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December 13, 2006



One the one hand, that's good--the Midnight Radio Network was bizarre and didn't belong on KIRO (though I wouldn't mind it switching to another station--it was entertaining, occasionally). And Dave is awesome. And I can't listen to most of his show 'cause I'm at work. On the other hand, not like I'm going to be up from 1 to 4, and reruns do sort of suck on principle when you could have live talk in that slot.

O for the likes of Bill Gallant and Fred Ebert again.


Well, KIRO needs to join the 21st century and offer podcasting for those people who cant listen to either show.


Kiro used to have a chat room too. They used to have alot of things that they have messed up.


This ain't live, but it is local. It is an improvement- probably the best we're going to get. The Styblehead is officially dead, and the trucker nightmare infomercial is finally over. When will Half-ton Vinnie hit the unemployment lines?


This is more hours of liberal crap on KIRO. Frank Shiers and Dori are all people who want some balance to Seattle have to listen to on KIRO.


My lukewarm feelings toward re-broadcasts are stronger than my disdain for trucker radio, therefore, this is a positive move in my opinon.

I guess I am the only person who likes NYV? I guess it is because he reminds me of the glory days of the Mariners, plus his general enthusiasm.

Richard Simmons

I'll be honest wich u, NY Vinnie is a pig. A heart attack or stroke on the air could be in his future.


It's interesting how Vinny's L.A. Weight Loss commercials dried up after months of the same old "I had a little setback this weekend, but I'm sticking to the plan". 3 pies, a turkey and 2 gallons of milk later.....funny stuff!


Sparky, I believe KIRO has podcasts available for most shows. They did at one time. I don't think stopped them. They are good because there are no commercials.


This is pathetic. The rerun will be 16 hours old by 1AM. Hurry up and put Tom C. and Dave P. out of their misery.

Martin R. Howell

If KIRO would also rerun Dave's show in Dori's spot and Ron and Dums spot, and the New York "I ain't skinny" time slot. . .nah, that's asking too much. How about two of those three, KIRO?


My bad, Bummy--you are correct.

This means KS can listen to Dori and Frank 24/7.


Here we go again Vinnie English
Iam thinking that Vinnie is going to wiff us until 9:00 pm tonight !
Iam also guessing Frank will talk about what Dave Ross talked about and the same as what Ron and Don talked about come on Frank get a new stick!

The Anti KIRO

Again KIRO has shown its pure lack of understanding for this market. There is a substantial group of listeners that listen overnight and listen to Dave Ross in the AM.

Rebroadcasts are bad for radio. It's a waste of valuable air time There is no benefit.

Why not just open the lines to "PURE COMMENTARY" with no host. Callers get 2 minutes to voice their opinion on the topics of the day.

Pay somebody to montior the content and to implement the 60 second delay.

One thing that Shiers does have correct is the benefit of "Live and Local".


The Fugitive- finale, part2 (contains foul language) The man in the living room hadn't danced to Funkytown since his partner was alive, and the two of them had been the terrors of the Seattle gay disco scene..... a few minutes later the man had moved out onto the terrace, and was doing the Disco Duck to On the Radio by Donna Summer.... Down below him ,in the woods, stood the conservatively dressed couple in their sixties, also from Seattle. After the woman had recogized the man's face from the Battle of the KROW Talkhosts, held at Benaroya Hall last year, the pair had decided to scrap their reservatins at the Rio Hilton, and follow him. Helen, a talkshow junkie, knew for a fact that the man was jumping bail on his Seattle felony trial, scheduled to start in about ten days . They sat several rows behind him on the plane to Salvador. At the airport they had hired a taxi to follow Salazar and the man in the Jeep down winding coastal roads to Morro de Sao Paolo. The couple had paid off the driver at the entrance to the steep drivE, and walked up to their presenT posItion of concealment and espionage. Helen held a powerful pair of binoculars up to her face, as she watched the man make an ass of himself on the terrace. "Fuck you!, Judge Beresford," he screamed over the music. Fuck you, Assistant District Attorny Janet Steensma! Stick it up your ass, bitch! Up your nose, with a rubber hose!" Helen's husband Frank stood next to her, in his blue polyestor leisure suit and white shoes. The left sleeve of his jacket hung empty, as usual. Frank had lost his left arm in Vietnam, but that hadn't stopped him from becoming a successful businessman and active member of the local Republican Party, as was Helen. Helen brought the binoculars down, and said, in her clipped British accent,"It's him , Frank. 100% ID. Now let's get out of here, and go see the town police chief. Tell him there's an American fugitive hiding out at the old villa on the outskirts of town....


