. To quote Leykis himself, I think Ill just "dump that bitch (Tom) for the holidays" and for the rest of my life as well.


Just a poll:

Who is the most smarmy, Frank Shiers or Dori Monson?

What a tough choice, eh?


Frank is the definition of smarmy . . . no contest.

Dori? Hmm . . . a puerile know-it-all little-bit-of-a-bully smart ass.


Which is worse? The aftermath of a natural disaster or listening to Styble on the radio?

I'd rather go ANOTHER 5 days without power.

But he did bring my son and I closer together. We stayed up late around the fireplace laughing how incredibly bad the guy on the radio was.

Are you telling me that Styble was the ONLY live radio personality in the entire city they could find on short notice? Even Erin Hart would have been better!


Where's Gov. Gregoire, she on vacation or something. I am seeing and hearing nothing on the news, what, she hates people who have no power. I would have at least expected to hear her to be at some shelter or two handing out blankets or something. Where is she.


Still awaiting an answer on what that offer was, Steve.

BTW, I guess she's doing what I'm doing, keeping the home fires burning. Isn't that what you're doing?

But then, I know you conservatives are all for show . . . no real "there" there.

Mercifurious is Dead

Styble is live and local. I enjoy listening to a guy that's up when I'm up.

Truckers radio, Dave Ross' pre-recorded show....you may as well listen to an infomercial!

It's nice to have Styble back.

Blatherwatch R.I.P 2004-2006


Home keeping the fires burning, hell Jeb Bush was out handing out water to victims of Hurricanes in his state and Gregoire stays home keeping the fire burning while residents of her state are cold. What a wind storm that leave millions without power is not big enough for her help out the county that cheated her way into the Governorship. Not going to look good in "08"

I Guess even with that big windfall in taxes she'll go to the Feds to ask for help again.


Ah, necromancer . . . you alone breathe life into this tired old blog. We welcome you.

And Nate, please keep feeding this poor old ghoul. Don't want him to just fade away . . . better that we keep him around for the thoughtful reflection and erudite commentary that he provides.


Steve, why don't you go back into the mountains and shoot some more coyotes. BTW, do you wear a coonskin cap while you're at it? One you shot and skinned all by yourself?

I don't think this counts as a hurricane. Like you, it was just a mighty big wind.


Here's a joke I heard today.

Q: Why was there no looting in the big wind storm of 2006 in King County.

A: They moved back to New Orleans


This story is as ridiculous as the Y2K scare.

Why the hell does KIRO continue to make this story seem like Katrina or as if a friggin nuclear bomb went off at Pike Place Market...give it a rest and light a candle.


If I were you Joanie, I would get the Feds to fix your heater, or give you a low interest loan to do it yourself. Sounds like your coming down with carbon monoxide poisoning, your blathering uncoherently. Something about mountains and coonskin cap, is that a racist remark. Better see a doctor quick.


Ah, you got it Steve. I don't have that soft spot for you anymore. You are a bigot.


Yeah...Jeb Bush handed out 10 bottles while the cameras were shooting.

Fuck off! This isn't a real story!


(Love the new email address MID,
"[email protected]")

Again, who needs porn with MID's dirty talk.

Well looks like MID (Styblehead's bottom) switched back to Leaded caf. You didn't bring him back any of that coffee, did you Bla'M?

Once more for MID:

Your dearest Styblehead claimed back in October that he was not fired, but simply "rescheduled".

Again, I draw your attention to the MW definition:

(transitive verb)
to schedule or plan again according to a different timetable

So once again for the thinking impaired (ie MID), the only way this is possible is if KIRO and Tom C. can PREDICT the weather a whole month 1/2 in advance - THUS "rescheduling" Styblehead Boast-to-Boast to come in during the exact days of the snow/wind storms.

It's called being a contract-worker, MID. With improving weather and Styblehead's whopping 0.08 ratings, the future doesn't look bright for Boast-to-Boast.

Note: Compare/contrast with GOLDY's regularly scheduled Sunday show


Styble complained the other night that he had no control over his onair shouting, and that folks mistake his shouting for anger. He said it like we were all really supposed to know better than that. He keeps mentioning attending Boston University like he assumed he was talking to a bunch of high school graduates.

