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December 21, 2006



I miss Mike on the radio more than any other host that has ever been booted off radio in Seattle. I used to look forward to that time of the night, every night he was on. Also a great show was when Brian Suits and Mike did the combo shows. Those were great. Good luck with your legal troubles Mike. I hope you come out on the winning end!


yeah Mike. hang in there. We know you were framed. Those Seattle cops have been out to settle there score ever since you called there bullshit on that brutality down at Dicks. You won that fight, so hang in on this one. we miss you man...


HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE! The shortest day of the year and the first day of winter . . .

Why does the span of time between June 21 and December 21 seem so long while the span between December 21 and June 21 so short? I won't even be out of school this year before the days start to shorten again. Depressing.


great hearing from you, mike. These phony letters only prove that you are a buffoon and you are over... maybe you'll do some jail time. would that wake you up?


[quote] I miss mike [/quote]

You're kidding, right? Mike was a one-note samba. Each night was the same as the last... "Bush is a (fit in negative here)". The only variable was the level of anger he brought to each show.

...not exactly mind-expanding, progressive or not.


Monocasting from the studios of "Progressive Networks"......

Now that's just sad.

I could never listen to Mr. Webb, my stomach had the same reaction to him, as it does to Mr. Monson.

However, I will pray for the dude, seriously. He needs help, and I hope he finds it.


Mike, what about Phil, and the debt he owes you for saving his life, and the South American villa, you know, Morro de Sao Paolo, you could-........oh, right. That wasn't real. Just a dream. Better take your medicine. No more stunts, Mike.


Ding , Dong ! Stybleheads gone !!!
Hooty hoo !


yeah Mike. hang in there. We know you were framed. Those Seattle cops have been out to settle there score ever since you called there bullshit on that brutality down at Dicks. You won that fight, so hang in on this one. we miss you man...

Yeah, thanks MIKE. We've heard your BS conspiracy defense ad nauseum. As Geov detailed here

Your conspiracy theory is simply cut to shreds by Ockham's Razor.

Mercifurious is Dead

Countdown to Styble!

Still waiting for that link to the ratings Mr. "National Inquirer" Mercifurious.

Check mate!


Countdown to Styble!

Oh really? Whats this I hear? Sounds like some Truckin' Truckers to me!

That's the sound of Styblehead's defibrillator being unplugged - again, ironically coinciding with Seattle's power being switched-on

I would do the RIP routine for your credibility, but I'm having trouble finding any birthdate to begin with.


Mike was totally setup.

It would only take a conspiracy of maybe 20 or 30 people with pure hate for Mr. Webb - willing to live a lie in order to frame an innocent man.

This is understandable since both the Seattle PD and Geico are almost completely controlled by Dick Cheney. Mike created some serious problems for the Bush administration with his bighting commentary - and now it's payback time.

I always suspected that little Geico Lizard was up to no good...

I've heard the Lizard himself planted the explosives that took down World Trade Center Tower 2.

Although Mike could just fess up (to crimes he of course didn't commit) - do his 30-days + community service - and move on with life...



Had me goin' for a second there, SB. Parody se magnifique. Onion eat your heart out.

Mike Webb

So, this is your little "blogger-journalist" sending me more personal emails, still pissed about turning him down for his little "men's room offer" What a freak.:

[email protected]

Mike: you're not having a nice day. Smile with your eyes!
Michael Hood
"listening to talk radio so you don't have to"

mike webb

Unable to even admit on that thing you call a “blog” that I am gainfully employed by a legitimate network, running spots and even doing live endorsements, something woefully missing from your…what do you call that anyway…? It’s not a “site.” It’s a free “internet scratchpad”. How pathetic. We had to add another stream to keep up with the hits. How bout you? Added any bandwidth lately?

After sitting through weeks of Webb's trial last Fall, we'd gotten thoroughly disgusted with the sound of Webb's bullhorn voice, his arrogance, belligerence, denial, bitterness, angry glares and sense of entitlement.

We couldn't imagine sitting through the whole thing again. But it looks like we will. Stay tuned.

Such a little lying, envious queen. How dare you identify as a liberal when all YOU spew is hate, filtered thru your phoney baloney “concern”. It’s really sick.


From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 9:43 PM
To: The Mike Webb Show
Subject: RE:

Jeeze. Please. Would you could give us a plug, then...
The Mike Webb Show wrote:

YOUR SITE? Hehehehhe. Like I need YOUR publicity. Please. All two of your fans. Jeeze. Get a clue.


From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 8:08 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE:

It makes money? how much does a spot on your show cost? Id be happy to plug it for you, if you'd share your rate card...
The Mike Webb Show wrote:

wow. YOU ARE A FREAK. What drives you? At least my broadcast makes money? Does mommy pay your bills? jeez.

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, December 22, 2006 6:22 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re:

Mike: you're not having a nice day. Smile with your eyes!

