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December 31, 2006



I have nothing smart to add except that right now I'm churning up with laughter! And your final paragraph is perfect! I remember hearing Dave say that. It was funny then and it's funny now.

Thanks, Michael. Happy New Year!


And my highlight of the year was getting Joanie to blow me a kiss.


All Capricorns who are celebrating natal days today (you know who you are), we are glad you were born. Thanks for not being born in a manger and for giving your parents their last-minute tax deduction. Cheers!


Cisco is more worried about his little brussle sprouts than his mighty fir, I do believe.

Damn, I wish I hadnt thrown that calendar away..


Crap Michael, I can't believe you slamed most of the people I enjoy listening to and missed the conservitive broadcaster that even makes me want to loose my lunch.
Mark Levin makes Rush look moderate.
I may not agree with Rush all the time, but at least it is entertaing radio. And he is right most of the time.
Levin is just a full time idiot.
Happy New Year Michael, Sparky, Freemont, Joanie and the rest of the regular posters to this site. May not agree with you most of the time, but you do inspire thought.
My resolution for 2007 is to learn how to use the spell checker so as not to offend Fremont who happens to be my favorite here.


Gee, thanks, Chux....


Always more libertine than libertarian

Did Rush ever really claim to be libertarian?


Yeah, Fremont, so what's with those long hiatuses anyway? Next time, I think you should invite us all!

BTW, thanks Fremont.

Lukobe, look up the word "priggish" in the dictionary and think about it.


I would just like to say how much I enjoy popping in every once in awhile, and reading the wit, wisdom, and wonder, that populates this blog!

For the most part, the host and visitors alike, share in enlightened and cerebral debate.

You leave the juvenile name calling, and junior high school hijinx to KIRO afternoon personalities, where it belongs.

It's not clear to me how Dave Ross and Ron Reagan can stomach working at that station, but may God bless them with continued patience. Their professionalism belongs on a more deserving station.

Tommy008, I'm still disturbed that you keep a naked picture of Cisco in your home.... That's just kind of creepy, on so many levels. Oh sure, you claim it's on some kind of "calendar", but I think we all know better. But hey, to each their own!

Joanie and Michael, I may not always agree with your positions, but I appreciate the witty prose with which you share your perspectives! Very enjoyable reading.

And to all, I wish a very Happy New Year!

Peace Out.


No no nooooooo....Tommy doesnt have the naked picture of Cisco.. I DO...or did. I threw it out because it was a 2006 calendar. I shoulda sold the picture of Cisco and his brussel sprouts on EBay.


Jeez, Sparks, I thought I bought that pricey calendar on eBay from you...I thought I was helping our schools with that outrageous s/h charge!


heh,,no, it was a fundraiser for Master Gardeners

Boris Badenov

Hi folks, is Boris again with this year Jackass of The Year Award. While Dori make big fun in Las Vegas or some such, he has no idea he wins major award tonight on Blatherwatch. Big Sorry to Star and Girls for this. Is tough competition this year-Styble for make caller say heck instead of hell on show, Mayor Nickells for act like old gramma lady with Seattle titty girls show, Dan Sytman for just be Dan Sytman, Michael Medved for just always smartpants and just make big annoying noise when he talks, Mike Webb for just be Mike Webb, and many many more. Folks, award must go Dori Monson because he make comment just this previous weeks "I would have no problem with shooting anyone trying to steal my car!" For real folks , he say this and now I think Star and girls ashamed. Or laughing him- big fun.


Boris, Dori makes a fine jackass of himself frequently. Congratulations, Dori, on being "Jackass of the Year."

What do you think, Michael? If the bray fits . . .

Boris Badenov

Big thanks Joanie. And remember for the Dori- Boris ears open all year long whenever Dori make speech on radio show. Cannot make jackass talk without Boris notice and write down in big notebook of Boris. Too late to try make this year nonsense that earn award go byebye- big Boris already have foolish talk on tape recorder.