Mercifurious is Dead

Carbon monoxide poisoning has obviously caused brain damage to Mercifurious.

You and that Goldy wannabe Blathering Michael boast about your accuracy and knowledge of the business. The bottom line is that Styble continues to be on KIRO.

Are the Mariners going to suddenly ask Lou Pinella to come back and coach a few games next season.

Mercifurious R.I.P. 2006-2006
Blatherwatch R.I.P. 2004-2006

It's interesting how we never see Blathering Michael's R.I.P designation...I guess it's lost it's punch


Okay MID, you got me. I made an incorrect assumption. I assumed that you were capable of thinking and paying attention. I was wrong - there, I admit it.

Once again for the thinking impaired:

(transitive verb)
to schedule or plan again according to a different timetable

The only way this is possible is if KIRO and Tom C. can PREDICT the weather a whole month 1/2 in advance - THUS "rescheduling" Styblehead Boast-to-Boast to come in during the exact days of the snow/wind storms.

Contract work does not constitute a regularly scheduled program. Contract work constitutes having a semi-lukewarm body behind a mic, and then getting the axe when the power switches back on.

Very ironic actually. As soon as the power switches on, the plug get's pulled on Styblehead's Boast-to-Boast

Again, he was RIP as a regular in October - point set match. Tury Rider has more air-time. Goldy has more air-time and his own regularly scheduled show.

But I still love your dirty talk, MID. Don't stop. Don't ever stop.


I just want to say that the KOMO promotion spot with the woman crying while calling in and attempting to explain her situation is in very poor taste. The woman's misery was not experianced so that KOMO could exploit it for a mastabatory radio spot.

And get ready for the spots on KIRO and KOMO where they play dramatic music and tell us how wonderful they were during the big storm and how they saved kittens from trees. As if we're going to think to ourselve "this Styble guy is like a stethoscope held up to the brain of a lunatic but I'll let KIRO treat me like an unpaid therapist a little longer because they were there for me during that big storm a few months back"



If Styblehead is "so alive", please explain this anomaly:

On the KIRO website, I just left-clicked Styblehead's face on got the following:


The living dead?


So long as I'm up suffering with the Mr. Livingdead Styblehead (so you don't have to), here's a gem from last night:

In trying to plug a possible future resurrection, Styblehead asked everyone to call a KIRO Programming cog (never got her official title) named "Stephanie" at this number:

(206) 726-6902

He said that when you do, give her all his "love and affection". EWWWW!

So what the hell? Let's do it. Anything to perpetuate any so-called "Styblehead sexual harrassment" allegations.

Note: "sexual harrassment" was actually Styblehead's allegation. He claimed that we here in the Bla'M fam said this - which we didnt. My theory: This was Styblehead's not-so-subtle strategy to boost his ladies-man image.
EWWWW times 2

PS, What the hell happened last night on Styblehead Boast-to-Boast? Did I miss a Styble-seizure?


Someone help Joanie, she's quoting the bible and talking about her G-spot again. Makes me shudder just thinking about that.


Ah, you should be so lucky, Steve.

Shuddering? Is that part of your Nam psychosis?


Joan said:

"Steve, why don't you go back into the mountains and shoot some more coyotes. BTW, do you wear a coonskin cap while you're at it? One you shot and skinned all by yourself?".

I know of what you speak. One of the others has no clue when he asks:

"Something about mountains and coonskin cap, is that a racist remark. Better see a doctor quick."

There appear to be three Steve's on here. I haven't posted in quite sometime. Your cheap shots aimed at me show you shoot first before knowing who you are shooting at-or were your comments aimed at me? You should be able to recognise my prose. And, of course, I will be going back to the mountains around the 1st.


For heaven's sake Joanie..you know the rules. You MUST be able to figure out who is whom even though the names are the same. You must also be able to tell who is posting under their REAL name and who is using that name in an effort to be "tricky".

Come on, girl, get it together. Santa is watching.

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