Mike  Webb

Your Are Entitled to Your Own Opinions But You Are Not Entitled to Your Own Facts

For those who think i invented any previous posts here, note that I identify my own entries. I don't need to "hide" ANYTHING, including this ludicrous allegation about insurance fraud. It blows me away how "liberals" who really heard my show and the many times we exposed SPD corruption, constant unprosecuted murders of African-Americans by cops -- How could you bloggers here not believe in potential collusion. Even if you think I'm guilty, any rational person would wonder if SOMETHING was up, based on the timing of the favorable decision of our suit against SPD - almost immediately followed by those fraud charges. That's not desperation or paranoia. It's just a fact. Why wouldn't a progresive thinker here at least give that some reasonable consideration. I've been called a lot of things in 30+ years of radio - but never a liar. And I won't lie about this. NEVER No matter how this case continues, I will never acknowledge the lie prosecutors and Geico have so much riding on. I will never admit guilt to something I never did and I am grateful to the many supporters who come to my website showing support and intellectual acuity about witch hunts like this that go on every day. In fact it's usually the blogosphere and any leftover liberal media that exposes that stuff. But not here. Sadly, ego and self-righteousness override truth.

Hood incessantly writes to me criticizing my nightly show. Why would anybody do that if it wasn't a vendetta? And to hold on to my every broadcast word -- that doesn't sound like a critic who thinks I am "unlistenable". Sounds like a P-1 listener. He's got his free little blog thing here,sure and his free email account. He was fired from the Weekly but I guess he forgot to tell ya. Just amazing. Here's the latest since the two people who hit this "site" seem so interested:

----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected]
To: The Mike Webb Show
Sent: Saturday, December 23, 2006 1:16 AM
Subject: Re: you really ARE jealous aren't you?

Your "legitimate network" does not exist. how does one enquire of it as to your status as an employee? there is no way because you're delusional, Mike. The defense for slander is the truth. If I were you, and someone was making an untrue public accusation that questioned my integrity in such a serious way, I would sue, or get a lawyer to write a letter.
There is nothing here but you live streaming (not even podcasting) from your web site. It's a hokey little operation you've dreamed up because you've lost your livelihood and you have no clue as to what to do next- so you've set up this farce and no one is fooled except yourself.
The Mike Webb Show wrote:

LET ME BE CLEAR: You claim MY NETWORK - MY SHOW - AND MY WEBSITE is a FARCE. And this comes from a guy with a "free email account." You don't even have a website, Michael. You will hear about my affiliates and other details when the REAL MEDIA does - when I'm permitted after contract obligations are met, something else you conveniently forgot to look into. You don't even have your court dates right. If you're going to dig around and waste time on a relatively trivial event as radio matters go, get it right, Ms. Journalist.
The Mike Webb Show wrote:

Unable to even admit on that thing you call a “blog” that I am gainfully employed by a legitimate network, running spots and even doing live endorsements, something woefully missing from your…what do you call that anyway…? It’s not a “site.” It’s a free “internet scratchpad”. How pathetic. We had to add another stream to keep up with the hits. How bout you? Added any bandwidth lately


Looks like both Styble and Webb got a lil' Christmas goose this year!

Webb bloviates:
Unable to even admit on that thing you call a “blog” that I am gainfully employed by a legitimate network,

What, you mean http://progressivenetworks.org?
(click link for Webb's nifty magic trick)

Lt. Kaffee to Col. Nathan R Jessup:
"Can you explain this to me?"



When are the democrats going to stop funding the war?

Oh that's right, they aren't.

Have a Rockstar...Breakfast of Champions-and sons of Gay Bashers.

PS: Here's a fabulous (heh) topic for your next Progressive Network Show--When are we leaving Kosovo, now that Milosovic is dead and stuff? Camp Bondsteel currently occupies 750 acres of Kosovo.
(oh that's right, no one cares)

Why do you think that is, Mikey?


Mike Webb does live reads for some Suzuki dealership. He is obviously being paid by somebody to do his radio show.


Thanks to the picture in the Times, I spotted Mike downtown last week. I waited patiently for him to finish his phone conversation. Then I noticed he wasn't on a bluetooth or had an earbud, or was holding a phone.
Guess he must be working on his defense.


I miss Mike Webb. I learned a lot from him about our criminally insane President. He had great guest like Scott Ritter, Pete Wilson, etc. that none of KIRO's other host seem to be able to get.

Maybe that is way so many of you hate him. He told the truth about Bush's evil ways before it was popular. And why KIRO let him go!

Conspiracy Theorist

Mike was fired from KIRO
as a result of a threeway plot between various evil "big men" in the Seattle area and a homeless man hired to drive the car that plowed into Mike's Lexus. After they pulled it off, men from all three sides met at the Capitol Hill IHOP for pancakes and raised their glasses in toast to each other.


It's so easy to get under Mike's skin. It is and will continue to be his downfall.

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