sorry, that was PART1 of the finale, not part2. Part 2 is coming up in 15-30 minutes.


sorry , computer foulups keep destroying my work product . Final chapter of finale delyed until this Sunday at 8 p.m.


worth the wait T-8

Who will play Mike Webb in the movie version?


While I have been critical of Dave Ross at times, I am very pleased to hear that KIRO will be re-airing his show during the over night.

The trucker radio show was not a good fit for KIRO at all. Plus it was just plain irritating to listen to those ignorant guys from Texas spin b.s about the dangers of having the Congress work 5 days a week. "Think of all the terrible and expensive laws that the politicians will dream up with all that extra work time in D.C..."

In fact Congress has barely been working 3 days a week. Good riddance trucker radio!

I will be happy to listen to Dave when I happen to be up late. It will be a breath of fresh air and intelligence.

Good move, KIRO!!!


Well, damn. Who knew. Hey, Rich, I think you are a real-life radio activist!

I'm looking forward to seeing how the ratings go for this. There sure are a lot of people out there that might enjoy some sensible radio at night. I would have been one of them some years ago when I did the graveyard rumble.

Also, bummy and Sparky, I'm not aware of a Dave Ross podcast . . . I know he podcasts occasional shows. Is it really possible to get his show daily on line?


Oh dear! I'm likely to do what I used to do with Webb: stay up even later!


.....and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Mike Webb. (get a load of him in The Talented Mister Ripley, where he played Freddie, the rich kid's, red sports car driving friend.}

The Anti KIRO

Again, I do not understand the value of a "re-broadcast"???

We need a late night intellectual.

Why would I want to listen to Dave Ross again???


never thought the sugestion would become reality


Don't you ever sleep Auntie K? or work for that matter?

Philip Seymour Hoffman? Great choice!


since I dont listen to KIRO, joanie, I didnt look past the home page when I was looking to see if they even offered podcasts, so i dont know what KIRO requires. All other shows that podcast require a paid subscription because they are, in a way, selling you the broadcast to keep if you want. You might check out the link and see what they require to join.


Damn.....and I was SO looking forward to the possibility of 3 hours of entertaining colon cleanser info.




I already did and yes, the entire show can be easily podcast daily. Based on your response to bunny(whatever), I thought you knew.

Everybody's show can be downloaded. Don't know about archived shows. That may make the Ross overnight gig less enticing. Don't know. But I know I'm gonna listen to both Reagan and Ross now.


Sparky, they are not podcastable. Only their commentaries seem to be.

Disappointment abounds.


Just happened upon spit-up cud from KS:
This is more hours of liberal crap on KIRO. Frank Shiers and Dori are all people who want some balance to Seattle have to listen to on KIRO.

Right you are, KS. Dori and Frank Shiers provide a PERFECT balance to KVI, KTTH, KKKOL, & KGNW

Sarcasm mode: off


Okay, I've been away....checking in occasionally to see if Sparkler's been empowered...and NOW, I can read the Fugitive Finale and IT'S NOT HERE.....! Skipping all posts and comments (skipping all, like the protagonist, himself) in search of the Final Exit, the Fugitive's Just Desserts....


oh its here somewhere, Fremont..Tommy wrote the end of it the other day....

I am not empowered..just the opposite..I have been driving the porcelain bus for 24 hours, and am just now re-entering the human race. Not what I had planned for vacation :(

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