Boris Badenov

Dori- find moose and squirrel!


for someone that is gay......to poke fun at anyone is sort of like the pot calling the kettle black isn't it??? =)


Joanie wrote: Lukobe, look up the word "priggish" in the dictionary and think about it.

Joanie--always combative. Have any other modes?

1) I thought you were against pointing people to outside resources like the dictionary.

2) Libertarians are not prigs, and vice versa.

3) If you're trying to insinuate that *I* am the prig, why don't you lay off the personal attacks for once? Or at least direct them toward those who deserve it?


I didn't say libertarians were priggish . . . in fact, I didn't say anyone was a "prig."

BTW, your response is priggish.

Lukobe, put it where the sun don't shine. . .


Joanie, so what was your point then?

Or is "Joanie's point" an oxymoron?


Lukobe, my point is: get over yourself.

My point is you go around tut-tutting and looking for gotchas and who really cares. If you were more interesting, one would overlook such banality. But, you're not.

You are anal. Put the ruler down, loosen up and just talk. If you have the urge to tut-tut or judge irrelevantly, cork it.

If you have to be pc, Seattle or otherwise, do it in a room by yourself.

You used to have some sort of interesting comments until you became everybody's (esp. my) "gotcha" guy.

Like you last stupid comment about Rush and libertarianism. It was an alliteration. Maybe he was going for more . . . but nobody really cared but you. It was so irrelevant.

Don't you have any regular opinions? Quit trying to sound so smart and manifest a little emotion. Geez . . . or as PutS would say, "Sheesh."


Hey Joanie,

First of all, let me say--you crossed the line from ad hominem attacks to, effectively, swearing at me, with your next-to-last post. I was sorry to see you resort to that. For a liberal you're not very tolerant, are you?

As for your last post, yes--I have plenty of regular opinions. I only have a limited amount of time on blogs like this, though, unlike, apparently, you.

Now, I think I will drop down to your level and tell you to go "cork" yourself.

PS to Michael: I can't believe you gave this person any sort of award.


Trucker Radio is like a nightmare example of what Bush would impose as the sole offering on American airwaves for talkradio if all his fascist/corparatist dreams come true. Thebad news about the change to Dave Ross is that Frank's hours are back to 9-1 from 9-12. Something most be done about the empty old Mike Webb slot problem.


The solution for KIRO is to adjust their live and local policy to daytime and early evening only. No one gives a crap if Frank Shiers is live and local if he's a butthead. Put on tapes of The Phil Hendrie Show or hire Karel to do a live show. I don;t know why The Buzz got rid of Hendrie for those dorks on The Men's Room. Are they even still on? Hendrie is a genius and funnie rthan anyone I've ever heard on radio.


Joanie: I am so aghast that you would cross such a line (but swearing at Lu-be? No can find).


T-8: Honey in my ear all week - "Turi Ryder filling in for Frank Shiers"


Lukobe, you are a parody of yourself. Got to bed.


Tommie, Goldstein was in for Ron and Don tonight. He's getting better. You oughta listen. It really was a good show. I think a lot of us were sorry when he had to turn it over to NY Vinnie.


Merci, looking forward to you know who . . . Happy New Year!


Not that high on Goldstein. He has improved a little but a real radio person must be picked for Mike Webb's old slot, and fast. Then fire Shiers and use Goldstein the way they used to use Shiers- for regular weekends and fillin work.


I'd even settle for Ryder, too, Mercifurious, in Webb's old slot, but I believe she already stated she has no interest in a regulat show.

fill Webb's old slot with a real person-NOW

come on KIRO- QUIT PRETENDING THAT Shiers is acceptable for Mike Webb's slot. He's now had the slot probably as long as Allen Prell was on KIRO as a regular hire host. Shiers is an oldies DJ posing as a talkhost. He's faking it by constantrly piggy backing on the real talkhost's topics, instead of getting off his ass and digging up some of his own topics

fill Webb's old slot with a real person-NOW

Ryder is really a last choice- she tends to say stupid things like last night's "we turned Saddam from a hated butcher to someone who who is now loved". Bullcrap- because a few guards misbehaved and chanted the name of their shiite religious leader before Saddam was hanged, doesn't mena he is now loved by any significant proportion of the Sunni population. The ones that marched in protest of the execution were just looking for an excuse to march, and would most likely support Saddam no matter what.


Actually, the final words of Saddam and his executioners were misreported. They told him, in Arabic, to go to hell, and he responded with the Muslim prayer said at the time of death. But because CNN reported it a different way, that is not the story that is being circulated.

You can google "Riverbend" and see her latest blog from iraq, and read the explanation there.

Joanie, you must not have school today...


Oh, I do and I'm up and about . . . although through sleepy eyes.


Merci: "stick it where the sun don't shine" basically equals "stick it up your ass." I'm not so much against language like this (in fact I'm not really against language like this at all) as against having language like this used toward me without provocation. But I guess I should expect it from Joanie. In fact, I think my expectations regarding Joanie were far too high during 2006. I resolve to turn over a new leaf during 2007, and ratchet them down considerably.

Oh, and Joanie: "Go to bed," posted at 2:49 a.m.... very funny :)


Lukobe, dont you think that Rush probably is a member of whatever party he thinks will make him money? I have read numerous times that he was actually a Democrat at one time, but when he realized the potential for an audience of wackjobs on the far right, he assumed the persona as one of them.

I just remember the Libertarians claiming that Queen Elizabeth ran a heroin cartel, and they lost all credibility with me.

fill Webb's old slot with a real person-NOW

It was the La Rouche Party wackjobs that spewed the crap about the Queen


Yes! But wasnt he head of the libertarians???
Maybe I have them confused with "libarians"....

fill Webb's old slot with a real person-NOW

no La Rouche and Libertarian are two completely different parties. Not to say that the Libertarian Party platform isn't ridiculous as well because it is.


Exactly. Libertarians are NOT LaRouchites.

The Libertarian *Party* platform is pretty silly which is why I no longer consider myself a member. But I am still a lowercase-l libertarian, and want to make sure people know what that means, and point out with the term is being misused.

(Many people have said the movement needs to change its name precisely because of the name confusion.)


W's faux Texas accent , especially when he's trying to make a forceful speech, always sounds to me like a west Texas pig farmer bullying a couple of teenage punks whom he'd just caught trespassing on his land. Should have just stuck to your normal Eastern seaboard accented voice(similar to the rest of your family:mom,dad,etc) instead of deciding to go with the dufus accent when you ran for Texas Governor. When you're up in the big leagues, like today speakng at Ford's funeral, it doesn't serve you well. A Texas pig farmer has no gravitas at all.


boy all this time I thought LaRouche was the voice of Libertarians and I have not been impressed! Thanks for the correction.


You're welcome! (LaRouche is actually a Democrat.)


Lukobe drools -
Merci: "stick it where the sun don't shine" basically equals "stick it up your ass." I'm not so much against language like this (in fact I'm not really against language like this at all) as against having language like this used toward me without provocation.

The horror! She has besmirched your honor, sir. Pistols at dawn!

PS, I'll give you what you want and tell you to "stick it up your ass" without provocation.

Actually nevermind, because you did provoke me (us) with the most obnoxious post ever left in Bla'Mland


oh nate, you must have missed the wierd guy last spring...he wins hands down cuz Bla'm nuked him.


A libertarian who is the word police. Isn't their something a little wierd(sic) about that?


merci: you've got to be kidding.
joanie: I'm going for clarity. I'm not the word police, but I do believe people should strive to communicate accurately.


Lukobe: Not kidding. I'm going for clarity & striving to communicate accurately:

Stick it up your ass.


Merci: Wow, twice in one night! You're on a roll! Congratulations.

PS: Eat me. I'm glad most people out there aren't like you and Joanie. If the attitudes on this board represented reality, we'd all be in trouble.


Lu'be: but I do believe people should strive to communicate accurately.

And you're the judge?

Do you hear yourself?

As for clearly communicating, you're having quite an affair with yourself, aren't you?

BTW, I'm not sure who on this blog you think really wants to "eat you." Ew.

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